Second Chances
Chapter 1: Life Sucks

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Life Sucks - Greg Thomas (not that one) has been living a life filled with disaster and disappointment until he could not take any more.

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Did you ever have those days when life really sucks? You get so low you seriously consider packing it in and taking a dirt nap. Well, let me tell you, I've had quite a few lately. It seems like fate had it in for me and decided to deal me the worst hand it is possible to hold. I guess you could sum up my life so far in the expression 'almost but not quite'. My name is Greg Thomas and if you have read some of Stepdad's stories you'd think I had all the luck in the world. Unfortunately that is another Greg Thomas, not me. It seems to me that he took all the Thomas luck for himself and left me with just the crumbs. Actually, if it weren't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.

I can give you some examples:

When I was in high school I lusted after the most beautiful girl I had ever seen named Jean. She was a true centerfold quality goddess and made me hard every time I just looked at her. She was captain of the cheerleader squad and very popular with the jocks in school. Her long blonde hair surrounded a pretty face which glowed with sensuality. She had a perfect figure with legs which went all the way from the ground to heaven. Now, I was kind of shy around girls and could not work up the courage to ask her out. I found out years later that she also was a bit shy and wondered why I had never asked her. She would have jumped at the chance but it never came to be. She ended up marrying some muscle-bound jock who treated her rotten and left her high and dry with two kids to support.

I came to the realization that Jean was totally out of my league so I had to give up on her and get on with my life. Through my church youth group I met a nice girl named Barb. She was pretty and we clicked early on. After dating for a couple of months she agreed to go steady with me. I felt that we were truly in love and destined to spend the rest of our lives together. I was on top of the world and I felt that my luck had finally turned around. I had graduated from high school and had my own car. Barb and I went out quite a lot and enjoyed each other. She liked to go to a popular make-out spot and just hug, kiss and fool around. We had sexual contact but never went all the way. She was proudly wearing my ring on a gold chain around her neck so all the world could see that she was taken. We held hands wherever we went and riding in my car she would be right up against me holding my arm. She would lean over and give me little kisses on my neck making me the luckiest guy in the world. One day she wanted to go to a neighboring town with me to a football game. I wasn't all that much into sports but the chance to be with 'my girl' was worth it. Barb introduced me to one of her male friends and we three sat together and watched the game. I noticed her looking at him kind of strange but chalked it up to them being just friends. She asked me if we could give him a ride back home and, being a nice guy, I reluctantly agreed. We ended up in the front seat of my car with her in the middle. I got an uneasy feeling when she didn't snuggle up to me but I just thought she would be embarrassed to show affection with her friend there. We drove along for a while before I noticed that my steady girl and that guy were kissing. I was stunned and could not say a thing. They made out for the rest of the trip and when we got to his house he told me, "Greg,, your sister is really hot." I guess she had told him that we were sister and brother. After dropping him off, we rode in silence to her house. She got out, without our usual good night kiss. I walked her to the door and she told me that it was over and that my ring was hanging on the heater knob. She sure had one hell of a way of breaking up.

You might get the impression that my sex life was near to non-existent. That was not necessarily the case however. I had a younger sister, Sandy, who I eventually noticed was a living sexpot. She had a nice figure and a pretty face. We got along quite well and did a lot of stuff together. She liked to tease me by dressing as skimpy as she could get away with. She would come out of the bathroom after her shower with a towel draped around her body and when she saw me looking at her she would deliberately drop the towel displaying her charms to my hormone fueled horny gaze. She managed to seduce me and I went along with her efforts like a starved puppy. Sometimes she would sit on my lap as we talked about this and that. I would rub her bare thighs getting us both worked up to a frenzy pitch. I moved my hand higher under her skirt until I made contact with her damp panty crotch. I worked my finger inside until I was caressing her bare pussy and causing her to breathe hard and moan out her pleasure. On several occasions I managed to give her an orgasm and she reciprocated by giving me hand jobs right after her orgasms. Sometimes we did it together on her bed coming together at the same time. We had to be very careful so mom didn't discover what we were doing.

One time she was laying on her bed with her legs hanging over the edge while reading a book. She had a short skirt on and her delicious looking legs were on display for me to see. I sat down next to her and started to rub her leg. I made my way up to the crotch of her panties and rubbed her there for a while causing her to move her legs apart and start breathing hard. I reached up and slid her panties down to her knees and then rubbed her naked pussy. We were both getting worked up so I took out my erect cock and rubbed it up and down along her slit. She tried to spread her legs to get more contact but her panties kept her from making much progress. She sat up and pulled her panties down and off so she could spread her legs farther. She lay back down and I continued to rub my cock up and down her sexual center. She would give her hips a little flip when the head of my cock was at her opening so I pressed harder trying to enter her. Just then we heard our mother coming up the stairs so we made a mad effort to get decent and act innocent. Mom had some laundry to put away and told us that she had lunch ready. We went down and ate our sandwiches. Mom told us that she was going to take Sandy downtown to the doctor's office since she had not been feeling too good for a couple of days.

They were gone for several hours and when they got back home, mom was as white as a ghost. It took some time but mom was able to tell me that my beloved sister was sick with a cancerous growth on her uterus. She would have to go to the hospital the next day for them to operate on her. They opened her up and discovered that the cancer had spread and they did not have too much hope for her to survive. She got sicker and sicker by the day. One day when mom was out getting some groceries, I was staying with Sandy trying my best to comfort her. We both knew that she did not have long to live and cried with each other almost continuously.

Sandy asked me, "Greg, do you remember what we were doing the day mom took me to the doctor?"

"Yeah, we were so close to going all the way when mom came up."

"Greg, I was ready to let you take my virginity right then and there."

"I kind of got that idea."

"Greg, I've got a big favor I want to ask you to do."

"You know I will do anything for you."

"I don't want to die a virgin. My darling Greg, would you make love with me and make me a woman?"

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"I want it more than anything in the world."

I got up on her bed and slid her pajama bottoms down and off. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. I reached up and massaged her budding breasts causing her nipples to become erect pushing on the palms of my hands. I moved my hand down to her pussy and caressed her there as she spread her legs wide inviting me to continue. She was getting wet as her fluids soaked her slit and I inserted a finger into her vagina. I stroked in and out causing her to moan and flick her hips up and down in time with my thrusts. I leaned down and kissed her right on her clit. I then proceeded to lick her from her opening up to her clit. She told me that she wanted me in her right then. I dropped my pants freeing my rampant cock and crawled between her wide spread legs. Like I had done before, I rubbed my cock up and down along her sexual center spreading our mutual lubrication. When I got to her opening I applied some pressure and my cock head entered her pussy. She had broken her hymen a long time ago so there was no impediment to block my entry into her tunnel. I stroked in and out slowly gaining more depth on each thrust. Sandy was rolling her head back and forth and moaning almost continuously. I bottomed out fully in her and our pubes were pressed tightly against each other. I kissed her lips and held there for a while for her to get used to being stuffed until she flicked her hips again signaling me that she was ready to proceed. I started to thrust in and out of her slick tunnel raising the arousal of both of us. We went faster and faster until she let out a scream as she came. That triggered me to fill her love tube with what seemed like gallons of my little baby makers. I collapsed on her and kissed her with the most passionate kiss I had ever done. Sandy returned the kiss and we slowly came down from our mutual trip to outer space. We expressed our undying love for each other. I went into the bathroom and got a warm wet cloth to clean her up and got her pajama bottoms back on. She thanked me and went right off to sleep.

For the next month I spent almost every waking moment with my sister until one day I tried to wake her up for breakfast. She did not respond to my voice and when I reached down to shake her I noticed that her usually warm body was cold and limp. I had lost another love in my life. At least we had managed to share our love for each other for the short time we had together. She was laid to rest in the family burial plot after a tear filled funeral. I was totally numb with grief. I mean after all, girls are not supposed to die at such a tender age.

Then there was my financial downfall. I was working for a big computer instrumentation company and made some big bucks. I had lots of money in the bank and a financial advisor told me I should invest in some technology stocks and some dot com companies. I took his advice and dumped the bulk of my money in tech stocks. Just as I was riding the wave to its crest the market took a plunge and I lost my shirt. The company I was working for also went belly-up and closed the doors leaving me and about two hundred other people out on the bread lines without so much as one day's notice. Severance package? Yeah, right! The accounting department had been juggling the books for a couple of years and the company's assets had a minus sign in front. I searched for more work but there was nothing available.

I did eventually manage to find work with a start-up company which intended to make sports oriented equipment. They had a rudimentary golf swing analyzer and a first of its kind digital race timer. I was their one and only electronics design engineer and it was my job to make their kind of kludged up units marketable. They also signed a contract with a company which was producing an all electronic key punch machine to do away with the punched cards. I went to their home office and trained on their equipment so I could handle service on their units. They even went so far as to ship three hundred units to us to start selling. The sales staff in the company was a bunch of hustlers who were more interested in working side deals than selling the equipment. As a result, that company went down the tubes leaving me and a bunch of other people pounding the pavement.

Jean, the girl I mentioned above, decided, after her divorce, to move back to her and my home town. She got work as a secretary for one of the companies I worked for. I looked at her and the old memories came flooding back to me. I knew I recognized her and my old attraction to her grew back to full force. I had matured at that point and found the courage to approach her. I walked up to her desk and she looked at me with a big smile on her face. We both recognized each other and chatted for a while. I invited her out to dinner but she told me she had to get home to her two kids. I told her that I would come to her house and pick up all three of them up for dinner. She agreed and at six that evening we all piled into my car and went out to a nice family restaurant for dinner. We had a realy good time and the kids warmed up to me right away. I dated Jean for several months and we got married after a whirlwind courtship. I had been subconsciously in love with Jean for years and she told me she had harbored an attraction to me at the same time. Things couldn't have been better. I had the wife of my dreams and a ready-made family. Our sex life was filled with excitement and we both felt that we were in heaven. We had been married for about six months when Jean told me that we were pregnant. I was thrilled beyond compare that my family was going to grow. We decided to celebrate the good news by taking the kids out to an amusement park for the day. It was a very enjoyable day and the kids literally had a ball. We were on our way home from the park when a drunk driver came across the highway and blasted into our car causing it to roll over three times ending up in a ditch alongside the road. We were rushed to the hospital but Jean and the kids didn't make it. I was devastated and once again alone. I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from my physical injuries. Mentally I was a total wreck barely able to function.

I went into a deep depression and lost all interest in life. Every good thing which had come my way ended up in disaster. I couldn't see any future for me beyond more disappointments. Day by day I was not living but merely existing. My depression grew even deeper until I discovered a way out. I figured that I had enough and it was time to end it all. I got my pistol and drove to a vacant field near my house and sat down on a big rock. I placed the gun to my head ready to pull the trigger and bring down the final curtain on my life. It took me the better part of an hour to muster up the courage to do the final act. I put my finger on the trigger and gradually squeezed. I heard the mechanism of the gun working as the pressure on the hammer spring was released. I then heard the hammer come down striking the primer cap of the 38 caliber shell in the cylinder. I had my eyes closed, resigned to meeting my maker and just waiting for death to give me release from my torment. My torture was finally going to be over.

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