The Halloween Girls Club

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Coming of Age Sex Story: He was lonely but he enjoyed distributing candies to the youngsters out "Trick or Treating". Then he got a knock on his door from two of his daughter's young friends offering him the ultimate "treat" on this Halloween night. Cassidy was offering him her virginity that night - as part of her girls club entry requirements. Her sister Nikki was there to film the event to prove it happened. He was torn between saying "No" or saying "Yes" (and enjoying the time of his life).

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

Driving home from work, I observed that the neighbourhood kids were out in the streets plying their "Trick or Treat' trades. It was Halloween, and I let my mind drift back to the times that I had taken my daughter Tasha and her friends on a neighbourhood pilgrimage. That just seemed so long ago now.

I was alone. Tasha was now 20 years old and living in her own place. She visited me often, but that's not the same as having her living under my roof. Thinking about those times with her came with baggage. I started to remember her mother, my wife, the woman who had walked out on both of us many years ago.

It had been hard raising a teenage daughter, not knowing what to say at times to things that a mother would normally handle.

I willed my mind back to the present to avoid the painful memories of the past.

Turning into my street, I looked down to the passenger seat, checking on the bucket of candies that I had prepared for the youngsters. I loved the smile of the young ones when they knocked on my door and were rewarded with candies.

I had just made it to my front door when a group of children met me there.

"Hey kids ... help yourselves" I said as I held out the bucket. They went away full of smiles with handfuls of candies as I let myself into my lonely home.

It took about 10 minutes before the next knock on the door came. Another group of children accompanied this time by a couple of young mothers. I checked them out as their kids helped themselves. It had been a very barren few years with little female company.

Over the course of the next hour, I had ten groups visit my front door until the doorbell fell silent. The bucket was almost empty and I was ready to settle down into my boring nightly ritual of dinner and then watching TV until 10:00 PM. My bed summoned me after that. A big bed that was very empty.

It was about 8:45 PM when the doorbell chimed.

"Hmmm ... much too late for more youngsters" I surmised as I headed to the door. Opening it, I discovered two young ladies dressed for the occasion. I knew them both.

"Hey Nikki and Cassidy, what are you doing out?" I asked them. They were friends of my daughter Tasha, and I had watched them grow up alongside my daughter. I knew that Nikki was 20 years old like Tasha, but I wasn't sure of Cassidy's age. She was quite petite, both in terms of her height and her build.

"Hi Mr. Blake" replied Cassidy with a huge smile.

"Aren't you guys a little old to be out trick or treating?" I asked them.

"Never..." exclaimed Nikki. That started all of us laughing.

"Oh forgive my manners. Would you like to come in?" I asked them as I stepped back to give them room to enter. They headed on through to the back rumpus room, knowing the layout of the house from their multiple previous visits when seeing Tasha.

"So what brings you to my door?" I asked as I sat opposite them. That gave me an opportunity to chek out their costumes.

Both of them were dressed in simple long flowing black robes tied at the throat. Nikki was a short-haired brunette and her sister Cassidy was the long haired blonde of the family. Both were quite petite at about 5ft 2ins tall. Cassidy was the more slightly built of the two, and if I didn't know them so well, I would have sworn that Cassidy was no more than 15 years old.

Nikki spoke first, explaining their presence "Cassidy has just turned 18."

"Congratulations" I butted into her explanation before adding "Oops sorry...".

Nikki continued "Cassidy is in the process of joining the girls club at the college. Tonight she has to complete her qualification task ... and I have to film her to prove that she did it". Nikki then showed me her small movie camera.

"Oh yes ... I remember Tasha joining the club a couple of years ago. I was so glad that she didn't choose to join a sorority. I've heard so many bad things about some of them" I butted in again. I noticed Nikki and Cassidy give each other a worried look.

"Please continue" I said to Nikki.

"Mr. Blake. I'm thinking that maybe you can't help us" Nikki commented, giving her sister another worried look.

"I'm sure that I can. Just ask me" I added.

Nikki then took in a couple of deep breathes before she continued explaining.

"Can you promise to listen to my full explanation before you say anything" Nikki asked.

"Umm ... OK. I promise" I replied a little puzzled as I sat back in my chair opposite them.

"Oh my god" I gasped. Nikki had just finished her explanation, and my brain was churning over her words at a million miles an hour.

I could see Cassidy with tears in her eyes and a quiver on her lips as she watched me intently. It's not often that a mature man like me is offered the virginity of an 18 year old girl ... a girl that I have known for years.

"This was such a bad idea" Cassidy said to her sister in a hushed tone. She fidgeted about in her seat and looked like she was about to run out of the house soon. Nikki just watched me intently to see my reaction.

I'd been offered Cassidy's virginity and at least three follow-up sessions with her over the coming twelve months.

"They have to be kidding. This is all a bad joke on me" I thought but didn't say it aloud. Although their body language didn't seem quite right if this was all a joke.

I thought further about what to say. Words were not coming easy to me but when they did all I could come up with was "This is what you have to do to join the club?"

Cassidy replied "Yes ... the girl has to be a virgin, and she has to lose her virginity to a mature man on the night of Halloween".

"Isn't that a little weird and fanciful?" I asked just a little intrigued by the requirements.

"Hmmm ... maybe it seemed that way initially, but after talking to the club members who've all done this, then we've come to understand the reasons for it. All the girls have done it with trusted mature guys ... and everyone has enjoyed the experience." Nikki explained before adding " ... and I personally have kept in contact with my first lover for the last two years".

I just sat there staring at them both, not knowing what to say or do. I saw Nikki nudge Cassidy. Cassidy hesitated for a moment before standing up and taking a couple of steps closer to me. She reached up to the tie at the top of her gown, untying it before shrugging out of her black gown.

It fell to the floor around her feet to reveal that she was totally naked under it.

"Oh my god ... you are beautiful" I gasped without really thinking. That brought a smile to her face.

Cassidy didn't look 18 years old at all. She looked younger, with her body still a work in progress but she had a definite womanly shape to her, albeit still developing. Her tits were apple-sized with hard pink nipples at their centres surrounded by a slightly lighter areola. Her tummy was flat, with a belly-button piercing dangling from it centre. Casting my eyes further downwards I noted a totally hairless mound just above her pussy crease.

"Why me?" I asked when my eyes finally returned to hers.

Cassidy paused a moment before responding "I have liked you for a long time ... ever since I met you the first time ... when Tasha invited me over here for her 18th birthday party".

"Hmmm ... Yes, I remember. You helped me with the food" I remembered. Cassidy had worn a bikini that day, and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her developing body. But today she was standing naked just three feet from me ... and she was offering me her virginity.

"Please say yes Mr. Blake" Cassidy pleaded with me. "I trust you ... and I want my first time to be with a gentle lover ... someone who knows what they are doing".

I was torn. Standing in front of me was any man's wildest fantasy ... a beautiful sexy blonde virgin, and I was being offered first crack at her. On the other hand, I was a mature divorced guy who should know better, but also someone going through a lengthy sex-less period in his life.

"Please..." Cassidy pleaded again before she stepped forward so I could touch her if I reached out. I sat there motionless, even scared to reach out and touch her silky looking skin. I'm sure that if I touched her, then I wouldn't be able to stop.

Nikki stood up and walked to stand behind her sister, putting her arms around her with her hands resting on Cassidy's flat tummy.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Nikki asked. "Wouldn't you love to run your hands all over these beauties?" she added as she slipped her hands up to cup her sister's little tits. Cassidy's eyes fluttered and closed as she enjoyed the sensual touches from her sister.

"Help me" Nikki said in a hushed tone as she looked directly at me.

I should have resisted but I felt powerless to resist, and I felt my hands rising from my lap, drawn magnetically to Cassidy's chest. My hands slipped up under her tits whilst Nikki's caressed the upper slopes for a moment or two longer. Then I felt Nikki's hands on the backs of mine, guiding mine higher to cup her sister's little mounds. They felt so soft under the palms of my hands. I was hooked.

I just gazed at them whilst caressing them along with her hard little nipples.

"Lick them ... suck them" I heard. I was so totally engrossed in touching them that I wasn't sure who said it. I felt so utterly powerless to resist with my lips and tongue drawn to her nipples. Lightly touching them with my tongue tip, flicking it across and around them without making significant contacts ... Cassidy moaned louder and pushed them against my mouth, wanting me to make firmer contact.

I teased and teased for a few more moments before I relented, taking her nipple between my lips to pull on, lick and suck it.

"Oh ... oh ... ahhh" she moaned as I switched back and forth between them.

Nikki moved from behind her sister to sit beside me on the lounge. Taking my hand in hers, she raised it to her lips, kissing the ends of my fingers and thumb before sucking each of them in her hot wet mouth. Cassidy's hands were on my head directing me back and forth between her youthful mounds. Nikki then took my hand, repositioning it onto Cassidy's hip. Switching sides on the lounge she repeated the finger kisses and sucks before placing that hand on Cassidy's other hip.

She again moved to kneel behind her sister where she could place her hands on top of mine. Letting her control my hands, she moved them up and down on her sister's hips and thighs before she drew them around to clasp Cassidy's soft ass cheeks. They felt divine as my fingers slid across her cheeks to meet at her ass crack.

"She's on heat Mr. Blake ... her pussy smells amazing" Nikki commented as she licked my fingertips where they met in her sister's ass crack.

My mouth popped free of her nipple for me to whisper "This is so wrong ... but I can't help myself". Cassidy rubbed her firm little tits across my face for a few seconds before bending down to bring her lips into contact with mine. Just a gentle touch of her lips on mine, followed by her tongue running along my lips before the kiss deepened.

All my resistance and good sense evaporated at that moment, I had to have this beautiful young lady. She was going to be my first sexual partner in many many months, and I promised myself to make it memorable for both her and me.

Within minutes I picked Cassidy up and carried her into my bedroom with her arm looped around my neck and with her head resting upon my shoulder. We negotiated the hallway to the bedroom. She was so light to carry and she smelled divine - my nose picked up on both her perfume and her pussy's sexual aromas.

Placing her gently in the middle of the king-size bed I stepped back to gaze at this incredible vision before me. I really had to pinch myself to reassure myself that I wasn't dreaming. Both Cassidy lying on the bed, and Nikki standing to its side were watching me, waiting for my next move.

Slowly I unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it free of my trousers to get to the bottom buttons before easing it off my shoulders to drop it to the floor. I'd already dispensed with my shoes and socks earlier so it was just my trousers and undershorts that remained.

"Nice..." was a comment that Nikki made as she raised the camera to start filming again. That was a huge confidence booster. I had kept myself reasonably fit and in shape, and it was good to have a young lady comment on my physique.

With a wiggle of my hips and a gentle push at the waistband of my trousers and shorts, they slowly dropped clear of my erect cock. It had been a very long time since my cock had felt so hard, and stood so proudly erect. I stepped out of them as they pooled around my ankles.

"Oh wow it's beautiful" Cassidy commented. "You're so lucky" added her sister Nikki.

"Why?" I asked a little puzzled.

"It's longer and fatter than my lover's cock" Nikki explained "He's only six inches long" she added. That made me feel quite proud of my eight inches.

I stepped forward and slowly crawled up onto the bed until my face was close to Cassidy's pussy. My nose picked up on her sexual scent again.

"God ... you smell wonderful" I exclaimed lowering my face to get a better look and smell. Her pussy was hairless with slim lips that were pushed tightly together at the moment. I couldn't' resist any longer ... I had to run my tongue along the join between her lips where I felt just the slightest trace of moisture on the tip of my tongue.

I looked up to see her peering at me intently with just the hint of an eye flutter. I repeated the lick as I continued to watch her. Her eyes were soon closed as she took in all the sensations ... sensations that were soon sent spiraling when I parted her lips with my tongue, releasing a pool of her hot juices for my oral pleasures.

"Uhh ... uhhhh..." she moaned repeatedly with my tongue delving deeper between her parted lips, seeking out the entry to her virgin canal. I followed the heat, finding the entry and her hymen with my tongue. I was content to play between her ever moistening outer lips for a few more moments before I eased back to visually appraise her virgin canal entry.

"Oh my god ... that's so beautiful. I have never made love to a virgin before" I commented as I let my fingers linger on her pussy.

"Please fuck me" pleaded Cassidy "I'm so ready for this...".

I knee-walked closer between her thighs until my cock rested on her hairless mound.

"That looks so good" commented Nikki. I turned to her voice to find that she was naked too, and focusing her camera on my cock and her sister's pussy. Nikki had a slightly more mature body than her sister, but spectacular in its own right with slightly larger tits and an equally hairless mound.

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