If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next

by Lemonbelly

Copyright© 2013 by Lemonbelly

Coming of Age Sex Story: A fourteen year old schoolgirl finds a new way to protest against the fact there is too much violence and not enough sex on television.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Pregnancy   Exhibitionism   .

I looked in the mirror and smiled at the face looking back at me. I saw the star pupil of St Margaret of Cortona Roman Catholic Girls' School, Burntfield whose piercing brown eyes would soon be staring out of television screens across the county. It wasn't hard to see my Italian heritage with tanned skin and chestnut hair. My hair, still wet from the shower, clung to my bare chest.

I was fourteen, halfway to fifteen and was finally starting to show it. I'd just moved up to a 36b bra, but looking at the weather outside, I decided it was warm enough that not wearing one wouldn't be embarrassing. I put on a simple t-shirt, black and white stripes with a wide v-cut neck and went for a denim mini-skirt.

The camera crews arrived outside the studios around about twenty to one and started taking clips of the protest. Eventually a rather shiny Audi pulled up and Ken Lowe, the rising star of the BBC news department stepped out. He looked like his car: sleek, shiny and designed to appeal to young, trendy professionals.

A woman, probably just out of university, arrived with a cup of coffee, which he took and then turned away. Her eyes lingered on him for a few moments while she most likely dreamed of running away with him. She shook herself into reality again and found a clip board and started talking to some of the other people on the protest, making notes.

Despite there being a few hundred of us, I knew that they would interview me. I'd planned what to wear, that to look like and where to sit to make sure the director and Ken would notice me. The director and the coffee woman both came over to talk to me, asking me about the protest while the camera was setting up. They told me that the interview would be going live then tried to reassure me about what was going to happen. They didn't even know what was going to happen.

Ken came over to me and gave me some non-committal reassurances before the director gave us a ten second countdown.

"We're here outside the studio building with the protest and one of protesters, Kristy Hyde. First off Kristy, how old are you?"


"And why are you here?"

"We think that the censors have got their priorities wrong with respect of sex and violence on film and television."

"In that there is too much sex on television?"

"No, certainly not. There isn't enough, especially for programs aimed at people my age. There is however, too much violence. Think about it, it is acceptable for there to be shootings on mainstream television, pre-watershed, but not sex. Millions of people have sex in this country every day, so why are we avoiding showing it?

"Why do we want to avoid showing love yet want to show hate and violence?"

"Yes, but will you concede that we shouldn't be showing children how to have sex too early?"

"No I don't. Kids want to know about sex, and we will find out some way. What would people prefer, us finding out online, us finding out from equally naïve peers or from responsible television where the sex is realistic and shown in a positive context? I've watched porn on the net, loads of people I know have and do you think that is going to help us in any way?

"Porn teaches us that penises have to be huge, tits should be large, body hair should be shaved and men muscled. How can this not lead to body issues, especially as society has taught us that it is wrong to bring these conversations up in public?

"Do we think that we should all have the idea that sex should be suck on tits, blow-job, eating out, then slam penis in and out for ten minutes before spurting on the girl's face. The world of porn sees ejaculation inside a woman as a fetish, not as the key to the cycle of life.

"We need responsible television programs and film makers to show realistic sex featuring normal people of a range of ages, including teenagers. Isn't it stupid that a boy and girl can have sex at sixteen, but this can't be filmed until they are 18? The sex is legal up to the moment they decided to film themselves! Aren't the laws stupid? This is quite the opposite of the laws on paying for sex, where it is illegal to pay a woman to have sex, but it fine to make a porn film and pay the actress!

"We also want equal respect for the LGBT community. Lesbians: the porn world has this wrong too. They aren't just there for eye-candy, gays shouldn't just be a dark corner of the net, bisexuals shouldn't just want to bang everything that moves. By bringing these groups more into the mainstream media, by featuring their sex lives in the wider context of their relationships we can encourage teens to have the confidence in who they are at a time when many of us are struggling to come to terms with our own identities.

"You know, that on Facebook, they remove pictures of naked women, naked models, but allow videos of beheading? How can that be right?"

Ken paused, looking for another road of attack. The camera man gave me a subtle nod; he'd been in on the plan from the start, as was a co-conspirator in the gallery.

"Most porn, most sex you see on the Internet has no consequences." As I started my next point I reached down to the hem of my t-shirt. I took a deep breath and then lifted, pulling by top off and releasing my tits. "You see a man and a woman meet up as strangers, two minutes later she has his dick in her mouth, and pretty soon she's had a cock up her pussy and arse, he cums and then we move to the next scene."

I moved to the buttons at the top of my skirt. The director had vanished, coffee woman was shocked into motionless, Ken was trying to remain professional while I slipped the skirt down my bare legs, slowly, leaving me on national television dressed only in a small pair of white panties.

"If we had proper sex on television, in mainstream films, you could see what happens afterwards, the unwanted pregnancy because they didn't use a condom, the awkward moments after it, sex between married couples where the fire is flickering out."

"We've got to show the consequences. For instance, if I have unprotected sex here right now with a stranger, and this was on TV, we could come back in a few months to find out if I am pregnant, we could see the pain of an underage girl giving birth and looking after a baby. We could do that. Lucky for me, we have Tony."

I pulled down my panties, rubbing my clit for the camera. I knew that they could see across the nation that I was dripping wet thanks to the situation.

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