The Retard

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: An active member of a swinger's club finds a new woman, one from the institutions, a cousin of a member who tells that the new woman would appreciate a fuck - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Swinging   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   .

The car park was only partly filled when he drove up, it was a lousy night so maybe many of the regulars had stayed indoors; he recognized the cars of a couple of the die-hard regulars and wasn't surprised for it would take a lot to keep them away. "Sex maniacs", he muttered to himself as he mounted the stairs, but then smiled for he was in that same vein, like those men he came for one reason and it wasn't for the nice supper that the hosts always provided, it was to fuck.

The door opened on the first ring, this was not surprising for it was the custom of the hosts to answer the door immediately, after all they didn't want their guests standing outside for them to be recognized although this would be difficult for the house was well off the road and sheltered by a large garden with shrubs, but the activities were of the kind that some neighbours would object too, for the activities were of the sexual nature, this was a haven for 'swingers'. "Hello Tom", said the hostess. "It's not the best of night. I don't think we will get a full house tonight and as usual there are only a couple of women present. I guess I will be flat out accommodating you randy bastards", she concluded with a smile. "I recognized a couple of the bloke's vehicles, what women are present?" he asked.

"There is Karen, Marion and myself. Three of us to satisfy twelve of you lot. I guess we will be 'double dipping' most of the night and naturally sucking cock while our bums and cunts take every hard-on". Her comments were not hostile for Tom knew all the women and all of them were virtual sluts, especially the hostess who he knew for a fact had let a donkey fuck her. "I think you will be able to handle the numbers Shirley, after wasn't there a donkey among your admirers and I believe they are very well built", he commented as she double up with laughter.

Swinging hadn't always been his occupation, especially in the sexual field it had come about because of the invitation of one very broadminded female friend. Her name was Sue and he had met her at table tennis and although not a model or a pin-up she was very friendly and he got on quite well with her. 'Not as big in the tit area as I would like', he remembered remarking one afternoon but it was a statement that he certainly wasn't going to advertise. One afternoon he couldn't make it and got an e mail calling him a wimp and he didn't go because she was beating him. He smiled as he remembered his reply – 'telling her if he knew she was going to be there he would have climbed the highest mountain; fought the fieriest dragon etc'. Her reply was straight to the point and it had nothing to do with 'climbing any mountain'; rubbish she had said. "You just want to fuck me".

One thing he wasn't and that was 'embarrassed'. His reply was just as frank. "Yes I would, but a nice long suck on my cock would lubricate it, for your bottom is very attractive". The answer to that came through within an hour of sending. "If you want to fuck my bum take me to a swingers club I have just joined. I don't have a partner and without a partner I'm expected to service any male that is interested, however, I also get very interested". That was his introduction to the 'swingers' and in the following couple of months he serviced Sue and especially her bottom many times, plus holding her head against his groin as she sucked him while impaled as two cocks ravished her in a double dip. Sue eventually slipped out of his embrace and left for overseas, but he didn't evacuate the club for there were other women who were willing replacements and eventually Sue was a memory, a pleasant memory but just a memory.

The interesting thing about the club was that all the men that came were married but like him their wives had lost interest in any sexual activity. For him it was a double sword for his wife had always been opposed to sex; fucking for her was an abomination. The few times he mounted her it was like embracing a statue, she showed no emotion till one evening he had exploded and walked out. He was away for several days but even when he returned his wife was still opposed but did accommodate him, but with great reluctance, so meeting Sue and the introduction to this club and the array of women was a 'breath of fresh air'.

The swinger's night lasted, that is the active part till around midnight then the hostess provided a very nice supper, plenty of eats to restore all the energy that had been expelled and it was during one supper that the subject of his wife was aired. "Have you ever considered going to a councillor?" the hostess asked.

"No Shirley I haven't", he replied. "The reason why is that I would then think my wife was being co-operative because of pressure, I want my wife to fuck because she enjoys it, not because she feels obliged. We had another major row a few weeks back and she has since spread her legs like she did once before after another blue, but it hasn't been enjoyable, she doesn't like it so I haven't touched her now for awhile. I don't think the sexual turn on button has ever been activated. Maybe she needs a cock about a foot or longer and inches thick to reach that button. I can only manage some eight inches, enough for the women here, but for my wife, not enough". The conversation ended, the hostess had no further suggestions but his comments about a turn on button was going to register in her deep thoughts to again come to the surface down the track.

The swingers do attracted an array of people for the men it was either because their wives had turned off sex and if they were single it was because they couldn't attract a woman. For the women it was because they were uninteresting or unattractive and didn't have a man, but here those problems did rise, they were women, they had all the ingredients for sexual enjoyment and those ingredients were fully exploited and the women made sure they were. However, to find a woman sitting in a wheel chair, away with the fairies was definitely a new agenda and one that required an answer. "What is with the bird in the chair?" Tom asked the hostess.

"You know Carol?" the hostess asked. Tom gave a nod. Carol was one of the regulars and there were only a couple of women, besides Shirley herself who came on a regular basic; all the other women were of the 'fly by night' variety, here one minute, gone the next. "For some time now", Shirley said as she prepared the nights supper. "Carol has been asking me if she could bring her cousin, the woman in the chair along. Her name is Kim. She was in the institutions for years, but when they closed she was handed over to the family and Carol found herself the family carer. It is amazing how all of Carol's family suddenly were unavailable when it came to 'caring' for one of their own, before that they were regular visitors to Carol place. However, that is now past history. Carol was telling me that when she washes Kim she gives her a sexual touch-up and Kim almost goes off the planet. You notice Kim has your kind of tits, large and sagging. Carol says that as she gives Kim a thorough servicing with one of her 'toys' Kim's nipples are extended and rock hard and she flaps like a sail in the wind and she grunts and groans till saliva is dripping from her mouth. Carol reckons that despite her condition Kim is a sexual being waiting for release. She reckons that if she was fucked, it would make her day, give her some pleasure that women like us, take for granted", she concluded.

"Has anybody taken her on?" he asked. Shirley shook her head as she put a plate of cakes on the table. "Not at the minute, most of the men are a bit reluctant, despite the fact that Carol has told them that her cousin would welcome a cock, maybe many cocks, but so far without result".

"I'll fuck her", Tom said. "Her tits are the kind I like. There is just one question has she got hair between her legs, I hate women who shave".

"Well just ask Carol", Shirley said as she beckoned Carol who had just finished sucking a bloke off, over. "Tom is willing to give your cousin a length Carol", Shirley said. "He wants to know if she has a forest between her legs for you know he hates women who shave themselves".

Carol beamed. "Tom I can assure you my cousin has a forest of hair around her crack and if my experience with her when I wash her is any indication she will be a fuck you will remember".

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