Just Another Football Hero

by Just Anybody

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Sex Story: A young man becomes the star quarterback of his school's football team. Besides his victories on the field, he finds even more success in his bedroom with some young fans.

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Seventeen year old Hunter Killingsford lay on the sofa in the family room of his parent's home, his eyes glued to the television. It was what he did on Saturday afternoons in the fall of the year--watch college football games on television, and today was especially important because two of the teams that had expressed an interest in him were playing each other, head to head. Hunter watched the games with keen interest for two reasons. First he wanted to try to understand the style, method and strategy of each program, should he eventually decide to attend one of those schools, and secondly, because as the quarterback of his high school football team, he hoped to learn a new technique that he could try against the other teams. Hunter had an assortment of snacks (some energy and others just fattening) in a pile on the floor beside him, along with the now empty plate continuing only crumbs and the remnants of an enormous roast beef sandwich that his mother had prepared for him before she and her husband had left earlier that morning.

The family room in the Killingsford home was opulently furnished. The sofa upon which Hunter lay was buckskin, not the polished leather of club chairs from years previous, but a material identical to the buckskin jackets worn by the actors in the old Western movies of the same period. It was thicker and more durable, of course, but just as comfortable, and certainly unusual. There were other chairs in the room, more typically upholstered, and an assortment of end tables and lamps and on one end, an enormous antique carved bookcase that his father had purchased from an estate sale at a ranch in Wyoming. His mother had hoped that the bookcase would become the focal point of the room, but once Hunter gained notoriety as a quarterback of superior talent, an oversized flat screen television took over that role.

Chapter 1

As most young players in high school, his career began on the freshman team, the entry level for high schools in his state. Hunter shared the role of quarterback with another young man but at that age, most of their teammates had not yet developed the skills that they would in the coming years, and neither quarterback excelled in the eyes of the coaches. In the offseason, Hunter spent every afternoon in the weight room or on the track, lifting, running and developing his strength. By the start of his second year, not only was he stronger, he had grown to be six feet three inches tall, enabling him to have a much better view of the playing field. As a sophomore, after leading his team to five straight victories, he found himself elevated to the varsity team for the final three games of the year. No one in town or even in the conference could remember when, if ever, one of the schools had allowed a sophomore to quarterback the varsity team. When it was announced, it made big news, and the attendance, which had been on the lighter side for the first games, swelled to near capacity for his first night behind the varsity center. After passing for four touchdowns and scrambling for two others, there wasn't much doubt in anyone's mind that the coach had made the right call. The final two games of the season were standing room only on and the only talk in the coffee shop was about their newest star.

It didn't hurt Hunter one bit that, not only was he talented on the football field, but that he was also a very handsome young man. Not the baby-faced appearance of the some of the young rock stars in the boy-bands of today, Hunter had a rugged appearance, a chiseled jaw, coal back hair, eyes that could almost be said to be piercing, and a smile that could charm the pants off a...

Much to his surprise, his popularity shot straight up, especially with some of the more attractive young girls in the school. Following his second victory, a number of very cute girls stood waiting patiently outside the locker room doors, each hoping that he would select them to walk home with that evening. He had no idea how to handle the situation. He certainly didn't want to have to choose from among a dozen of the cutest girls in the school, and to his relief, the challenge disappeared when one of the upper class girls asked if he needed a ride home. Hunter knew the girl, knew of her family, and knew that she had her own sports car which her father had presented to her on her sixteenth birthday. Hunter immediately accepted her offer, and within minutes they were out of the city limits and heading for "someplace a bit more private" is the way she put it. For the next several hours, Hunter "scored" repeatedly, after some lessons from her on the fundamentals. Until that night, despite his charm and good looks, the most excitement he had ever experienced from a girl was simply watching them and fantasizing about seeing them naked. The following day, this same young lady invited him to spend the afternoon with her at their family's cabin in the woods, and while there, Hunter became further educated in the many other ways to satisfy a woman's sexual urges and desires.

It did not take long for the whispers to begin at school about what had transpired in the woods west of town over the weekend. Hunter said nothing, confirmed nothing; he simply smiled and walked on when asked, but his young companion was more open about their adventures. Not only did she confirm the whispers but made darn sure that everyone knew that she had been his first, and that she had taught him everything and every technique and, as a result of her efforts, he was the best that she had ever had. She was so open about it that Hunter was actually embarrassed and decided that he would not continue with that relationship.

Two nights later, as he sat in his room doing some homework, his younger sister Hanna knocked on the door to his bedroom and entered when he acknowledged her presence. Hunter and Hanna were close as brother and sister, and while she looked up to him as her own personal hero, he, if truth be known, considered her as his own personal toy.

"What's up, Little one?" he asked as she walked over near his desk.

"Did you really do all those things with that girl?"

Hunter said nothing but looked quickly at his sister, completely surprised by her question. "What are you talking about?"

"Hunter, everyone is talking about it. A bunch of girls from my class even saw you driving out of town with her after the game. Did you really do all the things that she is claiming?"

"Never mind, Hanna. It's none of your business anyway. You're in the eighth grade, for God's sake. What are you doing talking about stuff like that anyway? Now go away and let me study. I have a test tomorrow."

"Yeah, well I think it's crummy that she got to be your first girl. There are other girls in the world you know." With that, Hanna turned around and walked away, closing the door as she left his room.

Hunter just shook his head, trying to understand his sister's comment in passing.

The very next night, Hanna once again knocked on Hunter's bedroom door. "What is it? I need to study this stuff, Hanna," he called out without getting up.

Hanna burst through the door with obvious excitement. "Do you know my friend Janet?"

"Is she the one with the long, stringy blond hair?"

"Yes." Hanna moved closer to her brother. "She wants to know if you will teach her how."

"Teach her what?"

"Teach her how to have sex, like just like somebody taught you."

"Are you crazy? How old is she? Is she even developed yet?"

"She's fourteen, and yes I think so. I don't know for sure, because I have never seen her undressed."

"How do you know she wants to do this?"

"She waited for me after school today and asked me if it was true that you had done all that stuff with you know who. I answered that it was true, as far as I knew. Then she asked me if I could get you to teach her."

Hunter shook his head. "This is crazy. Where am I supposed to do this? I can't even drive yet."

"She can come over when Mom and Dad are gone somewhere, or after school before they get home."

"You're sure she's developed? She has real boobs and not just a bra filed with tissues? And she actually has hair on her pussy? I'm not doin' it with some little kid."

"Can I tell her yes, then? Will you do it with her?"

"Look. You gotta make sure that she is developed. She has to have boobs and pussyhair or I'm just gonna walk away from it. I don't care how you find out, but you better or it will be on you for this. And don't you dare tell a soul about this, hear? I don't want any of my friends knowing that I am busting the cherries of little girls."

One week later, as he allowed his school back pack to slide to the floor of their mudroom, he noticed not one but two other back packs, both decidedly feminine, on the floor. Hanna was standing just inside. "She's upstairs in your room, waiting for you. I'll stay down here, just in case."

"Who's upstairs in my room? Just in case of what?"

"Janet is upstairs in your room. I told her you would teach her. I'll stay down here just in case Mom or Dad should happen to come home early."

Hunter went up to his room and, just as Hanna said, found Janet, naked, lying on his bed. As he entered his room, she quickly stood up, faced him and said, "Hanna said you wouldn't do it unless I had boobs and hair down there. Are these enough?" She cupped her newly developed breasts in her hands and stood before him, offering them for his inspection.

Janet shuddered when she felt his hands cover her breasts. When he ran them over her nipples, they hardened instantly. After a few minutes they moved to the bed and Hunter positioned himself at her feet while gently lifting and spreading her knees apart. Well, at least she's a real blonde, he thought as he saw a golden growth of pubic hair, about the size of a scouring pad, perched above her pussy lips. As he moved closer, he could see her moisture seeping from her. He ran his cheek down the inside of her thigh and when his face made actual contact with her, he thrust his tongue out and, with perfect aim or blind luck, found the opening to her pussy.

That was more than young Janet could take. When she felt his tongue enter her, she lost control of herself. A wave of emotion flooded over her, unlike anything she had ever experienced. She almost screamed, both in surprise and in pleasure, but restrained herself. Her muscles were not nearly as considerate however. Her orgasm was so powerful and overwhelming that her legs slapped against Hunter's head seven or eight times, quite forcefully, and then her knees locked together behind his back, holding him tightly to her. Hunter was unable to move until she relaxed her leg clamp, but he knew that she was ready at that point, and when he felt her thigh muscles softening, he quickly moved up and positioned himself to enter her.

"This is probably going to hurt. Are you sure you want me to do this?"

When she nodded her head yes, he pushed his cock into her, penetrating in far enough to break through her hymen. When he saw her wince and contort her face, he stopped for a moment to let her deal with that pain. Sixty seconds later he was pushing further into her, pushing slowly because her cunt muscles were so tight. When he finally bottomed out and felt the tip of his cock make contact with her cervix, he still had three inches of his cock that was not in here. Yes, he would admit to himself, he had only fucked one other girl and that wasn't much of a sample size from an experience standpoint, but that girl's pussy would be no comparison to the tightness of Janet's cunt.

"My God, girl, you are so tight that I can hardly move inside you. It's feels like you have a clamp around me."

Two dozen thrusts into her and her body began to move erratically. Her hips were pumping upwards with his every thrust and Janet was making low moaning sounds. Finally he felt her legs clamps tightly around his lower back and felt the muscles of her vagina clamp ever more tightly around his shaft. He was unable to move. He could feel her cunt muscles contracting, clamping even tighter on him in a rhythmic pattern, and almost milking him of his seed. With a final thrust, his cock exploded deep inside her, filling her vaginal cavity with is jism.

"Is that what you wanted," he asked her, not trying to be arrogant.

Janet was in dreamland and couldn't begin to answer him. As his cock softened and he withdrew from her, Janet quickly threw her arms around him and pulled him close to her again.

"You are so wonderful. Thank you."

Chapter 2

Two weeks later, Hanna was back in her brother's bedroom, once again asking if he would help out a friend of a friend.

"Hanna, this is crazy. What are you doing, recruiting all of your friends to come have sex with me?"

"No, this is different."

"How can it be different? You're in eighth grade. That girl you brought over was also in eighth grade. If anybody ever found out, I would be the laughing stock of my high school."

"This is different. This girl is older."

"How much older? Who is it? Do I know her?"

"Yes, she is in your class."

"Oh great! Now you're finding girls in my class? What's her name?"

"Her name is Jolene and she is Janet's older sister."

"My God, Hanna, she sits right next to me in two of my classes! What's going on?"

"Janet told her about you and she decided that she wanted you to do it to her, too."

"No, Hanna. How the hell can I do that and then go to school the next day and sit next to her like nothing happened?" "I dunno, but I told her you would because she begged me to ask you, and she'll be here tomorrow after school."

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