The Visit

by QM

Copyright© 2013 by QM

Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes the past holds a few surprises... good surprises at that.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Grand Parent   Aunt   Nephew   Safe Sex   .

"Hi Mikey, thanks for coming, Mum ... I mean your Gran has been a bit agitated since she came back and keeps asking for Dan."

"No problem Aunty Becky," I replied, hoping she couldn't read my mind over the past events which had brought me here to 'calm' Gran down.

It had started a few weeks ago when I had been left to look after my Gran whilst she was on respite with my family to give Aunt Becky a break. Gran was suffering from a form of dementia which meant at certain stages she didn't know who her family were and more or less lived in the past. She made the mistake of assuming I was her now sadly deceased husband Dan and had tempted me into enjoying 'his' conjugal rights. Or had she? I was never quite sure whether Gran set me up to fuck her but either way it didn't matter, sex was sex, and I'd moved from being a virgin to having Gran or Grace, as she liked me to call her, when we were alone pretty much as and when we could. It mattered little to Gran's state of mind whether I was Dan or Mikey; she clearly enjoyed the attentions of both, but that story of our first time is told elsewhere.

I might have been imagining it, but it had seemed that Gran's periods of lucidity had improved once we began to have regular sex ... regular as in being damned careful and/or quiet in a house where my Mum and Dad roamed freely and were in most evenings. Still, weekends became our playtime when Mum and Dad went shopping and I could demand my conjugal rights with Gran.

All that had ended when Gran went back to Aunt Becky's of course and she'd caused a scene clinging on to her 'Dan' and demanding that she not be separated from her man. Apparently she'd been making Aunt Becky's life difficult too, though as far as I could tell my Aunt didn't know why ... well I wasn't under arrest for one thing.

Aunt Becky lived in a huge old house that had once belonged to my Gran and Granddad, she sort of inherited it in Granddad's will as a way to keep the government's hands off it via inheritance tax and Gran paid her a peppercorn rent. She was a nurse and worked only part time at a doctor's practice, whilst Gran spent her time at some sort of old persons' centre through the day. She was a maiden Aunt, I suppose that's the correct term; she never married but dedicated her life to her career and now to looking after Gran.

Once inside I was greeted by an exuberant Gran who addressed Aunt Becky as if she were a maid.

"Oh Dan you're home!"

"Yes ... er Grace." I replied playing the part of my Granddad.

"Oh I knew you'd come, I have missed you so."

"Aye, well I'm here now Grace, so settle down and let's have a chat."

"Of course Dan," she replied. "Rebecca, we'll have tea in the study."

I shrugged my shoulders at Aunt Becky who was looking at me with a very amused expression on her face.

"Anything you'd like me to tell her to help you care for her Aunty?" I asked.

"That was so like my Dad it was uncanny," she chuckled. "You need to convince her to settle down and stop wandering about looking for you. Tell her you're working away, your Granddad often did."

"Of course Aunty," I replied with a smile.

"You can call me Becky when it's just us Mikey. I know I'm getting on a little, but every little helps keep the illusion that I'm a bright young thing going for a while."

"You aren't that old Aun ... Becky," I replied with a smile.

"Oh you say the nicest things Mikey. You're going to be a real charmer with the ladies one day."

"I meant it, you're very beautiful," I replied blushing, realising how I sounded.

"Oh that I was younger... ," she giggled. "Now go see to Mum."

I wandered into the 'study' as Gran called it, though it was actually the lounge these days, the old bookshelves having long gone. Gran was sitting primly in one of the easy chairs by the window, the blinds drawn to shade the room somewhat.

"Oh I missed you my love," she said beaming at me.

"I know Grace, but I've been working away as you well know," I replied, playing along.

Just then Aunt Becky came in with two teas and placed them next to us on an occasional table.

"I have to do a quick errand Mikey," she said. "Would you look after Mum here for a little while?"

"No problem ... Becky," I replied with a smile and a distinct lurch in my groin.

"Won't be more than an hour, buses you know," she added with a smile of her own.

I nodded knowing that if Aunt Becky was going into town then the bus service was every twenty minutes and the trip at least fifteen. That would, I reckoned, give me an hour with Gran ... providing I could keep the evidence of what I planned out of Aunt Becky's sight.

Gran just sat there primly, ignoring the 'hired help' as it were; something she did when confronted with situations when she didn't really understand what was going on. At least that was the theory the family believed, I occasionally had my doubts that she was as confused as much as the family thought, but hey, I'm just a kid, what do I know?

As soon as we heard the front door shut Gran dropped to her knees in front of me and frantically pulled at my jeans trying to get them off to have her wicked way with me.

"Hurry Mikey, I've missed this so much," she muttered to my surprise, apparently not as out of it as I or Aunt Becky thought.

Within seconds I had my jeans unbuttoned and, along with my underwear, lying around my ankles. as Gran slipped her teeth out of her mouth and went down on me; an act that always affected me strangely ... well at least till her mouth was around my cock, then I no longer gave a damn. Grasping her head I slowly mouth-fucked her as her lips sucked and her tongue swirled over the tip of my cock. It didn't take long, I hadn't masturbated for the two days I'd known I was invited over ... just on the off chance of course.

"Yesssss!" I groaned as my cum blasted from the tip of my cock in exquisite spurts down Gran's gulping throat, her tongue lapping up my offering.

"Oh you naughty man Dan," she giggled when I finally stopped. "I hope you still have some time to please me?"

"Aye Grace, give me a moment and then I'll see to your pleasure lass," I growled out, Granddad style. At least, that's how I remembered him speaking.

Gran swiftly reached up under her usual shapeless dress and pulled her knickers down then sat back on the chair dress raised and her pussy waiting for my attention. She was still untrimmed with salt and pepper speckled dark and light hairs; yet still so enticing, no matter her age. and I swiftly dropped to my knees and slipped my tongue into her groove to seek out her clitoris whilst my fingers gently stroked her nether lips and sought out her entrance.

"Oooooh that's so good Dan!" gasped Gran, "I don't know where you learned this, but it feels so good!"

It didn't take too long before Gran bucked under me, pressing her pussy hard against my face and fingers.

Taking my now resurgent cock in my hands I knelt before her and placed the tip of my cock at her entrance and slid into her with a careful push.

"Oh so good!" moaned Gran as I began moving in and out of her still fairly tight sheath.

"Aye well, that's what it's there for," I growled.

Because I'd already been emptied once by Gran I was able to keep going for a good while and Gran was clearly appreciating my efforts, particularly when I reached down to manipulate her clit between thrusts. I still couldn't believe my luck in getting to fuck my Gran at any time I liked, sure she was old, but not too bad looking and her body wasn't too bad either; as for her pussy, well it felt mighty fine to me, so no complaints there, plus, no need to use birth control.

Eventually Gran moaned in an orgasm and her body stiffened against mine just as I unleashed my second torrent of cum for the day. Holding her gently we gradually came back down to Earth and she smiled at me.

"You're so good to me Mikey."

"I try Gran, but you know what the family will think if we're caught."

"I know, so let's tidy up before I wander off again," she sighed.

It didn't take too long; we'd learned to do it quickly after our first time, the fear of someone catching us kept us well on our guard.

We were just in time as I heard the front door unlatched and we both sat pretty much in the same place as I hoped my Aunt wouldn't notice the aroma of fucking which pervaded the air around us.

"All sorted?" Aunt Becky asked as she came into the 'study', having taken her coat off and put whatever it was she'd got away.

"I think so Becky," I replied.

"Good, well it's time for Mum's nap. Why don't you make us a cuppa whilst I get her sorted?"

It didn't take me long to make two cups of tea and bring them into the lounge just as Aunt Becky returned from putting Gran into bed for her afternoon nap, something her meds caused I believe.

"I need to have a word with you Mikey," Becky said. "I want an honest answer too."

"Er, yes Becky," I replied, although my mind immediately went to 'uh oh' mode.

"Are you and Mum sexually involved?" she finally asked, blushing furiously.

My blood pressure must have gone off the chart and my first thoughts were deny, deny, deny. That said though looking at Becky I knew that she knew so decided that perhaps honesty was the best policy and pray that jail wasn't beckoning.

"Um sort of ... I mean, yes," I replied feeling all red faced and sweating profusely.

"Good," she replied.

Good! I mean good? What kind of reply is that? I thought, wondering if I'd misheard.

"Er... ," I began.

"It's ok Mikey, I sort of knew from her ramblings when she was 'away' so to speak, she loved Dan and they were quite sexually active even at their age and she misses that. It's also keeping her ... more relaxed too, which is a blessing."

"It sort of happened by accident," I replied lamely. "She put me in a position where saying 'no' would have been next to impossible, well next to impossible for me that is."

"You're a teen male and she wanted sex, so yes, damned near impossible I know," she added with a wink. "However that's not the real issue I wanted to discuss."


"There was someone else whom Dan loved too ... someone else who misses him very much," Becky said, swallowing.

Surely Becky couldn't mean...

"Are you saying?" I finally croaked out.

"Yes, Dan and I were lovers too, had been for years. It's why I never married," she said sadly.

"And you want me too..."

"Yes Mikey, I want you to take his place with me too," she said.

Flabbergasted ... that's the word I'm looking for; you could have knocked me over with a feather, I was that shocked. Don't get me wrong Becky was always the subject of the odd wanking fantasy for me. She's younger than my Mum and a lot less ... sturdy, but I'd never, ever thought I'd be having this conversation with her.

"Do you mean... ," I asked tentatively.

"That you take me to bed ... yes," she replied blushing.

Becky then stood and held her hand out to me. I took it and she led me upstairs to her room. I couldn't help but feel as if this was all a dream and that somehow I'd slipped into an alternate reality where incest was acceptable and the done thing. In Becky's room she turned to me and we kissed, a lover's kiss, not an Aunty-Nephew kiss. There was no chasteness about it as our tongues slipped into each other's mouths to box gently, one to another.

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