Portrait of a Young Lover

by Mister Arioch

Copyright© 2013 by Mister Arioch

Erotica Sex Story: When fifteen-year old Connor comes home from prep school for winter break, he's delighted by the very special surprise that his mother Helen has for him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   School   .

Professor Helen Calary walked slowly around the large classroom, her hands clasped behind her back, the heels of her shoes clacking loudly against the floorboards as she made her rounds amongst her students. There were twenty students in all, all teenage girls between the ages of fourteen and sixteen, all the earnest, pretty daughters of wealthy New England businessmen. They all sat in a circle, sitting on creaking wooden chairs in front of easels, furiously drawing away with their pastels on large sheets of rough paper ... and occasionally, glancing nervously over their shoulders in the direction of their stern teacher. Professor Calary was well-known by all the students of Saint Joan's Academy for Girls as a tough but fair instructor, one reluctant to give praise ... but when it was given, it was well-earned.

"Very nice, Abigail ... but the proportion's not quite right," Helen said, tapping a wooden pointer against one girl's easel. "And you, Maddie ... too much shadow. See? Look at how the light falls on our model's body ... try to have a little more nuance with your lighting, hmm?" She pointed expectantly past the girl, at the center of the ring of easels.

On the dais in the middle of the circle of easels sat a model, and for the girls of Saint Joan's Academy for Girls, he was rather a special model indeed. Professor Calary's fifteen-year old son Connor sat on an old-fashioned chaise lounge, posing pensively in a manner similar to Rodin's 'The Thinker', his piercing blue eyes staring down towards the floor. He wore no clothes, with only part of a white toga placed carefully across his lap to properly preserve his modesty in the classroom. He was an athletic, wiry teen, lean and toned with a mop of sandy hair that he constantly needed to brush out of his face with an absent brush of his hand ... and an earnest, easygoing smile that tended to make girls his age melt with delight.

Girls very much like the students in Professor Calary's classroom.

Connor usually helped out with his mother's art classes when he was home from the Breckinridge Preparatory School down in Boston, which was his late father's alma mater. The break schedules at Breckinridge Prep tended to run a bit longer than Saint Joan's, so he usually was home at his mother's townhouse for a few days before the girls went home He'd even posed as a model for the class, once before, over the mid-semester fall break a few weeks before – however, he certainly hadn't ever posed in such a revealing manner for Professor Calary's class then. She'd gotten the full approval of the headmistress for her son to assist in her lesson as a model, of course, so there was no fear of Professor Calary getting in trouble, or any sense that she was doing something inappropriate ... but there certainly was an excited buzz in the air in her classroom, as the eager, nubile teenage girls whispered amongst themselves in the class whenever they thought their teacher was out of earshot from them.

... wow, he's really brave ... not to mention kind of hot...

... wish the Saint Joan's Code allowed us to date, I'd go out with him in a second...

... yeah, right ... he probably has a girlfriend already ... how could he not... ?

... wouldn't mind if that toga fell on the floor ... just for a moment...

Helen allowed herself a small smile of amusement as she heard her students' comments about her son. She wasn't out of earshot, of course – not ever, not in her classroom – so she gave a few of the whispering girls a stern stare. She was delighted just a little bit by their embarrassment ... and pleased by it as well. They thought she might be angry at them for how they were talking about Connor – don't you dare speak that way about my son, they thought her eyes said.

They didn't know how wrong they were.

For that matter, they didn't know how much Helen agreed with them.

If only they could see under that toga, Helen thought with wicked delight, then they'd be really impressed...

At thirty-nine, Helen was a tall, slender woman, still in great shape and extremely attractive. She usually participated in the evening yoga classes offered to the faculty, and jogged most mornings before showering and heading to the art building. Though she wished at times that she could just shed maybe another ten pounds or so – her stomach had just a touch of paunch, and she had more of a curvy bottom than she cared to admit – she looked very much the same as she had twelve years ago, right when she'd started working at Saint Joan's, right after her husband John had passed away.

Most of the girls in Helen's class wouldn't have considered their art teacher to be all that attractive, though. After all, she kept her long, curly blonde tresses tied up in a neat bun, and wore stern glasses with heavy black frames. She always wore a gray or brown tweed jacket, with a matching pencil skirt – on this particular day, it was gray – and a plain white blouse, with black stockings and simple black flats. Never anything revealing or risqué – always boring and perfectly ordinary.

Nothing that any of the other teachers could gossip about.

The bell rang. Slowly, the girls' heads all turned towards Professor Calary. Their pastels fell silent, even as their teacher folded her arms across her ample chest. Slowly, she walked past all of them to the classroom door. Her heels seemed to echo even more loudly through the large studio as she made her way there ... and then she reached for the large, brass doorknob, turning it and pulling the door wide open.

"Go," Professor Calary said, sighing as she turned to face her astonished class. She twirled her hand over her head in a dismissive wave, gesturing towards the hallway outside. "I can tell the holidays are already on your minds. But be prepared tomorrow to finish your drawings, my dears ... our model's only available for one more day, after all."

There was a mixture of cheers and soft groans from the girls as they got up from their seats and began hurriedly filing out of the classroom. Helen typically kept her students after class until their work was done to her satisfaction, much to their dismay. Since her class was always the last of the day, it wasn't uncommon for her to keep her lagging students at work for another half-hour past the bell, sometimes even more. So the fact that she was actually letting them all go on time for once, even with unfinished projects, was something of a pleasant surprise...

... except their dismissal also meant leaving the only male teenager their age on school grounds.

The only sexy, amazingly good-looking male teenager their age.

Most of the girls gave their male model friendly, longing waves goodbye as they picked up their book bags and filed out of the classroom. A few even winked playfully at him ... and one of them was even brazen enough to quickly blow him a kiss. All of the girls, though lowered their eyes to their shoes, though, as they reached the door ... and as they also reached their professor's withering stare of disapproval. As the last of her students filed out of the classroom, Helen reached for the door, firmly closing it behind all of them.

"Alone at last," Helen said softly, as she watched the last of her students exit her classroom. "Finally ... I thought those little tramps would never leave." Folding her arms sternly across her chest, she strode over to her son, stepping up onto the dais in the middle of the classroom. Calmly, she took off her glasses, tucking them into the inside pocket of her tweed jacket, and pulled out the hairpin holding her blonde mane of hair in a tight bun. She shook her head, and her hair spilled down her shoulders in a messy, golden cascade around her pretty face.

With a mischievous gleam in her eyes, Helen shrugged off het tweed jacket, letting fall in a crumpled heap under the lounge. Slowly, she pulled the strategically placed toga on Connor's lap away, tossing it casually on the floor. A broad, wicked smile crossed her face as she gazed down at her son's massive erection ... and she licked her lips, savoring the sight of it.

"I couldn't help it, Mom," said Connor, smirking as he saw the hungry look in his mother's eyes, "I was thinking of you. It's been a couple of weeks since you visited me at school ... I can't wait until we get back to the townhouse." He glanced down somewhat proudly at his stiff dick, which stood rock hard at attention at just over nine inches in length, a monster between the wiry, athletic teenage boy's legs. To Helen's great joy, she could already see that the fat head of his cock was already glistening and wet, as pre-cum dribbled lewdly from the tiny slit at its tip.

"I know ... I've been thinking of you, too," Helen murmured softly. She barely noticed as her right hand slipped between her legs, her fingers stroking over the wool of her plain skirt, softly caressing the thong panties she wore beneath it ... and the outline of her moist slit as well. "I almost canceled class today ... if it wasn't the end of the fall semester, darling, I would've. I so would've rather been naked in bed with you all day..."

"Really?" Connor said. An amused grin crossed his face as he moved over slightly on the lounge, still not bothering to make the slightest attempt to cover up his erection. Instead, he simply patted the velvet cushion next to him, inviting his mother to sit at his side. "And what exactly would we have done in bed together, Mom?"

"Oh, I'm sure we would've thought of something," Helen murmured, as she plopped down next to her nude son. She slipped one arm around Connor's waist as she sat beside him, pulling him even closer to her ... and her other arm slipped into his lap, her hand darting between his legs as she began to gently stroke his cock. Tilting her head slightly as she jerked her son off, she leaned in to give him a slow, sultry kiss on his neck, nibbling tenderly on his flesh as he groaned with wanton bliss.

I love having Connor's cock in my hand, Helen thought happily, as her hand slid lovingly up and down the length of his manhood, almost as much as I love having him in my mouth ... or my pussy ... I've missed him so, so much...

Helen's sexual escapades with her son Connor had begun the previous spring, just a couple of months earlier. That was when she'd come home one night from a faculty event, feeling a bit too tipsy from one glass of wine too many. Under ordinary circumstances, Helen usually would've headed straight to her bedroom and gone to sleep. However, for some inexplicable reason, on that night of all nights, she'd decided that she wanted to say good night to Connor first, as he was home on his mid-semester break. He'd just gotten home from boarding school, and she'd missed him terribly ... so with wobbling, slightly drunken steps, she'd made her way to Connor's bedroom, and quietly opened the door.

Connor was there, lying on his back on his bed, his legs dangling off its side. He'd taken his shirt off, and his jeans and boxers were pulled down in a crumpled heap around his ankles. One of Connor's arms was raised, covering his eyes and most of his face with his wrist and the back of his hand. His other arm was right between his legs, and Helen watched in startled astonishment as she realized her son's cock was fully aroused and erect ... and that he was pleasuring himself with his hand.

And as much as what Helen saw astonished her ... what Connor was quietly muttering under his breath came as even more of a surprise.

"Oh, yeah, Mom, that feels so good," Helen heard her son moan softly, as he stroked his cock with his hand, "Mom, yeah ... you have no idea, how much I wanted this ... oh yeah, Mom, I love fucking your pussy..."

And at that moment ... Helen realized what she'd always known, deep in her heart. She wasn't shocked or embarrassed by her son's perverse, incestuous fantasy. Not at all. Because as she watched her son jerking off ... she realized that she secretly wanted him, too. She realized that she'd been in love with Connor for a long time, not just as his mother, but as more than a mother. Since her husband had passed away, she'd been so lonely, for such a long time, devoting herself completely to her work and raising her beautiful son. And as she'd watched Connor grow from a boy into a man ... she found herself desiring that man. She'd always been too afraid to even think such forbidden thoughts, let alone even acknowledge them, they were so wrong, she knew that they were wrong...

... except, to Helen, they felt so very, very right.

And in watching Connor pleasuring himself on his bed, she knew that her son felt those forbidden thoughts were very, very right as well.

So she'd slipped over silently to Connor, sitting on the bed beside him, her hand joining his around his stiff shaft before he even had a chance to say a single word. "Shhhh ... it's okay," she'd whispered in Connor's ear, even as his eyes flew wide open in lust-crazed astonishment. "Let Mommy help take care of you, darling." And her hand had stayed with his, their fingers laced together as they both stroked his hard length, even as he cried out and shuddered, as his messy, sticky spend spurted out in long, ropy jets and coated both of their hands.

The night after that, Connor didn't need to use his hand to pleasure himself. He watched in astonished, blissful disbelief as his mother came to his bedroom, and took care of him with just her hand instead.

The night after that, she'd stripped down to just her underwear before taking care of Connor ... and the night after that, she'd stripped completely naked for her son while she pleasured him.

A few days after that, Helen began taking care of her son with her mouth, as well as with her hand.

And a few days after that ... she'd started taking care of Connor in even more intimate ways.

"Well," Helen murmured quietly, as she continued to softly kiss her son's shoulder, "I don't see any more reason to wait, do you?" Wryly, she glanced down between Connor's legs, as her hand continued to slide up and down his thick cock. She stopped for a moment, making him gasp in surprised elation as her fingertips lightly caressed his balls with a teasing touch ... and then her hands slid away from his lap, reaching instead for the buttons of her gray skirt.

With deliberate slowness, Helen undid the buttons of her skirt, and pulled the garment away from her long legs. As the skirt fell in a puddle around her ankles, Helen was delighted to see Connor's eyes grow wide with excitement as he watched her. Beneath her prim and oh-so-proper outfit, she'd only been wore transparent thigh-high stockings with a black garter belt, and tiny, barely-there black thong panties. Hooking her thumbs into the wispy waistband of the panties, she pulled them away as well, revealing the curly fringe of her blonde muff, already damp with depraved desire.

"Nice, huh?" Helen said mischievously. She spread her legs apart just a touch wider, giving her son an even better view of her moist slit. "I missed having you inside of me, darling ... tell me how much you want it."

"Oh, I fucking want it so bad ... I want you so bad right now, Mom," Connor said quietly. "You have no idea how much I've missed you." His voice rang with awe, his eyes not moving from the glorious sight of his mother's sweet cunt. "Now the real fun can begin ... oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit ... damn it."

Connor glanced over at his clothes, which lay in a crumpled pile off to the side of the dais. "Shit. I didn't bring any, uh, rubbers ... and I'm not even sure that I have any condoms in my room ... fuck! I'm sorry, Mom – I don't want to wait, but I guess..."

Helen didn't say anything. Instead, she gave her son's impressive erection a long, lingering look of admiration before she stood up and sauntered off the dais, sashaying her way over to the classroom door with a naughty little wiggle of her hips. She reached for the door, but she didn't open it. Rather, with trembling fingers, she reached for its tarnished, antiquated brass doorknob ... and turned the latch beneath it. The sound of a strong, brass deadbolt sliding firmly in place as the door was locked echoed throughout the classroom with a resounding click.

"I already told you, sweetie ... why wait?" Helen said. Her voice quivered just a touch with unbridled excitement as she turned back to face Connor. "I can tell you're ready – and so am I." She slipped off her smartly-tailored tweed jacket, and let it fall to the floor so she could begin unbuttoning her white blouse. "There's nothing we need back at the townhouse, nothing at all ... no reason not to do whatever we want ... right here."

"You mean... ?" Connor's eyes shone with shameless lust as he watched his mother's blouse drop to the floor. "What we talked about on the phone? You still really want to... ?"

"Yes," Helen said simply. "I want to. More than ever, in fact." She reached behind her back and undid the clasps of her white lace bra, letting it fall to the classroom floor. Her heavy, round breasts fell brazenly into view, her large pink nipples hard with excitement. She cupped the undersides of her big, firm tits in her hands, jiggling them about as she stepped up onto the dais. With a breathy, naughty giggle, Helen sat down on the very end of the lounge ... and then she beckoned to her son with a flirtatious come-hither gesture with her finger.

"Come here, lover," Helen whispered excitedly to her son. Her heart pounded wildly inside her ample chest with shameless glee, and she found herself gripping the edge of the lounge tightly, to keep her hands from shaking too much with anticipation. "Come show me just how much you missed me ... how badly you want me..."

Connor slid over on the velvet cushions of the lounge, his hip grazing against his mother's bare thigh ... and then he tilted his head slightly, crushing his mouth hard against hers as he kissed her, slowly and deeply. His tongue slipped between his mother's lips with a sinful goodness as he slipped one arm around her waist ... and his other arm found her chest, his fingers caressing the curves of her succulent tits with an eager touch.

Helen returned her son's kiss back sinfully hard, her tongue twirling about with his in a deliciously lewd dance, her hand dropping back into Connor's lap to gently stroke his rigid prick again. Her thumb ran lazily around the crown of his cock, loving the decadent sensation of how hard it was for her, and how it practically throbbed in her hand.

"Mmmm ... guess someone's all ready to go, huh?" Helen said with a wicked laugh. "Do you want me to kiss it, baby? I will, if you want ... but I don't think I can make it harder than it is already."

"Actually, Mom," Connor replied, "I thought I could do the kissing ... y'know, to get you as ready as I am." To Helen's surprise, Connor slid off the lounge, and got on his knees next to her. His ass rested on his heels as he knelt on the wooden dais, and with a brazen nonchalance, he swung his mother's legs off the cushions.

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