Tammy Likes to Trick or Treat

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Tammy is a little too old for Trick or Treating but she loves it so much she decides to do it one more time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Horror   Paranormal   BDSM   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

Tammy Johnson was a pretty girl of 18 who often dressed up for special days like Halloween or Christmas in costumes that showed off her shapely body and piercing blue eyes. This year she had made her Halloween costume on her sewing machine making sure that it would hug her curves tightly in those places where she knew men liked to let their eyes linger.

This Halloween was a bit different because it was the first year that she was no longer a silly virgin. She was so relieved that she had celebrated her eighteenth birthday by allowing the captain of the football team Andy Brown to pound her hymen to smithereens in the back seat of his parent's Escalade. The smell of the leather seats drove her into a frenzy when the cooperative Andy scored a touchdown deep inside her pulsating pussy. She really didn't feel any different after that experience except she thought her vaginal lips looked a bit puffier and she liked the knowledge that her female slit was open and ready for interesting visitors.

She reached under her pillow and took out the package from the cute little store that sold female undies and opened up the box containing the silk thong in orange and black that featured bats flying and witches flying old-time rounded brooms. The bra matched in color and style and had tiny snaps over the nipples that opened up for inquisitive tongues. When she had the thong and bra on, she twirled in front of the full-length mirror looking over her shoulder at her rounded cheeks swinging seductively with the thong buried deep inside her crack. She bent over at the waist so she could see how the thong looked inside her private place and admired how it fit snugly over her brown-eye and hugged her labia so tightly that she could see every detail of her puffy slit.

The custom made top was fluffy white with a tiny vest of black adorned with funny little sayings in orange script that said things like,

"Give me my treat or I will visit my trick upon you!" or the more discreet "Make a witch happy today".

The skirt was rather like a ballerina's tutu in fluffy white layers of crinkled material and as a final touch she had a pair of sheer orange stockings with spider webs delicately woven into the thread. The gap of a few inches of bare skin from the top of the stockings and the bottom of her skirt was bridged by a pair of supporting black garters that attached to her black vinyl belt just above her thong. The effect was quite startling when she bent over and her heart-shaped bottom was framed by the costume like some delicious treat served up for a gentleman's delight.

In previous years, Tammy had done her rounds of Trick or Treating in her apartment building or in some of the two-family homes that lined her street. This year, she decided to be different and went to that area of the town where the more fortunate residents owned homes. The houses were all custom designed and most of them featured luxury items suited more to mansions than to more ordinary residences.

The very first home was well-lit which indicated the owners were amenable to having Trick or Treaters knock on their door. She clip-clopped across the tile porch in her six-inch "fuck-me" heels and knocked a bit timidly on the huge front door. It swung open and she was greeted by a man and a woman dressed up as if for a formal dinner. They looked around the porch to see if she had any other companions with her on her Trick or Treating expedition.

"Are you all alone, dear? You shouldn't be doing this so late without any friends to protect you."

Tammy was amused because she was thinking exactly the same thing. However, it was far too late, so she just shrugged her shoulders and explained,

"I am a bit old for this I know but I wanted to do it one last year because I like to get lots of treats on Halloween."

They had a large black iron pot in the vestibule and it was filled with various candies and lollipops of many different flavors.

Tammy went inside and leaned over the pot to select her treat and she was aware of both of them taking full advantage to ogle her pretty posterior framed in tempting Halloween colors for their viewing pleasure. It immediately set her slit to start work overtime creating lots of juices searching to escape from her sealed labia and dampen her pretty Halloween thong. She rolled her hips far enough that her brown eye could be seen beneath her buried cord in all its eighteen year old nubile glory. They told her that they loved Halloween and that they were Tom and Samantha Wilson. For some reason, they added that they had no children.

She thought it strange that there were no mirrors anywhere in sight but put it down to some sort of fashion statement. They offered her some apple cider and a cookie in the shape of a pumpkin that was very fresh and tasty. Tammy picked out a nice cherry lollipop and put it into her treat bag.

The attractive Samantha who was about early forties told her that if she had a daughter she would like her to look like Tammy. Mr. Wilson was silent but Tammy noticed he was unable to tear his eyes away from her backside. That convinced her that he was a confirmed "ass" man with a definite taste for younger females.

Just as she was about to leave for her next stop, the smiling wife told her,

"It is not fair that you didn't give us any treat Tammy. We think you owe us a Trick and we have decided to give you a well-deserved spanking right on your pretty bottom. Are you ready to receive your trick?"

Tammy was startled at the question because the furthest thing on her mind was the possibility that the tables would be turned and she would be the one being tricked and the door-answerers would be the one doing the tricking. She looked at the two of them and saw that they were absolutely serious about her proposed spanking. There was nothing for it but to give in and let them have their way with her because she knew it was the proper thing to do under the circumstances.

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