The Dummy in the Closet

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Standing naked in the middle of the bedroom, she was not certain if it was her imagination or if the magic of a Gypsy curse had given her sexual solace.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   .

Maggie was 18 now but she was still living at home with her two silly sisters Veronica and Beth. They were both 19 years of age and were born with only minutes separating them right on their parent's bed in the master bedroom. The three of them still lived in the back bedroom with the door that opened right out onto the canopied patio at the back of the house. Their back yard was completely fenced in with an eight foot wooden fence to keep out prying eyes when the girls were sunbathing in their birthday suits.

Veronica and Beth slept in the same big bed but Maggie was not jealous at all because she liked to be able to turn and twist in bed and sometimes kept her little panda doll Harry under the covers to make her pussy think she had company.

Their first-born older brother Josh was working out on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico as an engineer. It was not exactly what he had envisioned his future to be because he was much more interested in the development of home construction projects and commercial centers. Now he was isolated in an almost female-free zone surrounded by the lapping waves of the Gulf.

Maggie knew her brother could not possibly be a "happy camper" because he was so eager to find fresh pussy almost every night during the entire time he attended the local university and still stayed in the family home.

She knew his appetite for sex because on a couple of occasions she had accidently come upon him giving it to girls in the garage or even over the patio table when the house was empty. She was totally disgusted by his behavior but knew she harbored dark and deep thoughts of finding a suitable young man to do the same to her.

Josh was a notorious tease.

He would play tricks on his sisters all the time. One of his favorite pastimes was to entertain them with his ventriloquist's dummy on his lap. Often his little "friend" would make risqué jokes that sent them all into stitches and made them think the wooden figure was lots of fun. Sometimes, he could also be scary and make them shudder with fear about some imagined scary thing about to happen. When it came time for Josh to leave for his new job out on the water, he left his little friend Walter in the corner of the closet in the girl's bedroom. It was always there silently sitting right on the floor staring at them whenever they had to open the door. After a short time, they all got used to it but Maggie hated to open the closet door at nighttime or even if she was alone in the room. She had a strange feeling that Walter's eyes followed her when she was alone like that.

Her twin sister siblings Ronnie and Beth managed to find a pair of brothers for boyfriends at the same time and spent a lot of time now coming in late at night. She found that she was all alone on many nights as her sisters were learning new tricks from their horny boyfriends.

One night, with both her sisters out of the house, she had a need to go into the closet to get a fresh pair of panties because her dresser was completely cleaned out and the wash was in the basement. In a choice between the closet and going down the creaking wooden stairs to the damp basement, she decided the closet was the best choice for her.

She used the flashlight because she was afraid if she put on the bedroom light, her parents might wake up and be disturbed in their sleep. It was dark in the closet but she found her panties without much difficulty. Standing nude at the closet door, she heard the rustle of the dummy in the corner and a voice that sounded like Walter being a prankster asked her,

"Why are you showing me all the goodies, my pretty one?"

She gasped and illuminated the dummy with the flashlight expecting some kind of trick. Walter was just sitting there looking straight back at her with a leering smile on his face.

"You can't possibly be alive. You are only a dummy!"

Walter laughed and told her,

"I am alive enough to appreciate your pretty pussy, my dear. Your brother filled me in on everything there is to know about the "birds and the bees". You would be surprised what I am capable of."

Maggie held the fresh panties in front of her naked pussy mound. She was mortified that the little dummy was taking in all of her goodies with her alone in her bedroom. She wished her sisters were there to assure her it was all her imagination and that the dummy couldn't possibly be talking or sneaking peeks at her pussy.

"Please take me out of the closet, Maggie. I promise to be a good boy and do exactly what you tell me to do."

She reached into the closet and pulled out the dummy. It was heavier than she expected and when the legs hung down, it was taller than she thought it would be. For a crazy moment, she had a fleeting urge to check it out to see if it was "anatomically" correct. She giggled at her momentary silliness and carried the dummy back with her to the safety of her bed and the warm covers.

Walter was silent now and Maggie was hesitant to start a conversation with a dummy. She remembered her brother had told her he had found the dummy at a yard sale in a deceased magician's house and that he had formed a "special" bond with the wooden figure. She straightened Walter's tie and loosed his belt a little bit discovering that he even had undergarments covering his hard flexible frame. His face and arms were of a sort of latex type material that seemed awfully much like actual skin. She had absolutely no idea what the rest of his body was like other than it had the denseness of wood about it and made a wooden sound when she tapped it with her finger.

Maggie pushed her panda to the side and replaced it with Walter after removing his outer garments and leaving him in a white undershirt and boxer shorts just like the ones her brother wore. She was very discrete in allowing her elbow to nudge between his legs and confirmed the presence of something very much like all males were equipped with when they left their mother's womb. She thought Walter moved when she did that but could not be absolutely sure. It might have just been her imagination. She slipped on her fresh panties and a training bra because she was suddenly afraid that Walter might somehow come to life and make her do what boys wanted girls to do when they were alone in bed.

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