Best Friends

by SoaringFeathers

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Romantic Sex Story: A story of two best friends, Sabrina and Paris, who become a couple. This story is about a short time in their friendship/relationship where they first become a couple and when Sabrina finds out a huge secret about Paris.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Hermaphrodite   Shemale   True Story   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Size   .

I remember the first time I met her like it was yesterday. She had moved to town a few months ago, I had seen her around over the summer and now we were starting high school together. She walked into my home room late, so everyone looked at her. Two of the boys in the back of class did an annoying wolf whistle at her, at this point I could tell she was a bit shy by the rose color that flushed over her sun-kissed cheeks.

"Ah, decided to show up late for your fist day? Take a seat." Our home room teacher said, motioning for her to sit in the front of class. He slammed his hand on his desk to get our attention, "This is HIGH SCHOOL," he said loudly to the entire class, "the first day that your work and effort actually start to count toward..."

I let his lecture fade into the back of my mind as I couldn't help but stare at the girl who had walked in late. She was so pretty, she had medium length chestnut hair that had a subtle wave to it, pale skin that had been tinted gold from the summer sun and was a bit taller than most girls in class. After what only seemed like five minutes, the bell rang and class was over. The new girl who I was so interested in stood up and silently walked out of the room.

"Hey! Wait up!" I said as I caught up to her. She turned around to face me, looking a bit confused, "Do you want to eat lunch with me? I figured you didn't have many friends being as you just moved here." I wanted to take back my words as soon as I said them, not only did I sound like a complete stalker, but I also insulted her by saying she probably didn't have any friends.

I was expecting her to insult me or turn into a complete bitch, but she just clutched her books tightly to her chest, "Sure", she said quietly. I noticed how large her sweater was on her, like she was swimming in it. It was adorable.

"I'm Sabrina." I said happily, putting my hand out to shake hers.

She took hold of my hand after adjusting her books, "Paris. My name is Paris"

And so that was the start of our long and interesting friendship, a simple greeting in the hall lead me to find the person who stood by me and supported me throughout all of high school. Our Freshman and Sophomore years weren't too interesting, it was the summer I turned 16 that changed our entire friendship. That was the summer I came out of the closet. I knew I was different for awhile now, I never showed any interest in boys, and I liked changing in gym class when I could sneak peeks of all of my classmates. Paris was there for me though, I was afraid she would think I was going to make a move on her, or worse, was a copy-cat, being as she told me she was Bi halfway through our Sophomore year.

School was finally starting in the fall and we were Juniors and I no longer had anything to hide. I proudly spoke about my orientation and didn't even care about the jokes being made about me and Paris, or the annoying Freshman boy stalking us seeing if we would share some hot lesbian kiss. I had tried to tell the entire school we weren't dating, but they didn't believe me. They insisted that if two girls are friends and one is bisexual and the other is gay, they MUST be in a relationship. Paris and I thought that was stupid, but over time I couldn't help but notice that maybe everyone was right. Maybe we couldn't just be friends. Sometimes I would mindlessly grab for Paris' hand, or we would have sleepovers and we'd end up cuddling and falling asleep. But I brushed those actions off, most best friends are close.

One day in the cafeteria, winter formal banners decorating every wall, Paris was stirring some red mush on her plate and looking like she was daydreaming. "Yoohoo! Paris." I waved my hand in front of her face, trying to get her attention.

"Sorry. I was just thinking about that stupid dance next weekend." She said, putting a spoonful of "food" into her mouth.

"Yeah, looks pretty lame. Who wants to spend money on clothes you're going to wear once in some gym that smells like sweat?"

"I guess so. But you know what would be fun?" She asked, a mischvious look on her face.

"No what?"

"If we went anyway, just to make fun of everyone. And maybe everyone could finally have their fantasies become a reality of us dating if we showed up at a dance together."

"Oh my gosh. Yes!" I giggled to myself, thinking about how fun it would be, making fun of popular kids who have their only glory days in high school. "Let's do it. We'll even get some cheap dresses, okay?"

It was decided, we were going to the annual Winter Formal. We even went to the mall after school that day to try on a bunch of outfits. We arrived at the mall right at 4:30pm and decided to go into the first dress shop we found, we both took some dresses off the racks and tried them on. After struggling for a few minutes to get into a frilly, green disaster, I stepped out of the changing room and Paris laughed almost immediately. "Oh my God! You look like seaweed." I looked at myself in the mirror, the dress was dark and light green, the body of the dress was fitted, but it had these puffy light green, off the shoulder sleeves.

Defeated, I went back into the dressing room, but I poked my head out one last time, "You try on some dresses too!" I said, sticking my tongue out playfully at her. The second dress was much better, it was orange and short and had bottom made of tulle that made me look like a ballerina. It was really cute, and even though we were going to this dance just to mock it, I actually thought I looked pretty in this dress. I messed around with my blonde hair, putting it in different styles.

"Sabrina, I'm waiting." I heard Paris say from outside the dressing room.

"Coming, coming." I stepped out and my mouth almost dropped, Paris looked absolutely stunning in her dress! It was dark blue and went the floor, it was strapless like mine too. It was a simple dress, no rhinestones or anything too gaudy, but it suited her perfectly. This was the first time I had noticed just how beautiful my best friend was, the first time I felt, dare I say, attracted to her. Her skin was so flawless except for a few birthmarks and her hair cascaded perfect over her shoulders. "Paris. That dress. It's amazing! All the boys will be drooling over you!"

"Really?" She said, blushing. Even after two years of knowing one another, she still blushed whenever she got a compliment. "Thanks. And you look great too. That dress hugs your body perfectly and-" She stopped herself, maybe I wasn't the only one admiring my friend's beauty, maybe she was thinking the same thing about me.

"Thanks. So do you think I should get this one?"


So even though we didn't have much money to spare, we splurged and bought the dresses, they were both on sale after all and we barely ever bought clothes for ourselves. The weekend approached at the dance was just a few hours away. We had spent all day being typical girls and getting ready, which was admittedly really fun, it was nice to stop being "too cool" for everything and just enjoy ourselves for once. Paris had decided to braid some jewels into her hair, her mom did it because we were both a bit bad at hair. Her mom had put my hair into a side braid and put a pretty comb into my hair that had a floral design. Her mom seemed especially happy about Paris going to a dance being as she had never gone to one before, she also told me she was happy that Paris had found a good friend like me. Before we left her mom snapped a picture of us, we both did look great, I wondered if anyone would even recognize us. It's not that we looked bad during school, we both always wore make-up, but we never looked as dolled-up as we did tonight, we never tried any new hairstyles or wore colors as bright as the one we were wearing tonight either.

Right before we walked into the school, Paris did something I will never forget, she gave me a soft kiss so close to my mouth but still on my cheek, "You look wonderful." She took my hand in her's, "Now let's go have some fun."

We walked in and at first nobody really noticed us, but then Ryan, a friend from our Algebra class saw us, "Hey, so the lesbo couple decided to show up!" He had been our friends for awhile now and always made jokes like this.

"Thanks, Ryan." I said, rolling my eyes.

"But really, you two look great. But if you don't want everyone to think you're a couple you should probably stop holding hands." Her hand felt so perfect in mine that I almost forgot we had our fingers laced between each others. I took my hand from hers and giggled, and again I noticed a blush crawl over her cheeks. We didn't do anything too interesting that night, we danced, made fun of some of the popular kids that were completely wasted, but we had fun and probably had a bit too much of the spiked punch that was abundant that evening. It was finally about 11:00pm and we decided to take a staggered walk and get some fresh air. Paris still looked stunning, but her hair had fallen a bit and some of the faux jewels had detached from her hair. I didn't even want to know what I looked like, I had probably sweated all of my make-up off and my hair was probably a frizzy mess. The cold air hit us in the face as we walked out of the school, even though it was December, it hadn't snowed yet all season and I was starting to doubt it ever would. Maybe it would over Christmas break these next two weeks, I missed the snow and always loved how beautiful it looked outside whenever snow covered the entire town. We were walking hand-in-hand again, Paris was silent and trying to walk straight, she was a complete light-weight!

"Hey Sabrina."


"I have a huuuuge secret." She was so drunk it wasn't funny, she slurred every word that came out of her mouth.

I laughed a bit, a bit dizzy myself, "And what is that?"

"Can't tell you. It's too weird."

"No fair! I told you I was gay!" I screamed loud enough for the whole street to hear.

"Shhshh" She lazily said, putting her finger up to my lips, making me giggle again. Then she did something, she removed her fingers from my lips and put her own lips there! She gave me a warm kiss that lasted what seemed like forever.

I felt my face going red, "W-was that your secret? That you wanted to kiss me? That you liked me?"

"Nope." She said, looking me straight in the eye, and again she kissed me. This time was longer and more passionate, she even slipped her tongue into my mouth. Oh, this kiss felt great, although I didn't have much to compare it to being as I had only kissed two other people. "Can we go back to my place? I feel like I should lay down."

Even though she said she just wanted to lay down, I felt like that meant more, it got me excited and nervous, but I nodded and we started walking back to her house. We got in the door, she closed and locked it behind us. All of the lights were off and her mom was in her room with the TV on, most likely asleep by now. "Hey Paris?"

"Mmhm?" She looked at me, getting a cup of water and sipping it.

"Did you kiss me because you're drunk, or because you wanted to?"

"Oh Sabrina." She walked over to me and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear. "I'm barely drunk," she smiled n almost evil smile and continued, "I just wanted you to come home with me." She kissed my cheek and pulled me toward her.

I was completely shocked. She wanted to kiss me? She wanted me to come home with her? So much that she pretended to be drunk? I guess she really does want me. How could I complain though? My beautiful best friends wants me to spend the night, she wants to kiss and, oh God, she probably wants to have sex. I was starting to get nervous, my heart was pounding as she kissed my cheek and, once again, kissed me on the mouth.

"Paris. How long have you wanted this?" I asked almost breathlessly.

"For awhile now, I had fantasized about it, but once you told me you were gay I just had to have you. You're so beautiful." She kissed down my neck, it felt so good when she kissed and sucked my neck and I let out a few breathy moans. "Oh. You like that?" That I did, my neck was so sensitive. She even started to grope my breasts, which got a few more moans out of me. "Do you want to go to the bedroom?"

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