True Love's Final Act

by MissiSlippy

Copyright© 2013 by MissiSlippy

Drama Sex Story: There is always a reason to make love. In some cases it is the final act. (Written in 2nd)

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   White Couple   First   Oral Sex   2nd POV   .

All the lights are out. You sit back in the nice big leather arm chair with your legs curled beneath you, watching as your partner meanders around the room lighting small tea candles that are scattered about the floor.

Your eyes sore from hours of relentless tears and unyielding sleep, he looks over his shoulder to make sure you are okay. With a smile he looks back at the last candle on the floor, lighting it he straightens, tucks the lighter into his pocket and makes his way over to you.

Without any effort he lifts your fragile figure up out of the chair and carries you to the bed, there he lays you atop the silken covers.

As you both stare into each others eyes you feel your heart skip a beat. Finally; your last wish has come true. Your partner laces his fingers through yours, whispering softly in your ear how much he treasures you. His lips tickle your ear lobe, making you flush from the attempt of keeping giggles at bay. Releasing your hand he traces a line from your jaw, down between your ample breasts, to your naval. Your skin prickles as his fingers touch your body through the cotton of your nightie.

Closing your eyes you let him venture over every curve, every indent, every scar, wrinkle and lump of your body. Knowing that this could be the last time you will experience this kind of loving from a man.

As his hand ventures lower, towards your secret spot, a warm tingling sensation accompanied by a warm liquid, pools between your legs. Biting your lip you tilt your head back slightly, he chuckles, now applying kisses down your neck and across both your collar bones. That warm liquid continues to pool between your legs, the muscles in your lower back tense up in the excitement.

He stops as his hand roams just about your pussy, through the thin cotton nightie he can feel and see the pool of liquid beginning to soak through. With a smile he pulls up the sheer fabric, pulling it over your hips and your waist, then your breasts. Sitting you up he pulls it over your head, letting it drop to the floor like a feather he resumes the trail of kisses he left on your neck and puts his hand back down on the top of your pussy. Your eyes still closed. You feel him shift on the bed, moving closer to you. Letting your bodies touch, he puts a jean clad leg between yours, the liquid now soaking his jeans.

His knee pressing firmly against your clitoris, eliciting a moan from your petite, richly coloured lips. He chuckles again, putting a hand on either side of your face he softly kisses your lips. As you respond he deepens the kiss and removes his hands, now wrapping them about your waist he hugs you closely and tightly to his body.

With frail shaky hands. You slide your fingers through his hair and along his shoulders, over his chest and stomach too. Kissing him back with a hunger more prominent than ever before. You squeeze your legs together, pressing them firmly on either side of his leg. Feeling the clenching of your pussy and the rubbing of your clitoris on his knee. He moans a very deep and sexy moan, growling your name he fiercely, yet gently, rolls you over so he is atop you and with his hands he grabs hold of both your breasts.

Running a thumb over both your nipples he toys with them until they are hard and perky, sticking up toward his chest. Your breathing turns rapid, your chest rising and falling quickly. So this is what it is like to be loved so greatly.

Without warning your partner takes your right nipple within his mouth and circles it with his tongue, he then sucks your entire breast into his mouth and suckles on it like his life will end soon. He lowers himself completely on top of you, his weight slightly crushing, but not threatening. You can feel his hard cock pressed up against your thigh, without thinking you run your hands down his back, untucking his deep ocean blue shirt. He stops for a moment and tugs it off letting it fall to the floor to join your nightie. You shiver. Running your hands down his now naked back, you marvel at every ripped muscle you feel. As your fingers skim against the waist band of his jeans you can feel his cock quiver of its own accord, wanting desperately to be set free.

Smiling you reach around the front of his jeans and undo the snap, purposely pushing your fingers up and down the fastened zip you stare at him, as he moans again. Wanting you so badly.

You unzip his jeans, again, making him stop for a moment to pull them and his boxers off. But he does not go back to suckling your breasts, in fact he does not go back to touching you at all.

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