Fanny Finds a Flaw

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Fanny Farmer is a happy teenaged girl ready to meet the world and find out why boys are so attracted to her. Her maid Sophia is helpful but seems to be holding something back. Then, she finds out that her perfection conceals a terrible flaw of character and her desire to be a well-behaved lady.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Fanny Farmer was a happy young girl who liked what she saw when she looked into any mirror. She was forever primping and posing with this look and that look unable to find a single flaw. Her doting parents were much pleased with their handsome daughter with her natural curls and her budding bosom. At the beginning of this month she had passed her 18th birthday with a party celebrated with much gusto and the eating of a beautiful cake that was covered with the whitest icing ever seen in the entire district.

Her bath was always drawn by Mistress Sophia an attractive widow with a fine figure for a woman of thirty odd years. Fanny never minded stripping off all of her clothes including her personal undies in front of the kind-faced woman because she trusted her implicitly.

Of late, Fanny noticed that she was acquiring sharp pangs of longing deep inside her innards that confused her and made her a bit unsettled when Mistress Sophia ran her fingers over her skin with the soapy wash cloth and scented bath water. It was especially apparent when she lingered down deep below between her pretty legs cleansing her feminine folds with tender loving strokes.

Even now, she rested her pretty head back on the edge of the tub looking up at the fan's shadow moving in unison with the fan itself in a rhythm that matched the pulse throbbing in her bush covered slit. She reached out and caught Sophia's bare arm in her hand pressing it in deeper so she was able to release her little sigh of happiness in joyful completion. Her maid was far too devoted to her to deny her these little pleasures that helped keep a healthy glow to her nubile cheeks.

She looked up at the smiling female and lifted her knees up higher to allow her access to her tiny little pucker hole for a nice soothing sweep of her crinkled rim. The sensation forced her to purr with sudden passion like a married woman receiving dutiful attention from her adoring spouse.

Fanny looked down at her nipples which were right on the surface of the tub water. They were extended and hard informing her that she was primed for some attention down below. She looked up at the submissive maid with a questioning glance and was rewarded with a single nod to let her know her bath would be followed by a "happy ending" on the chaise lounge with Sophia's tongue working diligently on her pulsating clitoris.

The sensitive spot hidden by the fleshy hood was flicked by the maid's tongue in a skilled manner that soon had Fanny pleading for her to make her take it like a good little girl. She promised the maid so many things that she could not remember most of them. All she could think of was the thrill of that final instant when time stood still and she would fall over the edge of the cliff into a shuddering climax that made her toes tingle with delight.

Then, with pleading eyes, she lifted her top cheek exposing her little brown eye. Sophia got the message right away and with a little tap on the young girl's bottom, she bent to the task of pushing her tongue into the teenager's trembling back door. Fanny held her orgasm back as long as possible but then lost all control and went into a frenzy of humping and jerking motions that signaled her complete surrender to the grip of lust.

She slept soundly that night dreaming of some handsome young man with sufficient assets to keep her in the style to which she was accustomed whisking her off to a tropical island for a honeymoon that insured her every sexual need was fulfilled beyond her wildest expectation. In her mind, this perfect spouse would have unlimited liquid offerings to fill her every opening at a moment's notice. He would cover her with kisses from head to toe and never, ever look at another female no matter how pretty and appealing.

The thing that changed her dreams of the future was a single flaw that she tried her very best to keep hidden from everybody including her maid Sophia and her very own parents.

Fanny liked to be spanked!

She had first become aware of her failing when at her 18th birthday party, she was placed over a table laden with gifts and food and made to lift her skirts for 18 whacks on her buttocks from each and every guest. Since there were 14 guests in all, her knickers clad bottom was glowing red when they had finished with her. Most of them thought she would protest and wiggle and plead for them to stop the punishment, but she found it was so exciting that she wetted her undies at least four times before they were finished with her. She pulled down her knickers in the privacy of her bedroom and saw in the mirror that her heart-shaped bottom was inflamed with the mark of heated spanking. Her skin was vibrant and alive and she liked the way she felt from the heavy-handed pounding. When she locked her door, she took the hairbrush from her dresser and managed to reach back and give each of her cheeks some satisfying whacks making her spray her sheet with more female juices than she ever thought possible.

The next day, Fanny looked at her face in the mirror.

She didn't look any different. Unfortunately, she knew deep down inside she was subject to a terrible flaw. She was a kinky pervert with a depraved fetish. Some tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes. It was terrible to realize that she was a "bad" girl inside and look like such a "good" girl on the outside. Deep down inside, Fanny understood there was nothing she could do about it. It changed a lot of her thinking about what she expected. Now, she could accept that taking it "up the bum" was probably a lot more likely if she liked the feel of being spanked. She had always prided herself with the thought that she would never be induced to give up her anal opening to any male no matter how he pleaded or tried to convince her to "bend over" for a determined cock.

Now, when she looked at her beaus and suitors, Fanny tried to see them in the position of placing her across their knees and making her feel the hard swing of their palms across her buttocks. She could see right away that most of the young men were simply out of the question because they had neither the experience nor the inclination to make her perform in such a manner.

At the breakfast table the next morning, Fanny saw the first page was filled with photos and a scandalous story about an MP being accused of assaulting his spouse by belaboring her buttocks in a public place. The young MP was quite handsome and the aggrieved wife was playing the victim very effectively at his expense. The very next page disclosed the sensational story of their divorce proceedings underway. She found that the discussion of the gentleman's perfunctory treatment of his spouse was spurred by his discovery of her dalliance with a dance instructor from some South American country dedicated to soul-stirring rhythms.

The politician's name was in her father's guest book since they belonged to the very same club. She took it upon herself to head out to the gentleman's town residence to offer her condolences for his unfortunate circumstances.

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