The Cowboy Detective

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2013 by wheelchairman85

Western Story: story about a retired rodeo bull rider turned private detective.

Tags: Western  

Private Detective Adam Rogers nicknamed the Cowboy detective because he is a retired rodeo bull rider. Is eating his breakfast when there is a knock on his door. So Adam gets up from his kitchen table and walks to his door.

Adam opens the door and to his surprise the Chief of the Austin Police department is standing on his porch, Adam invites him and after some coffee and polite conversation the police chief states him business.

"Adam I have some bad news for you a notorious motor cycle gang is after you, they want to murder you because you helped my police department put their leader in prison. The Austin police department has captured most of the gang but they have not gotten them all. So it is up to you to handle the remaining members of the gang. You have exactly 5 days to prepare. Good luck my friend you're going to need it.

When he finished giving his bad news to Adam he left. Adam was stunned by the news but he could not let that stop him, from preparing for the fight that was coming his way. So he checked his food, water, and ammunition supply. When he saw that he was very low on these items he got into his pickup truck and he drove to town.

Once he was in town Adam first stop was the gun store he walked inside, grabbed a shopping cart and bought all of the ammunition that he could afford to buy. After paying for the Ammunition he put into the bed of his pickup truck. Then he drove to the grocery store and stocked up on food and water.

After paying for his groceries Adam left the store and drove home. Once he was home he put the groceries away, Adam put his Ammunition away in his Ammunition safe. After his supplies away Adam fieldstripped and cleaned his work guns.

Once the guns were cleaned Adam retrieved some ammunition from his Ammunition safe and with his Reproduction 1866 Winchester carbine chambered in .38 special in his other hand he headed up stairs. Once he was upstairs he set the carbine and the ammunition aside and went to work building a sniper's nest up stairs.

Once the nest was completed Adam loaded the rifle's 10 round tube magazine, once the Carbine was loaded he put it and several boxes of ammunition near the window that overlooked the area where the gang was going to have to approach to get to his house.

Once that task was completed Adam established a second shooting position in front of the large picture window that was in his living room. Once that was done he went outside and filled sandbags and staked them up in front of his house as high as possible. Then he went back inside and installed a heavy deadbolt lock on his door and placed several .50 caliber ammunition cans against the door. So that if anybody tried to open the door the cans would fall over, and give Adam some warning in case anybody tried to come upstairs and shoot him in the back.

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