Jim and His Best Friend

by CindyUSA

Copyright© 2013 by CindyUSA

Erotica Sex Story: Jim's best friend is Champ his dog. The two of them enjoys meeting another person for a threesome.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Zoophilia   Bestiality   .

Jim was the hardest one to do the research. He like seeing an animal and person have sex. He had a couple of retrieves, each

about 80 pounds. When on line at the BBS, you can share pictures. While chatting with Jim, he would send a picture of one of his dogs Champ and would say that Champ was nice looking, was gentle or other comment as if he was trying to set up a date for him. I would respond by saying something polite just to keep the conservation going. Jim would shift the topic to something about traveling. After a few minutes of normal conservation, Jim showed more pictures of his dogs, some even showed the dogs with erection if you looked close enough. Jim said that he showed Champ a pictures of me and said the he and Champ would most enjoy meeting me. Jim would flirt with me telling me that I was good looking and sexy. He said that I was a real turn on for him and Champ. He asked me if I liked sex. I had to remain in character. I said that I was submissive and not sure what I was looking for. Jim suggested that I meet him and Champ at his house in the country. No pressure just meet for a few drinks and sees what happens. I had my invite to meet Jim in person but if I met was not sure if I was going to have to be used by one of his dogs or not. I decided that now was the time to let Jim know that I was a guy pretending to be a woman.

I typed to Jim, "Jim, I have not been honest with you."

Jim responded, "Cindy what do you mean?"

I typed, "Jim, I am a guy pretending to be a woman."

There were a few second pauses then Jim typed, "What, I do not understand. You sent me pictures of yourself and you are a good looking woman. When I chatted with you I responded as if you were a woman. Now you are telling me you are a guy?"

I typed back, "Yes, Jim I am sorry to have deceived you. I hope that does not mean you still would like to meet."

There was another pause, "Cindy, I would love to meet you and to see for myself how beautiful you are in person. I am sure you are the same hot sexy person that I have been chatting with over the past few weeks. I have had a few fantasies that were quite hot and now I will have to think of a few more."

Wow, Jim was not rejecting me, still wanted to meet. I needed to do this interview, so was glad that there was still a possibility. I type, "Jim, can we still meet tonight."

Jim typed, "Sure, you have the directions, around 7 pm would be good. Champ and I will be waiting."

I found Jim's house. It was on a large piece of property with the nearest house not in sight. Jim and Champ met me at the gate and walked me into his home. I was very well decorated and was well kept. I was led into the den, sat on the couch. Champ sat on a curtain that was next to his master recliner. Jim treated me as if I was a woman, called me Cindy; give me compliments about how good I looked. He offered me a drink, I asked for tequila on the rocks. Jim said, "It is just me and Champ here, just two guys that like to have fun."

Jim said, "Yes, Cindy you should know by the pictures I sent you what we enjoy/"

I responded, "Yes Jim, I think I do. I have read about people and animals but never given it any thought.

Jim responded, "Cindy, I know that you like to dress up as a woman and that is kind of weird right?"

I looked back at Jim, "Well, yes I would think so but I do enjoy pretending to be a woman."

Jim said, "I know you do Cindy and I like to see Champ enjoy himself, so we are both a little kinky, right? Jim continued, and asked, "Cindy, not that I doubt you but would you mind showing me."

I said, "That is ok Jim, I understand that you would like to see." I lived up my skirt reveling my stockings, garter and red lace panties. I pulled my panties down to my ankles to expose my cock and balls.

Jim said, "Wow, Cindy that is very sexy, I have never seen a woman with a cock before. Come over here where we can see better." I had to walk in short steps because my panties were around my ankles. I still held my skirt up. I stood right next to his recliner. Jim reached out and touched me, as he inspected me. He said to Champ, "Champ what you think." Champ was sitting up paying attention to what Jim was doing and responding to his voice.

Jim then moved close to me and kissed and licked my cock. He asked, "Does that feel good? Now close your eyes." I did as told. I could feel my cock being licked but this time it felt different, it felt rough on my cock. But my cock responded by getting hard. My cock and balls was being licked and I open my eyes to see Jim standing next to me and looked down to see Champ licking me. I started to back away but Jim had one arm around me. He said, "I think Champ likes you. Do not move. Let us both enjoy you." Jim started to kiss me, hold me in his arms while Champ was licking my cock and balls. I was beginning to fall under Jim's spell, his sweet words, his soft lips and even Champ's attention.

We relax on a nice overstuffed couch. I was between Jim and Champ. After a few minutes of passionate kissing with Jim and Champs muzzle sniffing and licking me, Jim unzipped in pants and out popped a nice respectful size uncut cock. Jim said in a soft voice, "Cindy, would you do for me what Champ is doing to you?"

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