And Then She Smiles

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Jack has just changed school for the umpteenth time because his dad moves around so much with work. He's got to start building friendships again, which can be difficult for a guy built like a brick shithouse. Anyway luck is on his side when a lovely girl from the school office sits on his table at lunch...

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The first day of school was always the hardest, the first day of school, the hallways the darkest.

Lines from Language of Violence by the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, which go round my head every time I start a new school, and because of my dad's job I do this a lot, twice a year on average, and not always in the same country.

I'm a big lad, and I work out regularly, so I usually do OK, on the odd occasion that one or two guys have tried to beat on the new guy they've come of worst. One ended up in hospital at the last school, he jumped me by the lockers but I saw his shadow before he jumped, I ducked my shoulder down, he rolled over me and I punched him hard in the crotch as he fell, no mercy, hit first, fast and hard then disappear before anyone else decides to join in. I just hope I did enough to stop the dumb fucker from breeding.

I'm not a violent person though, I don't look for trouble, but my dad taught me from an early age how to handle myself, because my size makes me a target for macho dickheads. At first I would fight back, but now I watch for signs and make sure it's them that have to fight back, that's if I've not done enough with the first punch to put them off.

So that's it, after the first day school is almost always sweetness and light.

Today is my first day at a school in Cumbria, back home in England for the first time in two years, I hope we'll be here for at least 6 months, longer would be good as I've got my exams this summer, so being settled in one place until they're finished would be nice. This school is co-ed from grades 7 to 13, so the kids range from tiny to tall and gangly, I don't see anyone as tall as me, and none are as well built, for the last 6 months I was at a school on an army base in Germany, they really showed me how to work out.

This is a nice school, not a single person challenged me, or even tried to stare me out, I walked the halls unmolested. I think I'll enjoy it here.

After a week I got into the routine of the school, the work was hard and to a much higher level than I was used to, but I managed to keep up. Dad had chosen this school for a couple of reasons, firstly they have a load of foreign students, so the teachers understand how other schools work and can adapt lessons accordingly, and secondly, they have a boarding house, so if he has to skip unexpectedly I can join the boarders.

During lunch on Friday in my second week a really pretty girl sat down opposite me, I recognised her from the office when I enrolled on the first day, Angie I think, no that was the brunette, this girl was called...

"Hi Jack, I'm Lisa, from the admissions office."

"Yeah, I remember, I could hardly forget you, although I admit I was having trouble with your name."

"That's OK, I'm sure you've got loads of people to remember. I was surprised when I saw you were joining Year 11, you look like a college student to me."

"I've been to some rough schools, so dad made me build myself up, it puts off any potential attackers. For the last 6 months I've been working out with some special forces guys in Germany, but happily my skills don't seem to be needed here."

"Oh wow, I need to get back to the office, nice talking to you Jack."

"Wait a sec, whilst this is a lovely town, I'm bored out of my skull, what's there to do round here."

--"I shouldn't do this, but you seem like a nice guy, give me your phone ... there I've put my number in, call me after 6 and I'll tell you where you can have a good time round here."

I called Lisa at 6 on the dot, she answered on the first ring

"Hey there big guy, grab your coat and wait outside, I'll be round in 5 minutes."

And she was, a red Fiesta pulled round the corner just as I was locking the door, she stopped and I climbed in.

"Where are we going?"

"Well as you've realised there's not much happening round here, so where we go depends on when your dad expects you home."

"Dad's away for the next week, so I'm home alone, I can stay out as long as I like."

"OK, now before we go anywhere I need you to understand that I can lose my job for just having you sat in the front seat of my car, so not a word to anyone, ever, understand?"

"Yes ma'am. Anyway, I'm 16, isn't that OK?"

"Nope, you're still in school, so as a school employee I'm not supposed to interact with any pupils under 18 outside of school."

"Wow, that's strict. Anyway, you're safe with me, I've got nobody to gossip with, you're the first person, apart from my dad and the women in the supermarket, that I've spoken to outside of school since I rolled into town."

"Oh that's so sad, you've not made any friends here?"

"Not a one. Why did you sit at my table today?"

"I'm not sure, you just looked so lonely on your own, but so dignified as well. I was just drawn to you, if that doesn't sound too weird. Anyway, you've got one friend now."

"Who's that?"

"Me silly, now fasten your seatbelt, I don't hang around on the road."

We drove for about 30 minutes and ended up at a pub on the shore of lake Windermere, Lisa bought drinks and I bought food, it was nice out so we took our drinks outside.

We chatted about my travels whilst we waited for food.

My mum died when I was only very young, and as dad had no other relatives he took sole charge of my upbringing. He's worked really hard, because his job takes him all over the world as I said before, we rarely spend more than six months in one place. I'm not totally sure what he does, but we almost always live near a military base of some kind. I've been to schools in Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, the UK and the US.

Lisa told me she's 19, single, lives with her mum and after failing her A-levels at school started work there so she could earn some money to pay for night school, she's going to do her A-Levels next year then a childcare diploma a year after.

We were quiet while we ate, I watched Lisa, she looks so confident with herself, she's very pretty with short bobbed red hair, her skin is clear and looks to be make-up free apart from lipstick and a little eyeliner. As far as I can tell she's got 3 earrings in her left ear and 4 in the right, with a scaffold bar across the cartilage of the top the right ear, the bar has a little red heart half way along.

After we'd finished our food we moved into the bar, Lisa bought more drinks. The pub had many small rooms off the main bar, we took a booth in one of these rooms, they had some good music playing and after a couple of drinks each we both started to relax some more, Lisa was leaning against my shoulder, our arms around each-other.

We were soon necking like the teenagers we are. She tasted good, rum & coke along with cherry lip-balm.

Our hands were roaming each other, I couldn't feel a bra-strap, or panties under her skirt, naughty girl.

Lisa broke off and got some more drinks, when she came back she straddled my lap and pressed herself against me, I could feel her boobs against my chest.

"I've had too much to drink, so I can't drive home, you've got two options big boy, you can walk home, or you can come up to my room."

"What room?"

She dangled a room key, "my hotel room, luckily they had a cancelation so I got us a room half price."

"What would you have done if they hadn't had a vacancy?"

"Plan B was to carefully drive to the caravan park at Skelwith, they always have a few empty caravans, my mum knows the owner and we've stayed there a few times, we don't have to pay as long as we clean up properly."

"Well I don't want to walk home, especially as I've no idea which way to go, so I guess your room is the best option."

"Of course it is, grab your drink."

The room was pretty spectacular, a really nice big bed facing a window with a view across the lake. Outside there was a balcony with a table and chairs.

Lisa divested herself of her skirt and t-shirt before I'd closed the door, as I turned she was stood in front of me as naked as the day she was born. I saw a wonderful trim body with full breasts standing proud of her chest. I walked around her and took in her back, her peach of a bum balanced out her boobs, a proper bum. Mercifully she didn't have a tramp stamp, her tattoos limited to a unicorn on her left shoulder and a strawberry on her tummy, just below and to the right of her belly button.

She sat on the edge of the bed, I knelt between her legs and breathed in her scent. She was clean shaven and her pussy was very tidy, like a young woman's should be. I kissed her pussy lips, teasing my tongue between them, she gasped.

I flicked my tongue against her clit, it showed its face from under the hood, I kissed it some more before heading back to her pussy lips.

"Holy shit Jack, this isn't your first time is it. You're doing well for a 16 year old. Oh fuck yes, keep doing just what you're doing."

So I did, for good measure I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, she was incredibly tight in there, I pushed my fingers deeper, Lisa gasped and lifted her crotch pressing herself into my face.

Her breathing was getting faster and harder, she let out the odd squeak then she grabbed my hair and screamed as she pushed me hard into her crotch. Her whole body shook as she came.

As she released my head I sat back whilst Lisa got her breath back.

"My god Jack, where'd you learn how to do that?"

"I've been around, kissed a few girls here and there if you know what I mean."

"Oh I know what you mean, now stand up soldier and strip for me."

Lisa looked a little pensive, I'm guessing she was wondering if I'm like many other guys built like me, hung like a 9 year old due to all the drugs they take to build muscles. I drop my pants and then she smiles...

"Oh my, you're a big boy all over aren't you. Come here and let me repay you for your magnificent efforts."

She slipped down off the bed and knelt before me, taking hold of my cock she bounced it from hand to hand, weighing it as it grew. She opened her mouth and took as much as she could, she gagged a little and pulled back. She started to suck on me, giving my glans little flicks of her tongue, nodding her head back and forth, fucking my hard, fat cock with her lips.

She was good, more than good, probably the best blow job I'd ever had, I didn't last long, I grunted and warned Lisa that I was ready to come, she mumbled something like "I know" just before I let rip, I grabbed her head to steady myself as my orgasm coursed from my head to my balls, which jettisoned their load of spunk down Lisa's throat. She swallowed it all, licking her lips once she was done.

"wowee Jack, I'm going to assume I'm not your first. I think you've probably made a lot of girls happy, if they didn't run away from that thing."

"I've slept with a few girls around the globe, I lost my virginity to my nanny when we lived in Texas, she saw me undress by the pool and grabbed me as soon as I came back in the house, she taught me a lot. I've slept with a lot of girls over the last few years, but some have refused to give me more than a handjob, afraid I'd tear them apart."

"Let's get another drink from downstairs before the bar shuts, then we can test out the bed."

We ordered two drinks each and took them outside, we sat on the jetty and watched the bats flying over the water by the moonlight, they're amazing creatures, zooming this way and that, turning round almost on the spot.

We finished our drinks and headed back to our room, Lisa again had her clothes off before I'd shut the door, she turned and stripped me then pushed me onto the bed.

She climbed on top of me, straddling my chest, she kissed my lips, I could still taste my spunk on her breath. She moved down, kissing my nipples in turn, then down further, kissing my chest and stomach, then down some more. She took my cock in her mouth again, bringing it back to life, I was soon fully hard again, and Lisa moved up a little and hovered over my cock, feeding it into her hungry pussy.

She gasped, "it's so fucking huge Jack, I might not be able to manage it all."

Slowly she slid down my shaft, stopping occasionally to relax herself.

"I think that's all I can take, it's like you've shoved a couple of Red Bull cans inside me."

Lisa lifted back up, and started to carefully move herself up and down, gradually speeding up as she got wetter and wetter. She leaned forwards and wrapped her arms around me, kissing my lips as she pumped away.

I rolled us over, so I was on top with Lisa's legs wrapped round my waist, she was incredibly moist now, I could thrust away freely even though she was as tight as any pussy I could remember.

"Harder Jack, you can pump harder, I need you to cum inside me"

As I fucked her, Lisa was frantically rubbing her clit, she came two or three times in succession, her orgasmic cries rolling into a single long moan as I pounded her harder and faster, I was getting close to coming but I needed to check I was OK coming inside.

"You sure it's OK to come inside?"

"Yeah, I'm on the pill, it's fine"

No sooner had she said it than I came, hitting her pussy hard with my final stroke as I finally got balls deep in her pussy.

"Fuckin' hell Jack, you nearly slammed me into the wall there, wow what a rush" she panted.

"Well you finally fit me all in."

"Did I? I think you hit my stomach. How big are you anyway?"

"No idea, never measured myself, but nobody has complained about me being too small so far"

"Well I think I need to check it out at least once more tonight."

In fact we made love all night, finishing off with a blow job in the shower as the sun came up. We rested in each other's arms on the bed watching the beautiful sunrise over the lake then went downstairs for breakfast.

We spent the morning wandering around Ambleside hand in hand, at lunchtime we grabbed some sandwiches and coke from a shop and hopped on the lake cruise ship. Lisa was quiet, she seemed to be thinking deep thoughts.

She suddenly turned to me, "Jack, I've had a wonderful time today, but I'm afraid that we can't keep this up, somebody is bound to find out about us, and that would be disastrous for us both."

"Why will someone find out, I don't live near anyone from school, and dad's hardly ever home."

"I need you to come to my house, meet my mum, then we'll see what happens next."

Her mood seemed to change, she was bright and bubbly again, as the day warmed up we moved upstairs on the boat to the open deck and cuddled in the front seat watching the gulls as the flew alongside us.

When the boat docked back in Ambleside we jumped back in Lisa's car and headed back home, she parked up at then turned to me.

"Listen Jack, Mum is going to go a little mental about me staying out all night, I told her I'd be home before midnight, so just wait for her to finish ranting then I'll make up some excuse about getting lost in an area with no mobile signal so we slept in the car."

Lisa unlocked the door and I followed her in.

"And where have you been all night," came a bellow from the back of the house.

"Sorry mum, we got lost and I had no signal, so we slept in the car, now my battery is flat so I couldn't call you this morning."

We reached the kitchen, Lisa's mum was washing her hands at the sink, she turned round she said "That old story again, and I suppose you're the reason she allegedly got lost."

"Yes ma'am, I'm Jack."

"Polite and good looking, you're getting better at picking them Lisa, go and put the kettle on, I think we need a cup of tea."

"Ok mum, tea all right Jack, or do you want coffee."

"Tea will be fine, milk no sugar."

"Well Jack, where did she find you."

"He's just moved into the village," Lisa interrupted before I could mention school.

"Oh, you're the one, the bungalow across from Post Office, with the mysterious chap we never see."

"Yes ma'am, that's my dad, he works away a lot, we have to move around with his job, usually twice a year."

"Please call me Joan. That must be awful moving around so much, you just get to know a place then off you go."

"Yeah, I just make new friends then I have to leave them all, but I've seen some amazing places. I spent the last 6 months at British Army school in Germany."

"School? How old are you?"

"16 ma'am, I mean Joan."

"Really, I'd never guess, you look a lot older, it must be your size. Lisa, bring the tea through to the lounge where we can relax."

We moved back to the front of the house and entered the lounge, it was quite a big room, dominated by a pair of sofas with a couple of arm chairs all arranged around a huge TV.

I sat on a sofa, expecting Joan to take the other one, but she sat down next to me. She was a good looking woman, tall like Lisa, with full breasts and a large bum, but a slim waist, she had long red hair and pale skin with a few freckles on her upper arms, she'd be younger than my dad I reckon, not yet 40, her skin was clear and soft. Actually she was quite beautiful. I'd not seen many pictures of my mum, but from the few I'd seen she looked a little like Lisa, so now she'd look like Joan, a tear came to my eye and I quickly wiped it away, not quick enough though, Joan saw me.

"What's the matter dear?"

"I was just thinking about my mum, she died when I was only a toddler. I've only seen a couple of photos of her, and she looked like Lisa, so I was thinking that she would now look like you, she'd still be beautiful."

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