The Lottery

by Fuzzywuzzy

Copyright© 2013 by Fuzzywuzzy

Erotica Sex Story: Just thought of a Dolcettish like story, I hope you like it.But bewarethere is Rape, Incest, Snuff, and Cannibalism.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Snuff   Food   Cannibalism   .

Chapter 1

I never thought I would get a job like mine, never in a thousand years! You see I used to work in Al's Butcher Shop as a delivery driver. That's all I did, load my refrigerated truck and deliver the meat orders to Al's customers. I was good at my job, I liked our customers, and my tips were phenomenal, Al paid me well, very well, and those tips were more than twice what he paid me.

And then the Lottery became law. Senator Dolcett introduced it to help with the population explosion; the economic downturn didn't help, so the State joined with the Feds, and all women over sixteen had to participate. It was legal cannibalism. And Al's Butcher Shop became our Town's Lottery Abattoir, and I was the Official Collector of delinquent losers in the Lottery, amongst other duties. I still had to make the deliveries of orders, but now I delivered the women's bodies for consumption.

I made one day a week my 'arrest' day and I was in charge of on the spot executions of the delinquents. I gave them, by law, the choice of three methods of going. A sharp axe and a wood block. Manual strangulation, and slow hanging. For my own enjoyment, I offered them a last fuck, or a blow job, with mandatotory swallowing. It was condoned under the by-laws.

I enjoyed my work; don't get me wrong, my government salary made me a rich man, with bonuses, Major Medical, and free pussy.

Chapter 2

My work load increased drastically when I was given the responsibility of delivering the lottery work orders to the losers. I actually got paid more for it. So I had to keep Fridays free just to keep up with the arrests and the Notices. It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it.

Like last Friday:

"Janey," my sixteen year old daughter had 'won' the Lottery. "I've bad news, baby, you were selected in the Lottery, and I've come to collect you."

"Ok, Daddy, will you snuff me here at home, or do I have to go to Al's?"

"Mike," my wife, Anna, spoke. "Do her here, I want to watch. Do you have time to take her virginity, and give her an orgasm?"

"No problem. Janey, strip!"

"Yes, Daddy." Oh my god! What a body. Her tits were two luscious firm cones, with thick heavy areolas and nipples. She must shave her mound, not a hair in sight. Thick inner lips, already dripping wet.

"Spread them, Jane, good girl!"

"Will it hurt, Daddy?"

"Do you want me to hurt you?"

"Say yes, Jane." Anna said. "I want you to feel it as daddy snuffs you."

"Yes, Momma. Daddy strangle me, for Momma's pleasure, as you come in me."

I spread her thighs, she was wet, I placed my glans at her hymen, and rammed into her. She screamed in agony, and Anna smiled. I pumped into my virgin daughter's cunt, and she screamed as I came. She came too. My hands went around her neck, and with all the force I could muster, I choked her until she was lifeless.

"Oh, wow, you actually killed her, Mike, I came too," she said, "If you like, dear, I can invite the neighbours over, and we could barbecue this weekend, would you like that, dear?"

"Yeah, I'll get the spit ready."

"Don't forget to hang her so we can drain the blood out. She'll cook better that way.

Chapter 3

The Barbie went over without a hitch. In the spirit of the day, we were all nude. A lovely summer's day, all of our neighbours came, even Janey's ex-boyfriend. We saved him a slice of her pudenda, and her right breast. He loved it!

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