A Fist Full of Dollars

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A woman on holidays is offered money to fuck, she then adopts the life of a prostitute of which her husband is unaware off, till he is invited to a gang-bang and finds out that the woman is his wife - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

It was well past sunset when the train pulled into the Turkish town of Arbad. It had been a long trip and a good night's sleep would not have been unwelcome. "Well according to the brochure and the 'let's go' book there are hotel representatives at these stations. They welcome tourists and if they haven't booked anywhere, will recommend accommodation", the woman said as she picked up her bag. Her husband gave a grunt. For his part he didn't even want to be here, a Muslim country was not his idea of a holiday. However, he had found out that his wife had made it at least bearable. She got on very well with the men of the country and he knew harboured sympathy for Islam. The war being fought by America and the West she found appalling. "Well if there is no one there", he muttered. "The guide books lists a number of hotels, we should have no trouble getting accommodation for this is not exactly a tourist town", he concluded as they stepped onto the platform.

They stood for a couple of minutes, studying the guidebook when a man, around the late twenties spoke to them in good English. He explained that he represented a local hotel. "Not very far", he said. The woman smiled but her husband immediately asked for identification. The young man gave a nervous smile, but quickly produced the necessary papers. The husband gave a grunt and said. "All right!" The walk to the hotel was short, no more than about 10 minutes. It was not a five star hotel, but looked clean and again the management was most charming to his wife, who he left it to book. It may have been contrary to the customs but if it smoothed the path, he was more than willing to let her 'run the show'.

Their room was self-contained, regarding toilet and shower. In fact there were only three rooms in the entire hotel that really catered for the westerner. They had just put their bags on the bed when there was a knock at the door. "The management's compliments", they were told. "Would they join the manager in the lounge room for tea?" There followed a short exchange till the wife informed the hotel employee that they would be honoured. The lounge wasn't big; there were quite a number of men present, staff and a couple of guests. They were welcomed and tea was served. Not the tea that they were used to, but a very sweet brew without milk. It was not unpleasant. Apart from the tea the atmosphere was strained. She was the only woman, but this was not the 'strained' part. Her husband, firstly was not feeling the best, he had caught a virus and had not been able to beat it; secondly he didn't like Muslims. "I think I will call it a night", he said. "Are you coming?" His wife was speaking to the manager when he asked the question. She hadn't finished her drink. "I'll finish my drink dear, I won't be long". Her husband gave a nod, said a very unconvincedly 'goodnight' and departed.

The atmosphere immediately changed. For his part leaving his wife alone, in the company of Muslim men, was something that any other man would have avoided. However, their marriage was a sham. It was totally loveless; the only thing that held it together was 'responsibility'. He really had no interest in his wife what so ever. "Your husband does not like us", the man who had met them said. She put down her drink and smiled. "He is not well; these last few days have been quite an ordeal. He needs rest". There was silence till suddenly a number of men, either staff or guests began to talk among them selves. Then one of them said. "Hello!" She turned towards them a puzzled expression on her face. "That is basically just one of the English words they know", the manager said. They are expressing friendship. She smiled and said "Hello!" Immediately there were great grins of approval, again heads came together, then a man got up, he hesitated for a second or two, but urged on by his companions; approached her. He stood in front of her and extended a fist full of money and said one word "Fuck!"

She almost fell off the chair. The man shuffled the money again, again he said "Fuck!' and dropped the cash into her lap. The money was an assortment of currencies, American Dollars, British Pounds and Turkish notes; in fact a lot of money. Her fingers slipped threw it as her thoughts raced. She knew they were operating on a 'shoe string budget', their resources were quite tight. Now in her lap she held nearly 700 dollars. The idea of sex didn't alarm her. In fact she had already been fucked on this holiday and not by her husband. That was one area where sex didn't exist, it hadn't for decades. No this holidays encounter had been on the beach, beside an upturned boat. She had, had a row with her husband and had gone for a walk. The man was fishing and they had got into a conversation, that conversation let to her being on her back, legs wide apart and her cunt receiving its first cock in ages. In other words it had been a surprising but very pleasant fuck.

The seconds passed. There was an expectant atmosphere in the room. The manager and his representative whispered and then dug into their pockets. She was still pondering her position when the manager spoke. "We will add our contribution", he said. He then placed into her lap and additional $200 American dollars. They extra made up her mind. She smiled "Why Not", she said. "But where, this floor isn't that comfortable and so we know each other my name is Wendy", she said as she stood up.

The news that she was willing made all the men give off great smiles. The manager said the room they were in was as good as any, it could be locked. Then with an "All right", she got up and undressed. A gasp came from that assembly. She was plump, but not overweight. Her tits were large; they sagged and bounced when she moved. Her bottom was large, smooth and lily white and between her legs was a massive triangle of dark hair. The lounge on which she had been sitting was in fact a bed. It was quickly putted out. She got on; spread her legs and smiling asked. "Well who is first?" The frantic speed as men almost ripped their clothes off made her smile. The first cock was already beginning to dribble when it was rammed home. She gave a grunt, but the man was so randy he exploded virtually on his second thrust. He was panting when he got off. "Don't rush", she said as the next cock began to slide home. This time she began to rock in rhyme, her tits she willing surrendered and by the time he shot his load, she was on heat. "Ahhhhhh!' was her next response as this time a cock was rammed up her, that was much bigger than the previous ones. This time she began to fuck, this cock she was enjoying. "Yes! Yes!" she gasped. "More, More". As her bottom rose and fell and her head rolled and her tongue darted back and forth; a cock fell level with her mouth and a voice said. "Do you suck?" She didn't answer, but just licked it and as it disappeared into her mouth, began to suck.

She could only give off a gargled response as the cock so totally ravishing exploded, but her backside bounced as though it was hit with an electric prod. The man she was sucking gripped her head and pulled her face towards him as her cunt again was filled. The sucked cock exploded, cum and saliva dribbled from her lips and when it was removed, poured from her mouth. That gush only increased the desire of others and now down a lubricated throat other cocks would be following. She had no idea how many had been through her; she was now so 'absolutely' on heat, the only thing that mattered was 'fucking'. So when amid the grunts and pants and the gargling she was asked. "Do you take it up the bum", she just managed to nod her head.

With her bum at high mast, a cock exploding in her mouth, she felt the first cock head separating the cheeks of her bum. The thrust snapped her head up, her tits swung and bounced and a spray of saliva and cum flew from her mouth. But it was in and now began the rhyme that she hadn't experienced for a long time. Her bottom swayed and the muscles of her bum gripped and enjoyed the lengths so totally consuming it. "A sandwich, a sandwich", someone said. So anchored she was pulled back, her legs opened for support and that thickly haired, cum covered cunt was on display. She just managed a loud grunt as a cock was rammed to the balls before another cock was filling her mouth.

Again, and again she was ravished, till totally exhausted both fuckers and fucked collapsed on the bed or fell into the chairs around the room. Finally, just wearing her dress, with her underwear stuffed into her bag, with her financially reward, she staggered from the room. Her husband didn't stir. She slipped into the shower and for nearly fifteen minutes just let the hot water wash over her. It removed the layers of cum that covered her tits, stomach and face and was dripping down the inside of her legs and caked on her bottom and on the thick hairs of her cunt.

Come morning she was surprised to find that a taxi had been summoned to take them to the bus stop for the next phrase of their journey. When she queried it, the manager smiled and introduced her to the taxi driver. She then smiled and understood, for the taxi driver was one of the men she had so totally accommodated, just hours before. When they were dropped off, her husband commented about the taxi. "Oh!" she replied. "It was part of the hotel courtesy. You see dear if you be nice to them, they will be nice to you".

"Oh! How nice?" he asked.

"Oh! Very nice", she replied with a smile, for in a way she could still feels the cocks, that made her comment two pronged. The taxi ride was nice, so too was the cock of its driver and all the other cocks that had so totally fucked her. However, that experience was to linger and the idea of being paid to fuck was gradually going to become a permanent occupation, especially when the holiday ended.

"Isn't that lovely", Wendy said as they stopped outside one of the many fashion shops in the complex. "Yes! It is", replied her husband. "However, it is a bit pricey", he concluded. She smiled as she went inside. "I'll try it on", she said as she took the blouse off its hanger. Her husband just scratched his head. The blouse was nearly hundred dollars and he wondered where she was getting all this available money. It was a question he had been asking himself for some time now, especially after their holiday in Europe over a year ago; she never was short of cash and she was receiving even less than he did in the pension, yet always had money for items like this blouse, dinners with her associates, of which he was never included and had recently paid for a total party for a very close friend. Where did this money come from?

That question was going to be stored in his memory files for it was one that he wouldn't ask his wife. His marriage wasn't that great and in a way they had been almost living separated lives for years now, so what she spent on her self or her friends was really no business of his and to give her, her due she never asked him for anything. The marriage over the following weeks continued as it always had, or it seemed that way for it was so long since it had been an intimate marriage, that one would say that had been in 'ancient times'. However, a chance comment by an old colleague was shortly going to change his whole association with his wife and answer the question that had been stored in his memory. He was having coffee by himself when a "Hello Trevor' broke into his thoughts.

"Hello Mark", he replied. "It has been some time; I gather you are now retired?" His friend gave a nod and ordered a coffee and sat down. "Well what have you been up too?" Trevor asked as a waitress delivered the coffee. Mark scanned the area, to make sure no one was in hearing distance, than leaning forward replied. "Fucking! Not every day, but at least once a month and more if I can get on the invitation list".

"That good, however, what is this invitation list", Trevor asked.

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