The Firm

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2013 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Jack's new position requires that he lose all and any inhibitions.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   .

Author's note: WARNING At the request of several of my readers, I've been asked to "venture out there" and do a realistic story and portrayal of another group of characters. This story includes a lot of "group" sex, much of which will include bi-sexual relations and situations. In other words, both FF as well as MM sexual activity. As such, I have stated here in this note that if Bi-sexuality isn't your cup of tea, then neither is this story. Thus I would invite you to by-pass this one and go on to something else as opposed to starting to read, only to discover it has bi-sexual situations throughout this entire story line.


Jack and Doris had recently moved into their new home. At thirty-three and thirty-one respectively, Jack was a typical up and coming executive. His recent promotion at the firm had nearly doubled his wages, but in addition to that, he and Doris had been put on an exclusive waiting list into a secure gated community where many others of his firm lived.

To their surprise, not long after his promotion, the offer for them to move had come through. Just being in such an exclusive and safe neighborhood might have been reason enough, but the house itself was twice the size of the one they'd been living in.

It was essentially a dream come true for the both of them, though it ... like anything else, had come with a price along the way.

Early on Jack had been "informed" that there were certain aspects and requirements about the job that sometimes crossed the proverbial line. But that was business, and it wasn't something that everyone else wasn't doing either. When at last the specifics of what that actually meant finally came out, Jack was forced into a decision. He would either find himself on the fast track of promotion, or whither away on the vine of up and coming sales personnel that didn't have such qualms.

What made things slightly easier for him, was the fact that he and Doris had the kind of relationship that was always close, and always informative in their communications. He'd never once hidden anything from her, nor she him. No matter what. And as they both soon learned, this was one of those times. Even then, Jack was still nervous about discussing it with his wife on his arrival home. But discuss it they must. An answer and a decision needed to be made the following Monday morning.

One of the other things Jack most loved about his wife was her open-minded attitude about most anything. They could certainly talk about anything, and had. There were even a few things, a few parties they'd gone to, together that had turned out to be a lot more than what was initially expected. Even those, they'd taken the time to discuss a lone before doing anything. The results of which ended up being one hell of an erotic memory for the both of them.

The fact that Doris was damn fucking attractive didn't hurt either. He was almost more than half-sure it was his wife's beauty that had helped in making him one of the three finalists for the position of Direct Sale's Manager for the particular team he was on. The only person he'd be reporting to would be Bob Edwards. And Bob Edwards only reported to the CEO, Mike Donnelly.

Though Doris was thirty-one, she certainly didn't look like it. She looked far younger, more like twenty-four, perhaps twenty-five. And as Bob Edwards himself was married to a woman almost twenty years younger, it wasn't at all surprising that he had a thing for younger, more attractive looking women. Doris wore her dark brown hair reasonably long, down to her shoulders. Next to her eyes and lips, she liked the way it framed her near oval face, once more giving her that much younger sort of look. Though Jack was also sure, it didn't hurt that his wife also had a nice rack that she wasn't too shy about showing off on occasion. Her breasts might not have been gigantic, or even close to that, but they were certainly more than a handful, and he'd caught both Bob as well as Mike staring at them on more than one occasion.

"So, how'd it go? What did they say?" Doris asked when Jack had come home that evening, a week before accepting the offer.

Jack explained everything to her, short of the rather unsubtle innuendos that he'd also been given. One of the few, yet very important mandates that had been stressed, was that anything, short of something illegal, was expected. Whatever it took to land a potential client, especially when profits were in the millions, meant just that. Whatever it took to do it. Period. And then Bob had given him a primary example.

"Anyway, after he told me that, I knew right then and there we needed to discuss this tonight so that I could give them my decision come Monday morning. I didn't want you hearing it from anyone else for one thing, and I didn't want to try hiding anything from you either. Like I said, even Bob said those kinds of situations are rare, and not generally the rule of things. But they do happen, and that I ... or rather we, needed to be prepared for that."

Doris sat back thinking about it. They had come so far, and so fast. She wasn't a prude by any means, and she certainly trusted her husband implicitly. In addition to that, she also wasn't naive enough to think that, this was indeed how BIG business, and how many corporations were run. It was all part of the game. If they turned the offer down, it wouldn't be long before Jack would be looking for another job somewhere else, and by then ... chances were, the word would be out about him, about them. That neither one of them were team players. Even the competition seemed to share those facts about previous employees. If they were to have any chance of starting over again, they'd probably have to move out of state. And even then, the odds were they could end up right where they were now at some point.

"What do you think? You tell me honey. If it was required, and if it meant closing the deal so to speak, would you be willing to fuck, or even suck some client just to ensure that?"

"As long as you were ok with it, and knew about it, yes. That's the one thing we've always promised one another from the very beginning, that we'd never cheat on one another, or run around behind one another's backs. As long as we're both fully aware of any given situation, and in agreement with it, then yes ... I could do that." Jack then paused looking at his wife. He knew there might indeed be situations involving her as well, and how would she then feel if that were to happen. "And what about you?"

"Same, same." Doris agreed. "As long as we both knew before hand the possibilities I think. I mean obviously, if you are trying to close a deal over dinner, and then it's suddenly suggested that you go up to a clients room for drinks afterwards, and that things are meant to go elsewhere from there. I wouldn't expect you to suddenly pick up the phone and call me, and ask if it's ok if you fuck someone. But I would expect you to tell me about it as soon as possible afterwards. Does that sound fair?"

"More than. And same for you too," Jack told his wife. Though hopefully there wouldn't be too many situations that would have Doris being faced with a situation like that without his being around.

"Oh, and one more thing," Doris told him. "I don't care if it's even a deal breaker. Unless she's got a certificate of health in her purse, you use a condom. No exceptions. And same thing here."

Jack laughed. "Guess I'd better stock up on supplies then hadn't I?"

"Does that mean you're going to accept the promotion?"

"I guess it does, yes."

"Well in that case, come over here and fuck me. At least you don't need a condom for that."

Jack was leader of the Orange team, essentially working on those projects that had anything to do with commercial buildings and properties. There was also a Blue team, made up much like his own team, who primarily dealt with vacation or resort properties. The Green team focused on environmental issues, that and securing future properties for possible development. Jack's boss, Bob ... along with each one of the other team directors composed what was called the Red team. Though they only got together and became involved as a unit when the situation called for extraordinary measures. Any one of the teams could be called in for support in those instances, just depending upon the circumstances.

Such was a particular situation when Alan Gant, a high profile commercial business mogul, had entertained hiring the firm. There was only one other firm likewise involved in the various bids for a rather large shopping complex, and Bob had been called in to head up the Red team, along with Jack and his group because of it.

They had just come out of a very long, four-hour presentation with Alan and his people. For the most part, Jack felt confident they had a slight edge, but that of course wasn't quite good enough. Bob wanted this thing sewed up, and put to bed ... soon.

Jack had walked out of the meeting room heading back to his office when Bob caught up with him.

"I hope you don't have any plans for this evening," he was informed, which luckily, he didn't.

"Why? What's up?" He'd asked.

"Alan's going to be staying here for one more night. He's currently booked in a suite at the Marriot, and is looking for some companionship during dinner tonight."

"Who all's going to be there?" Jack asked. Bob smiled. It was one of his patented almost devious looks that he gave anyone whenever he wanted or needed something done that was highly important. For the past thirty days, Jack hadn't found himself in one of those "whatever it takes" situations, until now.

"Just you and your wife," Bob stated, once more staring into his eyes with that "do you read what I'm saying?" expression on his face.

"Why me? And Doris?" He questioned carefully. Bob laughed.

"Because early on in the meeting he leaned over and asked me about you, asked if you were married ... all that. It's well know he has a thing for threesomes, and upon learning that you were part of the commitment to this project, he asked me to set something up. So I suggest you call that sexy little wife of yours, and fill her in on the evening. It's time for you to get your feet wet." Bob finished.

Jack quickly headed back to his office, calling his wife. He wasn't sure how she was going to respond to any of this, but he'd best find out now one way or the other. Especially as that would leave her less than four hours to get ready and meet him at the Hotel restaurant later.

"So, he's into threesomes now is he?" Doris asked, with a bit of a curious lilt in her tone of voice. Jack hadn't really known what to expect when he'd told her, but he was slightly relieved when she didn't immediately balk at being a part of this. "Just tell me he's not fat and balding," she half laughed. "A threesome with someone like that would make it very difficult for me."

Jack actually laughed too. "No, he's not that. He's in fact reasonably attractive I guess, though that's coming from me. He seems to be in pretty good shape, and has a full head of almost bright white hair, though it doesn't make him look old by any means." Jack paused before continuing, thinking. "So ... you're ok with this?" He asked. "I mean, like we discussed ... if you're not ok with this, then it doesn't happen ... regardless of the job."

"Don't be silly honey. It's an evening, that's all. It's not a long term commitment, or relationship with anyone. It's just a night. And who knows, it could actually be fun. It's not like we haven't played around before you know."

"I know ... but this is a little different from even those times. Bob told me just before heading back into his office that Alan likes it both ways."

"Well, that's certainly going to make things a bit more interesting now isn't it?" Doris giggled. That had been one of his wife's long-held fantasies, seeing Jack fooling around with another man. Something he'd once told her he'd think about. After all, she'd certainly full filled one of his fantasies in seeing Doris with another woman.

"You might could say that," Jack responded a little nervously. Job or no job, he was about to cross into unchartered waters here most likely. "I'm sure we'll meet you in the bar then, about seven? Wear something provocative." Jack almost hoped that if she did, Alan would be focused more on his wife during the evening. But the fact that Alan had singled him out during the meeting, without even seeing his wife, told him otherwise.

Even Jack's eyes almost popped out of his head when his wife entered through the door into the bar. He was a little surprised that she'd gone with the look that she had, but it worked. Doris had obviously had to shake off the cobwebs from the elegant dress she had on. Which was almost too elegant for the evening. He'd only seen her wear it once in fact, and that was nearly two years ago. She looked just as spectacular in it then, as she did now. Bright red, with a very deep low cunt "V" in front, that even exposed her naval and highlighted the tiny diamond belly button piercing she wore. Her breasts, obviously braless, were barely concealed, let alone confined within the fabric of the material attempting to cover them. Jack smile inwardly, noticing as he turned that Alan's expression had mirrored his own.

Floor length, as she walked, one gorgeously toned and defined leg seemed to split the seam from floor to hip as she approached. And it was again evident as tight fitting has her dress was, that Doris didn't have any of those telltale panty lines showing either. Jack knew without any doubt, his wife didn't have a stitch on beneath the dress.

"Alan? I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Doris." Even as Jack went on with the introductions and such, Alan had reached out, taking one of her hands, leading her over to sit down at the bar.

"As much as I've been anxious to meet the two of you over dinner, I'm now even more excited to see how things might develop afterwards. He waited, seeking some sort of a response of course, getting one in the slight knowing smile that Doris gave him, swiveling about in her seat to now face him as he stood there almost in front of her. Sipping on the drink she had ordered. She carefully crossed her legs, giving him another brief tantalizing look at her fleshy thigh, but also aware as she did, and as she sat ... that she was giving him more than an ample view of her breasts as well.

"Ever since Jack called me and told me about this, I've been looking forward to it," she smiled again leaning forward just a bit more. Jack was almost certain he'd caught one of his wife's hard taut nipples actually peek out and around the material of her dress. And if he had...

"Well then, how about a toast to a fun and delightful evening then?"

Though they had taken the time to not rush, and enjoy their dinner, they had all begged off on desert. That would no doubt be served upstairs. Getting onto the elevator, Alan produced a key, inserting it into one of the Suite floors, and then they headed up. Even before they'd arrived, he had stood there looking at the two of them, as though devouring them. Even his hand had dropped briefly down to the front of his slacks where he'd massaged the obvious bulge that had formed there. Upon seeing that, Doris took the opportunity to reach over, likewise caressing her husband's prick, somewhat surprised to find that he too was already starting to sport an erection. Just then, they arrived at their floor, and Alan led the way down another short corridor towards a set of extravagant looking double doors.

"Home sweet home," he announced, turning, already shedding his suit jacket, throwing it over one of the chairs. "Make yourselves comfortable, while I fix us something to drink."

Alan walked over behind the bar, loosening his tie as he stood there. He produced a single glass, and began pouring himself a shot of whisky. As he did, he smiled looking at them. "As in ... undressing one another while I watch," he informed them both.

Jack began by stepping behind his wife, undoing the small upper clasp on her gown, and then slowly drawing the well-hidden zipper on her dress. As he did that, Doris looked over, noticing that Alan seemed to be fumbling with something, though the bar counter continued to conceal whatever it was he was doing. Now with her dress easy to climb out of, she began doing so as Jack helped, holding on to her, and then taking it from her as it came away.

"Very nice. Beautiful." Alan commented. It was evident, even behind the bar, what he was doing. The subtle movement of his hand obvious. "Ok Jack, now it's your turn."

It took a bit more effort to help Jack out of his clothing, but soon he too was as naked as his wife, standing there next to her. Alan had poured himself yet another drink, still behind the bar, watching, looking at the two of them.

"Stroke his cock," Alan instructed Doris. "And play with her tits while she does that," giving Jack something to do as well. It was obvious that this was the way he wanted things to be, and the two of them couldn't help wondering if they'd be performing for him like this all night.

He had taken his tie off earlier, and at some point had managed to drop his trousers and underwear, likewise slipping out of his loafer. Alan now came around the bar, prick in hand, as he continued playing with it. He wore only a light blue dress shirt, and a pair of dark socks. Doris might have found the image of what she was looking at almost funny, had it not been for the very sizable, and very noticeable knob on the man's prick. He wasn't overly large in length, no more so than her own husband was, but his cock-helmet reminded her a bit of a flowering mushroom as big and round as it was. He walked over, stepping closer and then standing in front of the two of them. Only then did he begin unbuttoning his shirt.

"Rub your husband's cock against my prick," he asked, his voice taking on a bit of an excited quiver to it as he spoke. Doris began doing just that, though taking a moment to look towards her husband, wondering of his thoughts at the moment. They had spoken of this, the possibilities, but neither one of them had been a hundred percent sure at the outcome. To her surprise, the expression on her husband's face seemed more of surprise at the interesting sensation perhaps. Especially as she continued to fondle her husband's penis, using it to caress, fondle, and play with Alan's stiff hard erection. She now felt one of Alan's hands gently squeezing her left breast as she continued. "Ok, now ... take my prick, and rub it against your husbands."

Jack had certainly been in a room where he could see other men's cocks, while being sucked, fucking or merely fondled. However, he'd never actually touched another man's cock himself. And though technically Doris was doing all the direct touching, he did find it curiously interesting. It wasn't long however before Alan directed them both back towards the bedroom, though not crawling into it as they'd expected.

"Suck us, lick us with our pricks together," he again instructed. Now tip to tip, Doris knelt on the floor before the two men. Placing her hands on each, it was again evident that they were comparable in length, perhaps even in girth. The only real difference, and again a major one for her, was the fat bulbous head of Alan's cock, in comparison to the much slimmer, nicely shaped head of her husband's dick.

Doris found that she was actually enjoying herself, holding the two cocks in hand, still pressing, and at times rubbing them against one another, though she made much effort in actually trying to suck them simultaneously as well. A feat not too easily accomplished.

"Get on the bed," Alan suddenly announced, once more the excitement and tone of voice escalating, demanding. He directed Doris to lie on her back, legs spread and bent at the knee. He then told Jack to get up close to his wife's pussy, as though he was going to fuck her, but not to do so. After Jack had indeed so positioned himself, he waited as Alan finally crawled up onto the bed, now kneeling off to one side between them. It was then that he reached over, clasping Jack's cock in his hand, exploring it for a moment as he gave it several slow strokes, likewise palming and then thumbing the head. "Nice hard cock," he announced, once more sounding breathless, certainly aroused.

Again, Jack found the sensation of another man's hand on his prick weirdly stimulating, especially when he guided it forward, now using it to run over and around Doris's well-exposed pussy. He teased her clit with the tip of Jack's cock, even slapping it at times, and then once more dipping it inside, though not far enough to go much beyond the head.

"You like that? Like the way that feels?" Alan questioned. And Doris did. The wonderfully teasing sensation as Alan entertained himself, using her husbands prick to stimulate her with, was doing just that. That and the thought, the simple thought, that it was another man's hand on her husband's cock that was bringing her such pleasure. It intensified the sensations perhaps, though only skirting the edges of her personal little fantasies.

"Oh yes, yes. I like that. It feels good. So fucking good!"

After a few more minutes of this, it became evident that Alan was ready for more. "Ok Jack, you can fuck her now. But slowly. A nice in and out while I scoot over here to watch, and to lick some," he grinned.

He indeed positioned himself in such a way that he could easily do that. Now flicking his tongue out against Doris's swollen hard clit, occasionally sucking it in addition to that. All the while keeping his eyes open, focused on the slow in and out motions of Jack's prick as he fucked his wife. At one point Alan reached up, placing his hand around Jack's cock, drawing it upwards and away from his wife's pussy. He then watched as Alan's tongue ran around his cock-head lightly, lapping at it like an ice-cream cone.

"Sweet, very, very sweet. I love the way she tastes on you," he offered, and then allowed Jack to return once more to his fucking.

This too continued on for a while, the periodic moments where he would either simply play with Jack's cock, though still stimulating Doris's cunt with it, or spend moments licking and sucking it instead. And to Jack's surprise, he actually found himself very aroused, very stimulated by all this, and had begun to thoroughly enjoy it.

"Have you ever fucked her pretty ass?" Alan now asked, looking towards Jack for answer as opposed to Doris.

They had, on some few occasions, especially when the mood for the two of them called for it. He wondered now however at Alan's intent. He had no misgivings about the fact that Doris would balk at any attempt on Alan's part to do that, especially with that enormous bloated looking head on the end of his cock. As though reading their minds, sensing the hesitation, he continued.

"Not me, I know that's not very feasible with most women. But I do enjoy a nice hot DP every once in a while. Would you two be up for that?"

Doris was actually relieved to some extent. Glad that he wasn't suggesting that he actually fuck her ass himself, though she was already wondering if she'd still be able to easily accommodate the man's prick ... such as it was.

"You can fuck me, but only with a condom," She announced. Jack waited, almost fearing Alan's response. Even the look in his eyes showed that her request had surprised him to some degree, though he smiled nodding his head.

"Wise woman," he grinned, though frowning almost immediately. "Except for the fact, that I don't have any."

"But I do," Doris responded, slipping out of bed briefly, heading back into the main room in order to access her small purse. She returned moments later, finding the two of them laying there on the bed, each one holding onto and gently stroking the cock of the other. "Wow ... that looks hot," she exclaimed openly, continuing to stand there, almost content to merely watch as the two men continued. That however was not where Alan wanted to take things.

"Just keeping him nice and hard," Alan quipped. "And he me."

Doris fished out a condom, and then sat on the side of the bed, opening the package before rolling the thin sleeve over and then down his prick. Once again, no real easy task, though she finally managed it.

"Put one on him too," Alan suddenly suggested. Though whenever they had had anal sex previously, she had always ensured that she was perfectly clean and prepared for him. She felt pretty confident that she was now as well, but it was perhaps the thought that Jack would soon have his prick fucking her ass, and then handling it later, that had caused Alan to voice his concern. Jack likewise waited as Doris moved over towards her husband, likewise repeating the process, though having a much easier time of it when she did.

Alan rolled onto his back, scooting up further into the bed. "Probably the easiest way don't you think?"

"I don't know, I've ... well we've ... actually never done this before," Doris confessed, seeing a look of surprised joy in Alan's face.

"So this then will be ... a first for you. And hopefully a nice one as well."

It took some doing, though she was certainly wet, and aroused enough. But eventually she had managed to accommodate Alan's cock into her pussy. She took several moments after that to further get used to it, sliding up and down, feeling the girth of him as he spread her slightly, the enormous head of his cock, actually pulling at her outer lips with each stroke. Once more, a new and interesting sensation.

"Ok honey. I think I'm ready for you."

Jack knelt behind his wife, somewhat hunching up on his legs for a better positioning, finding the tight puckered sweet spot of his wife's ass. Gingerly, tenderly ... he pressed against her. Having already lubed up the two of them more than adequately. Not at all surprising, after a brief moment, he easily slid in. Now buried to the hilt deep in his wife's ass, and Alan no doubt, likewise embedded just as deeply into her cunt.

"How's that feel?" Alan questioned, his hands having already reached up to caress and fondle each one of her free-swinging breasts.

"I feel full," she laughed a little nervously. "Just go slow and easy for a bit until I can fully adjust to the two of you."

Gradually the tempo increased. And as such, Doris could feel one cock driving in, the other coming out simultaneously. The stimulation of which, was far more than she had expected, or anticipated. In a way, she could even sense the two of them rubbing their cocks together in passing, only the thinnest of membranes actually separating the two. And she was soon overwhelmed in the pleasure of it all, her orgasm so unexpected, especially in it's intensity as she came. Doris cried out, even laughing a little, almost deliriously, shaking her head to and fro as she climaxed. And as she did, she felt that all too familiar stutter-fuck pause as she called it. The moment when her husbands prick likewise reached its peak. He would always stop, albeit briefly, feeling that first glorious jettison of his spunk, before continuing to fuck her again, which he was doing now. And then she heard Alan's deep-throated grunt, and knew that he too was now joining them, especially as his hands almost painfully squeezed her breasts, though it was certainly tolerable, and again adding to her own continued pleasure.

At last, Jack pulled out of his wife, collapsing down beside her on the bed, already reaching for the well-filled condom.

"No! Save it!" Alan almost spat, shocking and surprising them both. Doris soon extricated herself from Alan's prick, his own pocket of semen causing the condom to droop almost precariously. "Pour them both over my cock, and then I want the two of you to simultaneously jack me off while using it."

It was indeed an odd request, but Doris soon found herself emptying the contents of both condoms, mingling the semen of each until Alan's prick was thoroughly coated with the wet, almost slimy mixture. Jack had never had any qualms about using his own semen to play with, and had quite often delighted in massaging it into his wife's breasts on occasion after having thoroughly dowsed them. But this too would be a first. He hesitated only briefly, as Doris finished applying the contents of both condoms to Alan's cock, now stroking it, and yet leaving room for her husband to saddle up next to her ... joining.

Jack had quite often managed more than one climax an evening himself. Though not quite as quickly as Alan soon managed. His prick had softened only slightly after pulling out of Doris's pussy, once again fully hard, and fully erect. The bulbous head of the man's cock actually purple, and angry looking as he and his wife knelt there stroking it together, continuing to use the more than adequate supply of semen as lube, which had actually started to look as well as feel, more like hand lotion.

And though Alan indeed came again, it was more feeling than show. Finally satiated enough, that he suggested one final drink together before turning in for the night.

Bob walked into Jack's office the following morning. He was grinning from ear to ear as he placed a sealed envelope on Jack's desk. "Your bonus," he said simply, still smiling. "Alan dropped by this morning on his way to the airport, with the signed contracts. Well done Jack, and thank your pretty wife for me too." He then turned, heading back towards his own office.

Jack carefully opened the sealed envelope. His eyes widening as he did. Even one percent of twelve million dollars was a lot of money. Maybe this job wasn't going to be so bad after all.

For well over a month, not much had happened. Jack's team had been working on a few possibilities, but nothing much had looked all that promising. It made him nervous. It was the kind of business where one moment you looked like the bright and shining star. And the next ... a falling one. Home life however had been great. Ever since that night with Alan, both Jack and Doris had noticed a bit of a lift in their own private sex-life. They very often discussed what had happened that night, relieving the experience, and more often than not, getting aroused again because of it. Twice already, Doris had met Jack at the door, though almost not even that ... entirely naked, hot and horny. She had once come rushing out to him in the all-together right there in the driveway! He had literally scooped her up in his arms, carrying her hurriedly back inside the house again. They never even made it to the bedroom on that one.

Jack had just arrived at work, stopping at the front desk for messages when Mike Donnelly's administrative assistant happened to be walking by.

"Oh, Jack! I was just on my way over to your office."

"What's up Julie?" Julie was a very tall, very attractive looking brunette with enormous tits. He had wondered from the very beginning if Mike wasn't actually taping into that. Something most everyone wondered, but never asked of course. And Julie wasn't the dumb-blonde/brunette either. She was damn smart, and as rumor had it, destined to head up her own team one day. Jack hoped it just wouldn't be his.

"Mike's called a special Director's meeting for nine o'clock in the conference room."

Jack glanced at his watch, it was already eight-thirty now, barely enough time to sort through his emails and messages. He worried, wondering if he had missed some important communication. It was very unusual for Mike to call a spur of the moment Director's meeting.

"Thanks Julie," he acknowledged, receiving a more than friendly look from her in response. It was almost salacious. Even as he turned heading towards his office, he realized that Julie no doubt, was already privy to whatever was going on. And that made him nervous even more, especially after that look.

And things didn't get any better shortly after that. He, along with his own boss, and the other Directors had all made there way down to the conference room, only to find Julie standing outside the door, momentarily barring anyone from entering.

"Mike's still laying out things for you," she announced. "So if you'll simply wait here until I come out to bring you in," she finished simply ... and then slipped through the door.

Even when Jack looked towards Bob, lifting an eyebrow as question, he received a simple shake of the head. Bob had no idea what was going on either. Obviously, whatever it was ... was entirely Mike's show.

A good five minutes passed, and then the door began to open. When it did, Julie stepped out, inviting everyone inside. Her appearance however stopped everyone dead in their tracks. In the crook of her arm, she held several Hawaiian leis, which she immediately began putting on everyone.

The fact was however, Julie was standing there dressed in one of the skimpiest Hawaiian print bikini's he had ever seen. Her large breasts threatening to spill out of the almost too small top any moment now. And though her bikini bottoms were perhaps modest enough, not exactly a string bikini, Jack had never imagined him seeing quite so much of her delicious looking butt cheeks either.

The entire room had been decorated as though they were attending a Luau. Fresh fruit of nearly every kind, tropical beverages, along with several wall hangings depicting the typical, tropical scenery of the islands. Mike stood at the head of the large conference table wearing a floral print Hawaiian shirt and white slacks. Once again, not exactly typical of the CEO about to head up a meeting. Everyone took a seat, all anxious to hear what was up as Julie made her way up front to stand off to one side, and just behind her boss. It was hard focusing on him, and not on her, until he finally spoke.

"I am sure you're all curious about this," he actually grinned. "But I thought it was a great way to let you all know, we're sending a special team over to the Islands. And not just one Island either, all of them. We'll be spending a minimum of two weeks over there. Let me just say, that this could very well be one of the biggest projects and opportunities we've ever had to work on. We'll be spending the first week looking at potential development sites, and then putting together the visuals for client review. All that in the first week, so it will be a damn busy one. And that is why of course, I am bringing all of you along. That first week will be concept and design, location, etc. The rest of your respective teams will be brought in during the second week, which is when we'll get down to the real nitty-gritty. I will expect numbers by the end of that week. Real numbers, honest one's, that we can present to our client. We've got one shot at this people, so I expect the best out of each and every one of you."

Mike paused, taking a step back behind Julie as she came forward with an arm full of packets for itinerary ... hotel and flight accommodations. She took her time going around the table, placing one in front of everyone there. Jack couldn't help noticing as Mike's eyes looked almost longingly at his assistant's sweet ass, though Jack also took the opportunity when it came, to stare down the front of her rather revealing top too.

"Inside those packets you will find airfare for two. So yes, you are bringing your wives, or lovers ... whichever you prefer," he grinned trying to make a joke out of it, "along with you." Once again, he paused however. "But there is a reason for that as well. Your wives, or significant others, will have a role in this as well. Our clients shall we say, enjoys certain, interesting nighttime festivities. So not only is it important that we put together a working proposal, but that we also show them that we are a group of people that will be exciting to work with, especially if we're awarded the development contract. So go home, pack, tell your wives or lovers that we're all heading to the Islands day after tomorrow." He finished, and then invited everyone to partake of the refreshments browse through the binders, and ask questions if they had any. He sat down then, kitty corner to Julie at the end of the table, talking quietly, though Jack was fairly confident that Mike's hand was busily caressing one of Julie's legs as they sat there.

Doris was of course ecstatic when she heard the news. "Two weeks in Hawaii!" She exclaimed once again. "I need to shop!" She likewise added to that, though Jack reminded her that the women had actually been given a "suggested" list of things they'd be wearing. Most of which could actually be purchased over there. And funny enough, most of them being wraps, or bikini's according to the specifically laid out itineraries. "I'm getting a sense that some of those evenings, those parties, are apt to get a little crazy?" She questioned. Jack nodded his head in agreement.

"Mike did mention at the close of the meeting that everyone who was going needed to keep an open-mind, and come without any reservations, or inhibitions. If they couldn't then team leaders would need to leave them behind rather than jeopardize the final proposal."

It was the first time ever that Doris was able to pack everything of hers into one suitcase, though she was also taking, an empty, second one.

The very first night there, they were scheduled to attend a very private and intimate luau on a section of beach that was one of the prospective properties they were looking into. As Jack and everyone else had learned, their clients were mostly Japanese business investors. The three principles would of course be at the luau as well, but Doris found it odd to discover that their wives wouldn't be.

Everything was set up and waiting for them upon their arrival, including the Hawaiian dancers they'd been told about. What neither Jack nor Doris expected to find however, was just how traditional the entertainment was to be. Though the women wore grass skirts, the only other thing they had on was flowered lei's, which barely even concealed their breasts, if at all. Even the male fire dancers were skimpily clad, which promised even more amusement for the ladies.

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