Natasha Denies Being "Vanilla"

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Natasha is finally taking her final examination for selection to the Moscow Ballet. She hopes the judges will like her and make her dream come true. Unfortunately, she knows her biggest problem is she looks so angelic and nice that the judges will never see the passion lurking under the surface and her kinky desire to submit to depraved obsession.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Teacher/Student   Workplace   Nudism   .

Chapter 1

The long road to the final selection for the ballet company of the Moscow Royal Ballet was fraught with many tears and disappointments along the way. Natasha Androprovich had never really believed she would one day be going into the director's office for the final selection interview. She had just finished a long early morning exercise and was jumping with excitement to get the whole thing finished.

Natasha knew she had only a 50-50 chance of getting selected for the opening because she and the Ukrainian girl Lena had such a similar style of dancing and looked close enough to be twin sisters. In fact, Natasha had to admit in some routines her main competition was superior to her both in style and in energetic power.

The other opening would be going to a male dancer. It would either be Sergei or Demetri. They were both superior dancers and it was a shame to choose between them. Both of them had made several attempts to get into Natasha's panties but she was adamant about focusing all of her attention on the job at hand. Still, it was nice to have their dancer's finger playing a tune on her trim little bottom or her tightly bound female slit.

It was annoying to her to know for a fact that her rival Lena had already allowed both Sergei and Demetri to dip their bulging wicks into her pot of honey more than once during the try-out season. Her dedicated Aunt Olga had warned her of fouling her workspace with demanding lovers or obsessed fans. If the truth be known, little Natasha at 18 was a bit afraid to grant use of her vagina for male pleasure because of the danger of an unwanted pregnancy or other entanglement.

She had experimented with her cousin Alex back in St. Petersburg on several visits but only with the use of her mouth and her tiny backside as openings to be explored. Alex was not truly a blood relative because he was an assigned orphan to the family after the liquidation of his parents as "enemies of the state". He bore no ill will because of this dire circumstance assuming the state knew best and they were both accorded an opportunity to explain their failures as losing members of the winter Olympic team. She liked the way Alex gingerly slid his cock down her throat being careful not to cause her any discomfort with the unusual length. However, it was the insertion of his manly cock into her nether regions that made her shout out in the barn on every occasion of their coupling. She could not begin to imagine the feeling of having such a large shaft inside her tight little pussy slit and she was certain it would result in some damage to her vaginal channel without ample lubrication. Anyway the anal exercise loosened up her tight little brown eye somewhat and she began to use some small shafts to keep it stretched and ready should some other gentleman see his way to knowing her body better. The only other boy she had taken into her mouth was the son of the railway conductor who shared her car but not her compartment. Boris was a happy youth and the apple of his father's eye. The elderly railroad man could see his son who was traveling to Moscow for employment on a newspaper was much taken with the cute little Natasha and he arranged that they be alone in a private compartment vacated by a distastefully arguing recently-married couple with romantic emotions unchecked.

Boris wanted desperately to shove his cock up into her pussy repeating over and over the fact that he had "perfectly serviceable" condoms made in France. Natasha knew she didn't want anything made in France inside her pussy unless it was the real thing.

He told her to grab hold of the straps above the seats and yanked her panties down right to her ankles. She leaned forward balancing on the rolling train moving swiftly through the countryside. The touch of the boy's eager cock on inside of her crack made her want to shout out for him to "slow down and be gentle" but he was already inside before she could get a single word out. Her desire to talk was suddenly replaced by the need to grunt and groan like a lovesick cow each time the peasant-stock lad gave her the full ten inches deep inside her tight little backside.

They rocked and rolled and bounced their way to a happy ending. Then, they sat down in the empty compartment and resumed the position a second time with a much slower and more satisfying gait that insured her anal orgasm was repeated at least twice before the frenzied boy spilled his seeds inside her reddened brown eye. He pleaded his case that "natural" entrance into her female slit was in order and expected in this once in a lifetime opportunity to reach paradise on a moving train. Natasha was sorely tempted but the lure of fame and fortune in the premier ballet company in the entire world drove her push his condom-covered cock away from her dripping wet pussy and insist he concentrate on her twitching rear door star and her ready-to-suck mouth instead.

"Last call for Natasha Andropovitch"

The words cut through to her alert system and she bounced up from the bench outside the director's office. It was time for her final interview. She had already performed all of the basic routines and had displayed her dancing abilities in front of an appreciative audience. This was the final test of her selection to be a member of the most prestigious ballet company in the world.

There were three judges.

Ivan Karpov was the dancing impresario with talent derived from four generations of ballet stars both male and female. He was proof that the theory of "it's in the genes" was alive and well in the Moscow Ballet. That did not bode well for little Natasha because not a single Andropovich had ever been on the wooden stage in a Tutu and slippers.

The interrogation was clear and concise.

The other two members of the "panel" were both females. There was Irina Z. whose dancing days were long gone but whose choreography skills had not diminished in the least. Finally, the panel was rounded out by the presence of Katrina Alexsayovitch, the reputed mistress of Ivan "The Terrible" and lead dancer of the company.

Natasha tried to be noncommittal and subdued in her demeanor but she was forced to stare at Katrina's almost sheer dancing costume with its inability to shield her dark nipples and her triangular dark patch right on her pussy mound from public view. Natasha hoped her own private area was well hidden and she tried to keep her legs crossed in such a manner that her still-virginal pussy was not a focus of attention. She knew her petite breasts were pressing against her leotard and that her nipples were pronounced enough to be seen as tiny bumps under the fabric. The slight movement of her erect nipples as she breathed rapidly made her pussy wet with anticipation.

It was as if Ivan was able to sniff out her sexual arousal and he moved behind her to place his hands on her shoulders possessively more like a lover than an instructor responsible for her every movement. His mistress Katrina was not overly pleased to see the skin-to-skin contact because Ivan had a reputation of sampling all of the female members of the company just to show them his position of "Master" was physical as well as mental. Most of the female members were genetically submissive and those that were not did a fine job of pretending they could be as submissive as the next one. The majority of the male dancers were just as submissive but the Master stayed well away from such connections because they tended to turn out badly in the long run. The viciousness of a spurned male dancer was much more to be feared than that of a female because of insecure expectations and inability to accept the inevitable. The females were much more adaptable to changing circumstances and willing to "move on" to other pastures with herds of adoring fans and acolytes.

Some of the questions were sharply pointed.

"Do you take any drugs?"

"Only aspirin for headaches, Master."

A few of the questions seemed either random or capricious.

"Have you ever been spanked by a relative or a lover?"

"No, sir, I mean, not really spanked. Only in fun on my birthday or graduation."

"Do you look at porn on the Internet?"

"No, Master, I have never owned a computer and I am too busy practicing my dancing."

After the interview, Natasha waited in the hallway with the other girl who refused to make eye contact with her and tried to pretend she didn't exist even though they were sitting right next to each other.

Sergei came out into the hallway and whispered into Natasha's ear.

"They are going to make the male dancers take one more test, Natolinka. I am worried it will mean I won't be selected."

Natasha stroked Sergei's arm. She like him very much and often dreamed in her bed that it would be his cock finally removing the stigma of her virginity when she was ready to be opened up for good. The other girl just stared off in the distance as if hearing voices of some imagined conversation not related to the final selection.

Katrina stuck her head out of the door and shouted for Natasha to get inside right away.

She almost ran into the room thinking this would be the moment of decision. She would either be selected or told to take the train back to her home far away from the center of the Ballet world.

"Natasha, the decision is almost tied. The choice will be in your hands. We are all agreed you are the superior dancer but you lack an ingredient that makes us all suspicious about your ability to succeed as a company star. Do you want to know what this common fear is with us?"

Natasha was a first elated and then she was more cautiously optimistic.

"Please to tell me Miss Katrina. I will try to correct my problem."

Ivan walked over to her and held both of her hands in his. It was the first time the Master had held her in such a manner and she found her spine tingling with desire and hidden thoughts about the bulge between his legs.

"I am afraid, dearest Natasha, that we perceive you as being "Vanilla". We all consider you to be our most naïve pupil and one that does not appreciate the emotions of deeply held love and the sadness of a failed relationship. Such a nature is a key element to success on the dance floor. Do you understand?"

Natasha had always prided herself as not being thought of as "Kinky" or perverted in any manner.

She tried to project the image of a perfect lady and she thought that this quality would be appreciated above all others. In the blink of an eye, she realized how mistaken she had been. She was upset, because she had hidden her kinky nature well and kept it bottled up inside where nobody could see how seriously depraved she really was.

"I understand Master and I assure you and the other members of the panel that I am most certainly not "Vanilla" and I will be happy to prove it to you in any manner you so designate."

Katrina kissed Ivan and laughingly remarked,

"I told you Ivan. She is a naughty girl underneath. I could tell from the way she couldn't take her eyes off my pussy."

The slightly jaded Irina said not a single word but began to undress Natasha with no objection on her part. Natasha shivered as her costume hit the wooden floor. She was not afraid to show her naked body because it was superior in every way. She was just a bit chilled from the drafty windows holding back the frigid winter air. Irina pulled her over her lap and started to spank her trim bottom with her heavy hand making the other two smile with delight each time Natasha squealed with distress.

Chapter 2

Natasha was sobbing now more in shame than in any sense of discomfort or pain. She knew that her role model Katrina was watching intently as Irina reddened her dancer's tight ass with her heavy hands. Ivan was smiling and rubbing the bulge between his legs as he ogled her frenzied squirming on the retired Prima Ballerina's lap.

She had honestly not been subjected to frequent spankings even though most of her female friends in school told her stories of how they had "taken" it until their bottoms were bruised with the marks of a spirited spanking. She would look at their badges of honor and sometimes pat them and hold them gently in her hand to console the distraught schoolgirls. Now that she thought about it, she realized that she did have some secret thoughts of cuddling female flesh and making other girls sigh with contentment as she caressed their lithe nubile bodies. It was not something that a "Vanilla" girl would be dwelling on when the tide of passion stirred the juices between her legs. Natasha kept those thoughts to her own secret contemplation and used them to whip her greedy cunt into the throes of orgasm when all others were asleep in her house.

The nasty mature Irina was starting to spread open her buttocks and hit her sensitive pucker hole with her long supple fingers. It was so delicious that she sprayed the older woman with her feminine juices making a terrible wet stain in the middle of her lap.

Ivan pointed to it and laughed.

Irina spun her naked body around and bent her over the dancing rail inviting Ivan to give her some anal instructions to discipline her untrained flesh. Natasha looked over her shoulder at Ivan with some degree of guilt in her soft pleading eyes. The feel of his fiery cock sliding into her tight rear door made her shout out dirty words much to the delight of the two other women present in the examination room. It was fortunate the chamber was sound-proofed because Natasha's shouts would have made anyone in hearing distance fearful that some foul deed was in progress.

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