She Said No

by Litpol

Copyright© 2013 by Litpol

Erotica Sex Story: I met this girl who was sending signals. Just what the signals meant was the question. Then again did I really want to listen?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Heterosexual   Big Breasts   School   .

"Wow! Jackie, your house is like humongous!" Jenny exclaimed, "O ... M ... G! Look at that TV!"

I hated being called Jackie, but if I could get some of this most cock worthy chick, it would be worth it. I also hated when chicks used 'like' like she did, but again, my dick didn't care one bit.

"I know, right?" I replied with pride, even though it was my mom and dad's house.

Jenny and I met on day one of the school year, just one week earlier. I was a senior and she was a sophomore. She had invited me back to her place. It was a fucking dump. An old trailer that had seen better days. It had one bedroom, one bath, a tiny living room with a small couch and a kitchen. The bedroom had clothes thrown all over and the bed was unmade. There were boxes of junk everywhere. The TV looked like it was built in the 80s. CRT, man, ancient. Her mom was home so I couldn't expect much action. I had a coke, excused myself and left that stink hole as fast as I could.

As I showed Jenny around my McMansion, I got a very good look at her incredible body. Her eyes were busy taking in all of the features of the house and I was doing likewise for her features. Five foot two, eyes of blue, as the song goes. The song does not do her justice though. It doesn't describe her sixteen year old body, her small flat tummy, and long, thick, wavy blond hair. More importantly it did not do justice to her rack, which had to be 36 DDs. At least that is my best, internet based, porn surfing guess. Whatever, they stood up and out proudly beneath her short, tight T-shirt. It was obvious that there was no bra supporting those puppies.

As we walked up the stairs, she going first, of course, since I am a gentleman, I wanted to reach out the two feet to grab her tight, round ass. I was imagining reaching right up under her short, pleated skirt, when she stopped at the top of the stairs and turned quickly, causing me to bump into her, reaching out grabbing her by the hips, my face in her tits. She giggled, of course. "Sorry," I mumbled into her cleavage, smelling her heady aroma. She made no move to relieve me of my embeddedness and neither did I for a moment or two.

"You have to show me your room!" she exclaimed, ignoring my apology and turning around with a swish of her skirt. She was a very excitable girl. I hoped to prove just how excitable very soon.

"Second door on your left, my lady," I said gesturing with my hand outstretched. My fingers tantalizingly close to her tight ass. So close.

She darted into my room and I followed quickly, close on her rear. But not too quickly to flick a switch as I entered the room, turning on the lights. She stopped suddenly and once again I bumped into her. Only this time I did not stop. I ran into her, grabbed her by the hips and threw her onto the bed face first. I intentionally fell onto her back and sank my face into her neck. My tempered steel cock was buried in her crack and I ground it in.

"Oh, Jackie, what are you doing?" she sighed coquettishly.

"Taking you up on your offer," I responded while kissing her ear, jaw and neck. My hands were not holding back either. I slowly ran them up her sides and stroked the jutting sides of her full, tits that were mashed into the duvet.

"Ohhh, Jackie," she sighed, "what are you ... what do you mean ... omg," as my fingers slid over her nipples. I heard a small moan of pleasure.

I continued to grind my dick into her skirt covered ass crack. After a minute or two of over shirt breast manipulation, I pushed myself up, causing her skirt to slide upward and shifted my hands downward to slowly drag her T-shirt up higher and higher.

"Jackie, I don't think you should be doing that," Jenny sighed not doing anything to stop me. Her hands up above her head.

"What?" I asked sliding my hands under her shirt and grabbing two handfuls of firm, delectable, young tit flesh and squeezed.

"Ooooo, Jackie. Please stop. If you don't, I might do something I really don't want to do." She said this as her hands moved to cover mine and make me squeeze her tits even harder. Very softly I heard her say, "Harder, Jackie." Being the gentleman that I am, I did what I was told and squeezed, hard. She moaned.

I could feel her ass gyrating into my groin. I looked down to her ass and legs. All I could see was firm, female, unblemished flesh. Wait a second. I checked again visually and then lowered a hand and pulled up one side of her skirt. I was right. No panties. What a fucking slut. I knew it. I worked the back of her skirt up to her waist and her shirt around her neck rubbing and sucking and kissing her all over.

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