The Dumb Blonde
Chapter 7

Copyright© 2013 by Vanessa Evans

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 7 - A dumb blonde starts to enjoy herself after working hard at University

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The Private Gym

I took Lucy to meet the owner of a Private Gym. The difference with this client was that the gym was failing and was likely to go into administration quite soon. I had to give Darren the bad news that he couldn't hang-on for much longer.

At the meeting Darren was a little depressed after I'd told him how bad things had become. Lucy asked Darren if he had any ideas to turn the business round,

"Only ones that would cost a lot of money or are probably non-starters," he said.

"Okay, in this financial climate the banks are unlikely to lend you any money so let's look at the non-starters. What's the one thing that would really draw new members in?" I asked.

"Well," Darren said, "it sounds stupid; and sorry if this offends you Lucy, but if I could get some attractive young ladies to workout in the nude I'm sure that the blokes would flood in."

"Yes, I can see how that would work," said Lucy," but what about the police and council, wouldn't they have some objections?"

"As long as you're not turning it into a brothel and the girls are just working-out I don't see how they could object." I added.

"Yeah," Darren chipped in, "the problem is getting the girls. To get it started I'd probably have to pay strippers a fortune, and I don't have that sort of cash."

"Well, maybe not," Lucy said, "we might just be able to help there. Let us check it out and we'll get back to you."

The meeting finished on a bit of a depressed note, but as we were driving back to the office I asked Lucy what she meant by what she's said.

"Well, I'd do it;" Lucy quickly replied; "but I'd be happier if I wasn't the only naked girl there. Do we know anyone else who might be interested?"

After a short pause I asked,

"What about Liz?"


"Yes, Liz," I replied, "Liz looks quite good these days now that I'm paying for her clothes, and I can't help notice that she often comes to work without knickers; and she shaves her pussy."

"You've been watching her, should I be jealous?" Lucy asked.

"Hell no; you're the most beautiful girl in the world and I could NEVER want anyone else but you."

"And I love you too Jack; but do you think that Liz would be interested."

"Possibly, especially if she got paid for doing it; Darren couldn't pay her, but I could, and then add it to Darren's accountant's fee. As for you my gorgeous little exhibitionist, I know that you enjoy every second of it. By the way, we must talk about your internship sometime."

"Okay Jack, how are we going to approach Liz? Oh, on the internship subject, I'm happy the way things are. You pay for everything so I have no need for money."

"We'll still talk about it." I said as I reached over and squeezed her bare thigh, just touching her uncovered pussy with the side of my little finger. She was wet.

"I'll talk to Liz when we get back; it's probably best coming from her boss."

Liz was in a good mood that afternoon, maybe because it was pay day. Anyway, I asked her to come into my office and shut the door. She sat on the chair in front of my desk and crossed her legs. She was wearing a short skirt and tank top. The lack of bra strap indentations round her sides and poky nipples told me that she was braless. Her breasts are slightly bigger than Lucy's, but they do sag a bit. Unlike Lucy's, Liz's breasts wobble when she walks quickly.

As she'd sat down and crossed her legs she accidentally (I'm sure) gave me a quick flash of her bald pubes.

"Liz," I started, "how are things going? Are you happy here?"

"Of course, especially now that I'm getting a clothing allowance."

"You do look good." I said. "Do you workout?"

"No, and I know that I should but it costs a fortune to join one of those gyms and I don't fancy a running or a hockey club."

"I might just be able to help you with that."

"Can you get me a big discount at that gym you and Lucy went to this morning?"

"Maybe better than that." I said.

I went on to explain Darren's predicament and the idea that he'd had. Just as I mentioned naked girls Liz butted-in,

"If this is going where I think it is I don't know if I could ever do anything like that. It's one thing going round town or to a club, even to work with no knickers on, but it's completely different getting naked in front of a load of men. I don't think that I could do that, not even for a free membership."

"I was thinking that we could do something better than that Liz."

"Lucy has told me about some of the things that she's done and I don't think that I could do anything like that; I would be so embarrassed. What do you mean, 'we could do something better than that'?

"I was thinking that Darren could pay you 100 pounds a visit."

"Wow!" But I thought that the gym was about to go bust."

"Into administration; but it wouldn't be the gym paying you, that would cause a few legal problems; it would be me."

"I still don't know; the humiliation of trying to do sit-ups in front of load of men while I'm NAKED. Hell; I don't know if I could that. Can I think about it for a while?"

"Of course you can Liz; take all the time you want."

Liz got up to leave and accidentally flashed her bald pussy again. I just love short skirts.

"Take your time making up your mind. There's no pressure if you decide to say no, it's okay with me."

"Thanks." Liz said as she left my office.

Driving home with Lucy she told me that Liz had looked a bit dazed as she came out of my office. She sat at her desk and just shuffled papers for 5 minutes before asking to talk to her in the kitchen (where Ethan couldn't over-hear).

Liz had told Lucy what I'd said and told her that she couldn't get naked in front of a group of men; all their eyes would be on her.

Liz seemed slightly happier when Lucy had told her that she'd be there as well and that she'd been as nervous as hell the first time but after that it got to be quite exciting watching the men lust after her.

Apparently Liz had said that most of the men would be looking at Lucy because she was more beautiful. I totally agreed with that and Lucy blushed a bit as I said so. I squeezed her bare thigh again.

Lucy must have done a good job of talking Liz round because as Liz brought me my coffee at work the next morning she said,

"I'll do it."

No "good morning Jack", just "I'll do it. Do what Liz?" I asked.

"Get naked."

"Liz, it's you and Lucy going for a workout; the getting naked part is incidental. The primary objective is for you to get fit. If some men see you without your clothes on then that's a bonus for them. Your bonus is getting fit and being paid to do it. You're not going there to deliberately tease them or have sex with any of them."

Liz actually looked a little disappointed when I said that, but said,

"I know. When do I start?"

"I'll talk to the gym owner and get back to you Liz."

A while later I phoned Darren to discuss a few details. I suggested that he didn't advertise the fact that there would be naked girls there, just in case it would attract the authority's attention. Instead I suggested that he download a few photos of naked girls on workout machines and use them on some new posters. The implication should be enough to draw the punters in.

I also asked Darren to let Lucy and Liz into the gym on their own mid one morning when it's usually deserted. I explained that Liz was a bit shy and a session with just Lucy would help her relax.

The next morning Liz and Lucy got the bus to the gym and met Darren. He locked them in (from the outside) and left them to it.

I'd asked Darren to phone me when they'd arrived and when I got the call I drove over there and met Darren. After a few minutes discussing the business side of things I asked Darren to let me in; then to follow me about 10 minutes later. My plan was for Liz to get used to being naked with just Lucy there first, then for me to arrive and her get used to that; then for Darren to arrive.

Everything was based round Liz because I knew that Lucy wouldn't have any problems being naked. Lucy later told me that when Darren had locked them in they'd gone to the changing room and stripped naked. They'd then explored the place. Lucy had decided that she'd let Liz get used to walking around naked, knowing that they were the only 2 people there.

They'd wandered around the workout room, the squash courts, the sauna (not on) and the hall (a large room that was used for yoga, Zumba and other such fitness classes); before going to the workout room.

They'd been there for about 15 minutes before I made my presence known. Liz just froze.

I have to say that she looked good, but not as good as Lucy.

"Hi girls, how's the workout going?"

Lucy ran over to me and kissed me; her solid breasts not even wobbling one little bit.

"Can you show me what you've been doing?" I asked.

Lucy went and lay on one of the benches and started lifting some small barbell weights; her glistening slightly open pussy staring up at me and her cones pointing to the ceiling directly above her.

There's something about a naked girl exercising while lying on her back with her legs open and her pubic mound sticking up that just makes me want to fuck them there and then. I managed to ignore my urges and asked,

"What about you Liz?" ignoring the fact that she was naked.

Liz obviously wanted to cover herself; her hands were hovering near her pussy and tits; as she said,

"Well I've been on the exercise cycle and I've done some sit-ups but my legs kept lifting off the floor."

"Good," I said, "How about trying some weights like Lucy?"

"Okay." Liz said as she walked over to another bench.

Liz lay back with her feet either side of the bench. Her bald pussy was wet as well. What's more, her vagina was wide open, I could see right inside her. Her young 'C's (probably) wobbled a bit then settled down. I passed her some weights and her arms started to go up and down.

To try to take her mind (and mine) off her nakedness I kept telling her to keep going until she felt exhausted. When I finally told her to stop her arms dropped to the floor and she lay there panting, her chest going up and down pushing her hard nipples above het tits.

When she got her breath back she looked up at me and saw Darren stood next to me. She let out a little gasp as I put out my hand to help her get up.

"Darren will show you how to use a couple of the machines."

I'd already primed Darren to pretend that it was completely normal for naked girls to use the gym, and he went over to one of the machines and invited Liz to get on.

As Darren explained what to do Liz seemed to relax a bit, and before long she looked like she was an expert.

Meanwhile Lucy had found the machine that exercises legs by spreading them wide. Even though I see that pussy close-up every day I still stared at it.

Darren took Liz to another machine, and before long she looked totally relaxed, exhausted, but relaxed. After that it was the leg spreader machine and Liz looked relaxed as her legs spread wider.

I had to stop myself staring because when Liz's legs were wide apart her hole was wide open again. Both Lucy and Darren had seen it as well, but both avoided staring.

After that Darren told the girls what would be expected of them if they still intended to go through with it. He told them that they could turn up any time that they wanted and stay for as long as they wanted; but it had to be at least once per week and a minimum of an hour each time. Also, they couldn't do anything sexual, they couldn't touch their pussies or their tits, apart from the occasional tweak of their nipples; but they could tease the punters as much as they wanted.

All the time Lucy had a big grin on her face, she was obviously looking forward to it; but Liz looked a bit nervous.

"How many men are we talking about?" Liz asked.

"It's not just men, we get a few young women as well; but there won't be many; times are tight at the moment. I'm hoping that things will change with you 2 here. So, what do you think girls, are you game to give it a go?"

Lucy agreed straight away but Liz took a few seconds before saying,

"If it gets too much for me can I stop anytime that I want?"

"Of course you can. There's no pressure." Darren said.

"Okay then, I'll do it."

"Thank you Liz, you're a life saver."

As Darren said 'times are tight at the moment' I was thinking about Liz's open hole; that certainly isn't tight. I'd never seen one like that before. Lucy's hole always closes up quite quickly after something big has been pulled out of her.

"Right girls," I said, "go and get dressed and I'll take you both for some lunch."

Darren and I watched 2 cute, naked butts walk away then we talked for about 15 minutes before the girls re-appeared. Darren seemed confident that the punters would soon appear once word got round that 2 naked girls worked-out there.

Over lunch Lucy and Liz decided that they'd go the night after next, and asked me if I'd drive them there.

On the way home that evening Lucy told me that she thought that Liz would be okay once she got over the shock of the first few punters seeing her.

"Did you see Liz's vagina?" Lucy asked.

"How could I not see it; I wonder if it's like that a lot?"

"I asked her about it while we were in the shower; she told me that it opens up every time she gets aroused. She can't control it, it just happens. She was quite surprised when I told her that mine didn't; she though that every girl's pussy did it."

"Wow! That's going to please the punters at the gym." I said. "I guess that confirms that she was turned on by being naked in front of Darren and me."

"Shall I try to get my muscles to do that?" Lucy asked.

"If you want to, but don't try just for me; I love your pussy as it is."

We drove to the gym a couple of days later with Liz looking nervous. As we walked in I put my arm round her shoulder and told her that everything would be just fine. I reminded her about the money then told her that she could quit anytime that she wanted.

I'd taken my gym kit with me; I wanted to watch them. I wanted to see how much Lucy would tease the men. Not that I'd get jealous; turned on, but not jealous.

I was waiting outside the changing rooms as Lucy and Liz came out. A young man was arriving and his jaw dropped and he nearly walked into a wall as his eyes followed the girls. He stopped and stared as they entered the workout room with me right behind.

The 3 men in there just stopped what they were doing and stared as I walked to the end of the room and got on one of the rowing machines so that I could watch what was going on in the big mirrors. The 2 girls got on exercise cycles and started pedalling.

Lucy looked absolutely amazing; her Barbie doll face, long blonde hair and solid conical tits made her look a picture of beauty. Liz looked quite good as well.

The 3 men slowly got back to their workout but their eyes kept looking over to the girls. When another young man walked through the door he just stopped and stared for at least 5 seconds before going over to set-up some weights for bench lifts. As he lay on the bench I could see that his shorts looked uncomfortable.

Five minutes later both Lucy and Liz stopped pedalling. The bench next to the man that had just come in had some small weights on a bar on the stands so Lucy went and lay back on the bench. Her feet were at either side of the bench, her pussy spread and her breasts stood proud.

Before she tried to lift the weights she looked over at the man on the next bench and saw the bulge in his shorts. She smiled.

As Lucy tried to lift the weights I could see that she was struggling. So did one of the other men. He rushed over, grabbed the bar and helped her put it back on the stands. I couldn't hear what they were saying but the man took a weight of each end of the bar then Lucy started lifting again. This time the man stood at her head and 'spotted' her.

After 5 lifts Lucy stood up while the man put some more weights on the bar, then lay down on the bench. I could see a grin on Lucy's face as she moved to his head, presumably to 'spot' him.

From where I was I couldn't see his eyes but I can just about guarantee that they were open and looking up directly at Lucy's pussy. What I could see was that Lucy's nipples were rock hard.

I turned my attention to Liz. She was flat on her back doing sit-ups. What I hadn't seen was that one of the other men had 'volunteered' to hold her legs flat on the floor as she sat up. Her legs were slightly apart and the man must have had a great view. I wondered if her vagina was open.

I didn't have to wait for long to find out; Liz got up and went to the leg spreader machine. All I had to do was turn my head to see right up her pussy. It was no more than 10 feet from me. As I looked at Liz she smiled at me. Her face looked like Lucy's does when she wants me to fuck her.

Both Lucy and Liz tried a couple more machines and their audience grew; although no one got a lot of exercise. I'd moved to one of the exercise cycles near the door and when the girls decided that they'd had enough Lucy mouthed the word 'sauna' to me as they went out.

I waited a couple of minutes then followed them.

The sauna was bigger than I'd expected. The 2 girls were sat at one end. Both

were sat with their backs to the side of the sauna. Lucy had one foot on the same level (bent at the knee) and the other on the level below; her pussy on full display. Liz had both feet on the same level but with her knees bent. I don't believe that she knew just how much of her open pussy was showing.

Also in there was a middle-aged man sat in the middle. The poor man looked a bit embarrassed; although his towel had a pointed bulge at the front.

Soon after I went in the man left; just leaving the girls and me. I told them to continue pretending that they didn't know me and they started talking about what had happened in the workout room.

Liz asked Lucy why she'd stood at that man's head. Lucy explained what she was doing. Liz's reply was,

"I could never do that. He'd be staring up at my pussy all the time." Liz said.

"That's the idea Liz. It makes me so horny know that a man's face is just a few inches from my bare pussy." Lucy replied,

"You've got to try it sometime Liz."

"Maybe another time." Liz replied

Neither of them could take the heat for too long, and we all soon went to get showered and changed to leave.

While I was getting dressed, the man who'd been chatting to Lucy came in and saw someone that he knew. I heard him tell the other man about the 2 naked chicks and that one of them had told him that they were new to the area and that they were going to be there quite often. Word was starting to spread.

There were a few men in reception when they walked in and Darren wished them a good night. Lucy said,

"See you in a couple of days."

On the way home I asked Liz what she thought of her first naked workout. She told us that she'd enjoyed it. She'd been nervous at first but she'd soon got over that and had started to realise the power that women can have over men.

"Don't get too carried away," I said.

"Oh, so if I get naked at work, does that mean that I can't order you about Jack?" Liz said.

"Don't push it girl." I replied.

The next morning I phoned Darren and (after he'd thanked me) he told me that one on the men that was there when we were leaving had asked him if he knew that they worked-out naked. Darren had told him (and all the others around) that the 2 girls were new in town and had asked if it was okay to exercise naked; and that if it was they'd be going there a couple of times a week.

The guys had pestered him for the days and times but Darren had told them that he didn't know, and that it could be anytime.

I took Lucy and Liz there again a couple of times in the next week or so. Each time they had fun teasing the male members and got hit on quite a few times. Even one of the female members asked Liz to 'spot' her. I guess that she was fascinated by Liz's open hole.

By that third visit it was obvious that member numbers was up. Word of the 2 naked girls must have spread; and Darren was looking a little happier; his takings were improving as well.

Liz was also getting quite used to being naked in front of so many men; and she's become more confident and happy at work.

The next time that Lucy told Liz that they were going to the gym that evening, Liz said that she had a problem. She was due to meet a couple of her mates straight after work, go for a meal and then a few drinks.

"No problem;" Lucy said, "I'll phone you when we leave home and we'll pick you up from whichever pub you're at."

Liz thought for a couple of seconds then agreed.

When we got to the pub Liz was waiting outside; so were her 2 mates. All 3 of them were wearing short skirts and skimpy tops. Liz's outfit was different from what she wore at work; she must have changed before leaving.

Liz came over to the car and asked if her mates could come along as well. She'd told them all about the gym and they wanted to come as well. I asked Liz if she'd told them that she was getting paid for doing it.

"No way boss!" Liz replied. She was 'happy', but not drunk.

I got out of the car, went over to them and introduced myself. Both of them (Mia and Holly were also 'happy' but not drunk.

"Liz tells me that you want to come to the gym with us, is that right?"

"Yes." They both said in stereo.

"You do realise that you will have to get completely naked and workout in front of men, and maybe women?"

"Yes we do," Mia said.

"What about you Holly?"

"I do."

"Completely naked means everything off, no knickers, no bras." I added. The bras bit was a bit OTT as neither of them looked to be wearing one.

"Yeah we know." Holly said.

"Why." I asked.

"Because we want to have some fun." Mia said.

Holly had this cheeky, mischievous look on her face and I couldn't help myself, I looked her up and down and imagined her naked.

"Okay then, but you'd better not be wasting my time; when we get there I expect to see you both completely naked, working-out and enjoying yourselves."

"You will." They both said, and Mia giggled a bit.

I wondered if they were getting a bit wet. I knew that Lucy would be and I so wanted to touch her (Lucy's) pussy; but that would have to wait.

They both climbed in the back of the car with Liz who introduced them to Lucy.

On the way to the gym all the girls talked about being naked in front of lots of men. It was obvious that Mia and Holly were like Liz and had never done anything like that before.

As we walked into the gym's reception area Darren looked at me with surprise on his face; surprise and concern. As the girls went off to get changed I told him that they wouldn't cost him any extra. He told me that the place was quite busy, membership numbers were up and that it would be worth it even if it did cost him more.

I was already in the workout room when the 4 girls walked in. Mia and Holly looked nervous, but both Lucy and Liz looked confident. Mia had a well-trimmed landing strip but Holly was as bald as Lucy and Liz.

All exercise stopped as the guys took in the beauty that had just walked in. The girls were whispering to each other, probably working out what they were going to do. Lucy came over to me and asked if I could get someone to show Mia and Holly how to work the machines.

I went and got Darren who came back with me and then asked a couple of guys to help. I bet that the rest of them were really jealous.

Lucy and Liz both asked Darren if they could have an instructor each as well. Two more lucky guys were picked and I settled in to a session on an exercise cycle so that I could watch events unfold.

Painful bulges in shorts were the order of the evening as all 4 girls got explanations then demonstrations then time on various machines.

The cycle that I'd picked was opposite the leg stretching machine so I got a good view of all 4 spread pussies. Liz's hole opened wide, much to the delight (I assume) of the guys that could see it. The 'instructor' who was with her went silent for ages when Liz's legs were wide open the first time. Liz had to ask if she could release the pressure before he came back to earth.

Lucy was the first to get on her back on a bench. Her spread pussy and bald mound presenting itself to her instructor who had deliberately (I assume) stood near her feet. I saw Lucy smile when he moved round to 'spot' her. She'd obviously seen the wet spot on his shorts and wanted to see up the leg of his shorts.

The next 45 minutes or so flew by with very few people in there getting any real exercise – apart from their minds that is. I have to admit that if I'd stayed there much longer I might have creamed my shorts.

The girls decided that they'd had enough and I followed then out into the hallway. They were talking and couldn't decide whether to go straight to the sauna, or have a quick game of squash first.

While they were still deciding I went to see Darren and asked if the courts were free and if he had some rackets and balls that they could use. One court was in use but would become free in a few minutes.

I presented the girls with rackets and balls and made the decision for them.

One court was indeed in use, but when the 2 you men playing saw the naked girls they lost interest in their game and were happy to let them have their court so that they could watch.

I guess that I should tell you that the 2 squash courts have a glass back wall and a couple of rows of seats so that people can watch the games.

None of the girls are much good a squash, but it sure was good watching them trying. I wasn't the only one watching at the start but an audience of about 10 people (including 2 women) soon gathered.

About 20 minutes later they'd had enough and came out. Giving me the rackets and balls, Lucy told me that they were off to the sauna.

They were on their own when I got there. They were spread (literally) out, not leaving much space for anyone else. Lucy got up when I went in, and let me lean on the side wall. She sat next to me, leaning on me. Her back was covering the front of my shorts which was a good job as my cock was rock hard.

The girls talked about girly things and the fun they were having. I was happy to let them. What man would care what 4 naked girls were talking about when he could just stare at them. When they'd had enough and were leaving, a man came in. He just stared at them. I bet that he'd wished that he'd gone in there 5 minutes earlier.

The girls went to get showered and dressed. Naturally I was a lot quicker than them and I waited for them in reception. While I was waiting I explained to Darren where Mia and Holly had come from. He asked me to tell them that that they could go there for free anytime that they wanted.

I passed on Darren's message as I drove everyone home. The girls were talking about their evening and from what they were saying it was obvious that all of them had enjoyed themselves and wanted to go again.

The next time that Lucy and Liz went to the gym (without Holly and Mia), Lucy took a bottle of baby oil with her. When they emerged out of the changing room, both of them had the baby oil rubbed all over their bodies. They shined and caught the lights magnificently. The guys in the workout room appreciated the sight as well and most of them offered to help Lucy and Liz with their workouts.

After watching (me and a few others) them attempt to play squash I saw Lucy open a door that I'd never gone through before. It was a big room with a wooden floor. When we were leaving Lucy asked Darren what that room was for. He told her that the room used to host yoga and aerobic classes and asked if she was interested in reviving them.

"Only if you can get some men to join the classes with us." Lucy said. Liz giggled.

Darren asked Lucy when she was going to be there again and he promised to have an instructor and a few men to share the lesson.

Four days later I drove Lucy to the gym. Waiting outside were Liz, Mia, Holly and another girl – Louise. The girls had been recruiting.

Louise was obviously a bit nervous about being naked as she walked into the workout room; but she soon settled and was enjoying the teasing as much as the other girls. Instead of going to the sauna, Lucy went to see Darren and then they all went to the big room. In there were 4 young men talking to a woman who looked like she was in her late twenties.

I stood and watched as the woman put the whole group through a workout that left me tired just watching. I'm sure that the woman deliberately got the girls doing exercises that made their tits bounce about and their legs spread wide. The men in the class must have had some great views.

Word must have spread about the class because I wasn't the only member of the audience for long. By the time the class finished there were 6 men standing at the side of the room watching the 6 naked girls presenting their tits and pussies in all sorts of ways. In spite of them all getting tired and sweaty, all 5 had grins on their faces.

I started letting Lucy go to the gym, with Liz and her friends, without me most of the time. They go every few days and Lucy tells me that they always have fun teasing the men. The number of naked girls has increased to 10; all getting free gym membership. Word had spread and Darren had been approached by women who wanted to join the naked girls group.

Male membership numbers is way up and Darren's business in now thriving.

Round Table Dinner

Shortly after I set-up my business I joined the local Round Table. Since Lucy arrived on the scene I'd been neglecting my duties as a Round Table member; but I got sent an invite to the annual dinner and dance. Of course it was a formal do and the invite included a +1.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to go and take Lucy. I am an extremely lucky man having Lucy and I wanted to show her off to the other members. Some of them are a bit stuck-up and think that they are better than most of the other members so it would be a real kick in the teeth to them for me to arrive with such a beauty.

Of course Lucy had to have a new dress for the event, and I was only too happy to oblige. Lucy wanted to select the dress herself and she promised that I wouldn't be disappointed. I told her that she could never disappoint me.

Anyway, the big night arrived and I got out my penguin suit while Lucy disappeared into the bathroom for an hour or so.

When she came out she was still naked.

"Just got my dress to put on, only be a few minutes, you go and check on the taxi, I'll be out in a minute."

I wanted to jump on her right there and then but I knew that time was getting on. Just as I saw the taxi arrive Lucy walked out of the bedroom wearing a full length coat and she wouldn't show me the dress. She said that it was a surprise and that I would love it.

Who am I to argue with a statement like that from a girl like Lucy?

When we got to the do we went straight to the cloakroom to leave Lucy's coat.

When she took it off I was stunned. Lucy was right, I definitely wasn't disappointed. The dress is a 'little black number' that is longer than all of Lucy's other dresses. It also has sleeves which again is unusual for Lucy. What was usual for Lucy is that it has a scooped front and back. The front scoops down to her amazing breasts, without revealing too much of her cleavage.

All this isn't that stunning, nor is the material that it's made of. It's a sort of knitted material with silver bits in the thread.

What did make it so stunning is the fact that Lucy must have bought a dress that was 2 sizes too small. It was stretched over her body hugging every curve; and I mean every curve. It even curved into her belly button.

Because it's made of that knitted material the stretching leaves millions of little holes making it see-through. At a distance it looks quite respectable; but close-up you can see every square inch of her body.

Of course, as I would have expected from Lucy, the dress and shoes were all that she was wearing. I could clearly see her nipples, areolas and the front of her pussy slit.

Lucy looked at me nervously,

"It's not too clingy is it? I can see the shape of my belly button. I wanted it to be tight fitting but I think that I may have gone a bit too far; and it's not too thin is it? When I put my hand under it in the shop I could just about make out the shape of my fingers."

"No no; you look absolutely amazing." I replied.

When I got my composure back I moved to her side and looked at her profile. The shape of her perfect tits and protruding nipples (along with her Barbie face) and the stretched material becoming see-through was going to be the talk of everyone there.

I decided that I needed some photographs of her like that and got my phone out. I took the first shot forgetting to use the flash – it wasn't that bright outside the cloakroom. No sooner that I'd taken it Lucy wanted to see it. As we looked at it we could just see the dark ring of her areolas, but that was it. Lucy liked her look.

I then took 3 or 4 shots using the flash. When I looked at the photos I was pleased to see that the camera flash had made the dress even more see-through. She may well as not had the dress on. Lucy didn't ask to see those shots.

I was as proud as any man could ever be of a woman as she held my arm and we walked in to the brightly light main hall.

An eerie silence rapidly spread through the room as everyone stopped talking and stared at us (well Lucy).

I must have had a grin from ear to ear.

Everyone who knew me wanted to be introduced to the gorgeous blond that was with me. Unfortunately that didn't extend to some of the female partners and I could see that some of them were seething.

"How could such a young attractive blonde dare be there nearly wearing no more than a few threads," was what I could see in their eyes, but I didn't care; neither did 99% of the men there.

Before the dinner started an official photographer had to take a group photo and lots of small group photos. Just after he'd taken one of a group including Lucy and I a group of men were standing close to him looking at the little screen on his camera. Shortly after that men started asking to take photos of Lucy and me. I knew what was going on but I didn't care; and I knew that Lucy wouldn't mind. That is if she realised what was going on; I hadn't shown her the flash photos that I'd taken.

Everyone was allocated a place at the large tables and Lucy made the 4 other men at our table very happy. Lucy could have done with a sign round her neck that had an arrow pointing up and the words, 'I'm up here' written on it.

To be fair to the other women at our table, they handled it very well. All were quite friendly towards Lucy. Two of them even went to the ladies room with her and they were all smiles when they came back.

I watched the men that Lucy passed to go to the ladies room. All were looking at those wonderful globes (front and back) though the see-through dress.

I overheard one woman say to another,

"I wonder if she knows that her dress is see-through."

I smiled and had the same thought. Did Lucy know just how see-through her dress was in bright light and was enjoying the attention, or did she just think that it was slightly see-through? If it was the former did she want to pretend that she didn't know? I strongly suspected that she knew but didn't want to admit it. If I talked about it with her she would have to admit that she knew and that she was just being a blatant exhibitionist.

Well she is an exhibitionist but I didn't want to spoil her fun so I decided to keep my mouth shut.

When the dancing started I only managed to have one dance with Lucy, but she was on the dance floor just about all the time.

I wasn't worried or jealous. I could see that Lucy was enjoying all the attention; but I did want to get her somewhere private and fuck her brains out.

In spite of me wanting to get Lucy somewhere private the evening went quite quickly and I before I knew it we were in a taxi going home. Lucy's coat wasn't fastened and the taxi driver kept looking in his rear view mirror. Was Lucy teasing him or was she oblivious to what she was doing? Was she having a 'dumb blonde' moment?

Whatever! I didn't care and the euphoria was still overflowing as we climbed into bed.

We were late up the next morning.

A few days later I got an email from someone that I know in the Round Table. He said that I should look at the Round Table web site for the write-up on the dinner. When I did I saw the group photographs. There was Lucy and I. The camera flash had made Lucy's dress virtually invisible. The write-up underneath ended with,

" ... although someone may now regret not wearing underwear."

I laughed out loud thinking how wrong that man had got it.

The next time that Lucy came into my office I told her to come and stand beside me so that she could see my laptop screen with the web page. She blushed and said,

"Was it really that see-through? What must those people think of me?"

She had this mischievous grin on her face and I really wanted to fuck her there and then; but I had to be happy with sliding my hand up between her legs and finger fucking her. Until I got her back home that was.

Lucy's Internship

It had been six months since the best thing that has ever happened to me had started and it wasn't fair on Lucy for her to still be an Intern. Ethan agreed with me (no pressure) that Lucy had proved to be a valuable asset to the company and that she should become a full time employee. Lucy kept telling me that there was no need for anything to change, that she didn't need to get paid because she got plenty of money from her one night a week stripping. Me being the boss I had to look at things from a business point of view. I told her that she was becoming an employee whether she liked it or not.

When it came to talking about her pay she insisted that I paid her slightly below the cut-off point whereby she would have to start paying back her student loan. That part I was happy to find a way round.

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