The Dumb Blonde
Chapter 4: The Holiday

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 4: The Holiday - A dumb blonde starts to enjoy herself after working hard at University

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We spent a few days deciding where we wanted to go. We both wanted somewhere lively, but at the same time we wanted somewhere where we could have some quiet time together. In the end we settled for Malia on the Greek island of Crete. There's a lively seafront that has lots of clubs and bars; and a quiet old village on the land side of all those clubs. We settled on a smallish hotel that consists of about 12 blocks of 4 rooms spread on a hillside near the old village. It would be somewhere where we could recover from the hectic nights and not be surrounded by people wanting to party 24 x 7.

As soon as we'd got that settled and booked Lucy told me that she'd have to get some new bikinis and sun wear. I wasn't sure what she meant by 'sun wear' but I told her to get online, find what she wanted and order it.

"Why can't we get them in town so that I can model them for you in the shop?"

I had to spoil her fun by saying,

"Unfortunately you can't have any fun flashing me, or anyone else who just happens to be there because there are no shops round here that sell anything like what I imaging you are looking for."

Just talking about and imagining Lucy in an almost nothing bikini got me hard again and we got distracted from the holiday for a while.

Lucy later spent 2 hours on the PC ordering what she wanted. I never realised that bikinis were so expensive.

Lucy also told me that she'd have to start swimming again to tone-up her body. I told her that she couldn't improve on perfect; but she insisted. We had to go swimming 2 nights a week until we went on the holiday.

The following lunchtime Lucy went shopping for a one-piece swimsuit. When I asked her why not a bikini she told me that we were going to the pool to swim, not mess about.

When Lucy finally got back she had a little bag but she wouldn't let me see what she'd bought.

We rushed home after work and went straight out to the pool. The pool has family changing rooms and we used one and I got to see Lucy's one-piece swimsuit; and WOW was the only word that I could use to describe it.

There's no way that it is a proper swimsuit; it's more like underwear.

It was a sort of sleeveless, backless, sideless bodysuit with high cut sides to the bottom part; her back was uncovered (apart from straps) right down to the top of the crack of her butt. The sides scoop so low that there was nothing down to the one inch sides on her hips. The front was so low-cut that I could see right down to her belly button. And what's more, it's made out of this very fine yellow mesh material. If Lucy had a big black bush it would have hung out of the sides and the hair that was covered would have been clearly visible through the mesh.

It clung to her body like paint. Her nipples were rock hard and I could see every detail of them. She had a wonderful camel toe, only interrupted by the bulge of her clit.

And all that was before it got wet.

I wanted to pounce on Lucy even before we left the changing room but she was having nothing of it. She was there to swim and swim she did.

The pool that we chose has part of the main pool marked off in lanes for the dedicated swimmers and that was where we went. Lucy dove in and she was off. Nothing was going to stop her and there was no way that I could keep up with her. Most of the time I just stood there and watched her glide through the water. By the time that we left I was knackered just watching her.

When Lucy got out of the water I realised why she'd picked a yellow costume. When it's wet you can see straight through it. She may as well have been naked as we walked back to the changing room and in to the showers. At that time of the evening there were very few people there and those that were there either didn't see her, or they ignored her state of dress.

I didn't; no sooner than she'd peeled it off in the changing room I pulled her to me and had her there and then. I had to hold my hand over her mouth so that no one could hear her moans and screams.

And that got repeated twice a week until we left for our holiday.

Four weeks later we packed our bags and set off for the airport. I was surprised how little Lucy packed, less than me. When I asked her why she told me that she didn't intend wearing much for most of the time. As for her travelling outfit, it consisted of the white tank top with the lace panel at the top, and a thin, cotton, 'A' shaped micro skirt. She'd adjusted the straps on her top so that both her nipples were sticking through the lace. She said that she felt like she had nothing on. I told her that she came into the 'barely dressed' category. She giggled and squeezed my cock through my trousers.

I asked her if she intended for her nipples to be exposed and she told me that exposing her nipples was only the start; when she got to Greece she intended to expose a lot more than that.

At the airport she kept flashing her butt and / or pussy as she bent to pick-up and put down her case. I also noticed that the girl on the check-in, the security and the passport control people all stared at her, but none of them said anything.

When it came time to get on the plane she insisted that I go up the steep steps first. When I looked behind (below) her I realised why; there were a group of young men looking up her skirt.

On the plane Lucy sat in the middle seat of a group of 3. For most of the journey she was leaning over with her head on my chest and I had my arm round her. When my hand drifted down to her butt I discovered that most of her butt was exposed. I'd wondered why the man on her other side was always looking our way.

About 4 hours later we arrived at Heraklion airport and then got the coach to Malia. The coach was full of young people all intent on having a great time. Many of them had opened their duty free booze and were getting very happy.

Our room was on the ground floor of a block on the side of the hill. It had everything that we needed, including a balcony big enough for us both to lie out, and a view of the small pool. A path went down the side, and across the front of our balcony. I told Lucy that we'd have to be careful what we left on the balcony, and what we got up to on the balcony (The balcony front has a wall about half height and metal railings up to about waist height).

Lucy giggled and said,

"Oh goody an audience."

I wasn't sure what she meant at the time, but I soon found out. After having a shower she walked out onto the balcony totally naked and let the sun dry her hair.

When a young couple walked past the balcony she just smiled and said "Hi" to them.

It was then that I remembered that Lucy hadn't brought many clothes and her saying that she didn't intend to wear many. I smiled to myself, got a hard-on and remembered that I am a very lucky man.

I unpacked my clothes then we decided to go for a walk and get the lay of the land. I put some shorts on and Lucy went and got a bikini out of her bag. She went to the bathroom to put it on, which was a bit strange; she'd never been shy getting dressed or undressed before. When she came out I realised why. She was looking for the shock effect that it would have on me.

Lucy certainly got that. The bikini consists of 3 metal rings, one for each nipple and one for her clit; and yellow strings holding them in place.

I stood there, stared and said,

"Fucking hell Lucy, are you really going to go out like that."

"Of course, what's wrong with it?"

After a few seconds pause while I thought of something to say I said,

"Absolutely nothing; what there is of it. I hope there aren't any policemen about."

"I've read that there aren't many policemen around here, too many cuts after the financial mess that the bankers and politicians got the country into."

"I hope that you're right." I said as I locked the balcony door and opened the main door.

As we walked around the hotel grounds no one took much notice of us (Lucy). Lucy was walking around virtually naked, and acting as if it was something that was quite normal. By the lack of reactions, people were obviously used to seeing nearly naked girls. All the people that we did see were about our age, no kids. Only 2 young men's eyes seemed to follow Lucy; which was quite understandable.

We bypassed reception and walked out onto the street and down the road towards the beach. The closer we got to the lively part, and the beach, the more people we saw. I was happy to see that all the girls wore bikinis, not may wearing their tops, and about half wearing thong bottoms. Apart from Lucy's pussy being on display, her bikini fitted in quite well with the others. It wasn't until we got to the edge of the beach that we saw a naked girl. She didn't look drunk or drugged and looked to be quite happy being naked.

I put my arm round Lucy and started to relax. It was going to be an 'interesting' holiday.

"I feel a little over-dressed." Lucy said.

I laughed and replied,

"I'm sure that you'll find a way to solve that problem."

We walked round in a big circle before finding a café to get something to eat. None of the staff batted an eyelid when they saw Lucy. As I was eating I wondered just how long it would be before Lucy was walking around totally naked. I got a hard-on.

The sun was going down as we left the café to walk back to the hotel. About half way back Lucy took her top off and gave it to me saying,

"That's better; I don't feel so over-dressed now."

She gave me the bikini top and I put it in my pocket. As we walked I looked at her magnificent tits.

All during our walk we never saw any kids or anyone who looked over 35 (apart from the locals that is).

Back in the room we decided to have a quick nap before hitting the bars. We didn't get that nap; as soon as we got on the bed I leant over, kissed Lucy and thanked her for being her. One thing led to another and she ended up riding my cock for ages.

After about 10 minutes I looked out to the balcony and saw someone walking past. Our curtains were open and the light was on. If they looked they would have been able to see us and what we were doing. I told Lucy and she didn't surprise me when she said,

"Yes I know, do you think that we could sell tickets? Next time we'll leave the patio doors open so that they can hear us as well."

On the subject of the balcony, Lucy and I had sex out there quite a lot. Lucy was keen on doing it there probably because of the chances of being caught. After having a shower Lucy would often go out onto the balcony to let the gentle warm breeze help dry her hair.

A few times when I had finished my shower I went out and put my arms round her and she asked me to step back. When I did she backed up then bent forward and put her arms on the railing. This left her butt at the ideal angle for me to fuck her from behind; so I did.

The second time that I was about to enter her Lucy asked me to slap her butt. When I did she said,


She repeated this after each slap until my hand was getting sore, so was her red butt.

I could see that she was getting really turned on and just as I thought she was about to cum she said,

"Fuck me, please fuck me Jack."

I did, and as she started cumming a couple of lads walked by and stopped when they saw us. One of the lads said,

"Give her one for me mate!"

I nodded to them then shot my load into her.

We had to have another shower before going out.

The third time that Lucy was out on the balcony drying her hair, and she presented her butt to me, I spanked her hard; and kept going even when she asked me to fuck her. My hand got too sore so I took my leather belt off and continued with that. It wasn't long before Lucy had an orgasm; a rather noisy one that attracted a bit of attention from our neighbours. One couple watched us until we went back inside.

I promised that we'd explore this new source of pleasure for her when we got back home.

Lucy's Holiday Wardrobe

It may help you if I describe the sum total of clothes that Lucy took on holiday.


The rings bikini. I've already mentioned this - 3 metal rings, one for each nipple and one for her clit; and yellow strings holding them in place.

The slingshot. One string coming out of the butt crack and going up her back to her shoulders where it splits into two and goes over her shoulders and each string opens to 2 inches wide rugby ball shape to go over her nipples. The material in these 'rugby balls' is see-through. The 2 strings then narrow to next to nothing and go down either side of her vulva, framing her slit and clit nicely.

The material less thong. Just like a normal thong bikini bottom except that it has no material, only the strings.

The cup less top. Matching the material less thong; it only has strings.

The figure of 8 - This thong(?) thing is like 2 large rubber bands sewn together for about 2 inches. The joined part went in between her butt cheeks. From the back the 'thing' looked just like a thong; but the 2 strings that went from her butt forward split and went either side of her vulva then on and up to her hips. All of her pussy and pubes were un-covered.

The Band Aid; yes, band aids. Three of them that just cover the best bits of her body (apart from her magnificent face and long blonde hair).

Lucy took 3 bikini tops, one is see-through and the second has no cups, just the strings. The third one is the metal rings one.

The dresses

The red backless, large hole mesh, see-through micro dress.

The fishnet little black dress. From a distance it looks like a normal strappy dress, but when you about 3 yards to her you realise that you can see-through the holes.

The white babydoll dress – probably made as a night dress – totally see-through.

The black strips dress – The back is made of one inch strips of material with two inch gaps between them. The front is totally see-through.

The skirts

Black half sarong – see-through.

Red half sarong – see-through.

The frill skirt – A white 2 inch band round the top with a 6 inch flared, see-through bottom part.

The thin, cotton, 'A' shaped micro skirt that she wore for travelling.

The sailor suite – A black, very see-through school skirt only 10 inches long with a see-through white top that has black edging and sailor looking collar.

The tops

Lucy only took 2 tops with her, the white tank top with the lace front panel; and a 'V' neck cami. The cami was for emergencies and never got worn.

As you can see, the clothes that Lucy took in her suitcase didn't take up much space.

The Bars

These were brilliant. We only once saw one policeman anywhere near the bars; and that was after a fight had started. I don't know where the policeman had to come from, but that fight had long finished by the time he got there.

It didn't take us long to realise that it was a case of anything goes, just as long as no one gets hurt or damages anything.

It wasn't uncommon to see a couple having sex anywhere slightly off the beaten track and we saw at least 3 naked people (boys and girls) on the streets each night.

Lucy and I did have sex on the streets a couple of times. With Lucy's lack of clothing it was quite easy for us to do it. Lucy said that she loved having sex with people walking past just a few feet away. I think that she secretly wanted to get caught.

With the weather being so nice and warm, no one was wearing much; especially the girls. Topless was very common and lots of girls just wore underwear thongs.

Lucy had put on her red backless micro dress the first night that we went out; she looked magnificent. As soon as she saw a naked girl she slipped the dress off and asked me to put it in my pocket. There was hardly any material to the dress so it fitted in easily. She drank and danced naked for the rest of that night, even walking back to the hotel naked.

After that if we only intended to go to a bar(s) on an evening, Lucy went wearing only shoes. Not once did anyone complain although a couple of drunk, fat bitches called her a slut and the men wouldn't stop looking at her. I guess that they were looking at her naked body, but it could have been her beautiful face.

Some of the bars had competition nights. These were always aimed at getting people naked. You could never win a wet T-shirt competition if you didn't get naked.

The wet T-shirt competitions

Lucy entered 3 of these. In each one she ripped the T-shirt off and danced in a very sexy way, thrusting her naked hips at the audience with her legs open. She came runner-up in the first one she entered; the winner (who was on after her) frigged herself at the front of the stage. Lucy wasn't too happy, and she won the other 2 competitions that she entered by getting down on her spread knees, leaning back and frigging herself to orgasm, right in front of everyone. I'm sure that she was quite vocal but no one heard her above all the cheering. The camera flashes recorded her pleasure for ever.

Afterward that second competition Lucy came back to me and told me that she'd really enjoyed making herself cum with all those people watching. She told me that there was only one thing better, and that was for me to fuck her in front of an audience.

I was relatively sober at the time and wasn't too keen on the idea; but if it made Lucy happy then I'd do it. I strongly suspected that she'd find a way of making it happen.

The mechanical bull

Lucy also flaunted her spread pussy on the mechanical bull that was in one bar. She took her nothing thong off just before it was her turn. She said that she wanted to experience it totally naked. The whole audience saw just how wet she was, and judging by the number of camera flashes, a lot of people would enjoys seeing her like that for a long time after that night.

The simulated sex competition

Another bar did this game that involved simulating sex. They got 5 couples up onto the stage and they took it in turn to simulate having sex in their 3 favourite positions. We watched a couple of times that the game was played, on a couple of nights, to see what people did and how far that they'd try to go before the staff stopped them.

We discovered that the later it was in the night the further they'd let the couple go. During the first game of the night the men had to keep their underwear on.

In the next game the men were told that they could get naked but actual penetration was not allowed. The girls loved looking at the men's hard-ons.

By about 1 o'clock in the morning, all restrictions were gone; and most of the inhibitions. This was the time that Lucy wanted to enter.

When we got picked to play Lucy took her nothing thong off. Along with 4 other couples we stood on the stage waiting to start. One girl was wearing a bikini, another, just a bikini bottom. The third just a pair of shorts and the fourth just an underwear thong.

The first position that we had to simulate was the doggy position.

Full bikini couple went first, the man keeping his shorts on. They weren't very good.

The shorts girl went second and her man took his shorts off but kept his boxers on. The girls in the audience cheered at the tent in his boxers.

Bikini bottoms was next and her melons swung from side to side as her male partner pretended to fuck her from inside his shorts.

Underwear thong was more daring, so was her boyfriend. He got naked and his hard-on pressed against the thong.

Then it was our turn. Lucy got on her hands and knees (wide open) with her butt to the audience. The MC had to turn her so that her side was to the audience. I knew that I had to drop my shorts and I was glad that I'd had a few beers.

The girls cheered at my average hard-on. I got behind Lucy who was wagging her butt at me (and the audience, by that time she'd shuffled back round a bit).

I put the tip of my cock to Lucy's hole and tried to push her back and forward to simulate sex, but without actually entering her. It was a waste of time pretending because Lucy soon got out of rhythm and pushed back on my cock as I was going forward.

The audience saw what had happened and cheered. All pretence was gone and I thrust into Lucy about a dozen times before the MC came over and told us to stop. When we got up my cock was sparkling with Lucy's juices.

The next position was where the girl lays on her back, opens her legs wide and raises them as far up and back as she can. The first 3 couples were quite boring compared to the last 2. Underwear thong girl's thong rode up exposing her hole, and her man actually entered her; but quickly pulled out.

I knew that Lucy gave the audience the best possible view of her naked pussy. As soon as her legs were up she had a quick rub of her pussy; and when I got down my cock just entered her each time that I pretended to thrust into her. That wasn't enough for Lucy; my weight was on my 2 hands that were beside her chest and all of a sudden she pushed my arms away so that my whole weight went on to her; my cock going right into her.

The MC came over and told us to get up.

The third and last position was for the girl to ride the man reverse cowgirl. The first 3 couples were quite boring again, but underwear thong girl was better. She rubbed her hardly covered pussy along her boyfriend's cock but didn't impale herself.

I knew that Lucy would go all the way. My rock hard cock was ready and waiting as Lucy knelt over me. No rubbing along my cock for Lucy. She put her hand between her legs and held my cock straight up then down she went. The audience went wild as they could see everything.

Up and down Lucy went and the MC just watched. Lucy must have been really horny because she started to cum quite quickly, long before I was ready. She paused for a minute as her body spasms took control of her. She would have been screaming but no one would have been able to hear her.

Lucy started riding me again, this time faster. We both came at about the same time, much to the delight of our audience. This sex in public thing was okay!

We won the competition and got 250 euros.

On the way back to our hotel the naked Lucy told me that having sex with hundreds of people watching her had been amazing; she wanted to do it every day for the rest of her life.

The Miss Sexy Swimsuit competition

This gave Lucy a right dilemma; what to wear? In the end she decided on her slingshot suit. She wanted to leave our room wearing just that until I told her that she'd have more of an impact if she wore something over the top and then took it off on stage.

Lucy didn't have anything that wasn't see-through so she borrowed one of my T-shirts. It was more like a dress on her, and as we walked she complained that she was over dressed.

At the bar we got a drink and Lucy went and registered for the competition. When she got back she told me that the man had asked her if she's got anything on under the T-shirt. I was expecting her to tell me that she'd raised the hem and let him look at her framed, naked pussy, but she hadn't. She pulled the T-shirt neck to one side so that he could see the strap going over her shoulder. He'd also told her that all girls had to have their breasts covered to start with.

There were 8 girls in the competition. One by one they had to walk onto the stage where the MC would ask them their name, where they were from, and why they'd entered the competition. Then they had to dance for a couple of minutes before being sent off the stage.

Three of the girls were wearing ordinary bikinis. One was over-weight and looked horrible. Three more wore thong bikinis. All 3 had nice butts. Two of the thong girls took their tops off while they were dancing.

That left 1 other girl and Lucy. That other girl wore a slingshot as well, but there was one hell of a lot more material in hers. Her breasts were covered, as was her pubes.

All the girls had been stood at the back of the stage and Lucy had kept her T-shirt on until it was her turn. When it was she quickly wiped the T-shirt off and started walking over to the MC, adjusting the slingshot so that her nipples were covered.

The audience went crazy as Lucy stood at the front of the stage next to the MC. He spent a couple of minutes trying to get some quiet. All the time Lucy was stood there with her feet about a foot apart. I was well back in the audience and I could easily make out her clit sticking out. The guys at the front must have had a great view; and that view was getting captured on dozens of cameras. The flashes were almost non-stop.

Eventually the MC got some sort of control and started talking to Lucy. When he asked her name Lucy thrust her chest forward. This caused the little bit of material covering her nipples to slide off to the outside of her tits.

The MC lost control again, and the camera flashes went ballistic.

The MC lost it again when he asked Lucy why she'd entered the competition. Her reply was,

"Because I like people seeing my naked body."

As she was saying that she slid the straps off her shoulders and the whole slingshot dropped to the floor to ballistic camera flashes and deafening cheers.

The Nightclubs

We only went to a couple of these; the action in the bars was good enough for us. On the nights that we did go clubbing Lucy got dressed up. Well, it you could call totally see-through dresses dressed up.

The first club that we went to wasn't that nice, but there was one part of the night that Lucy enjoyed. They had a dancing competition where girls were invited onto the stage to dance. The competition was to see which girls would take the most clothes off. Lucy danced in just her dress until one of the other girls got down to just her thong, then Lucy dropped her dress and was the first girl to get totally naked.

Four other girls got naked as well, much to the delight of the crowd of mainly men watching.

Afterwards I suggested that Lucy have a part-time career as a stripper. Lucy's reply was,

"How would I go about starting that?"

The other club that we went to looked like a castle. It had a great foam area; dozens of people disappearing and coming out covered in the stuff. Of course Lucy wanted to go in, and when while there she took her dress off and got me to fuck her.

Three times while I was fucking her, people bumped into us. I don't think that they knew what we were doing.

Apart from the foam I didn't really like the place, there were too many fights going on and they got a bit too close to us for comfort.

The Hotel Pool

The hotel didn't have a big swimming pool, but it was popular particularly in the early evening. We liked to go there for early morning (ha!) swims and early evening relaxing before going out.

The pool bar was open while we were there on an evening. It was manned by a young man or a young girl. Neither seemed to be bothered by the lack of clothes on the girls, but I did see the barman having a word with one of the guys who'd dropped his shorts then dived into the pool.

The first time that we went there Lucy wore one of her nothing thongs; but when she realised that one or two other girls got naked, Lucy started walking to the pool totally naked, not even shoes.

It was usually a quick swim followed by some time on a sunbed, followed by another swim then back to our room to get showered and hair dried (Lucy).

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