The Crucible of Man
Chapter 5: I Walk Alone

Copyright© 2013 by Michael Erickston

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 5: I Walk Alone - The fate of Humanity rests in the hands of one inhuman assassin. This was inspired by the Iced Earth CDs "Framing Armageddon" and "The Crucible of Man", excellently written by Jon Shaffer. This is just my take on the tale itself.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Paranormal   Violent  

I gently woke her by kissing her sweet lips. Her eyes opened and she smiled. When she sat up, she asked why I wouldn't sleep with her at night.

"I do not sleep like humans do, dear one. I must also remain vigilant against those who would harm you."

"Ok. But when this is over, please sleep with me, and hold me in your arms?"

I smiled as my heart melted for her. "I will, my love."

She gave me her most radiant smile at that. I was now able to distinguish the love for her from the love for Jarielle. While they were the same in many respects, Sharon possessed qualities that Jarielle hadn't. Jarielle was Setian. She would have accepted the Crusade against Mankind, at first. Sharon wouldn't, had she been in our shoes. She would have fought for peace above all else.

We left after checking out and made Olympia in a few hours. It was easy to close my eyes and concentrate to find Hirielle. When she opened her door as we approached, she looked at me stoically.

"You know why we are here, Sister."

"Yes, Bazael. But what you want is not mine to give."

"That does not matter, Hirielle. You know what the missing piece of the Prophecy says, don't you?" I would not play games with her.

"I do, yes. It would change everything. Garhael was wise to shield our people from its knowledge." She asserted that our people would not be able to handle the truth.

"The Truth walks alone, Hirielle. You know this. It is a bitter fruit to bear sometimes, but it must always come out.

"Why, Brother? Why must it be known?"

"Because without it, more and more innocents will die. I will no longer allow that if there is another way. Sharon carries our son, the Redeemer. He will bring about either the end of Setian life, or peace between us and Mankind. Which will it be?" I grabbed her by the throat. "Tell me, woman!" I snarled.

Her hands went around my forearm as I squeezed her throat. Sharon touched me and I released her.

"My apologies, Sister. Please give us the key for the safety deposit box."

"She is the one who bears your child, Bazael?"

"Yes, and not even the Eye can kill her."

Hirielle laughed. "The Eye can kill anyone, Bazael."

"No, Hirielle, He cannot kill someone pure of soul and spirit."

"Then why did he not kill you?"

"Because if he killed me after the knowledge I bestowed upon him, he would then have to annihilate the Council."

"Just following Orders, Bazael?" She raised her eyebrow as she asked.


She nodded. "You know how to bend the truth until the ends touch."

"It is necessary sometimes, Hirielle. Now, the key if you please." I held out my hand, and it was not a request.

"Very well." She took the key out of her pocket and handed it to me. "I will report this to the Council."

"I know you will." I took the key and we went to leave.

"Wait, Bazael! Before you do this, think of the consequences!"

"I have, Hirielle. My conscience will be clear for the first time in twelve millenia, and so will the consciences of all other Order operatives. We were deceived by High Elder Garhael, and you knew of it. Instead of choosing the peaceful route as any selfrespecting Setian would, he chose the path of war. The Order of the Rose will finally be absolved."

Hirielle seemed to consider what I had said, but then drew a pistol from behind her and moved to aim it at Sharon.

I didn't even have to think. I crushed the pistol in her hand before she could take aim and fire. I then grabbed her by the throat again and lifted her off the ground.

"Hirielle, you are only still alive because of Sharon. If you were to so much as scratch her, I would tear your head from your neck!" I growled low in my throat.

"I will report this to Garhael, Heretic! You have thrown away your heritage and your people for this human whore!" Hirielle snarled at me, and I could no longer stand it.

"Forgive me, Hirielle. Forgive me, Sharon. I do what must be done." I squeezed, and Hirielle dropped her guise just before the life left her body, and she crumbled to ash in my hand. The enormity of my deed hit my soul like the Hammer of God, and I fell to my knees.

And once again, Sharon was there to hold me as I wept the tears of pain and sorrow that I had lost another old friend, traitor though she may have been.

I rose to my feet and wiped the tears away. I was ready once again to finish this.

I looked at Sharon and kissed her tenderly. "I am sorry for my actions, Sharon. I love you and will protect you until the end of my days."

"You did what was necessary, my love. She was twisted in her soul, and her heart held only vengeance." Sharon said in a different language. My eyes grew wide. I pushed her back to arms' length and looked into her eyes. I was searching. Searching for ... there!

"Jarielle, how is this possible?"

Sharon's mouth spoke, but Setian words emerged. "I am here, my love. Sharon Summers is here as well, and we now speak as one, for the moment. I know you love her as you loved me, my husband. I love you, and so does Brenael. She is your future now, darling. This is our goodbye." Tears fell from Sharon's eyes as Jarielle kissed me with her lips one last time.

"Goodbye, Jarielle. I love you, my wife. Goodbye." I spoke in Setian.

"We will always be in your hearts, Bazael. Our love will go with you and Sharon throughout the rest of your lives. Now she will be yours. Goodbye." Jarielle spoke and Sharon collapsed momentarily in my arms. When she blinked and looked at me, she cried and hugged me tightly. I held her close as she cried the tears of loss and love.

"I ... I heard her, Baz. I felt the love she has for you and me." Sharon was sobbing softly as she cried out her grief over our loss. It was no longer mine alone. Jarielle's soul had touched Sharon.

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