Texting Turns Her On

by harry lime

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Tess is a very naughty girl. She loves to send text messages, actually, sext messages to the boys at school. What she does not know is that they are sharing her photos just like they share all the other girls photos at school. Now she has a problem with one of her girlfriend's fathers who has a collection of her naked photos and is interested in getting more from her to beef up his collection.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   School   Nudism   .

All of Tess Thompson's schoolmates would certainly attest to the fact that pretty blonde, blued eyed young Tess was never without her pink pussycat mobile to flash out a crucial text message at just the right time. The eighteen year old schoolgirl generally carried a spare one hidden in her backpack just in case her means of communication was lost, confiscated, or ran out of battery charge. She remembered with great clarity that dreadful morning when had been without her mobile for almost two hours after her primary was taken from her by mean Mister Perkins.

There could be no doubt that she was absolutely shattered.

Tess had a very attentive and somewhat dimwitted boyfriend called Paddy who seldom was the person at the other end of her many daily messages. In fact, Paddy had an aversion to the devices because he was not very good at either entering the texting data or talking to unseen people about unimportant matters. Still, he remained the attractive girl's closest boyfriend because he had a cock that seldom let her down when she was in the mood for "up close and personal" attention and it helped matters that he was considered a "hunk" by most of the girls in her graduating class.

Also in his favor was the fact that he seldom made demands on her tender brown eye and she appreciated that most of all.

The vast majority of the time spent texting; Tess was gossiping with one of her many female friends sharing some of the latest news about social updates on friends and relatives. She also had a network of celebrity links that she liked to comment on and contact on a regular basis. It could range on anything as benign as a change in hair style to a semi-nude photo snapped inadvertently and sometimes accidently on purpose. Lately she had become enthused with a Vegan eating program and liked to post different recipes or recommend little Vegan snacks to keep one's interior spaces free of polluting chemicals and processed foods.

She had the distinct impression such things were yucky and turned one into a boring adult.

A new site that she liked to interact on was called "Hanging out". She had already accumulated over one hundred new internet friends whom she had never met in real life. They were mostly female but there were at least two dozen boys of her age who constantly bombarded her with double meaning comments and compliments urging her to send them more revealing photos of her body. It didn't bother her in the slightest because she enjoyed the attention it afforded her and she randomly selected young good-looking boys to send spicy photos of her tempting female parts. Usually, she kept them on the edge of nudity but with enough clothing to conceal her slit and her backside with a pretty thong and a bikini style bra on her boobs. In return, the boys would send her naughty photos of themselves showing their business outlined in speedo jockey shorts and no shirt at all. She sometimes masturbated in the privacy of the toilet at school looking at one of the photos. She figured that the boys were doing the exact same thing with her photos. Of course, her boyfriend Paddy had no idea she was doing anything of the kind.

What she didn't know was that one of the boys she was sexting quickly forwarded her photos to a collector of sorts who was creating a dossier on most the girls in the area. He was a very upstanding and well-respected pillar of the community with a loving wife and two teenage daughters of his own. He had an extensive collection but he made certain that all of the girls were of a legal age so he would not get into trouble for storing underage porn.

Mr. Willowbee was not a pervert in the true sense of the word. He was merely gathering content for his own enjoyment when his wife had a headache or was too tired to play any bedroom games of the naughty variety. Sometimes when he was really desperate, he would hire a "massage" lady willing to give him a "happy" ending and would spread the photos at the end of the massage table so he could see the girls while the woman took care of his needs.

Lately, when one of his daughters brought one of his "special album" model school chums home for reasons of studying or planning some sort of schoolgirl activity, he would make a beeline to his desk and turn to the pages containing all of the revealing photos of that particular young teenager. Of course, Mr. Willowbee made a strict rule of never engaging in any such foolishness unless the girl in questions was confirmed to be over the age of eighteen. He was exceedingly careful in that regard because of a recent "bust" in a nearby city of "perverts" with nude photos of underage girls on their computers. In his case, he never accepted any photos of such females because he was far too wise to get caught up in such nonsense.

It just so happened on a quiet Friday night, Tess accompanied his youngest daughter to their home for studying reading material on a special school project. Her name was Alice and she had recently turned eighteen with very little fanfare and no physical change in her personality or attitude.

The Willowbee's daughter Alice was a bit odd.

She liked to wear black lipstick and was hooked on the lyrics of bands that professed close relationships to creatures like Vampires and other dark horrors of the night. Her parents were used to hearing her depressingly loud music and her "doomsday" comments made with officious pronouncement like some appointed keeper of the gates of hell. Tess really liked her and she often wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl with black lipstick on her lips. It scared her a little but she liked the little shudder that ran down her spine wondering if the girl would bite her or make her do something nasty just like one of the bad boys she loved so much. Whenever any disaster struck with tragic results, she was the first to point out the photos of the corpses or the twisted wreckage of some automobile sitting forlornly at the side of a road.

They were in Alice's bedroom and both stretched across the small bed reading a magazine about some half-naked male vampires who kept a harem of female slaves for sexual favors and a ready supply of fresh blood. Mr. Willowbee was parked in the garage where he kept his "photo albums and stimulating reading material". He also had an assortment of erotic toys that he enjoyed looking at and touching but had never had the nerve to actually use on any of his fantasy girls. He had a large collection of Tess's photos spread in front of him showing her naked backside and her nipples held up for inspection. The close-ups were raw and sexy just the way Tess liked men to see her feminine secrets.

Up in Alice's bedroom, Tess had just discovered it was delightfully exciting to kiss black tinted lips.

She enjoyed pushing her inquisitive tongue into Alice's mouth with its recently pierced tongue just to see how much saliva the panting girl was holding inside her lips. Neither of them knew what they were doing but they were having a lot of fun doing it and before long Tess had managed to introduce her mischievous mouth down between Alice's trembling legs to the girl's noisy trembling joy. Probably the best part of the entire episode was that they both reveled in the sheer naughtiness of it and knew they were on the edge of sinful "something". They were both saved from their taste of the wild side by the knock on their door.

The father had gotten up the courage to interrupt their Sapphic interlude.

"It is just me, girls. Your mom went to the church, Alice, and she told me to order pizza. It is down in the kitchen. I will wait for you down there."

Tess guiltily pulled her expectant face away from the promised land of Alice's closely shaved pussy. Alice was confused because she was really into boy's cocks but didn't want to hurt her best friend's feelings if she really wanted to play with her business down there. They looked at each other in a new way each with their own thoughts. Then, they jumped down the stairs because pizza is not to be ignored in any circumstance, even that of illicit sex.

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