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Chapter 20: Media Circus

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 20: Media Circus - This is formally the third book of a trilogy. The first two parts are: "[K]itten and [T]eddybear" then "[K]&[T], LLC". Be assured, this is a complete work, not one in progress. The universe of the story is another matter. Many more stories are possible.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys  

Interlude: 25th Anniversary


What to say about the party, or should I call it the Fair? That's Mom's word for it. She made a point of taking me, later us, to the county fair every year. Living in the county seat makes that easy, but it was a big deal for her. When I was eight, she and Dad took us to the Meadowlands for the State Fair. I think it was Mom's first time, because she wanted to try everything. I was a third grader going, "This ain't nuttin'.", but it didn't dampen her enthusiasm. Mom has this incredible ability to live in the moment.

Anyway, you see the pictures, maybe some video from YouTube, but everyone says you had to be at the wedding fair to believe it. God knows enough people were there—and enough reporters covering them.

Saturday edition—Central New Jersey Beacon

Today is the day of the much anticipated wedding of local businessman Sean Richards and photo-image consultant Sheila Schwartz. The wedding will feature horse drawn carriages, handled by Amish drivers. Traffic along the route (see map inset) will be restricted from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM. For additional coverage, look for a special insert section in tomorrow's edition.

Saturday, 8:32 AM—Michael.Gordon@wsj.com

Winsome one,

I enjoyed last night immensely. The food was passé, but the company was superb.

Do you wish a ride to the parking area? I have a car and the taxi service will be flooded. In any event, I look forward to seeing you in a long dress. I think my tux looks quite dashing, so I can be your arm candy.


Saturday, 8:51 AM—Smithwin@Bloomberg.net


Sweet talker. Are you trying to sweep me off my feet? Comments like that will make me blush, behind my fan of course. That would be perfect for this never-to-be-sufficiently-damned dress. The costumer suggested a girdle, but I think an outright corset was more what is needed.

Considering my head this morning, you were a gentleman beyond the call. Thank you. You may pick me up at 2:00.


Saturday, 12:47 PM—wilsonrandall@uniquebride.com

The level of preparation is staggering, especially considering the four day time frame. This should give you the lay of the land.

At least an acre of the grounds is converted into a carnival sideshow. In the center is a genuine merry-go-round. Surrounding it are game booths, food booths, performer booths and makeup booths. Food will be cold, except for fresh baked bread and pastries, supplied by the Amish. One attraction is a large ice cream churn employing a vintage diesel motor. Drinks will be tea, lemonade and vintage soda.

On one flank is a toddler and infant care area, with changing and nursing areas and a petting zoo. On another side is an array of outdoor games suitable to the early 20th century: volleyball, badminton, horseshoes, croquet, quoits. I'm dying to see the quoits. I had to look it up. On the third side is the lake. Anchored a dozen feet offshore is a covered flatboat, where the ceremony will take place. Tied to the pier is a small fleet of paddle boats and canoes. Life preservers and safety measures are up to modern standards. Two former Coast Guard sailors are standing by for rescue, if necessary.

The final side is the house. An area has been leveled and covered with gravel. Many tables are set up. Each has fresh flowers and a sunshade. Between the house and this dining veranda is the outdoor dance area, which is the original patio for the Ballroom. As I write, the band is playing warm up songs. Their uniforms are in step with Music Director, Dr. Michael Foxworth. He is doing an impression of John Philip Sousa—in full costume, including facial hair and directorial style. It is an act he and various bands have performed for several years. Wedding photographer Justin Immons, of Immons Images, has four video cameras recording the performance, in addition to an antique glass plate camera and a Brownie box.

The ceremony will photographed from a preexisting gazebo. Mr. Immons has both digital and tape video cameras, a Nikon 853 and a Hasselblad film camera, which appears to be Mr. Immons personal favorite. A row of reflectors is set up near the water. These are angled so that at 6:00 PM they will illuminate the interior of the flatboat. In addition to the stationary reflectors, Mr. Immons has a targetable reflector available to use as a spotlight. No flash will be employed.

In the house, there are three principle breakdowns—entrance/gift deposit/bar, social lounges, ballroom. The foyer of the house will serve multiple functions. There is a cloak and hat room, which will be attended. In addition to the obvious, women may bring extra shoes for the ball. On the left, as guests enter, are tables for their gifts. To the right, closed during the arrivals, is the bar. When the ceremony begins, the gifts will be collected. During the reception and Ball, the staff will open them and prepare a card for signature. The gifts will be back on display as guests exit. The bar will serve whiskey and mixers, coffee and a homemade cream liqueur. The whiskey is American, distilled in an Irish style. Mr. Richards purchased a whole cask, which is in a cradle behind the bar.

There are three social rooms—the smoking lounge, the parlor and the library. The smoking room is intended for men, the parlor for women and the library for either. No smoking will be permitted in the house. The smoking lounge has a patio area, with standing height tables for ash trays and pipe rests. The parlor has several stuffed chairs and sofas. Tea and shortbread will be served. The library is exactly as the name indicates, though talking is permitted as no one will be studying.

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