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Chapter 10: Interference Pattern

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 10: Interference Pattern - This is formally the third book of a trilogy. The first two parts are: "[K]itten and [T]eddybear" then "[K]&[T], LLC". Be assured, this is a complete work, not one in progress. The universe of the story is another matter. Many more stories are possible.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys  

Interlude: 25th Anniversary


Whatever was said at the Press Conference, it had an immediate effect. There was a very high profile tour of the gym and neighborhood. Is there anything funnier than reporters reporting on other reporters? That was what happened. The gym only took up half the building then, so there was a lot of speculation to the back side. It was a discreet photo studio, run by someone named Cynthia.

Mom claims I am not named after her. If that is the case, why does my birth certificate say Cindy, not Cynthia? God, she's blushing. My mother is gifted at a lot of things, but she is a terrible liar.

Thursday, 2:17 PM ET–broadway.com/divawatch/martel

Rumor has it that Francine Martel has flown to LA. If so, she has returned. She has been spotted, being driven around her hometown by an attractive mid 20s brunette. Miz Martel hosted a bachelorette bash, at her restaurant The Crow's Nest, for Sheila Schwartz. She may be in town for the wedding, which is turning into quite an event.

Thursday, 4:11 PM ET—costellof.centraljerseybeacon@clearwire.net


Holy flailing penitent, Batman. I have seen the light and I am blind.

Richards Enterprises had a press conference for a very select group. The others included Mike Gordon from WSJ. I was easily the junior person in the room. They did not hide Sheila Schwartz; she did the presentation. They did not tap dance around Mistress Cynthia; they led with it. I can clear up some long time mysteries, but almost all of this is closely held.

A lot of my supposition was confirmed. Schwartz did rent to Mistress Cynthia under the table. She was also a client—may still be. No one saw Cynthia coming and going because they look a lot alike from a distance. They played on the resemblance as a security measure. The hair is almost dead on the same. Check every pic we have on Schwartz as an adult. Her hair is up.

The whole thing of red lipstick on red flesh is confirmed. Schwartz pulled the necessary image from an auto-digital camera. I have two shots. You have seen one—the cover of that catalog. The other is the long shot it was taken from, with some muscle types blurred out. Finding the cover shot in this wide field takes skill. Evidently it has already made the rounds at the nose bleed level. Richards set up a new division because a potential client expects to deal with a VP. The Bear is known for moving quickly when it suits him, but a whole division for one person may be a new record.

Having seen her give the presentation, I have to say that How Jones is an idiot. This woman has Boardroom written all over her. She dressed down—she did not change for the tour of XTreme Fitness—but the attitude was purely professional. I have talked to other members of the property group. They are 100% in agreement. She may have kept a low profile, for now obvious reasons, but she radiates class and authority. She and Richards also make a fantastic tag team.

Attached are photos of the gym and the studio behind. I have seen a pic of the studio ready for use. Only the equipment is gone. The camera mounts are still in the ceiling and the restraint rings are still on the wall. That said, now that it's empty, it looks pretty harmless.

Get one of the women to do a profile on Claudia Johnson, XTreme Fitness' local manager. She's black, but does not lean on the ethnicity. Her gym is successful and about to expand. It should be good for a think piece.

On a personal note. Mike Gordon told Howard that, "How Jones was not good enough for Dow Jones." At least ten recorders and half a dozen cameras caught it. Howard looked like a bass ready to be gutted.

Thursday 4:37 PM ET—janice.springer@coxandhart.com


I just toured the studio where Sheila Schwartz did her work. It may be hard to believe, but she was working for a dominatrix, doing business as Mistress Cynthia. Schwartz owns the whole building. The gym only rented half of it, initially at least, so she needed a tenant for the back half. If you know how to look, it is obvious that the place was set up for bondage, but nothing that you could take to court.

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