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Chapter 3: Security Concerns

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 3: Security Concerns - This is formally the third book of a trilogy. The first two parts are: "[K]itten and [T]eddybear" then "[K]&[T], LLC". Be assured, this is a complete work, not one in progress. The universe of the story is another matter. Many more stories are possible.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys  

Interlude: 25th Anniversary


The horse and buggy caravan had one helpful aspect. It focused attention on the preparations. Once again, owning the caterer proved useful. Dad went to work on Thursday prepared to do damage control. Instead, most of the reporters wanted to talk to the Events people. Jeff Winston appeared on the morning shows, since Mom would not even consider it. Rick Williams made the media contacts that started his career in politics.


If I were to choose a really unusual day out of my life, much of that two weeks would qualify, but Wednesday before the wedding stands out. Getting calls from Hollywood heavyweights is unusual enough, but launching new divisions—with no people in them—is downright strange. That does not even count the Amish or the fact that I had a circus growing on the lawn. By the time Sheila came home, I was ready to leave for some fresh air.

Naturally I could not do it quite that quickly. I met Sheila at her car and gave her a big hug. I told her that I was going crazy and felt like a drive. Sheila said that she felt like dressing up for dinner, but not in New York. There were three or four places in Trenton, or just across the state line, that fit that description, plus there are some five star places in downtown Philadelphia. I asked for a cuisine and she said surprise me. The Lotus Blossom would do just fine.

I led Sheila out to meet the Amish. Without my asking, she faded back a step. I introduced her to the two Elders Neufeld. Sheila nodded politely. Evaine came up. Sheila spoke quietly with her for a moment, then indicated she was done for the moment. I thanked the Elders for their time and said that I would be more available the next day. Elder Josiah told me that Sheila seemed plain. Among the Amish this is praise. I said that she was many things—at need.

We went into the house through the front entrance. Sheila nodded at several things, but made no comments. In the Foyer, where the bar was set up, Sheila inquired about the small keg rack. I told her that this was for a keg of Irish style whiskey. She just nodded. Something was on her mind.

We went up to the bedroom. Sheila immediately threw off her workout clothes. While I had seen her in them several times, this was the first where I sensed distaste. Add that to a request for a dressy restaurant and you get a sense of lingering dirt. Who or what had made Sheila feel sleazy? It was at that point that I noticed that Sheila was wearing her corset. The strings were loose, but I could fix that for now.

I told Sheila to grab a door frame. I carefully drew her already tiny waist even smaller. Then I put my hands to her waist and lifted her. I finally had her attention. It was only a few steps to my desk, which had a chair pulled out. I carried her there and stuck my foot on the chair. Not giving her time to anticipate me, I lowered Sheila to my knee and put my hand on on her upper back to keep her there. My other hand roughly shoved her panties down, then gave her three good swats on each cheek. Sheila never made a sound. When I set her on her feet, she winked at me. I will never understand this woman.

I told Sheila that I had chosen oriental dining and inquired how familiar she was. She was very unfamiliar. When I thought about it, that made sense. There is not a decent oriental restaurant within 30 miles. We have to make do with buffet joints that will cook to order. Sheila would prefer properly done simple food to that sort of thing. I said that we would be kneeling on cushions, so dress appropriately. It was at that point that we were told that the Amish had made the six o'clock news nationwide. It was probably a good thing that we were going out.

The drive to Philadelphia is not long in miles, but substantial in aggravation. This was one of the reasons I was letting George do the work. It also gave me a chance to chance to talk to Sheila. I just hoped she was ready to talk to me. If nothing else, I could be a warm body to lean against. Maybe teddy bear was not the worst job in the world.

Besides, I had not had good sushi in weeks.


No one ever told me that life would be fair. I never stopped hoping for an occasional small justice, but generally my hope has been disappointed. That was why it was so fulfilling to see Sean wrap his whole being around Sheila. Spying on Sean is an old habit of mine, dating to early childhood. When he noticed me watching, he usually winked, so avoiding the wink became a game. The habits have stood me well in academia, where observation is critical.

Sheila was melancholy. She tried hard not to show it, but the evidence was clear. Lord knows she had good reason. The changes in her life were daunting. Whole phases were being forcibly shut down. To be sure, other, better phases were opening up, but that was the future. Sheila was mourning her past, indeed her whole life. I heard her tell Sean that she wanted to dress for dinner. That fit perfectly.

I was a bit at a loss. On one hand, the house was familiar ground, but the familiarity was years out of date. It was time to gather information, which meant doing the dance with Gerald. The thought made me smile. Dancing with Gerald was not nearly as scary as it once had been. In fact, rather than dance around security, I was willing to partner with him. I pulled out my phone.

To give him his due, Gerald did not ask the obvious question, which was why I wanted to know about Sheila's recent movements. He simply gave me a status report. I then informed him that I intended to invade her space a little, starting with the bags she had left in the car. Gerald's only reply was, "Yes, ma'am."

Next, I found Mitchell. I asked for the best he could provide as a lady's maid. Like Gerald, this came as no surprise. I told him to round up all of Sheila's clothing, except her costumes, and get them cleaned and pressed. What is the point of having on-site services, if you never use them? Then, I went in Sean's sanctum sanctorum. As I expected, Sean had turned Mother's boudoir into a guy pad, with no thought for the new female in his life.

I may not be a debutant, but I can hum the tune. Mother had acres of closet space somewhere. I just needed to find it. Sure enough, the walk in closet-and-powder was being used for storage. There were racks for 200 pairs of shoes—and no shoes in them. Once again I contacted Mitchell and Gerald. Mitchell would get the space cleared. Gerald's people knew where Sheila's shoe collection had been dropped.

Once that project was underway, I went to find Evaine. Since she was going to be with the Amish, I gave my clothing a minute of thought. Weird, huh? I was not going to wear a dress or skirt, so work clothes were probably my best option. Other than the fancy things from Elizabeth, my clothes were intentionally damaged. The top I was wearing was the plainest piece I had. My hair I could put up easily enough. Funny. For once, I think about how I look, but I find nothing to fix. Almost nothing.

I needed a man for this negotiation, so I had Mitchell accompany me. The Amish were located in the front corner of the property, opposite the lake. There were several tents put out, the largest was being used as a stable. All of the horses had been unhooked from the buggies. Several boys were removing tack and currying the horses. The young men were unloading luggage and other personal items. Things looked as propitious as they were likely to get.

I nodded to Mitchell. He sought out a ranking man to make introductions. I was introduced as the land owners younger sister, which produced several nods. Mitchell then said that I was overseeing the preparations for the wedding. More nods. Then he requested that I be introduced to the senior wives. Naturally, they were standing right in front of me, but forms must be served. Mother Lapp was introduced. I said that I wished to conduct them around the house and grounds. More nods. I suggested bringing a couple of boys to serve as runners. This met with not only nods, but a shred of approval.

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