See Emily Play

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Emily is on Chatroulette, telling some random stranger all about her holiday with cousins in Cape Cod. She's either got a wild imagination, or had a lot more sex than I did at 15.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cousins   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Size   .

Hey there, my name's Emily, I've just got back from holiday, the best holiday ever, hang on a sec mum's coming up stairs, better shut the door.

OK back now, yeah, just been on holiday, Cape Cod, it's in America, oh yeah, you'll know that won't you, where you from? New York, oh wow I'd love to go to New York. Cape Cod was nice though, dead posh with lots of big fancy houses. We stayed with mum's cousin, they'd got a house so big that we had like three bedrooms to choose from, I got one in the attic, with my own bathroom and everything. And they had this huge garden that had loads of trees in, and a swimming pool, and just across the road was the beach. Anyway you don't want to know about that do you.

So right, one day I was on the beach with a couple of cousins, Brad and Jenna, and some of their friends. Brad was a real hunk, 17 years old with a 6-pack, lush, Jenna is 16, a year older than me, she's got real nice boobs, I'm still pretty flat, I wish I had boobs, look, just rubbish little bumps. Their friends were mostly around our ages, with one or two older guys. It was like 4 girls and 8 guys, we had a barbecue and beer and music, it was pretty wild.

Jenna went off with a couple of the guys, I followed behind, she went to a sheltered cove, so I climbed up on the rocks to watch. The guys took their shorts off, showing their cocks, I could see them clearly, Jenna started to suck the guy on the left, then the guy on the right, his cock was much bigger than the other guy. I moved to see if I could get a closer look and one of the boys saw me, he called me down.

Jenna pulled me closer and told me to suck the big guy off, I said I'd never done it before, so she showed me. I could hardly fit him in, it was like sucking a red bull can, he pushed it in and I was nearly sick, but I breathed through my nose and was OK. I did what Jenna said, sucked him off whilst I tickled the head as best I could with my tongue, suddenly he grabbed my head and started to pump and then he started to grunt and suddenly he came, shooting his stuff down my neck, I started to choke a little and had to pull away from him, I was a good girl though and didn't spit any out.

Jenna finished the other guy off, then she gave me a can of beer from her bag, it took the sickly taste away. Jenna kissed me, it shocked me a little, she kissed me like she was kissing a boy, proper open mouth and tongues. Then she undid my bikini top and took my shorts off, I was naked then and she pushed me down in the sand kissing my little tits, I was all flustered cos I didn't really know what was going on, why was she doing this when there was two boys standing around wanking at us.

Next she started on my pussy, this was just wild, no-one had ever been there before, apart from my fingers and a hairbrush, and as soon as she kissed my little clit I was gone, an orgasm just came from nowhere and I was screaming and kicking the sand, it got even better when she put two fingers in my pussy, I came again and again.

The boys must have gotten bored, because the big guy came round and without even asking he started to fuck Jenna, just stood behind her and pushed his fat cock between her legs, she stopped doing me for a while as she savoured his cock, then she started again for a minute while she wanked the other boy, then she told him to fuck me.

I was a little worried, I'd never had a boy before, but I was all hyped up, and buzzing from the beer and Jenna's sex. The boy lay on top of me and just pushed his cock in. He bounced on me for a few minutes, it felt OK but he was thinner than Jenna's fingers so I didn't feel too much, then he shuddered and grunted and I felt some come squirt in me, then he rolled off.

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