by Joe Buckworth

Copyright© 2013 by Joe Buckworth

Erotica Sex Story: For the past five summers 15 yr old Jimmy has lived and trained with his 29 yr old Aunt Tracy, a former All-American soccer player. This summer they both notice a marked improvement in his skills on the field. Tracy has ideas about finding out how his skills are in other areas.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Oral Sex   .

Jimmy woke up at 6 am on that August morning as happy as ever. His life was almost perfect. All his hard work this summer was going to result in him being the star of his high school soccer team, and he had Aunt Tracy to thank for it. This was the third of four weeks that he was spending at her house training for the start of the season. His aunt was a former college All-American soccer player and the coach of the girl's high school state championship team. Jimmy lived about two hours away and for the last five summers he spent four weeks with his aunt honing his skills. They had two practices a day, 7 – 9 am and 2 – 4 pm, six days a week. In between he would relax and swim in her pool, read, play video games and do whatever else high school boys did, including jerking off thinking about his aunt.

Tracy was 29 years old, 5'8', 130 lbs., had medium blonde hair, big boobs and an ass to die for. He saw her every day in her bikini and kept thinking about what she looked like naked. He had never seen a woman naked before. In fact, he had never even seen bare breasts before. He tried every chance he could to catch a glimpse of her changing into her bathing suit or to sneak a peek when she got out of the shower, but to no avail. Still, he wasn't about to give up

Tracy woke up with her pussy on fire. She had to masturbate before she could get out of bed. All she could think about was fucking Jimmy and sucking his 15-year-old dick. "What's wrong with me?" she thought. "He's my nephew!" She couldn't get over how much he'd grown since she last saw him in March. He was now taller than her and had a tight muscular ass. When they were at her pool she had all she could do to keep her hands off him. But that was going to end. She made up her mind while coming down from her orgasm that today would be the day that she would make him a man.

After a light breakfast they packed the cooler and drove to the nearby middle school. They had a nice field with a soccer goal set up. Tracy liked the middle school, as there was never anyone around. They could concentrate on their practices without interruptions.

When they arrived she parked her small SUV in the corner of the parking lot that was in the shade. The temperature was going to get up to 95 today so she parked right next to the woods.

The final part of the two-hour practice was taking shots at the goal. Tracy was playing goalie and lunged to her right trying to make a diving stop. The pain in her right thigh, the ball brushing off her finger tips and Jimmy screaming "Goal!" all seemed to occur at the same instant. She rolled on the ground clutching her leg.

"Are you all right Aunt Tracy?" Jimmy yelled as he ran over to her.

She sat up and rubbed her thigh. "I think I pulled a muscle." Tracy groaned. "Help me up."

Jimmy put her left arm around his neck and his right arm slid around her waist for support. When his fingers touched her bare flesh of her waist, the shock went right to his dick. He could feel himself getting hard as they made their way to the car. He opened the hatchback and she sat down.

"Get me some ice from the cooler. I want to rub it on my leg."

Tracy tried using one hand, then two. The leg really hurt and she was off balance sitting up. "I have an idea." She pulled the blanket from behind her and made a pillow. She lay down in the back with her head on the blanket and slid down the back so that from the knees down, her legs were hanging over the edge. As she did her shorts rode up and the crotch of her panties was visible. Jimmy couldn't help but stare.

"Jim, take some ice and rub my thigh."

He managed to tear his eyes away from her underwear and got the ice from the cooler. Tracy jumped when it touched her skin. "Not too hard, it hurts!"

After about five minutes of ice, Tracy leaned up on her elbows. Jimmy was still staring at her crotch and his erection was pushing out his shorts

"Jimmy, dry my leg with the towel." Tracy whispered. "Now, just massage my thigh."

Still dazed, Jimmy did as he was told. After a minute Tracy said, "Rub higher." His hands went up and reached the edge of her panties. She was starting to get wet. Tracy raised her hips and held her shorts away from her body. Jimmy had an unobstructed view of her panty-clad pussy. His eyes got wide and he stopped the massage.


"Are you su ... sure?" he stammered.

"I'm sure." she sighed, "Please."

Jimmy's fingers started rubbing the damp panties. He felt like his dick was going to explode. Tracy's hips started to rock and a small moan escaped her lips. She grabbed the edge of her panties and pulled them away from her overheated cunt. Jimmy was staring at his first pussy. She took his hand and put it on her clit. "Rub here." She said as her hips picked up speed. She started to rub her tits through her t-shirt and her moaning was louder. She was getting close.

"Stick your fingers in! Fuck me with your fingers!" Tracy yelled. As soon as Jimmy's fingers went in Tracy came.

"Oh God! Keep going!" she managed in between breaths.

Jimmy kept fingering her and Tracy kept coming. Finally her hips slowed their frantic jerking and Jimmy removed his fingers. He couldn't help smelling them. The musky scent kept his dick twitching. Tracy had recovered enough to sit up.

"What's this?" she giggled as she grabbed his dick through his shorts and began to rub. Jimmy couldn't get out any answer. Tracy pulled down his shorts and jock strap to his knees. She leaned forward and put his thin 6-inch cock in her mouth. It felt so good that she could sense her juices starting to flow again. Jimmy was in a trance. All he had hoped for was to see her naked. This was beyond anything that he had imagined. With a slow but steady rhythm she put his whole dick in her mouth and then came back up until her lips were almost off. Up and down she went until he started to moan. Soon after she started to massage his balls, he felt his hot come starting to rise. "I'm coming!" he screamed as Tracy tightened her lips and continued to massage and suck. She took the whole load without spilling a drop.

Jimmy almost passed out. Spurt after spurt, grunt after grunt, still Tracy wouldn't let go. Finally, Jimmy was so weak that he leaned forward over Tracy and put his hands on the hatchback floor. As he did this his hips moved back and his dick popped out of her mouth. Tracy wrapped her hands around his legs while his dick rested against her cheek.

"Aunt Tracy," he mumbled while trying to catch his breath, "You're out of control!"

"Did you like it?"

"Like it? It was awesome! I thought it felt good jerkin' off, but it's nothing like that!"

With a twinkle in her eye, Tracy said, "Let's do something better. Do you want to fuck me?"

"You'd let me do that?" Jimmy gasped as he stood up.

"Of course honey. I want you to lose your virginity with me."

Tracy hopped out of the car and quickly removed her clothes. As she took off her sports bra her large breasts bounced. After freeing them from a morning of captivity, Tracy massaged them, paying special attention to her nipples. Jimmy heard her sharp intake of breath as she pinched one, then the other. Each one stood out prominently as she continued her assault. Jimmy was frozen in place as Tracy climbed into the hatchback. Jimmy started to stroke his dick as she crawled in giving him a perfect rear view of her swollen wet cunt.

Jimmy was awakened from his stupor when Tracy said, "Don't stand there jerking off, get in here and fuck me."

Jimmy nearly dove into the car at her request. Tracy was on her back with her feet on the floor and her knees opened wide. Her pink swollen pussy lips, which extended outside of her cunt was the most inviting thing Jimmy had ever seen. As he climbed in between her legs Tracy reached down a grabbed his throbbing cock.

"Not so fast," she purred. She rubbed his cock head up and down the outside of her pussy. "Put it in slowly, then suck my tits."

Jimmy always was a quick learner. After a minute he matched the rhythm of Tracy's hips. They both started to make noise as the pace quickened.

"Bite my nipples a little." Tracy gasped.

As he did she started to move faster and the tone of her moans got higher and louder. Jimmy couldn't take much more. As if she was reading his mind, Tracy said, "Come with me!" and she bucked even harder. Jimmy screamed as he shot his load into her hot cunt. He kept pumping until the exquisite pain in the head of his cock was too much to take. He slumped on top of her as they both gulped for air.

As she wrapped her arms around him and held him she whispered, "I always knew you could score."

On the drive back to the house Jimmy was silent. Tracy could see the confused look on his face. He had just lost his virginity, which was fabulous, but he had lost it to his aunt. Tracy gently put her hand on his thigh and gave him a smile.

"This morning was one of the most special days in my life," she told Jimmy.

"It was?"

"Yes." She began rubbing his thigh. "You are my favorite nephew and I have very special feelings about you. I decided to do something for you that only happens once in a person's life, something that you'll never forget. I wanted to be the person that you will always remember."

"Oh Aunt Tracy! I could never forget you! You're so beautiful. That was the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me."

Jimmy looked into Tracy's eyes with a combination of adoration and puppy love. He was the luckiest boy on earth. Not only was Tracy making him into the star of his soccer team, but she had made a man out of him as well. His fantasies about seeing her naked had been nothing compared to the real thing. Her body was so tight! There wasn't an ounce of fat anywhere. He couldn't wait to get another look. At least he hoped that there would be another look. What if this morning was the only time!

Just them Jimmy felt Tracy's hand slide higher up his leg. Jimmy relaxed and opened his thighs to give her access to his genitals. When her hand found his dick it was hard for the third time that day. God, it felt good. He was beginning to feel that familiar pressure in his balls when they pulled into the driveway. Tracy gave his dick a final squeeze, and with a mischievous smile she said, "Let's take a shower!"

There was a double shower stall in the master bedroom. It was big enough to have a seat along the side opposite the showerhead. Jimmy was now on that seat gasping for breath as Tracy knelt between his legs, her mouth sliding up and down his prick. The warm water ricocheted off her shoulders, providing a soothing mist on Jimmy's face.

"Thank God I came twice already," he thought. "I don't want this to stop."

Tracy didn't want it to stop either. She couldn't get enough of his dick. She'd sucked bigger cocks, but there was something about the forbidden nature of this one that was turning her into a wild woman. She had already had a mini-orgasm just by pressing her thighs together while fisting his engorged flesh and rubbing the head over her face. She needed relief again, but didn't wasn't to fuck Jimmy in here. That would come later.

Jimmy gave a disappointing groan as Tracy stood up and relinquished her vise-like grip. She could see his prick bouncing as the blood throbbed rhythmically through his shaft. She urged him off the seat and whispered, "My turn," in his ear. She sat down and spread her thighs wide, pulling her pussy lip apart, her clitoris and open vagina clearly visible. Jimmy was almost hyperventilating at the sight. It was one thing to see Tracy's pussy in the car, her panties pulled aside. Here in the shower, the wanton exposure of her most private area was almost too much for him to take.

Jimmy kept staring until Tracy said, "Eat me!" He got down on his knees, his face drawn to the dripping pussy. He stuck his tongue in the open hole as far as it would go. He wiggled it side to side and up and down until Tracy thought it was a writhing snake. He could hear her moans over the sound of the water pounding on the back of his head. He kept this up until his tongue ached. He pulled it out and licked her swollen clit. That did it for Tracy. She thrust her hips off the seat and she clamped Jimmy's head with her thighs. Her hands pulled his head even tighter against her nub, refusing to let his tongue escape. Her hips bucked in response to each lick, her orgasm exploding throughout her body.

Tracy finally released him, her hands returning to support herself on the seat.

"Oh ... my ... God!" was all she could say.

They finished their shower together by actually helping each other get clean. They laughed and joked as they washed. When they were finished they threw on t-shirts and shorts and had lunch in the kitchen. They talked about that morning's practice, with Tracy giving Jimmy a coach's appraisal, not a lover's. As they finished, Tracy got a serious look on her face.

"We need to talk about what happened this morning and in the shower."

Jimmy's eyes grew wide and concern was evident on his fifteen-year-old countenance. In a panicked voice he asked, "Did I do anything wrong?"

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