C.H.S Sexual Development Curriculum

by Sevispac

Copyright© 2013 by Sevispac

Coming of Age Sex Story: Central High School has implemented a new career track to prepare students for exciting careers in the sex industry. Only the most attractive and horniest applicants will be selected.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Spanking   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   School   Prostitution   Nudism   .

Central High School offers a comprehensive program of vocational training designed to prepare our students for the many wonderful opportunities and careers in the sex industry. In addition to a four-year program leading to a high school diploma in sexual promiscuity, we also offer a number of electives open to all students.

Due to the high demand for these classes, admission is restricted to those students able to achieve the highest competitive scores on assessments of personal attractiveness (especially beauty and sex appeal for girls), natural talent, and motivation to participate in sexual activities (aka horniness). Final evaluation will be based on interviews, submissions, and live demonstrations by students.

This curriculum is tightly integrated with the Girl's Enhancement Program (GEP), aka Naked in School. Successful completion of GEP is required to receive this and all other high school diplomas.

Although core classes in high school subjects such as Math, English, and History are integrated into Sex Tech, the sexual performance requirements have priority and can be used as substitutes for failure in traditional subjects. Award of diploma is solely dependent on successful completion of all sexual requirements.

Kids admitted to the Sexual Development Program will receive special privileges not available to other students. They will have access to alcohol and cigarettes during school hours and will be permitted to cut classes as long as they maintain satisfactory sexual performance. They are exempt from all disciplinary procedures except for spanking.

Exceptionally gifted young ladies from grades 7 and 8 may volunteer to be advanced grade levels to participate in this curriculum. Permission is required from at least one parent, as is certification by Middle School councilors of the student's physical and psychological readiness for sex.

Discipline in Sex Tech

Corporal punishment virtually disappeared from American classrooms in the late 20th century, much to the detriment of orderly scholarship. The GEP is proud to reintroduce this practice with an overtly sexual theme.

Sex Tech girls are required to submit to disciplinary spanking. This form of punishment provides the following advantages:

As a threat it serves to enhance submissiveness of Sex Tech girls. Because it is applied arbitrarily and inconsistently by powerful authorities, students are constantly insecure about their behavior and become conditioned to submit to all assertive males. This is also very helpful to boys who are learning to dominate these same girls.

Spankings humiliate their subjects. Girls not already nude are required to bare their bottoms to public view. Most dissolve in tears before a single blow is struck. It's instructive to on-lookers to see a defiant truant become a frightened supplicant begging for mercy and promising to do whatever is demanded of her. Often this reaction takes place before the girl is even touched, but if the subject remains defiant the spanking can be prolonged until abject submission is attained.

Spankings often create sexual situations. The authority figure greatly enjoys the process. On-lookers also enjoy a mildly erotic spectacle. Even the victim often experiences sexual stimulation, sometimes even to the point of orgasm (greatly enhancing everyone's enjoyment, ) particularly if the fingers are used to caress the vulva during each blow. It's also helpful to conclude the punishment with light kisses on the bottom and sometimes a fond lick of the clitoris. Unfortunately, spanking can have the perverse effect of reinforcing the bad behavior by delinquents who enjoy the result. If this manifests itself in harmless 'naughty girl' behavior it can be a pleasant and even enjoyable game, but if the behavior becomes intolerable it may be necessary to prohibit further spankings and substitute an alternative corporal punishment.

Sex Tech Career Tracks


- Street-walking

- Call girl

- Bordello

- Free-lance

- Web Site Solicitation


- Cinema and Multimedia

- Journalism

- Creative Writing

- Recruiting

- On-line Porn

Sex Tech Electives

Class Title: Remedial Public Nudity

Credit Hours: 3

Class/Age: Freshman/14. See waiver option.

Qualifications: Weight requirements and attractiveness

Pre-requisites: None. Temporarily substitutes for NIS until completion.

Course Description: Lose your inhibitions about displaying your body in public. Starting gently in class and progressing to streaking in hallways and through other classrooms, you will soon find yourself nude in public on your way to and from school. Next we'll teach you how to accentuate your physical beauty and display it to your best advantage. Enhance your eyes, hair, legs, derriere, tits, and pussy. Learn how to flash it or flaunt it as the occasion demands. You'll soon realize how beautiful your smile can be when it's the only thing you're wearing. You'll experience the thrill of discovering nude photos of yourself prominently displayed in school and on the web. Many of our students also enjoy being recognized in public places and asked to autograph their nude photos for their fans.

Labs: Classroom and lab work are tightly integrated.

Completion Requirements: Spend a minimum of 16 hours naked in public venues selected by your instructor. Submit corroborating documentation in the form of photographs, videos, or affidavits from satisfied witnesses. Extra credit is provided for public sexual activities.

Class Title: Remedial Virginity

Credit Hours: 2

Class/Age: Freshman/14 and up

Qualifications: Virginity

Pre-requisites: N/A

Course Description: Experience the ecstasy of sex in a safe, classroom setting. Your peers will help you overcome the inhibitions keeping you from achieving from your full sexual potential. Public intercourse is required, and extra credit is given for multiple partners, enthusiastic orgasms, and sex in public outside the classroom.

Labs: Lab credit is given for hands on sexual practices.

Completion Requirements: Loss of virginity

Class Title: Sexuality and Masturbation

Credit Hours: 8

Class/Age: Freshman/14

Qualifications: None

Pre-requisites: N/A

Course Description: This class is part of the standard school curriculum, but for students in Sex Tech it is condensed and compulsory in the first semester of the freshman year rather than being taken at the student's discretion over four semesters. A grade below 'B' will result in expulsion from the Sex Tech program. Students will demonstrate proficiency in all sexual practices including masturbation, the three types of intercourse, and the ability to satisfy multiple partners simultaneously.

Labs: Three sessions every week are dedicated to classroom sexual activity directed by the instructor.

Completion Requirements: Students are required to demonstrate their mastery of all sexual acts and positions during the full week of finals in class.

Class Title: The Art of Seduction

Credit Hours: 4

Class/Age: Freshman/14

Qualifications: Written recommendation from at least one current or former lover

Pre-requisites: NIS or Remedial Public Nudity, Remedial Virginity

Course Description: This is a comprehensive course of instruction on how to seduce the object of your desire, including siblings, parents, and underage acquaintances along with more conventional partners. After the first four weeks of instruction, students will be expected to put their learning into practice on a new object of their desire.

Labs: One hour of lab credit will be given for each new lover seduced during the semester.

Completion Requirements: Demonstration of the ability to seduce new lovers. Grades will be based on the number of conquests adjusted for difficulty, e.g., clergy, family members, or happily married adults.

Class Title: Diction

Credit Hours: 2

Class/Age: Freshman/14 and up

Qualifications: NA

Pre-requisites: Freshman English

Course Description: Improve your vocabulary in your daily life. Learn the proper use of sexually suggestive language (how to talk dirty). In addition to enriching your vocabulary with sexually explicit terms like Pussy, Cock, and most important of all, Fuck, this class teaches girls to reevaluate words they currently use. 'Slut', for example, is a compliment used to recognize a young lady's sexual promiscuity; 'Whore' is an aspirational goal enhancing a girl's self esteem based on the monetary value or her pussy, even if she chooses to sell it just for fun. Conversely words like 'Maiden' and 'Virgin' are disdained as naiveté and inexperience and can be thwarted by bold sexual adventure.

Labs: NA

Completion Requirements: Continuous evaluation of verbal progress both in and outside of class. Final examination on oral skills including vocabulary.

Class Title: Deportment

Credit Hours: 3

Class/Age: Sophomore/15 and up

Qualifications: Girls will provide their own accessories including platform shoes, thong underwear, and slutty clothing

Pre-requisites: NIS or Remedial Public Nudity

Course Description: Make sure that your sexual development is noticed by those you would like to seduce. Learn the art of flirting and how to develop flirtation into anything from a lasting relationship to a meaningless one-night stand. Girls will learn to become bimbos though use of heavy makeup; slutty outfits; teased and dyed hair, tongue, nipple, and pussy piercings, and an intense focus on being 'girly'. Grades in all classes outside of the sex tech program will be waived in the interest of dumbing girls down, and they will be expected to speak in high voices without using words of more than two syllables.

Labs: Girls will complete a program of bar hopping to pick up guys for casual sex.

Completion Requirements: A minimum of six signed statements from satisfied lovers attesting to the student's sexual performance.

Class Title: Artificial Sexual Enhancement

Credit Hours: 5

Class/Age: Sophomore-Junior/15 and up

Qualifications: Strict weight and beauty standards with emphasis on feminine body shape. Girls only.

Pre-requisites: NIS or Remedial Public Nudity

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