You Gotta Love Hunting

by Wytchfinder

Copyright© 2013 by Wytchfinder

Horror Sex Story: A story about using a cute young girl as bait, and how the cougar rug came into my living room. Bloody, and terrifying, this story is not for the faint of heart.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Rape   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   BDSM   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   White Female   First   Anal Sex   Violent   Nudism   .

I mean sitting out in the wilderness with a cocked crossbow a bottle of Jamison and a dozen bolts waiting for the prey to come to the bait. Boring hours go by as you await the coming evening in your concealed little pit, listening to the forest sounds of chirping birds and noisy squirrels. The bait provides some distraction, as she makes moaning noises from time to time, and struggles to pull the chain away from her neck, but the noise she is making will hopefully attract the mother cougar's attention, and make her want to investigate.

The bait is struggling with her handcuffs now and trying to spit out the ball gag. Patiently I watch her urinate, then defecate, all the while keeping an eye out for the huge mama cougar that will hopefully show up, and take my bait. The bait is rather small this time. Barely eighteen, 97 pounds and four foot eleven, but she is all woman, with large breasts, and a tiny waist, good legs muscular rather than fat, and a shock of long blond hair that swirls about a cute perky face enticingly. I had picked her out months earlier from a school play I had seen, then tempted her with a Hollywood contract. She went willingly to my cabin She had a really tight little pussy, all shaved and neat when I raped her. She put up a strong fight that first time. I don't think she had ever been fucked before. Fucking her in her cunt was rewarding, but it was when I stabbed my ten inches into her rectum that she really performed, screaming and jerking about until I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load into that curvy little body. For the next two days I fucked that woman in every hole, and whipped her breasts until they bled. She was totally broken by then ... I gave her an injection that knocked her out, cuffed her, locked a ten foot chain around that slender neck, and carried her on my back into these woods. She had awakened while I was lying concealed in my pit. Obviously she had no idea as to why she was chained this way and then left alone, naked, and quite helpless. She tried yanking on the chain, then with her hands behind her back securely cuffed, and a ball gag in her mouth she simply sat down and cried, big tears rolling out of those startling big blue eyes and rolling down her cheeks. She knew somehow that she was going to die here. Thirsty and terrified she was giving off those wonderful female phrenomes that I hoped would draw in the prey.

I had put her down where Mama cougar had killed a moose last spring, so I was sure that this was her hunting area. Cougars are like trappers; they have a regular route they follow when searching for food. Or game...

I was getting hard just looking at that naked helpless little woman and recalling how she had bled profusely out her ass afterwards, and I saw she was bleeding again, red trails running down her thighs to the ground. I didn't know if she was getting her period, or still bleeding from her ass. Good, the smell of blood might just be the attraction for the cougar.

I was stroking my cock as I watched her, and was on the verge of going over there and making her suck me off one last time, when I saw a movement back in the rocks behind her. At last. Now in the fading light I saw not just the mama cougar, but all three of her cubs as well. Mama was giving them a lesson in hunting I guess, because she normally came alone.

Cautious as always, the animal studied the bait, who, still unaware of any danger was sitting crosslegged on the log to which she was chained. I saw mama creeping closer, her belly dragging, and then watched how the cubs imitated her careful, noiseless approach.

I slowly reached for my crossbow, slipped in a bolt and waited.

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