Patience Pays Off

by funguy8

Copyright© 2013 by funguy8

True Sex Story: After months of trying to find out if her young body was as hot in reality as it is in his fantasies, he finally gets his wish when he least expects it.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Hairy   .

I'm Matt an average 40 something guy who until recently lived a normal life in southern England. I don't claim to be a sex god or hung like a porn star, although my wife calls me her little sex god. It was just us at home until 9 months ago when my life changed forever.

My wife came home from work and asked if I'd be ok with letting one of the girls who worked for her stay at ours for a while? I asked who it was and the reason for them needing to stay at ours. She explained that it was a girl called Abi who I'd met a few times and thought was a nice quiet girl, apparently her parents divorce had got messy and she needed to get away from all the arguing and shouting.

I agreed to her coming to stay until things improved and when I got home I found Abi and my wife waiting for me. Abi is a typical 18 year old girl, slim, quite pretty and a little bit shy. Three things struck me about her, her sparkly eyes, sexy looking lips ( cocksucking lips was my thought) and an impressive set of tits given her build. I did wonder if they were all hers or the product of a padded bra, an answer to which I found out the following week.

Things were normal for the 1st week, with Abi staying in our spare room and helping with bits and pieces around the house. I got home from work to find a note from the girls saying they'd gone shopping and could I deal with the laundry. I looked to see one load ready to be taken out for drying and more to be put in the wash. In the load coming out was one of Abi's bras which I'm pleased to say was not padded and was a size 34D, so clearly was all her. In the load to go in were several pairs of her panties which I could see had clear signs of wear. I couldn't resist and had a good sniff of the worn crotch, I sniffed the panties for a while before I got my cock out and wrapped a pair round it to get myself off. I shot a nice load into her panties before putting them in the wash. Later that night in bed I was still hiring and tried to get my wife in the mood but was promptly told no whilst Abi was staying as she would hear. This was the pattern for the next month or two and I got more and more frustrated by the lack of sex and although I was still sniffing the panties I no longer masturbated into them.

About the same time Abi came our of her shell a bit more, wearing pyjamas around the house as opposed to getting dressed, she always wore a bra etc under them so didn't give much away. Then when she was more at home she went to wearing little nightshirts or shorts and vest tops. The underwear underneath soon went and she told me one morning she felt more at home here than her parents house. On several occasions I got a glimpse of her tits and her nipples seemed to be poking out all the time. Agony for a sex starved man. I made my mind up I would have to find out just what her body was like, trouble being my wife would kill me if I got caught and I didn't want to be classed as a pervert by Abi. As the weeks went by I saw more and more glimpses of flesh including up the leg of her shorts.

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