Dream Weaver - Book 3 of Wizard - a Love Story

Copyright© 2013 by MisguidedChild

Hello again. I regret to inform you, that this will be the last installment that I will be writing, about the life of Sean David Kilpatrick Flynn. I have reported to you previously that I would do anything for my friend, and I will. I owe him my life and the lives of my family. In fact, death would have been preferable to the fate that awaited us, after being captured by Brujos. However, we have agreed to disagree on some key points in this dissertation which is the reason this will be the last volume. I will try to explain, but it won't be easy.

I believe that I told you before that I am an author of historical studies. I write high school text books on the history of the world and am respected within the halls of Academia for my insights into historical occurrences. Because of my debt, I agreed to couch the events of Sean's and Megan's life in a fictional framework. There are many reasons for needing to present his life as fiction. The primary reason is, according to mainstream thought, Wizards and Sorceress' don't exist.

The policy of establishing the reality of Magi as fiction, was established nearly 2000 years ago. The Christian Bible mentions Magi and Witches as reality. The Magi are referenced as Wise Men in recent versions of the bible. Witches are referenced as evil beings that are not to be tolerated. The policy to banish the reality of Wizards and their antithesis, Warlocks, was established during the time the Christian Bible was being collated and recognized in its current form.

Sean does not agree with this policy. Unfortunately, he couldn't start working to change the policy until he takes charge of the Wizard's Council for the Americas. It will take a majority vote of the five Great Councils to approve the change. The fictional story of Sean's life is his way of, 'laying the groundwork', as he states it.

Now that you understand the reason for me writing a work of fiction, let me explain the disagreement.

Magi are referred to as talented because that is an accurate description of how they derive their power. Everyone has a talent for something. A portion of everyone's brain is particularly efficient in a specific way and they gain a talent. Magi have multiple talents, and multiple areas of their brains possess heightened efficiencies. They pass a threshold, and are born at the right time, and they are Magi. A normal person is referred to as untalented or mundane. That is not meant to be derogatory. It is simply an accurate description of their abilities because they haven't passed the threshold that allows them to manipulate the five elements mentally.

The first two volumes contained exercises and training techniques for Sean, Megan, and their untalented followers. There have been two unexpected repercussions from the first two books.

The exercises for the untalented really do change the way the brain-body interface works. They enhance any persons natural talents and makes that person more capable in many ways. It would be great if only good people took advantage of those exercises. Unfortunately, individuals with less than stellar character have used them which resulted in some crime sprees that were difficult for mundane police efforts to solve. Magi had to be dispatched to assist in resolving the issues for the local police. The Council was not happy.

The first two volumes also described, in detail, many of Sean's and Megan's talents and how they can use them. The exposure nearly cost Megan her life. Apparently, Witches and Warlocks also read to gather information. Who would have known? As they say, knowledge is power, and the enemy's knowledge could easily have been deadly in this case.

Both Sean and I agreed that we couldn't stop the saga after the second book. I believed that five, or even six books would be needed to tell his story right. Sean is adamant that the story be completed in the third book. That was the first disagreement. The second disagreement was Sean's insistence that I not include details of his talents or the exercises and lessons he uses to improve the use of his talents. That's like saying, Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, and calling it a complete history of France. I am afraid that the discussion devolved, at least on my part, into sarcasm. I asked him if the book should be about how he combs his hair and brushes his teeth. I included a few other unflattering barbs like, 'I'm sure you don't put your pants on one leg at a time, ' and 'you must save a lot of money by not needing deodorizer when you defecate.' Fortunately for me, Sean was the more mature of the two of us.

By the way. He does put his pants on one leg at a time and he does use deodorizer in the toilet.

The results of our discussion was predictable. This will be the last book written to describe the saga of Sean's life in a fictional venue. I can only use talents and skills already described in my previous works. Sean did grant me one concession. Some of his accomplishments were direct outgrowths from previously described skills, so I can describe them.

Sean has promised me the commission to write the 'True' history of his life, if I am still alive. The reason for the caveat is simple. Sean and Megan must first be ensconced on the America's Council and the five Great Council's must be persuaded to vote to rescind the policy. That could take many, many years. I may not live that long. I am, after all, mundane.

Please remember, while reading this record, that the calmest waters are often the deepest. There is much more to this story than I can tell at this time.

So, the question is, how do I condense this story? How do I boil down information that should take four more volumes, into one book? My solution is to jump directly to, what should be, the last book. I will reference previous experiences during this story, as briefly as possible, but include enough information so it is relevant. I will provide a brief overview of events and the status of the members of the Flynn Clan to bring you up-to-date. Hopefully, it will be enough information so you aren't completely lost when you get into the meat of the story.

Once again, I apologize for all that was missed. To me, it feels incomplete. Imagine telling the story of the United States. Accurately portray all the drama around the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and then skipping to World War Two. Surprise, surprise! How did the country go from thirteen colonies to forty-eight states? And a hundred other questions. I will give it an honest effort. It's the best that I can do for my friend.

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