Momma Always Said

by Matchead

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Sex Story: A girl should always listen to her mamma.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   .

Sammie and me went to a party at my friend's house that we had been talin' about for over a week. Sammie is my best friend and we was both so excited when Linda invited us to her house for her birthday. As there was going to be a bunch of us girl's there my momma said it would be alright for me to go. My momma is very protective and is always looking out for me so that no harm comes to me. She is always telling me stuff to keep me safe.

It wasn't long after we arrived that Sammie took ill and wanted to go home. I was upset as she had driven me there and I too would have to leave early. Linda, whose party it was, said that she could get her brother, Mike, to give me a ride. Momma always said that I shouldn't get into a car with strange men but Mike wasn't a stranger, that's for sure. I known him for years.

When it was time to go, Mike started taking me home but a different way from how me and Sammie got there. "What are you doing?" I asked. "This is not the way home." Momma always said to be wary of boys 'cause they were devious and only wanted one thing from a girl.

"I'm just avoiding all that construction over on Jefferson that you came through on, Betty-Sue." he replied. "This way will bypass that and give us a more scenic ride. The overlook up on hilltop should be really nice tonight, what with the lights coming on and all."

That explanation seemed justified so I said it was okay.

We had driven along for only a minute when Mike said "You know, of all my sister's friends, you are the prettiest."

I was stunned by this revelation, as it came out of the blue. I shot a glance over at Mike and could tell from that look on his face that he was telling me a truth. I could immediately feel a flush draw across my face as I suddenly got real self-conscious and somewhat embarrassed. "Why do you say that?" I asked. I sure didn't think of myself as that pretty.

"'Cause it's true, that's why." he replied. "Oh, wow, look-it that." Mike said as he pointed out the horizon. "Let's pull in here for a minute and watch."

Just starting to come up over the hills was a huge, blood red full moon.

Momma always said I shouldn't go parking with a boy but this didn't seem like parking; 'sides, the moon looked so nice and all.

Where we pulled off there was a plant blocking the driver's side in front of the car so Mike leaned over for a better view and then scooted over just a bit closer to me. Momma always said not to let a boy get you pinned up against the door in a car; to always leave an empty seat between you and them, but I'm sure she didn't mean it in a situation like this. Mike couldn't see real good from where he was at behind the steering wheel, now could he? Besides, the moon was so pretty.

I watched in amazement and commented, "Now isn't that the most beautiful sight?"

Mike turned to me and said, "I have to agree." as he stared straight into my eyes.

I suddenly got all confused and feeling funny in my stomach with Mike looking at me that way. He then leaned in and kissed me right there on the lips. Gosh, was it ever exciting. My chest got all tight and it strangely got hard for me to breath even though I could move air just fine through my nose. Mike ended that amazing kiss and pulled only slightly away. He continued to look at me in that way as he reached up and caressed my face and then kissed me again.

Momma always said don't never do nothin' bad.

This surely didn't feel bad. In fact this felt so good I just knew I wasn't doin' nothin' bad! Soon his caress of my face slid down to my shoulder and slipped right down and he gently grabbed onto my right breast.

"What are you doing to me?" I asked, as his hand rubbed back and forth across my little tittie.

"I'm not doing anything TO you, Suze, I just wanna do this FOR you." Mike whispered into my ear, as he teasingly plucked at my suddenly hardening nipple through my shirt, grabbing it between his thumb and forefinger. At the same time his tongue shot out, into my ear, sending a new shiver running down my spine.

Momma always said not to let a boy do something to you. She never really said what that something was, but she sure made it plain that I was not to let them do nothing TO me. But Mike didn't want to do something TO me, he wanted to do it FOR me; he said so himself. Now that can't be wrong, can it? 'Sides, it sure felt good. I groaned, "Okay."

Mike went back to kissing me on the mouth. He stopped rubbing my breast, and for that I was sorry. I sure liked it when he touched me there. As he kissed me, his hand slid up to rub my neck just above the buttons on my calico dress. Just then I felt the tip of his tongue run over my lips. I naturally opened my mouth to gasp and he went and just stuck it inside my mouth. I started to say something about that when his tongue touched mine. OH, my, but did that ever feel nice! I wanted to touch tongues some more, and Mike sure didn't seem to mind; in fact he seemed to really want to do just that. We did that for a bit, his tongue sort of dancin' with mine and I just plum forgot about anything else; that was until I felt Mike's hand slide right over my right breast again, this time directly on the skin of under my dress top. His fingers sort of separated and my full nipple slid right between them to be gently pinched as he had ahold of my whole tittie. I could feel my nipple pucker and stand up sort of like when I'm cold, 'cept the feeling was nothing like when I was cold. Although I did get the shivers that ran right down my spine. Oh, gosh, did that ever feel good.

Mike went right on kissing me and playing with my tongue using his. And he went right on touching my tittle and I wasn't about to stop him. It wasn't long before he slid his hand over to my other breast and started doing to it what he done to the other. Between all that rubbin' and kissin' he sort of opened up more buttons and slid the dress off of my shoulders.

Next he whispered in my ear how incredibly beautiful he thought I was. That made my heart pound like it was going to burst. Mama always said that the gentlemanly thing to do was to compliment a lady so that meant that Mike was a gentleman. After that I forgot about everything for a bit as Mike did this most amazing thing by sticking the tip of his tongue in my ear. Gosh, more shivers down the old spine and then he was nibbling on and kissing my neck.

Mike continued to prove what a gentleman he was by complimenting me on how sweet I smelled, and how soft and smooth my skin was as he kissed his way down my neck. Then, all of a sudden (and I really don't know how he got there) he was licking and kissing and sucking on my hard nipple. I couldn't do nothin' but hold onto his head as he gave me all these wonderful feelings.

I'm not really sure how long this went on but if it was forever it wouldn't been long enough, as far as I was concerned! Finally stopping, and looking up into my eyes, he said, "I wanna make you feel good."

"I thought you were." I gasped.

"No," he said. " I want to REALLY make you feel good." Then after a pause he added, "Please?"

Momma always said not to let a boy make you feel bad; but eveything that Mike was doing sure wasn't making me feel bad. Oh, no. It was doing quite the opposite of bad! All I could do was look back into those bright hazel eyes and whisper, "Okay."

Mike smiled and went back to sucking on my hard nipples. If this wasn't yet REALLY making me feel good, I was just dying with curiosity to find out what he meant by that. While I was holding his head and arching my back so as to push my breast into his suckling mouth; Mike's hands were not idle.

Momma always said that idle hands were the Devil's workshop.

What Mike was doing was to finish unbuttoning my dress, and that was a lot of buttons; they went all the way down to the bottom hem. And then those never idle hands were gently rubbing my belly.

Letting the nipple he was a suckin' on pop out of his mouth he said, "I wanna kiss you some more."

"Good," I answered, "I like your kisses."

"No," he replied, "this is a special kiss that is especially nice."

Momma always said kisses were special and since Mike wanted to give me an especially nice one I just nodded my head yes.

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