Sex for Grades

by maryjane

Copyright© 2013 by maryjane

Sex Story: Sometimes the girl is the aggressor. But not this time. Carrie wants to stay on the Cheerleading Squad. Dr. Wild can give her a failing grade in math, but won't, if only she would...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Coercion   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Teacher/Student   .

AUTHOR'S NOTE: My brother Ric and I have collaborated on a number of postings, I writing as the female and he as the male. They've usually been written as alternating sections or chapters. In this one, we've chosen to present it mostly by reciting the thoughts going through the minds of the two major players. Instead of using something like 'he thought' and 'she thought', we decided to use italics for all thoughts, identifying the thinker by the words used. Please let us know if you like the presentation or if it gives you a headache. Thank you.

The 'she' in this story is Carolyn Melvin (Carrie), a high school senior. The 'he' is Doctor Kenneth Wild, her math teacher.

Question One: What does it mean when two sixteen year old girls stop in the middle of one of their usual wrestling matches at one of their regular sleep-overs?

Answer One: It means that they have simultaneously decided to finally go where their minds have been gradually but inexorably taking them for several months, to put a toe into that sweet pool of female surrender, of which most of them have read and/or heard, have thought about, have sometimes fantasized, and, more than you would guess, have tried. Some take to it like a fish to water, others taste it just so they can say that they did so, and many choose to alternate their lustful contacts in varying percentages between the two genders. But right now we're only talking about those two teen girls.

And so it was that Janie and Carrie, best friends since the beginning of time, were one evening wrestling in Janie's bed. By that point, Carrie was lying on her back and Janie was sitting on Carrie's stomach. Janie was trying to get Carrie's arms pinned down alongside her head, the symbol of wrestling victory. Carrie on the other hand had her arms tightly crossed over her chest, her wrists on each breast. Janie reached under Carrie's right wrist, above her left breast. As the tug-of-war proceeded, Janie's hand slipped off the wrist and her open palm cupped Carrie's breast.

Time stopped, the pendulum frozen in place. The world ceased to rotate on its axis. Birds fell silent in mid-chirp. The only sounds were the inhale and exhale of two sets of young lungs, the only movement the rise and fall of four breasts as those lungs filled and emptied. Trapeze artists hung in midair. The girls' eyes locked on one another. While neither young woman said a word, those eyes spoke volumes to each other. What are we about to do with each other? Why has it taken so long for us to get to this point? What will happen tomorrow and all the other tomorrows? Should we stop? Fuck no; Que sera, sera. (An old movie line; look it up.)

Janie removed her hand from Carrie's breast and her fingers slowly, carefully, opened the three buttons which held the two sides of Carrie's pajama top together. Two hands gently kneaded the two remarkable breasts beneath her. Two thumbs flicked two nipples as they grew and hardened.

Carrie's hands, now freed from the wrestling battle, grasped the bottom of Janie's pull-over top and slid it over her friend's head. Both now topless, it was easy to see that Janie was not quite as well endowed as Carrie. That was no news to either girl, for they had often seen each other in the buff, in dressing rooms, in locker rooms and in other totally platonic situations. Carrie lifted her head from the bed and began to nurse on Janie's left nipple.

Janie's pussy moistened as she allowed her friend to suck. But soon she removed Carrie's mouth from her tit and pushed the head back down on the bed. She lay down next to Carrie and they kissed, kisses that had once been pecks on cheeks now fastened onto lips. The kiss lasted longer than any they had ever had with one of their high school boy friends. Then quietly the kiss instinctively morphed into a duel of tongues, eyes closed, soft humming moans the new sound.

As one, they parted, jumping off on either side of the bed. Pajama bottoms were shucked and they stood naked, pussies defended only by the fuzzy growths that they had agreed to retain until both had lost their badges of innocence, their cherries. Each was aware that both were virgins, for they were so closely bound that when one of them had given in finally to those boys and their desperate blandishments, she would certainly tell the other within hours.

Carrie reached her hand across the bed. With a smile, Janie took it, stuck out her free hand to hit the light switch and they both fell onto the bed. A small night light was the only illumination. Janie had not feared the darkness since the first sleep after she had left the crib for a 'big girl bed', but her mother still insisted, as mothers from time to time are wont to do.

Face to face they lay. They had kissed, with tongue, they had felt breasts, they had suckled. Each knew where her own hand should next go, and yet they both hesitated. For once either set of fingers touched the wetness of the other, spread the lips which served as the gate and the entrance to a woman's special place, the die would be cast.

In the lexicon of the ages, some consider that the word 'fucking' denotes the joining of cock and cunt. But in the absence of cock, the adaptability of our language can accept the idea that whenever anything going into a cunt, it can be called 'fucking'. Some people might use modifiers, such as 'finger fucking' or 'tongue fucking' or 'vegetable fucking'. Stretching the definition, one might even eliminate the need for cunt, as in 'mouth fucking' or 'ass fucking'.

Of course, in the language of boy children, anything allowed inside any orifice of a woman amounts to a 'home run'.

I think Janie's as nervous as me. I want to touch her so badly, to feel inside of her. I am so fucking hot, I want to eat her, I want to taste her. But I like boys; I don't want to become a lesbian. Fuck it, here goes nothing.

Carrie slid two fingers inside of Janie's cunt, twisting her wrist to spread Janie's vaginal walls. As she did so, she moved her body downward fastening on her friend's nipples, and then to her stomach. Janie held Carrie's head against her, not to control it but to make sure that it didn't slip away. After a few seconds, she gently pushed down, directing Carrie's mouth to the fuzziness of her snatch.

She wants me. She wants me to push my tongue in there, into that beautiful cunt. She's like Circe, her beautiful music drawing me ever closer and closer to the shore, to the rocks that will destroy me. Yet I know, I know instinctively that the love of woman for woman is not bad, is not evil, will not destroy me. Even Mom, my shy and blessed mother, has alluded to that in her own genteel way. So spread 'em, Janie, prepare for the orgasm of your life.

Carrie's mouth took over as her brain paused for a nap. She sucked the tasty moisture from her friend's loins, but could never make her dry, for the lubrication kept flowing, a veritable Niagara of lust. Her lips fastened on her lover's clit, using it tightly like a straw, and then backing off only to allow her tongue to wash it.

I think that this is what I'm supposed to do when I'm starting to suck on a cock.

Suddenly Janie grabbed Carrie's head and rolled the two of them over. In a frenzy, she humped her pussy down against Carrie's face. It ended quickly when Janie fell forward over her friend's head and clamped her mouth onto a soft pillow to blur the sound of her screaming, squirting orgasm.

They lay silently next to each other, waiting for normal breathing to return.

I can't wait for her to go down on me the way I just did on her. And yet I can't believe that the pleasure she's going to give me can be any more than the pleasure I just got making her cum.

They made love several times a week. They continued through the end of their Junior year, over the summer and into the start of the following term. Early on Janie's mother had found them asleep, their naked bodies entwined. Her only reaction had been to hug them when they woke. Carrie then told her mother and got essentially the same reaction. Both mothers knew to knock before entering a room when the girls were together.

And then one night...

Oh jeez, I still can't believe how much I love the aroma of her pussy. And the beauty of her glistening labia. Still can't figure out why she was so reluctant to let me eat her during her period. It tastes fine; really sexy. Damn, this is so much more fun than doing math homework. Every day wouldn't be enough.

An hour later they lay side by side, thoroughly sated. Their pussies were still soaked, nipples still tender, eyes shiny, cheeks flushed. As their breathing slowed, they smiled at each other, as lovers, as friends.

"Hey Carrie, how's that new math teacher you've got?" That was her bff Janie, and they had been friends since kindergarten.

"He's a no good fuck. Too much homework, nasty in class and I know that he's going to fail me for the first section. I'll be off the cheerleaders any day now."

"But he looks like a real hunk, doesn't he?" asked Janie.

"He's a fucking eunuch. Or else he's gay. He doesn't even look when I flash some skin."

Which was true. Back in the damn second row, I can't spread my legs and show him some panty. But if I spread my legs and keep one out from under the desk, he can see my bare thigh. The fuck just doesn't look.

"It's only the first week," Janie said, studying Carrie's breasts. "Why don't you open one or two buttons when you go to class to get his attention?"

Question Two: Why would a sixteen year old blonde virgin named Paula, who was doing poorly in her math class, go to the apartment of her handsome, unmarried math teacher?

Answer Two: Sorry, but if you don't know the answer already, I think that you're reading the wrong story.

Tentatively, Paula touched the door buzzer, somehow thinking that the soft touch would create a lower sound from the bell and thereby lessen the gravity of the situation into which she was then about to enter. Trepidation would be the best word to describe her feelings, for the growl of the buzzer announced her willingness to 'do whatever it takes' to improve her math score. She too was a member of the Cheerleading Squad, the Captain in fact, and she had heard the implied threat from Dr. Wild.

He opened the door almost instantly. His clothing consisted of loose sweatpants and sweatshirt. His feet were bare.

"Hello, Paula. I'm glad you could make it." As if the little cunt had a choice.

"Hello, Dr. Wild."

Jeez, this kid is dressed like she's ready to fuck but she's stiff as a board. She looks like a zombie. I'd better do something to calm her down.

He offered her a cup of tea and she accepted. As they sipped, Wild tried to make small talk, but with little success. Her answers were monosyllabic. Then he reached out a hand and led her to his bedroom. He left her standing but sat on a lounging chair.

"Open your blouse, Paula."

She did so, slowly but chastely. Then she stood silently, waiting for further instructions. But he gave none. Finally she understood and removed the blouse. Her hands twisted behind her to unsnap her bra, and she let it fall to the floor to join the blouse.

Nice tits. Real nice tits. Nipples are hard already. I don't think that her rack will match up to little Carrie Melvin's, but I'll have to wait a few days before I can be sure. Keep going, bitch. Don't make me tell you what to do.

Wild's eyes left her breasts and Paula unzipped the side of her skirt, letting it drop. Stepping out of her shoes, she had nothing left on except a g-string. It did little to hide her pubic hair.

Well, no doubt this little cunt came ready to fuck. But her drapes are blonde and her carpet's brown. Am I the first guy to get to see that? Well, time to get naked myself.

Quickly he stood and shucked his clothing. He summoned her with a sharp nod of his head. She approached with a snarly look on her face.

"Have you ever sucked cock, Paula?" She stood motionless, silent.

So she doesn't want to make it easy, does she? No problem, either way she's gonna suck it now.

Wild put his hands on Paula's shoulders and pushed her to his knees rather more roughly than necessary. Her face was directly opposite the meager six inch appendage that distinguishes the genders. She thought that it might be the least interesting cock of all that she had seen, porn films or magazines, but maybe that was because of her disgust. She knew what she had to do. Taking his already hard organ in her hand, she let it slide into her mouth.

But she surely didn't plan to make it easy for Wild. She closed her mouth and deliberately let her teeth touch the shaft of his member. Not too much to make him scream or get violent but hopefully enough to make him think that she was a novice. She complied when he corrected her but made no effort to suck. When he insisted on that, she closed her lips and slowly moved her cheek muscles. She didn't use her tongue, nor did she move her head. If he wanted to accomplish anything, he'd have to do all the work and fuck her face.

This cunt is the most useless cock sucker I've ever had. If I was paying her, I'd demand a refund. Let me tell her that.

"You're the most useless cock sucker I've ever had. If I was paying you, I'd demand a refund. Now get those panties off and get on the bed. I want you to spread 'em. You're gonna get the fucking of your life."

"But I'm a virgin, Dr. Wild. I've never had sex with anyone."

"That may be true, but not for much longer. Say goodbye to your cherry."

"You don't understand, Dr. Wild. I'm saving myself for my husband. I'm not giving myself up to you."

"You're the one who doesn't understand, little cunt. If you don't want to fail your math course, you've got to be fucked and fucked hard."

I'm not gonna rape you, you little slut. But you'd better believe that one lousy attempt at a blow job isn't going to be enough to pass my course.

He had conveniently ignored the fact that sex by coercion, and with a girl so young, constituted rape all over the world, except for maybe Saudi Arabia and places like that. Paula began to sob, but she nevertheless got onto the bed and spread her legs. Wild waited for her to remove the g-string but she made no move to do so.

Oh fuck.

He put two hands on the waist band of her skimpy garment and pulled, hard. She screamed as the slender string cut into her ass, continuing until the band finally gave way. The wisp of cloth that had covered her pussy fell to one side, exposing her completely. He was pleased with what he saw, and a drop of pre-cum emerged from his engorged cock.

No foreplay for you, you useless bitch. No pussy licking for you. Let's see if you really are cherry ... Oh yeah. Here goes.

He lined his cock up with her slit and shoved, hard. The Barbarian invader had crossed the moat and used a battering ram to knock down the castle gates. Paula screamed again as her protective membrane collapsed, a bloody mess. He shoved a pillow over her mouth to dampen the noise.

Shit, Kenny boy, don't kill her, just shut her up.

His cock pounded mercilessly, oblivious to the now muted screaming. His balls slapped her ass violently. Her hand tried to push the pillow off of her face, tried to push his hips away from her womb. All to no avail. His cock was not to be denied.

Though she had used her fingers on her pussy and clit often enough, thoroughly enjoying her wetness, sniffing her fingers and sucking them dry, there was no way that Paula was enjoying the abuse from Wild's cock. As a result, the only thing approaching lubrication for his thrusting was the blood caused by the rupture of her maidenhead.

Fucking dry bitch. I'll get you wet with my cum. Come on, fellas, let's go, let's go, let's go ... aah, aah, aah.

When his spurting finished, he pulled out quickly and brought his shiny, slimy dick to her mouth. She knew what he wanted and she was afraid of what he might do if she hesitated. Her lips and tongue washed him clean. She gagged at the mixture of cum and blood cocktail but managed to hold it down.

No need to make nice to this slut.

"Go home, cunt. Find a cock to practice your sucking. Same time next week."

With that he went to the bathroom to piss. He had no fear that she would steal anything or do any damage. And he knew she'd be back. After all, she wanted to pass his course, didn't she?

Question Three: How does Dr. Wild spend his time between victims?

Answer Three: the same way many horny men take care of the immediate problem.

The next day, Carrie Melvin shrugged and walked into Dr. Wild's classroom. Instead of taking Janie's advice to leave a couple of buttons open, she was wearing a tight chartreuse sweater, her tits showing off to their fullest.

Oh, boy, here comes that Melvin chick. Man, look at those hooters. I wanna cum in my pants right here. What's her first name again? Oh yeah, Carrie. Shit, I wish that she wasn't in the second row. Up in front, I'd be able to see her panties. Maybe she wears a thong, like her big sister used to, like five years ago. Like that little bitch yesterday. That'd be real cool. Two sisters. The big one was one wild fucking animal. Wonder what a threesome with those girls would be like.

"All right, class." He never bothered to say hello or good morning or good afternoon. "I received several emails last night about the solution to Problem 3 of your homework. Let me call on someone who didn't have to email me. Carrie?"

Jeez, why the fuck did I call on that bitch? Is it because I want to get into her panties? Of course it is! No way she knows the answer.

Oh shit, why'd that bastard have to call on me? Can he figure out that I didn't do my homework? I certainly can't explain in front of the whole class that my parents were having one of their usual fights about Daddy not being able to find another job and I had to walk away from the noise and go to Janie's house to help with my homework and instead of doing that we went down on each other which was a hell of a lot more fun and it was the first time I've ever eaten her in the middle of her period and it wasn't as bad as I had expected but I hate when she calls it having the rag on and oh shit I'm starting to smile.

"Carrie?" he repeated.

"I'm sorry, Dr. Wild. I didn't do the homework."

"See me after class. OK, Kevin, how about you?"

I knew it. She just doesn't do homework. I wanted to scream at her but how the hell can I humiliate her like that. I think I'd better have her talk to her parents about getting her a math tutor. There has to be more to her than her tits. How the fuck did she get such rave reviews from Wilson last year?

"Thank you, Kevin. I can see from all the smiles and nodding that the class understands it now. Have you considered becoming a math teacher?"

The class laughed at the compliment and then the minutes crept by, marked by a noticeable click each time on the old-fashioned clock in the back of the room. No one gave a further thought to the upcoming meeting between Carrie and Dr. Wild – except for Carrie and Dr. Wild.

What the hell is he going to say to me? Is he going to bawl me out for not doing the homework? Shit, I hope he doesn't threaten to have me thrown off the Cheerleaders because it uses up homework time. That's the only time I get to show off my tits to the whole football team.

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