Exploring the Cosmos
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2013 by Frank Speaks

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I've always liked Science Fiction and decided to let this idea bubble out. I'm not sure where it will go but I hope you enjoy the ride. Strange plants, stranger aliens, and a lot of good, dirty sex are all elements.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Space   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, space sex story

The ship spiraled out of hyperspace and into the new solar system. We had traveled for a week getting out of our home base and then traversing hyperspace to the first new system. We hoped it would have a habitable planet to explore which would be better than the last systems I had seen.

We were on Confederation Ship CS-E-156, called the Blue Dolphin. The E was for exploration, which was our primary mission. Beginning with the one hundreds, the ships were made larger. Too many of the prior ships had been lost because of problems and loss of crew with not enough people to survive and return. Our ship's company was sixty-four people, men and women, as usual. Exploring was risky but paid well. The crew had a survivors' clause, which meant that crewmembers dying on the trip would have their pay shared equally by the survivors. If the entire crew didn't make it, our pay would go into the survivors' fund for all explorers.

We had left no dependents behind. We would create no new dependents on the trip as all of us were given birth control good for two years, more than the expected duration of the trip. That was a requirement of the Confederation for all exploring missions. On this trip, there was only one acknowledged couple. Our astrogator and her assistant were officially together but they both joined in our shipboard fun enthusiastically.

Traveling from solar system to solar system was boring once you set your course. The rest of the process was practically automatic. Myra and Tom were good and plotted our course carefully. I had shipped with them before and they knew their stuff when it came to astrogation.

I guess I should introduce myself. I am the First Mate for the Blue Dolphin and my name is Frank Houston (pronounced House-ton) from New Georgia. New Georgia was settled about one hundred fifty years ago directly from Earth and had a warm, comfortable climate. My ancestor was from Georgia of North America and brought the name of the area with him along with his name. As First Mate, I led the on-planet exploring parties and was second in command overall.

We were headed to our second planned stop. Our first never put us on the surface. The natives had gone nuclear in their last war. Most of the planet was radioactive. Even the air was poisoned. We documented our findings and set our course for the next system on our list.

The initial view of our new system looked promising with a G class star and planets with one in the right zone. We moved steadily toward it on our pulse drive. We began to scan for any sign of current or prior human types. The two best finds for us would be an advanced civilization with or without space travel or for an empty, living world. If the former, we would try to make friends. If the later, we would land to truly explore the area trying to determine if our scans had been correct. There were a surprising number of earth type planets with no sapient species ever having developed. It makes you realize how lucky we are to exist.

I had been on three other exploration ships and this one was no exception. Sex occurred frequently and orgies were not uncommon. My first exploration trip was as a team leader on one of the smaller ships. The astrogator and I were the only two survivors of the voyage. The next voyage saw me as leader of the scout troop and eventually First Mate and then Captain on our return. It had been bloody on the last planet of that trip with large, predatory beasts.

This planet looked good from space. There were no signs of technology emanating from the planet which, while it didn't rule out intelligent beings, made the likelihood that there was not much in the way of civilization We placed the ship in orbit around the planet that we called, "Two," for the moment since it was the second from this solar system's sun.

As we orbited, we checked for cities or any signs of civilization and found nothing. Our science team guessed that this world was at an early time in its history compared to Earth or just never developed intelligent life. The first was more likely than the later in the experience of the exploration corps but that was the initial reading of the age of its star. It was now time to land. The Blue Dolphin would not land but had landing ships, which we could use. Our landing ships could hold ten. I wanted to take Team A and four scientists for this first trip. It was policy that the First Mate was first to land.

The landing ships were simple to fly and I enjoyed flying them. Our pilots didn't like that as they would be sitting out our first trip. I found a grassy plain and landed somewhat in the middle of it. Amy Madison, a scout, asked me why and I told her that I didn't want anything sneaking up on me. The grass was no more than knee high.

Amos Tisdale, a meteorologist, took his readings and pronounced the air breathable. He said, "It's good air though a tiny bit heavier in oxygen than Earth normal. It's a late spring day for a temperate climate where we have landed. We have a breeze blowing lightly from the north. Will is running his checks on the contents for any dangerous bacteria or the like."

Will pronounced the air safe a few minutes later. We would still use the air lock and go through decontamination on our return. The lock could handle two comfortably and three in a pinch. I said, "Mary, you and I will go first with full arms and armor." My first boss died because there was nothing obvious when he stepped out. I tried to learn.

We went through the air lock and stepped out onto the surface of Two. As stated, it was a bright, sunny day and felt like spring in New Georgia. Mary and I stayed together and went around the ship in a big circle at about one hundred meters from the hull. I had her looking in, down, and up while I watched out, down, and up. I was wary and hoped I was wary enough. In the distance, I saw some movement but it was more than a kilometer away. I called to the ship and requested they turn a camera in that direction and focus in on whatever it might be.

"Frank, it looks like a herd of animals coming this way. They're not coming very fast but are bearing on us."

"Roger. We're headed inside until we find out what's coming and its or their intentions."

We went back to the air lock and closed the door. I plugged my commo unit into a socket on the wall. "Control, we're inside and not cycling. Put a picture on the screen and follow it as whatever it is approaches." Mary had plugged her comm-link in beside mine. We watched the screen as it lit and looked curiously at the herd or whatever that was coming our way. The camera focused in on the leading edge and I suddenly worried. It appeared that the land was being denuded by whatever was coming. I said, "Start cycling us through. Ready this ship for take off. When those things are one hundred meters away, lift off without further orders or regard to any person's safety. Hover at two thousand meters."

"But, Sir. Roger, Sir. We are readying for flight."

The lock was cycling and it would be close. Mary knew that we might be injured if we didn't get out and flat in time. Better still would be making it to our couches. It seemed to take forever and this time seemed even longer as we were under the gun to get out. The outside air was out and fresh air was in but the rinses were still going on now. I said nothing further because there was nothing further to say. When the light turned green, we came out and went flat on our backs as I heard the engines roar. The acceleration was fierce as always before it eased up to allow for flight. I moved my limbs experimentally and everything worked. That was a good sign. I looked over to see Mary doing the same. We rose to a sitting posture and hands came to help us out of our suits. I went forward to the pilot's chair ignoring the slight pains I felt.

Looking at the readouts, I could see my instructions were followed. I looked out and down and saw that the earth was raw where whatever it was had passed. My guess was correct. It had been dangerous though whether or not the ship would have been okay or not would be unknown for now. My experiences had taught me to duck first and wonder later. New planets were unknown and surprises happened. It was rare that they were pleasant.

"Sir," said Amy, "we are at two thousand meters and hovering. Whatever that was tried to follow us up for twenty or so meters before falling back to the surface." Her eyes were wide.

I said, "Very well. We're up here and it's down there. Let's follow its back trail and see what we find. Maintain altitude."

"Yes, Sir." She adjusted the controls and we began to trace our way along the path of destruction from our landing spot. Actually, calling it a path of destruction was a misnomer. There simply was nothing in the path. The ground was churned and looked smooth and featureless.

"Amy, up ahead is a large flat area. Land beside the path we've been following. I want a look at it close up." I looked back at our crew and said, "Mary, get ready. Will, you and Mac will be next. I want an examination of the path we've been following. I want to know what it was or they were and what happened in its trail. Amy, once we are down, I want a full scan in all directions. There may be more. Let's try not to be surprised."

Amy landed us ten meters or so from the edge of the trail. Mary and I went through first and assumed positions for guard. A moment later, Will and Mac came out. I said, "I want full gloves and protective gear before you touch the cleared area." They nodded, gloved, and went over to the edge of the area.

Will said, "This is strange. My readings suggest the land within the path is dead, almost sterile."

Mac said, "I agree. But, look. The plants are already growing into the cleared area. Frank, we need to check the ground further toward the middle."

"Gentlemen, that's risky. Be careful and check under your feet constantly. Mac, are animals moving into the cleared area?"

"Hmmm. Yes, Sir. I can see a few bugs heading in. What is surprising is the speed of the plants."

"While you check the middle, Mary and I are going to walk up the back trail a little further." We went fifty meters or so. By now, you could easily see that the plant life was sending tendrils into the cleared area. "Will, I want samples of the plant life sealed for later. Mac, the same goes for bugs."

Mary said, "Frank, look at that!" That was an animal that didn't quite make it clear. The back of whatever it had been was gone while the front was unharmed. It was being covered with plant rootlets or whatever they're called.

"Gentlemen," I said, "You may want to see this but you'll have to hurry." I heard a muffled groan and turned. Both Mac and Will were covered with roots and leaves and stems and were not moving. As I watched, one of them fell over. "Mary, back to the ship, fast." She looked startled but was running for the ship without question. As we ran, I could see the other man topple to the ground. We entered the lock together. I plugged the comm.-link and said, "Full decomp. Be ready to take off as might be needed. As soon as we're out and seated, lift off."

Amy's voice came on, "Yes, Sir." I pulled the comm.-link loose and began to strip throwing my clothes and equipment outside. There were too many nooks and crannies in clothing and equipment. I watched as Mary did the same. I closed the lock door and the process started. It was not fun. We were sprayed with chemicals everywhere including our orifices. I knew we would loose our hair as well as experience some noticeable discomfort. We had done this before. I grunted as the hose went up my backside and heard Mary grunt as she was penetrated. My genitals were fondled by the machine and encased in a tube that stretched it and warmly doused it with chemicals. I could feel what hair I had flowing down my body as it was washed away. It took a good ten minutes for the process to be completed. When finished, we were scoured clean inside and out. We emerged from the lock with pink flushed skin and feeling tired from this experience. I had found that I needed about half an hour to feel myself again. It would be a while before my hair grew back. We slipped into new coveralls and into our seats.

Amy took off and ascended high into space to get us well out of the atmosphere. This was also part of the decomp process as it killed off any organisms that might have clung to the ship. We would also skip in and out of the atmosphere to heat the skin to further burn off anything.

It took almost two hours for everything to be completed. During that time, I reported to Captain Amanda about what happened. She was surprised that we had lost two so quickly on a world that looked so quiet in all our scans.

She suggested that we make a close and slow ride through the world at about one hundred meters. I told her that sounded good to me as one full decomp a day was my preferred limit. We uploaded a stream of our videos to the Dolphin and I requested that our science team review them carefully. She told me that was happening as we spoke.

The Captain and I had a good relationship and she was a smart, thoughtful person. I was in charge of all off-ship activity but I listened to people. It avoided unpleasant surprises most of the time. Some on our ship were new to the exploratory corps but no one was stupid. Will and Mac were new and somehow got caught up before they noticed what was happening.

We finished the prescribed process for decomp and continued in toward the surface.

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