Tales of the Dryden Dna Disaster 04: the Dominant Twin

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2013 by Honey Moon

Incest Sex Story: Sherry and Lisa are identical Dryden futa-twins. Lisa is meek. Sherry is bold. Sherry plans to make her dream a reality by spiking a bottle of milk with the drug Futa-Pause. This will keep Lisa nice and flaccid, while making her nearly as responsive to futa pheromones as a mono-sex girl. Sherry spikes another bottle with Viagra, a drug that makes futa more aggressive in their already forceful sex lives. Now Sherry will get to lose her virginity while knocking up her sister...Or will she?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Hermaphrodite   Incest   Sister   DomSub   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Spitting   Big Breasts   .

My twin sister drives me crazy! Every time I turn around, she does yet another thing to make me lose it! "Lisa, you're disgusting! Next time use the toilet!"

She gave me a stricken look, and I had the pleasure of seeing the blush almost make her face glow. "Oh shit! I didn't do that on purpose Sherry! I, um, I was watching a new download, and, uh, I accidentally reached the point of no return!"

"And you just had to unload, right?" I laughed. "Wait until I tell mom what you were doing with MY computer!"

"Wait, don't tell mom!" I almost laughed when I saw the fear in her green eyes. We're fourteen, but Lisa sometimes acts like she's ten. She thinks mom will spank her or something if she's a bad little girl! "I promised her I'd keep it clean after I made that huge mess on the living room rug!"

I couldn't help a slight shudder. "Do you know how nasty it was to discover my printer was full of semen? I even got some of your glop on my fingers!"

"So what?" Lisa shook her head; her long red hair flew around her face. You're a futanari too. You're immune to the pheromones just like mom and I are."

"That doesn't mean I want a handful of your splooge!" I snapped. Lisa cringed as I continued. "I ended up having to throw the damn thing away." I couldn't help a little grin. I hoped that some mono-sex girls smelled her cum in a Dumpster somewhere. It would drive them crazy! "You own me a new printer, Miss Pervert!"

"Hey, I'm not a pervert!" she shouted. "I, I just have extra urges, that's all!"

I calmed down a little. "Like I don't? Okay, so you're not a pervert. Just don't use my computer to watch your weirdo porn, okay?"

"It isn't weird." She said softly. "My computer doesn't have a 3D monitor like yours does. I, um, wanted to see cum flying in three dimensions! Sorry about that!"

"Oh alright already, It isn't weird. You should have looked at something in my collection. My stuff isn't all nasty,"

"Yours it too vanilla." She said quietly. "Nobody has any dicks. It's just all mono-sex girls kissing and making out."

"Sheesh, Miss meek and mild is a closet gonzo porn fan!" I lowered my voice in case mom was awake. "Hell, why should I look at dicks, when I have a perfectly good one of my own? We are twins after all!"

"It isn't fair that mom won't let us date!" Lisa sniffed in a lightening fast change of subject. "I wouldn't need porn if I had a girlfriend to play with!"

"On that, I agree with you."

Mom keeps a tight leash on us ever since that crazy night five years ago when the three of us woke up with cocks. Mom goes out and bangs a new mono-sex girl almost every night, while we're stuck home beatin' our meat like a couple of dumb boys! We get home schooled, so we spend most of the day sitting in front of our computers. Just once I'd like to slip away and find some hot girl running around without a respirator mask on! I'd walk right up and bend her right over a car hood or something and go crazy!

Damn and fuck! Mom never even lets us leave the apartment without taking a dose of Futa-Pause! I hate those damn pills! Just pop one and it keeps you limp as a noodle for up to three hours! Do you know how frustrating it is to feel all hot and bothered, but no matter what you do, your dick stays all floppy? You stay just as freakin' horny, but there's absolutely no lead in your pencil. It's horrible!

I even heard that if you take two pills at once, there's a risk that you'll become nearly as receptive to futa-pheromones as some dumb mono-sex girl! How sick would that be? Imagine a futanari begging for cock like some poor little mono?

Do you know how humiliating it is if we're out longer than three hours, and mom reminds us to take another pill right out in public? Mono-sex girls giggle at us, and futanari look down at us in pity! If we get home at night still "Paused" you can't even jerk off before bed! Worst of all is when it wears off while you're asleep. You wake up glued to the sheets from all the wet dreams!

Thank goodness Washington banned the repulsive synthetic hormones that are the main ingredients in Futa-Pause. Lawmakers stated it was a clear violation of human rights to control futanari chemically. I was so excited when I watched former president Cynthia Greenfield give her rousing Futanari Rights speech on CNN, that I had to go whack off a couple of loads in the bathroom!

The UN even got involved and barred Futa-Pause world wide. Not that it helps me much. Through a loophole, it's illegal to manufacture and distribute the junk in the United States, but not to possess. Mom stocked up just hours before it was pulled from the shelves! She must have a hundred bottles of the shit locked up in her office! She wants to keep us limp in public at least until we're eighteen! That's child abuse! Don't moms have to grant civil rights? Shit, she even gives it to friends who want to keep their futa daughters in line! As soon as they amend the law to make possession illegal, I'll tell mom I'll call the cops if she doesn't get rid of her stash!

"Sis, I'm getting hard." Lisa said softly. How about, um, we..."

"No we! We're sisters!" I snapped. "I don't care what everyone else does, I am not doing incest! That's disgusting!"

"I, I'm sorry Sherry. I, um, I was just joking!" She looked a little scared as she backed out of my room. Good! "I'm gonna go jerk off in the shower, okay?"

"You go do that." I said through gritted teeth. I had much more control over myself than she did, but my stupid cock was sure starting to swell! "I, um, I'm going to bed!"

When Lisa left, I jumped up from my computer desk and struggled out of my clothes. I almost ripped my sweatshirt in my hurry. My stupid huge boobies jiggled as I hopped around tugging down my sweatpants. Damn, I was hard as a rock after talking with Lisa about her stupid mess in my printer!

I know what I always tell my sister, but I couldn't help myself. I had to do it again. I turned to face my full length mirror. "Lisa, you're such a disgusting pervert." I said to the image in the glass. Yeah, I know I was looking at myself, but Lisa and I are so exactly alike that nobody but mom can tell us apart. She even says that after the Dryden change, she has trouble because we seem to have grown even closer in appearance.

"Look at yourself. Your beach ball tits both look like you're balancing a pink shot glass on them! Your nasty fourteen inch long cock is all stiff. Do you think I'm interested in that dick? You know what I want!"

I reached down and lifted my cock while spreading my legs. "That's right bitch. I'm only interested in that sexy little pussy of yours!"

I couldn't help a little moan as I ran a finger over my silky damp lips. "Oh, you like that, do you? You like playing with yourself in front of me? I knew you were a nasty pervert!"

The hand on my cock began to slowly stroke as I envisioned my sister's humiliation if I was to take control of her like this. "You sick freak! Now you're jerking off in front of me!"

I stroked myself a little longer. I stared at Lisa, um, I mean myself. It may sound wrong, but my identical twin is a knockout! My, um, her huge breasts were jiggling and swaying as the snugly gripping hand spread the flowing pre-cum soothingly over the thick hard cock-flesh. "You nasty pig, look at you abusing yourself!"

I stroked faster. It was getting harder and harder to settle for fantasy when I wanted to dominate my dear sister so completely! I wanted to spread those long lovely legs, and push the head of my cock between beautiful virgin lips! God help me, but I wanted to put my baby in that flat tummy and watch it swell and grow round!

"Let go of that cock!" I hissed as I felt myself growing close to the end. I had to force myself to let go of my dick. "You know I'm not interested in that! Now get on your knees and open that pretty mouth!"

I let myself fall back on my bed. It spoiled the illusion if I looked at the mirror during what comes next. Besides, it would be hard to see while doing what I had in mind. "Suck my dick, you simpering little loser!" I whispered as I flung my legs up over my head. Curling up, I opened my mouth wide and gobbled up the head of my cock.

I pretended it was Lisa sucking me as my cock lodged between my breasts. My dick felt so hot against my tongue, as my tongue felt so soothingly cool against it. I wriggled my tongue against the big swollen knob stuffed in my mouth, while thinking that I wouldn't waste a load on a blowjob when I did Lisa for real!

When I did her for real? My heart pounded as I tried to get more of my cock into my mouth. Yes, why not? I had to think of a way to bag my sister, but make it look like it wasn't my fault! There had to be a way I could make Lisa mine, without her or mom knowing it was what I really wanted all along!

Being a Dryden had its advantages. Bent over nearly double, I began bouncing on the bed, sort of fucking my own face as I excitedly thought about knocking up my beautiful identical twin! I thought having such huge tits was ridiculous, but I couldn't wait to see them on Lisa as they grew and filled with milk!

Oh God, her belly would grow bigger and bigger as she nurtured my baby in her womb! I moaned around myself as the head of my cock went deeper down my throat. We're twins, maybe she'd have twins! Would that make them our clones, since we shared the same DNA?

That weird thought was too much! My body trembled as muscles deep inside of me contracted. My cock jerked, and I was off! Whimpering and panting through my nose, Pulse after gooey pulse of hot soupy cum shot directly down my throat! I felt my tummy filling as I emptied myself into myself!

When the last few shuddering pulses eased, I let the head of my cock slip out of my throat so I could savor the musky salty taste of my semen. I swallowed that last mouthful and sighed. Wasn't Lisa smart enough to figure out this wonderful way to avoid making a huge mess?

"Soon." I whispered as I reached over to turn out the lights. "Soon, Lisa will be my own personal fuck toy!"

Over the next few days I thought long and hard over what I would do to claim my sister as my toy. I came up with a very devious idea. There had been a few cases of stubborn mono-sex women spiking various products with Futa-Pause. That was the key!

"Oh Lisa dear, soon you will be mine!" I whispered very early in the morning as I started to work. Sitting at my computer desk, I crushed not one, not two, but SIX Futa-Pause pills into a very fine powder.

I opened a bottle of chocolate milk and very carefully poured in the powder. Using the long end of an iced tea spoon, I very slowly mixed the drink. I carefully touched the tip of my tongue to the spoon. It tasted like plain old chocolate milk! I grabbed the waiting personal cleansing wipe, and ignored the taste as I scrubbed the milk from my tongue. There was no way I wanted to risk even a few minutes of erectile dysfunction today!

Now it was time for the hard part of my plan. I used a couple of teeny tiny drops of super-glue on the cap. This, I hoped, would give the proper "crack" when Lisa opened her milk.

Just for fun, I had swiped one of the little blue pills that mom thought I didn't know about. Futanari didn't need Viagra, but mom loved to impress mono-sex girls by being able to fuck them senseless for hours on end. She didn't care if most people, futanari, Mono-sex, and men, (if they even still counted as people) frowned on the practice. Viagra tended to make a futa just a tiny bit TOO aggressive.

Lisa deserved nothing but my "A" game! I ground up the Viagra and put it into the other bottle of chocolate milk. I took the precaution of putting a little tear in the label of the Futa-Pause milk, and then tip toed to the kitchen and stuck both bottles back into the refrigerator. I was all set!

I got a stiffy even with any tiny dose of Futa-Pause that may have absorbed into my tongue. This was perfect. "Hey Lisa, get your ass in here!" I yelled when I heard my sister stirring in her room.

"What's up?" Lisa asked, her morning wood making a huge tent in her stupid Pinkie Pie nightshirt.

"Can't you ever control yourself?" I scolded, glad that my chubby had subsided. I had to keep her knowing that I was always in control. "Put that damn thing away!"

She quickly thrust both hands between her legs. That was hardly enough to hide her boner. "Sorry Sherry." She said with her usual annoying meekness. "I, um, was having one of "those" dreams."

"Well keep it to yourself! I don't want to hear the disgusting details!" I calmed down. "Do you want to get laid?"

"Oh wow!" Her eyes opened wide, and the fool tugged up her nightshirt. "I sure do!"

"Not me, you stupid pervert! I mean do you want to get laid today?"

Blushing, she covered herself again. "Um, yeah, I really wanna get laid!" She sighed. "That won't happen though. Mom will never let us out of her sight unless we take one of those dumb pills!"

"What if I told you I have the answer?" I held up a small bottle. "Ta-da! Here's the answer to all our prayers."

"Those are vitamins? How will those help us?"

"It's very simple, my simple sister." I pulled open a drawer and took out a small jar of paint. "The vitamins are the same shape and size as Futa-Pause pills. This paint is totally non-toxic, and the exact same shade of Hello Kitty pink as Futa-Pause. If I paint a few pills, mom will see us take them and let us out of the apartment unsupervised! We'll be bangin' mono-sex sluts before lunchtime!"

"Wow, Sherry, you're so smart!" Lisa grabbed me and hugged me tight.

"Let go you idiot!" I hissed as I shoved her away. "Quit trying to rub one off on me you moron! I don't want you to even get one sperm on me, you stupid bitch! What if you soaked me with your slime and some got down to my pussy? Do you think I want to risk getting knocked up by my own sister?"

"Sorry Sherry." She looked like she was going to cry, but at least her cock was going limp!

"Okay, forget it. You just follow my lead, and everything will be fine!"

After breakfast, I went into my act. "Mom, can we go up to the roof and hang out at the pool for a while?" I asked, trying to keep the grin off of my face. "It's Friday, so it's futa swim only today."

Mom looked at me and thought for a moment and then looked at her watch. "I have to leave for work now. Can I trust you to come back to the apartment in two hours?"

"Yes mom." I said loudly.

She turned to glare at my weakest link. "Lisa, do you promise me that you will make damn sure that you and your sister come back in time?"

"You bet, mom!"

That was lucky. Lisa couldn't lie to save her life. If mom had asked if I was up to something, Miss weak-will would have spilled her guts! I guess she just figured that two hours was long enough to get some action. She was sure going to learn that was right!

"Okay girls. Now hurry and get ready!"

Mom wouldn't let us wear bikinis. She said we were too young, even though we're practically almost fifteen! I think it's because when a futa wears a bikini, there's no way to hide her cock, even when limp. Mom didn't want us tempting some dumb mono-sex bitch into trying to tease us into pheromone releasing erections!

Lisa and I returned to the kitchen wearing our matching one piece suits. I had to grit my teeth and think about gulping down a whole bucket of Futa-Pause to keep from popping a huge boner! Lisa looked so damn sexy with her huge tits stretching her suit almost to the limit. Her long red hair looked so sexy in contrast to the emerald green of the skin tight suit. I didn't even mind the outline of her big ol' package spoiling the lines. She must have seriously spanked before breakfast, because she was only sporting a slight chubby now.

Mom took one look at us and frowned. "Those suits hardly fit any more. I need to get you girls something a little more modest."

"Oh mother! There's only going to be other futa there today."

"Ok, alright. Remember, I said two hours. I'll be calling the land line phone then, and you both better be here!"

"We will be, mom!" Kiss-up Lisa shouted.

"You, I believe, sweetheart."

"Thanks a lot, mom!" I grumbled.

"I didn't mean anything by that." Mom smiled and gave me a wink. "You know that your sister is the one who always follows the rules."

I sighed. It was just about impossible to stay mad at mom. "I can follow rules to."

"Good, now follow this one." She turned to the cabinet that contained the dreaded pink pills. I felt a bit nervous. I had done a good job, but would mom notice the difference? She opened the bottle and tipped two pills into the palm of her hand. "Now I want to see you take these, and no hiding them under your tongue."

"Yes mother." Heart pounding, I turned to the refrigerator and took out the two bottles of chocolate milk. I casually handed Lisa the one with the little rip in the label. "We'll take them!"

She handed us the pills. I wish I could have risked having Lisa take a real pill to go with the six in her milk, but I didn't want to risk me accidentally getting one! We opened our milks and put the vitamins in out mouths. I had to concentrate as I watched Lisa guzzle the milk. Very soon she would be mine, but I couldn't risk an obvious erection until mom left! I finished my milk and wiped off the chocolate mustache.

"Good girls." Mom gave us both a quick hug and a kiss. "Now don't get too much sun. You know how quickly we redheads burn." She playfully waved a finger under my nose. "When will you be back in the apartment?"

"In two hours!" I said loudly.

"Remember, you don't go out again until I get home. As usual, I'll be calling at random times on the land line, so you both better be here all day once you come down from the pool! Now I have to go." She kissed us again and left for work.

"This is gonna be so good!" I said with a laugh. "We're finally gonna lose our virginities!" My penile virginity, and Lisa's vaginal, but she didn't have to know that just yet!

"Sherry, I feel a little funny." Lisa said a few minutes later.

"That's just nerves." I could hardly keep the grin off my face as I waited for her now erect cock to grow limp. I wanted people to see my conquest. "Come on, let's go to the pool!"

"Only futanari will be there." Lisa complained.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hall. "I'm sure we'll find mono girls to play with! Come on, you dope!"

Once in the elevator, I knew everything was perfect! I'd fuck Lisa, and people would think nothing of it. If Lisa complained to mom, there were always the bottles of milk to have tested. I had them in my bag so they wouldn't accidentally be thrown away if I needed them.

The elevator started up for the roof. Suddenly the lights flickered, and the car jerked to a stop. I pushed a couple of buttons, but judging by the fact that the emergency lights had come on; we were beginning another power failure!

"Lisa, we're stuck!" Sherry cried. "What'll we do?"

"Wait for the power to come back on, that's what." Oh well. I didn't mind my first time being in an elevator. That sounded like fun! I waited for Lisa to go limp.

I glanced at Lisa, and she was still popping a pole in her swimsuit. I looked at my watch and ten minutes had passed. Why was Lisa was still hard. In fact, the tent in her swimsuit looked even bigger. I was feeling really warm, and my pussy was soaked. My heart almost stopped. My pussy was soaked, but my cock was soft and flaccid!

I turned my back to Lisa and rubbed at myself. What the hell? Usually if I give the ol' sausage a little stroke, she springs right to attention! I grabbed at myself through my suit and stroked harder. Oh shit! This wasn't good!

"Sherry, I feel weird."

"Shut up!" I snapped, while pawing through my bag. I looked at the two milk bottles and couldn't help a whimper. Oh my God, both of them had matching tears in the label! Shit! I just took six Futa-Pauses! I tugged at my cock, but nothing happened! I just gave myself a serious case of Erectile Dysfunction! How could I be so stupid?

"Sherry, it's really hot in here." Lisa said softly. "I feel really weird!"

I looked back at my sister and gulped. She was hard as ever, and her suit had a growing wet spot spreading from the very tip of her cock! "Lisa, shut up and calm down!" I shouted. I turned my back once more and tried jerking my cock again. "Get hard!" I hissed at myself. "Please, you gotta get hard!" It wasn't working!

My heart was pounding, and my body was beginning to tremble. Oh crap! I was turned on! It felt like how it was when I first began to masturbate, before I grew a dick! Oh my God, was it Lisa's pheromones? I read that if a futanari took two Futa-Pause pills at one time, she could become receptive to futanari pheromones. Fuck, I just took six! To make matters worse, I was locked in a metal box with a horny futanari that just unknowingly took a Viagra!

"Somebody let us out!" I screamed, while frantically stroking away through my suit. I was just wiggling a limp and flexible noodle. I wasn't getting hard at all! "Please, we gotta get out of here!"

"Sherry, are you playing with yourself?' Lisa asked softly. "Can I watch?"

"No!" I cried, trying not to breath. "I'm not playing with myself, and you can't watch! You stay in your corner, and I'll stay in mine!"

I looked up. Was there an emergency hatch in the ceiling? No, the stupid building was too new! More people used to get injured or killed by climbing out of elevators, than just staying put and waiting for rescue. I tried to work my fingers into the door to force it open. I managed to move it a bit, but stopped when I saw the terrible truth. "We, we're between floors!"

"Sherry, I'm gonna play with myself, okay?"

"No, it's not okay!" I backed into the corner as far as I could, and tried not to watch as Lisa slowly slipped out of her swimsuit. "Put, put that back on!" I stammered. I threw my towel at her. "Cover yourself up!"

She stood there; face flushed, and started to stroke her cock. It was pointing right at me! "Put that away!" I squeaked, trying not to breathe in the scent of her pre-cum as it dripped to the floor. "Now is not the time!"

I could feel my thighs getting moist as my pussy drooled. I didn't seem to have the animal craving to just throw myself on Lisa's cock like a Mono, but my stupid pussy sure wanted something stuffed into it. That huge cock was the only thing available! Dammit, I had to get an erection! Everything would be fine if I could just pop a boner! I could easily ignore my pussy if I could rub off a couple of loads! "Don't point it at me, you pervert!" I yelled. "At least face the wall!"

"Okay Sherry." She turned and let out a sigh as she went to work.

It hardly helped. I watched as Lisa's shoulders moved while she stroked away. Oh God, her ass looked perfect! I yanked the crotch of my swimsuit aside and pulled out my cock. The damn thing was so soft and only about seven inches long. It looked like a sad little worm! Pre-cum wasn't even coming out! I spit on it, and tried using my thumb and index finger to stroke some life into it.

My cock flopped and waggled, but I couldn't even feel the first hint of an erection! "Please?" I whispered, running all my favorite fantasies through my mind. I tried picturing Lisa kneeling before me, with her mouth wide open. The perspective seemed to suddenly shift. The fantasy still looked exactly the same. Identical twin redhead big breasted futanari, one giving the other a blowjob, but something horrible had happened. Oh God, that wasn't Lisa on her knees! Why the hell was imagining it was me sucking Lisa's dick?

The elevator was starting to stink. The musky smell of Lisa's pre-cum was almost making me dizzy. "Cut it out!" I scolded, trying to sound angry. "Lisa, I, I have an idea."

She turned to me, and I almost gasped. She looked so gorgeous! Her penis was so big and hard. It seemed to be calling me to it! It wanted me, and I, I wanted it! "What's your idea?" she asked brightly.

I thought fast. I was sure if I got a boner and tossed off a load or two, I would be able to stop thinking about Lisa's cock, and how it would feel stretching out my pussy! There was only one thing to do! If my hand wasn't enough, I needed more stimulation! "Um, you know I think incest is disgusting, but, um, why don't you try sucking my cock? If, uh, if you do a good job. I might be convinced to suck yours in return!"

"Do you promise?" she asked with a simply lovely smile. "I always wondered what oral sex felt like."

"Wait, you haven't tried on yourself?"

"No, that would be weird. I wouldn't mind trying with you though, as long as you did me too." She looked down and giggled. "Sherry, what's wrong? You look like pictures of boys I've seen online."

Shit, now my damn doormat of a sister was laughing and making fun of my stupid limp cock! "Nothing's wrong!" I snapped. "Get on your knees and start sucking!"

"Okay, don't be such a fucking bitch about it."

Lisa dropped to her knees, but I hardly noticed. Did she just talk back to me? I don't think I ever heard her curse before, either! What was going on? I felt wonderful warmth as she took my penis into her mouth. Lisa's tongue moved, and she started to suck on me. It felt nice, but that was about it!

She sucked away for nearly ten minutes. Frustrated tears were running down my cheeks. It wasn't working! My darkest fantasy had come true, and I was limp! When she sucked really hard, I could feel that first tiny hint of swelling from the powerful vacuum her mouth was generating. "That's it! It's getting hard!"

Lisa released me. She laughed as my saliva shined cock immediately lost it's beginning of a chubby and went limper than ever! "Nope, it went back to sleep again!"

"Try again! I almost had a boner! Keep sucking me!"

She gave my cock a squeeze. "Look, that's just my spit. You aren't even making any pre-cum."

"That's not all spit!" I cried. "Some of it has to be pre-cum! I usually make so much!"

She licked the soft head and laughed. "Nope, I've tasted mine on my fingers. That's just spit. You're sure wet somewhere else though!"

I nearly hit my head on the ceiling when she stuck her left hand between my legs. I felt a finger gently stroke along my labia through the fabric still covering my pussy. "D-Don't touch me there, you stupid bitch!"

She laughed again as she took her hand from between my legs, and licked the shiny fluid from her fingers. "Oh wow, your pussy is soaked! It's drooling down your legs. No wonder you don't have any pre-cum. I think the plumbing got rerouted!"

"What, what are you talking about?" I gasped as she put her hand back between my legs. "Get back to sucking me you bitch!"

The hand still idly holding my cock squeezed almost painfully tight. "What would be the point, limp-dick? I'm sure I should be insulted that you don't seem to want to pop a boner for me." Her other hand kept right on tracing her fingers over my sloppy slippery labia. "Are you like some poor guy that needs Viagra so he can pop a boner? That's just sad."

Uh-oh! The Viagra! No wonder Lisa was talking like this! I had forgotten that while I drank down a huge dose of Futa-Pause, she had unknowingly taken a Viagra in her milk! Of all the worst things that could happen, this was THE worst possible thing! "That's not funny!" I gasped as she roughly jerked and twisted my cock. "Let go of me and get your swimsuit back on!"

Lisa laughed. "Sherry, you have E-D like some pathetic guy! You're a limp-dick impotent futa!" She waggled my cock and grinned up at me. "Look at the poor little thing! I can't get it to wake up! All it's good for is making pee!"

I choked back a sob. "Stop it Lisa! It's not funny! Something's wrong!"

She stood up, and braced her hands on the wall with my head between them. Staring into my eyes, she smiled. "Nothing's wrong from my side, dear sister."

She leaned closer and I felt her cock press against me, it's hugely swollen head nudging the underside of my breast. I tried to wriggle free, but she leaned even closer. My heart almost stopped when her lips touched mine!

I tried not to let it, but her tongue somehow forced its way into my mouth. I heard a strange mewling moan, and sobbed into Lisa's mouth when I realized it was me!

"Don't cry Sherry." Lisa said softly after breaking our kiss. "You may be a limp-dick, but I bet I can still make you feel good!"

"Lisa, get your swimsuit back on!" I tried to order. It sounded more like begging. "Gimmie back my towel. I, I'm gonna tie it tightly around myself!"

She put a hand on my shoulder and started to pull out my suit. "No Sherry, you get undressed!"

I had to stop this! I pushed weakly at her hand, but couldn't seem to make myself strike out at my sister. "Stop it!" I whimpered when I heard stitches pop. "Lisa, cut it out right now!"

"I have to see you naked." She said quietly. Tugging harder, my suit ripped. "Get the fuck out of that damn swimsuit right now!"

"No, I won't!" I cried as she continued to pull and tug. My left breast popped out with a bounce. "No Lisa, don't do this to me!" I stood there like a fool and just let her continue to pull at my suit. The sizzling sound of ripping fabric filled the elevator. In moments, my swimsuit was in tatters on the floor around my feet.

"Oh wow, we're sexy!" Lisa breathed as she stepped back and looked me over from head to toe.

I felt warm as the blush spread over my body. I threw my left arm over my breasts, but it hardly hid my stupid nipples from her shining eyes. I rammed my right hand between my legs and sobbed. It was easier to hide my stupid limp cock as I squeezed my thighs tightly together to keep my dribbling pussy hidden too. "Lisa, gimmie my towel right now!" I wailed like a little baby.

"Come on Sherry, you know you want it." Lisa grabbed my right arm. I couldn't help it. She didn't pull my arm away, she just gently guided it. "I'm so hard and you're so wet. Let's do it!"

"No, we can't!" I whimpered. "This, this was all a mistake! Everything is backwards!"

"What do you mean?"

Without thinking I just blurted it out. "I drank the wrong milk! I accidentally took six Futa-Pause pills!"

She looked down at my sad soft cock. "No wonder you're a limp-dick!" She opened her eyes wide in surprise. "You were gonna drug me! You bitch!" Lisa grabbed my penis and squeezed it painfully hard. "You were gonna fuck me, weren't you?"

"I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!"

She smiled, and my heart pounded. "You're already forgiven, limp-dick."

"Don't call me that!" I whimpered. "I, I'll be just fine in a few hours!"

"You're just fine now, Sherry. Be a good big sister and suck my dick."

"I, I don't wanna!" I whispered as my legs went all rubbery and I sank to my knees. "I don't wanna suck anyone's penis!"

"Then why are you licking your lips, sister dear?"

I had to fight it. I was no stupid mono-sex bitch! I stared at the head of her cock as she grasped it near the base. As mine did, when I could get it hard, it pointed up. Sherry aimed it downward and put the head level with my trembling lips. I wanted to taste it, but I didn't dare! "Please Sherry, not like this!"

"It was okay when you wanted to do me though, wasn't it, bitch? Don't be such a damn whiney baby!"

"Lisa, please. That's the Viagra talking! You're usually so nice!"

"Fuck, you did drug me, didn't you?" She laughed at me. She took a deep breath, and I couldn't help staring up at the rise and fall of her magnificent breasts. "I guess its okay, since I got the lucky milk! Now go on, give me a little kiss, you limp-dick impotent mono-sex wanna-be!"

"You're usually so sweet and kind!" I cried in shock. "Don't talk to me like that!"

"You think I'm nice, just because I don't argue when you yell and call me names? That's a laugh!"

I couldn't stop myself. I just had to do it. I leaned forward and gave the head of her cock a kiss. "I'm sorry!" I whispered, with her slimy fluid shining on my mouth like lip gloss. "I never meant anything by it!" I opened my mouth as wide as I could and captured the head of her cock between my lips.

"Oh wow! Sherry, your mouth feels so nice! Your tongue is so soft and warm!"

I took a little more of her into my mouth. Even though our dicks are exactly the same, it felt a little different than when I suck myself. When I do me, my dick is sort of upside down in relation to my mouth when I bend over to gobble it. I whimpered. How many times did I fantasize this moment, but with Lisa being the one on her knees?

"This is so good! I never dreamed that my own sister would give me my first blowjob!" She moaned deep in her throat as I forced my tongue to move against the head filling my mouth. "Oh yeah, do that again Sherry!" She said, while grabbing at my head. "I want more!"

She was pulling me closer to her. I couldn't help it; I managed to get up on my feet. Squatting, while tilting my head just right, I let my sister enter my throat. I could feel my jaw nearly dislocating as my Dryden body accepted something so long and thick. My throat stretched as she pushed on into me. Oh God, Lisa was going deeper!

"So good!" she moaned as she put her hands on the back of my head and sort of hugged me to her.

I could hardly breathe! My nose was pressed against warm smooth flawless skin, as all fourteen inches of her cock made it almost all the way to my stomach! She didn't stop there. Gripping my hair tightly, Lisa pulled my head back. With a groan, she pushed it back to her again.

I raised my hands to slap at her, but only ended up resting them on her hips to steady myself as she used my throat like one of those Onaholes you see in nasty Japanese hentai. You couldn't even say she was fucking my face. Oh God, I was nothing but a fuck toy!

Tears of shame dripped from my eyes as my body shook. I was so turned on even in my humiliation! I risked losing my balance to put a hand between my legs. My damn penis still hung limp, but my pussy was begging for attention! I rarely diddled myself. It was so much more fun to stroke off and pop load after gooey load. It was like my vagina was begging me to make up for lost time.

I touched myself while Lisa used my mouth and throat as a masturbation aid. Thank goodness I was a Dryden! They say that a pre-change girl could be hurt or killed by the average futanari cock. As it was, I was light headed and dizzy as my fingers rubbed over my clit. As soft and flaccid as my cock was, my clit was so hard and swollen it was almost painful!

"Oh yeah, here it comes!" Lisa cried as she slammed my face against her tummy. I felt her cock begin to jerk and throb deep within me. Oh no! She was shooting off! Part of me was desperate to taste the slimy gunk that was shooting directly down my gullet, even as the rest of me quivered in shame at being used as little more than a jerk-off tool.

She held me tight against her as her climax continued. I moaned as my own approaching orgasm was ruined by the sheer panic of Lisa suffocating me! I could do nothing but ride it out as I felt my stomach begin to bulge with warm goo.

There was a ringing in my ears, and everything was going a little red when that pulsing and throbbing finally eased to a stop. Lisa pulled from my mouth with a loud sloppy slurp and I dropped to my hands and knees. I gasped and coughed as I tried to catch my breath. Drool dripped from my mouth, but not a drop of semen. I could feel that sloshing and burbling in my stomach. I felt like I had just eaten a huge pot of egg drop soup! I couldn't help a very loud belch as my tummy settled and decided not to expel everything in a huge wet mess.

"Ew, that was disgusting!" Lisa laughed. "What a piggy!"

"I couldn't breath!" I gasped as I made a grab for a towel. "Lisa, why did you do that to me?"

"Hey, I wasn't the one who spiked the milk, sister dear!" She looked down at her cock. "Damn, I'm harder than ever! How long does it take before Viagra wears off anyway?"

Fear filled me. I was so turned on I could hardly think straight, and there was a nice hard cock just begging to push into me. I had to avoid that! "I, I don't know how long it lasts. I, um, I could maybe suck you again. That'll probably help!"

"Sherry, you said I would get laid today." Lisa said softly. "How about you get up off the floor? I think it would be cool to get laid while standing!"

"Oh no, Lisa that's not a good idea!" I squeaked. I didn't have to count up days. I did last night when I decided today was the day. Lisa is fertile as a turtle right now. That was why I picked today of all days! I gulped fearfully. We're in sync. I am too! "How about if I just wrap up in a towel and t-take a nap?" I grabbed at one of the towels, and Lisa stepped onto it. "Lisa, please!"

"You know you want to, Sherry." She pointed and laughed. There were little puddles all over the elevator floor from my pussy actually dripping in need! "Stand up and lets do it!"

I was sitting on the chilly floor, but that's not why I was shaking. I couldn't take my eyes off of Lisa's cock! It's the exact duplicate of mine, but fourteen inches never looked that huge before! The angry swollen head was almost purple as it quivered to the beat of her heart. A pearly white droplet oozed out and dripped to the floor. I couldn't let it get near my unprotected pussy! Even while I thought that, fear gripped me as I stood up!

"I knew you wanted it too!" Lisa cheered as I climbed to my feet. "This is gonna be awesome, you wait and see!"

"Lisa, we can't!' I gasped as she shoved me against the wall. "You're still leaking cum! You can't get any sperm in me!"

She slipped her right hand under my left knee. "You let me worry about that!" she said as she yanked my leg upward.

"No wait, that doesn't make sense! I'm worried about it! It's my belly! I don't wanna get a baby in it!"

"Then why did you want to shoot one into mine?"

"Lisa, please forgive me!" I whimpered as she started trying to line up the head of her cock with my soaked labia. Oh no! I wanted her to do it, but I just couldn't let her! I wasn't a mono! I should be able to resist the pheromones! My body shook though, as I longed for that wonderful cock to split me apart! "Please, let me suck you again. I can't let you fuck me! We don't have any condoms and I'm ovulating! You'll get me pregnant for sure!"

"Dammit, I need to lift you a little higher to get the head in!"

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