Couples Inc

by raltsn

Copyright© 2013 by raltsn

Romantic Sex Story: Mark and Alie go to a adult couples resort in South Florida for a vacation. Lots of fun ensues!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Humor   Voyeurism   .

The beach is deserted around you and a gentle rain is falling on your face as you ride up and down on his hard cock. You can feel the sand under your knees and feet as you push up again for the next ride down. He reaches up and tweaks your nipples again sending sparks throughout your body making a loud moan escape your lips. Both of you are soaking wet now and the rain on your bodies are making squishing sounds every time you bury yourself on his dick and alternatively a sucking sound when you lift back up.

Minutes turn into hours for you as your orgasm just builds until with one last thrust it hits you like a ton of bricks. You cry out softly as you grind your pussy into his crotch, rubbing your sensitive clit over his sparse pubic hair. The intense feeling overwhelm you as wave after wave of pleasure wash through your body in the same time as the waves crashing on the beach. You hear him cry out as well in your fog of lust and feel the spurts from him cumming filling up your pussy. After what feels like hours of just cumming you finally start to come down and collapse on his chest, the warm rain continuing to fall on your back now.

Trying to catch your breath, you lie on top of him, both of you panting as you recall the day's events that lead you here.

SATURDAY: The plane hit the runway at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International airport with a thud as the wheels touched the ground. You breathe out a sigh of relief and let go of Mark's hand. He shakes his head as the plane taxies to the terminal and the seat belt light comes off. He stands up and grabs your carry-on bags and you both head off the plane into the terminal. It's your first vacation together and you picked a couples only resort in South Florida that was recommended by a friend. Since she spoke so highly of it, you just booked without getting too many details. It looked good for you and Mark so that's all you cared about.

You find your bags and head outside to grab a taxi to the resort. He takes you about 30 minutes from the airport and pulls into a driveway with a huge gate out front. The sign on the fancy brickworks said: Couples Inc, - An Adult Resort. You look at each other and grin, not sure of what to expect.

The driver drops you off at the main registration building with your bags and takes off. Walking inside to the plush lobby, you head over to the registration desk to get your room. The girl at the front desk is a stunning blond with long hair. She smiles at both of you as you walk up.

"Hi, how can I help you today?"

"Mark and Alie, we're here to check in."

"OK great, let's just look you up here and we'll get you to your room."

A few keystrokes later, you have your room cards and instructions on how to find it. Both of you grab your bags and head for the elevators. Mark is walking behind you and as you glance back, you catch him staring at your ass.

"What are you staring at mister?" you ask with a smile.

"Umm ... your ass, what else? I can see your panties." he replied with a big grin.


"Not impossible, I can see them and I'm staring at them."

"Impossible." you say again as you step into the elevator. "Because I'm not wearing any."

You hear the door close with a ding followed by a coughing fit and as soon as you press the "12" button for your floor, Mark roughly spins you around and pushes you against the elevator wall. His mouth covers yours, his tongue meeting yours, each one vying for attention. His hand reaches down and slips under your sundress and up your leg until it reaches your trimmed bush and slips a finger into your already wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm" you groan as he starts fiddling with your clit. "oh yeah, I can't believe how horny I am from sitting on that plane with no panties. I wanted to tell you so bad."

"If you did, I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off of you the whole flight!"

The ding of the elevator door opening reluctantly breaks you apart as you exit and walk down the hall to your room. Slipping the card key in the door, you open it and gasp. You both had decided to go all out on this trip and get one of the nicer rooms, but you had no idea it was going to be this nice. It wasn't huge, but way bigger than a normal hotel room. It was modernly decorated with a gorgeous kitchen off to the left with granite tops and stainless appliances right next to a dark wooden table. The living room had leather couches and a huge LCD TV. The sliding glass doors on the back wall led to a huge 300sq/ft deck that overlooked the ocean and the beach below. A door off the living room went into the master suite which had a king size bed and a master bath. The centerpiece though was the raised hot top off the living room.

"ooohhhhh a hot tub. I can't WAIT to try it." you say.

"First things first." you hear Mark say.

Turning around, he gives you a push into the bedroom and with a squeal you run in and flop on the bed. Before you have a chance to get up, Mark is behind you, his hands again lifting up your dress to show your nice smooth ass. You spread your legs a little to give him access as he slides his hand up your thighs and into your pussy. You moan as he slips a finger into your pussy again and start thrusting in and out. Every so often pulling out and rubbing your clit until you are just over come.

"Shit Mark ... Fuck me now. I am so fucking horny I need you inside of me NOW!" you say with a growl.

You can't remember a time when you saw his pants come off so quickly and before you know it, his hard cock is pressing at your entrance. You slide your legs apart a little more as you feel his cock slide into your pussy easily. He bottoms out and stops.

"No no no fuck me pleeeease. Don't stop." you say.

"One ... sec ... just ... need ... one sec." he gasps out.

With a long stroke, he pulls out and slams into you, a grunt from both of you as he bottoms out time after time, each thrust making a slapping sound on your ass as he pounds you against the bed. You reach down in between your legs and tweak your clit and suddenly it hits you and you furiously diddle your clit as you scream into the bed. Mark follows right behind shooting what feels like a gallon of cum into your pussy. With one last slap on your ass (earning him a look from you) you both collapse on the bed.

"God Damn I love those quickies." you say as you roll on your back next to him, your hand still idly playing with your clit.

"Mmm Hmmm." he sighed. "Always the best with you."

Luxuriating in the afterglow of nice satisfying sex, you lay around on the bed, naked, just enjoying being there. Finally, you get up and head into the shower and start it up. Unpacking all of your stuff you head into the shower and clean off. The door opens and Mark steps in and grabs a tit.

"No way mister ... hands off. I want to get out and explore this place." you say playfully.

"Humpf." is all you get in reply, along with another playful slap on your ass.

Fortunately the rest of the shower was without incident as you both dry off and get dressed again. You slip the sundress back on as Mark sits on the bed and watches you, grinning like a Cheshire cat.


"Nothing ... umm where's your panties?" he asked, still grinning

"Got a problem with this?" you say as you twirl around, the dress coming up to show the bottom of your butt and a hint of your nicely trimmed pussy.

"OK let's get down and check this place out before we end up not even making it out of the room this whole vacation!!"

Heading downstairs, you pass again by the reservations desk where the blond is still cheerfully manning the front desk and wave hi. You head out through the back onto the beach and onto the patio area. There's a huge pool with tons of people swimming and lounging. Past the pool was a series of hot tubs, some partially hidden by strategically planted vegetation and other things. The beach was the main attraction, white sand in both directions as far as the eye could see.

The best thing about this place was it was a private beach, just for adults. You remember this fact as you step on the beach and notice that a majority of the women were topless. You look at Mark who's got a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

"You'd better stop grinning and pop your eyes back in your head." you say, shaking your head.

"Oh come on, it's nothing I haven't seen before." he says still grinning. "Although I don't think I've ever seen them like THOSE before."

You turn your head and look behind you at some girl who has the BIGGEST boobs you've ever seen. As you look away, you see almost every guy on the beach looking her way too.

"MEN! Geez."

"What can I tell you babe, it's just instinct, we can't help it.'

"What-Ever!" you say making it a point to separate the two words.

Still walking around, there's a DJ's booth and a stage on the back of the beach towards the resort and you head that way. Tonight you see that there's going to be a live band starting at 9pm, with 1/2 price margaritas for the ladies

"I'm in! Let's go tonight." you say excitedly.

"Sure thing ... let's head back in and relax for a bit before dinner." you say looking at your watch. "It's after 5pm and I want to relax after the flight and everything."

You head back in, stopping to make dinner reservations for 7pm at the main resort restaurant. Back at the room, you sit down together on the comfy leather sofa and turn on the TV to vegetate for a little while before dinner. Pretty soon though, 6:45 rolls around and you quickly wash up before dinner.

You change into a pair of shorts that shows off your nice long legs and a tight shirt and headed down for dinner. The main dining room was sparsely populated at 7pm when you got down there as you settled in for your meal. You were both starving after all the traveling and settling in. The waitress came and again, you can't help but to stare at her as she's just as beautiful as the girl at the main desk.

"Hi Guys." She said with a smile. "Is this your first time here?"

"Yup." Says Mark with a smile back. "Just got in a few hours ago. Where is everyone? I thought this place would be more crowded."

"Well, tonight is the live band so everyone is outside getting started with the drinks."

"Ahhhh well that makes sense, we'll have to head out there after dinner."

She proceeds to take you order and bring you your drinks. You start off with a margarita.

"Hmmm..." says Mark. "Getting started already? You know it's just gonna make you more horny and we'll never make it outside."

"HA! You wish! " you reply back. "At the rate you're going, you're not getting anything."

He just shakes his head with a grin as the waitress brings you the drinks. A beer for Mark and a margarita for you. Dinner followed shortly after as you wolf it down not realizing how famished you are. You hear cheering outside as you finish up and as you sign the check, decide to head outside and see what's going on. You stand up and realize that after a few drinks at dinner you're definitely got your buzz on. Mark notices too and walks over to grab your arm.

"Need some help?" he asks with a smirk.

"Fuck you." You say, while leaning in for a sloppy kiss. "I mean, I WANT to fuck you."

"Oh please." You say. "See I told you you'll just get all horny on me."

You're just grinning as he pulls you out thru the doors to the patio outside. You head over to the where the stage is as the band is getting ready and you see a new sign.

WET T-SHIRT CONTEST Winner gets free drinks all week! Free T-shirt!!

"Oooooh I want to do it!" You say excitedly.

"Really? You'd do that?" Mark asks you.

"Oh yeah I want to do it. Don't you want me to show off my tits to everyone?" she asks with a grin.

"As long as I'm the only one with the hands on them at the end." He replies back.

You go over to the sign up table and put your name on the list and grab a white t-shirt from the table and head into the ladies room to put it on. Coming out you throw your old shirt over to Mark. He catches it and looks at it quizzically.

"No bra tonight." You say with a sexy grin.

"I can see that ... and just what were you expecting!? " he said shaking his head again. Still smiling.

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