Sue's Surprise at Her Party

by maxmarieuk

Copyright© 2013 by maxmarieuk

Erotica Sex Story: My wife Sue has a surprise at her birthday party.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   True Story   Wife Watching   Group Sex   .

I suspect that the fantasy of having two men is shared by many women - certainly it is by two females to my knowledge. One is a 30 ish year old divorced friend who confided to me that she had always fancied sex with two men so arranged to have the mechanic who looked after her car visit her one evening at the same time as another male friend was due. Both had made passes at her but she had not done anything about either up to now. She introduced them to each other and made an excuse to leave the room, returning a few minutes later in a basque and tiny pants. "Well, do you both want me?" she asked and after a short delay for their great surprise, the three of them enjoyed an evening during which she told me she was vigorously fucked by two men each trying to outdo the other. She achieved her desire of being taken from behind on her hands and knees whilst she sucked the second man. I admired her for knowing what she wanted and taking the initiative.

The other woman with this fancy is my wife, Sue. A couple of years ago, I arranged a special evening for Sue to celebrate her 40th birthday. She is a tall, sexy, natural blonde who has various fantasies but this one in particular which we had often discussed putting into practice but had never taken the plunge and I decided that this was the time to arrange a surprise happening of her fantasy.

My task now was to find two suitable men - men who would enter into the part and be adventurous and demanding but not anyone we knew where there would be the risk of after-effects which could spoil a friendship. It was not easy. I needed two men who would get on well together themselves and who would both give her the type of evening she wanted. They had to be men who I knew well enough to judge them in this respect but not friends or colleagues where there may be complications afterwards. They had to be local and approachable so I thought about the strip-o-grams and telephoned a local agency to arrange a meeting.

The first barrier was the suspicion that he was being set up somehow but I overcame this a little by showing them photos of Sue and I together, normal shots of us on holiday, to establish who she was. I then showed them photos of her which up to then only Sue, I and the confidential film processing service had seen. These showed her naked including some pretty crude poses. At this point he began to believe that I was genuine and he made suggestions as to which of the men on his books would be appropriate. He had photos of them in tiny shorts and as you would expect, they were all well developed young men. We agreed a fee and selected the two most likely and a meeting was arranged for me with the two of them. Cut a long story short, they were both agreeable to playing the roles I wanted and we discussed the kind of things that Sue fantasised about. A Saturday night date was set and I then made the normal arrangements for a party including a disco and outside caterers so she had nothing to do that evening.

The party was a great success - the food was great, the music was good and there was plenty to drink. It was summer and we danced in the garden until it got dark and chilly when we came inside and continued. The women wore light summery clothes and there was a very slightly naughty atmosphere in the air as everyone had had a fair amount to drink which was perfect as I announced the grand finale to the party and in came the male strippers. The disco was primed to have their music ready and the women shrieked and gathered around to watch the display. They were very good and played up to each of the women in turn, dropping clothes onto them, kissing some as they danced passed them and generally playing to a very appreciative audience. They both left Sue to the end and danced around her as they stripped off their remaining pouches to be totally naked. One of them grabbed her hands and pulled them to his cock and she held his erect cock for a moment to the gales of applause but she then remembered the others all around and pulled back from him. Jeff and Dave picked up their clothes and held them strategically as they left the room to get dressed.

After this, the evening broke up and guests made their farewells until all had gone. Sue was by now extremely relaxed and I asked her if she had enjoyed her party and she had. I teased her about the strippers. "I saw you holding his cock - if the others hadn't been there you would have gone further I reckon" I told her. "Well, they did have lovely bodies and were very fanciable" she replied. I topped up her glass and left the room, coming back with Jeff and Dave, now dressed. Sue was most surprised. "I thought you had gone home" she said to them, blushing.

Dave stood in front of her and said "we didn't have a chance to wish you a happy birthday - we thought we could perhaps have a dance with the birthday girl." At this he put out his hand and lifted her to her feet and they started to dance to the music I had put on. The three of them danced and I could see Sue begin to relax. I then put on a slow record and Jeff took her in his arms and danced very close to her. He gently lifted her chin to kiss her and she looked towards me anxiously - when she saw me grinning back at her she knew it was OK and returned his kiss which became quite passionate. He was holding her tight until Dave tapped his shoulder to take his place and also got a kiss. Dave ran his hands over her, gently, and we could see her respond by snuggling in to him.

Jeff called over to her "you know Sue, this is very unfair to us." "Why is that?" she asked him. "Because you have seen us naked and we haven't seen anything of you." At this point I stepped in and danced close to her. She held me tighter than usual and was obviously very aroused. I bent to whisper in her ear. "Do you want them? If you do, I would love to see you strip for them - its up to you." "Are you sure you wouldn't mind?" she whispered back and I just lifted her chin to kiss her and cupped one of her breasts and through her blouse felt her already hard nipple. No other reply was necessary and I stepped back and went to the hi-fi to change the music back to something fast and loud.

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