Soul in Isolation

by alan14

Copyright© 2013 by alan14

Sex Story: Amy origin story: Amy's dad has died, forcing her and her mother to move to a different county. Amy has to start a new school and her life changes dramatically, from church going girl guide to school slut

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Slow   .

This story is about Amy's move to a new school where she immediately falls in with the rich kids, who use her for their own ends

I was 15 when my dad died, it was quite sudden, he had a heart attack whilst doing the gardening. I loved my dad more than anything, he was my world and when he died my world ended.

Mum was just as devastated as I was, even after 20 years of marriage they still loved each other as much as when they first met.

She struggled along without him for a while, but found it hard. She couldn't keep up the payments on the mortgage and pay my school fees, so I would have to leave the grammar school at the end of year 11 and sit my A-Levels at a state college. The house problem was solved my mum's brother, Uncle Tony. His wife's mother had died the year before and they'd inherited her house in Cumbria, it was a small house and it had been on the market for the past year without any interest, so he said Mum could have it, once our house was sold we could pay him & his wife Aunty Judy 75% of its market value out of any money we raise.

So we would have to move from Manchester up to Cumbria, there are worse places to live. We'd be handy for a well-regarded school where I could sit my A-Levels and mum could find work in a hair-dressers, she's very talented with hair.

We would be leaving lot behind, all our friends and most of our relatives would be miles away, I would be leaving Girl Guides, where I'd learnt a lot about respect for others and our environment, I'd be leaving the church I'd attended with Dad, and all the people there. Uncle Tony would be close by though.

So, after my GCSEs had finished we packed our meagre belongings into a removal van and moved 70 miles north to start a new life in a very different place.

Initially it was a major culture shock, moving from a busy town centre house, with dozens of shops, pubs, clubs, fast food takeaways, to a small village with only a few shops, a couple of pubs and a couple of takeaways, the only lights on after 9pm seem to be the pubs and the sole Indian takeaway. Even the small supermarket closes at 9.

The major compensation though is the absolutely beautiful landscape round here, the Lake District is only about 30 minutes away, Morecambe Bay 10 minutes, and I can walk to school. On top of this, it's a really low crime area, mum never felt safe at home after dad died, but here she's a lot happier.

Our new house is much smaller than our old house, but that's OK, because there's only two of us now, so two bedrooms, both a good size actually, one bathroom, a lounge and dining kitchen is really all we need. The house has a small front garden and a nice big back garden with tall trees between us and next door, so providing they don't have a periscope or CCTV camera on the roof we're not overlooked.

By the time we got the house sorted it was September and time to go back to school, my first day at a new school, I was both looking forward to it and dreading it. The 6th form at this school is very different to my last school because around half the students are boarders, some are English, and are boarding because their parents work abroad, and some are foreign students who've come here for an English education, a bit like English people sending their daughters to "finishing school" abroad.

I was met by the head of sixth form and shown round the site, introduced to a few established students who would be studying the same courses and then left to fend for myself. Most of the students seemed to be pretty sorted types, a few prima donnas and a couple of distinctly odd types who were studying agricultural courses, but on the whole I felt comfortable.

During lunch that day a girl in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt caught my eye and called me over, she introduced herself as Mary and indicated that I should join her group.

I sat where she indicated and studied her awhile as she had a word with a girl on the next table. She was obviously a very self-assured girl, she handled herself well and from the body language she clearly considered herself to be superior to the girl she was speaking with.

Her clothes showed her, or rather her family, to be wealthy, her Ralph Lauren polo shirt was brand new, her jeans were Armani and she had a pair of Marc Jacobs pumps on her feet - yes I read Heat magazine and the Sunday supplements because I enjoy torturing myself looking a nice clothes I'll never be able to afford.

"So you're the new girl, I'm Mary and we're going to be good friends."

When she turned to face me I could see she was very pretty, although not a 10, if you have to give scores. Maybe the look of entitlement on her face spoilt things a little. Anyway, she had very lush dark blonde hair that was pretty obviously expensively styled to look tousled, I think it was her natural colour, or the hairdresser also coloured her eyebrows at the same time as her hair, further proof would only be revealed to her boyfriends and doctor.

"Hello Mary, I'm Amy. Why do you want to be my friend?"

"Because I see a potential in you to be successful, not just in school, but in society. I like to introduce a select few people into my world you see. With my help you will see the right people and attend the right events. Without my help I doubt you'll get very far in this school."

Mmm, I was getting a distinct whiff of Heathers, with me as Winona Ryder and Mary as Shannen Doherty, I just needed Christian Slater to riding over the horizon to complete the set. As Mary is so far the only person who has spoken to me without prompting from a teacher I decided to just go with the flow for now.

"Ok, so why do you see potential in me, what is this elusive 'x-factor' that I exude?"

"Well for a start you are very pretty, almost beautiful if I'm honest, and you know how to wear clothes and how to stand and walk, you carry yourself well. I see these things and just know that we can be good for each other."

"Well I'm obviously flattered that you consider me to be almost beautiful, I was thinking the same of you as it happens. So, what now? Do we hang out here in the cafeteria all afternoon, or do we prowl the halls looking for unsuspecting year 7 kids to ridicule. I've no idea how we act here as I've come from an inner-city comprehensive."

"You don't sound like you're from a comprehensive school."

"Don't worry, I'm taking the piss, I went to Withington Girls School, they taught me how to walk upright without dragging my knuckles on the floor."

"Well the first thing you need is a boyfriend, you can't be seen out without a boy or people will think you are a spinster in training or even worse, a lesbian."

"What's wrong with being a lesbian for God's sake?"

"They give proper girls a bad name with their attitude against men. A woman needs a man."

Jesus, what was this girl on, I might have some fun here.

"OK, let's assume I need a man, where do I find one?"

"You don't just find one, you don't know anyone round here for a start. I will find one for you. If you meet me at the Cross Keys on Friday night I'll bring you a suitable boy."

Lunch break was over and so we separated. Thinking about our encounter I was in two minds, firstly Mary was quite a character, and I doubted it would do me any harm to hang around with her for a little while until I built up some other, saner friends; but on the other hand, she was clearly at least a bit odd, with her belief that lesbians are evil and girls need me to get by. The topic of boys did interest me though, coming from a girls school, and living in an area where my mum kept us all closeted away for our own safety, I'd not really met many boys my own age. The only ones I did meet were in church, and to be honest they weren't the most exciting people to be around. I had a few dates with boys from church, but they mainly involved McDonalds, a PG film and if I was lucky they didn't try to grope me on the bus journey home.

The rest of the week flew by, the teachers were all mainly young and enthusiastic, and the lessons were interesting, with different teaching methods from my last school, much use being made of videos, computers and stuff. One lesson was a live hook-up with schools in Germany, Italy and Hong Kong.

Friday night crept up on me and when my phone rang at 6pm I was shocked to realise I'd forgotten about meeting Mary and the mystery guy at the Cross Keys. I borrowed £20 off mum and threw on my normal going out clothes - a nice blouse and skirt with a pair of pink Converse pumps - and set out for the pub, which was only 5 minutes walk away. On the subject of borrowing money, I really had to try to get a part time job, the supermarket must have something part-time going, a few hours a week was all I needed to get myself a bit of going-out money.

Anyway, I'd not been in the Cross Keys yet, so didn't really know what to expect from the village pub, would it be like American Werewolf in London, everyone stop what they're doing, glasses half raised, and star at me. As it happened I was pleasantly surprised, the pub was clean and bright, with booths down both sides and tables dotted around the rest of the large room. Mary was in a booth with two boys, she waved me over after I'd got a coke.

"Hello Amy, meet Gavin and Matt, they're not both for you greedy, Matt's mine."

I said hello to everyone and sat down next to Mary, and opposite, I presume, Gavin, as she'd not said which was which. To be honest though, they could have been twins, they were both around the same height and build, rugby players I think, they both looked similar, simian faces, devoid of emotion or thought, not even lights behind the eyes, and they dressed in the same style, polo shirts, one blue, one red and jeans.

I took a risk and spoke to Gavin, "Hi Gavin, what school do you go to?"

"Queen Elizabeth."

Wow, Mr Charisma can talk. To think I was nervous about tonight as I walked over, I needed have worried because nothing at all will happen at this rate.

I turned to Mary, "is he always this talkative?" I whispered through my teeth.

"He's a lovely boy, aren't you Gavin? Tell Amy here a little about yourself"

"I go to Queen Elizabeth, I'm 18 just started Year 13 again to re-do my A-levels, it's the school's idea as I'm captain of the rugby team."

"Very nice, do you have any interests apart from rugby, as I'm afraid I'm from a girls' school and we didn't play rugby."

His eyes lit up at the words 'girls' school'.

"Oh, was it like St Trinian's? Lots of fit girls in uniform?"

"Well similar as far as the fit girls in uniform, but we had less smoking and almost no train robberies."

"I like cars, Top Gear and the like, and I like Rhianna, she's hot, and Rosie Jones."

"Who's Rosie Jones?"

"She's a model, out of Nuts, she's dead fit and has amazing tits."

Wow, he's a charmer, definitely knows how to please a girl, talking about models with amazing tits to a girl who struggles to fill her 32B bra.

Gavin stood up, "let's go somewhere, we'll go for a drive in my car."

I wasn't sure, but Mary gave me a nudge and told me to go, so I did. Gavin hadn't waited for me to follow him, so I had to find the car park, and then I had to find his car. There was a battered Ford Fiesta with the engine running, so I assumed that was him, and it was - I must be psychic, second right guess tonight.

I climbed in with some trepidation and he tore out of the car park before I'd even fastened my seatbelt. We set off towards Arnside and after about 10 minutes he parked up on a cliff edge overlooking the bay, the view was spectacular.

I unfastened my seatbelt and got comfy, not totally sure what was coming next. It didn't take long for him to act, he reached over and turned my face to his and planted a kiss straight on my lips, it wasn't a very good kiss, but at least his breath didn't smell.

Whilst he was kissing me I heard a zip being pulled down, he took my hand and dropped it on his crotch, his dick was right under my hand, it felt warm and soft. I'd not touched a penis before, it was about the size of a sausage. It got warmer and harder as I fondled it.

Gavin disengaged his lips from mine and with a hand on the back of my neck he pushed me down into his crotch, and popped his dick in my mouth. I really had no idea what he wanted me to do, so I just waited for instructions.

"Suck it bitch", well there you have it, instructions, so I pursed my lips, and sucked it like it was a fat straw. His dick didn't taste nice at all, I tried not to think about what it was, but the thoughts of not washing after having a wee kept springing to mind, I tried not to gag, especially when he started to thrust forward. Luckily he wasn't long enough to reach right to the back of my mouth. After a little while he grunted and something shot out, it tasted salty and took the taste of stale wee away.

Gavin let go of my head and zipped himself up, started the car and reversed away from the beautiful view. He drove back to the pub and dropped me off outside the pub. He'd said nothing since "suck it bitch". As he drove away from the pub I went in and walked straight through to the toilets, My hair was a mess, but I soon sorted it, I'd not been wearing any makeup, so it didn't need fixing, I just splashed some water on my face and dried it.

I ordered a brandy at the bar and found Mary, she was alone, Matt must have gone somewhere in the, I looked at my watch, 25 minutes since we'd left.

"So was it nice?"

"Oh yeah, he forced his dick in my mouth, we had a lovely time, but at least he was done in under a minute. Do not make him think he's entitled to a second try." I tossed back the brandy and left.

The next morning I walked down to the supermarket and managed to get myself a job, Three evenings and Saturday morning, 16 hours a week and £64 in my pocket. As I was walking back home my phone rang, it was Mary, she actually apologised for Gavin's behaviour, he'd been under stress apparently, his place on the rugby team was in doubt, and if he lost that place the school would have no reason to keep him on, and without A-Levels he wouldn't be able to go to Uni, and his dad wouldn't give him a job, so his life would be ruined. It was my job apparently to make him feel better, could I go out with him tonight. I don't know if it was the euphoria of getting the job, but for some reason I said yes. As soon as I ended the call I regretted it, but how bad could it be, if I remembered to take a packet of polo mints with me to cover the taste I'm sure it would be fine.

That night we met again at the Cross Keys, he said he was sorry for his behaviour. We had a couple of drinks and then drove us to Kendal, where we had a couple more drinks and a meal in a Thai restaurant. We went for a little walk in the churchyard afterwards, which I thought was a little freaky, but whatever.

We sat on a bench and he kissed me, properly this time, and it was nice. He put his hand on my breast, I'd decided not to wear a bra, a little luxury us small breasted girls have, not having to wear a bra if we don't want to. He played with my nipple a bit, they get very hard if played with, I do it often, and stick out like pencil erasers. Without trying Gavin had hit on the spot that gets me hot, I can make myself come just from playing with my boobs, another 5 minutes and he'd have done the same, but time was of major importance apparently, because just as I was warming up he stopped.

He picked me up and lay me on the grass, he lifted up my skirt and pulled down my knickers, I was still in a bit of a daze from the nipple play, as I didn't realise what was going on until he was kneeling between my legs and had his dick poised just above my vagina, my intact, virgin vagina.

I just managed to whisper "oh shit" as he plunged in, no foreplay, no nothing, just straight in. He pumped 5 times, I counted them, and then he came. I was crying, from the pain, from the shame. I'd lost my precious cherry to a rugby playing caveman.

He got up and walked away, "come on" he called back, "if you want a lift back home you'd better hurry".

I hurried as I straightened my clothing, he dropped me off at home, where I cried myself to sleep after I'd texted Mary saying I never wanted to see Gavin again.

So that was my virginity gone, forever. My dreams of losing it to my future husband lay in tatters.

Over the course of the next few months Mary fixed me up with a few other guys, all allegedly eligible, members of this or that club. I went to a few very glamorous parties, some of which I actually enjoyed. I met a few celebrities and at least one minor royal, I made out with an actor from Hollyoaks at one garden party, just kissing and groping, nothing too serious, I was photographed with him and was kind of hoping to be listed as his mystery redhead (I was in a Christina Hendricks phase at this point, just the hair, not the figure) in the following week's Heat magazine, but I never saw the photo anywhere.

--I'd have sex with some of the guys, if they looked ok, and didn't treat me like shit, but to be honest after losing my cherry in such a shitty way I really didn't care what they did as long as they didn't hurt me, the sex meant nothing, I never came once with any guy.

One day Mary set me up with an older guy, Geoff, he's the owner of the local Polo club, very rich, very good looking and as I'd met him a few times before, I knew him to be a gentleman. He needed someone to hang on his arm for a formal dinner.

Geoff picked me up outside the Cross Keys in his Bentley, the meal was at a hotel on the banks of Windermere, very posh apparently, so it's a good job Mary had lent me one of her sister's dresses, as I didn't have anything suitable. I borrowed my mum's best shoes and one of her handbags. Geoff complimented me, saying I looked just perfect.

We arrived at the hotel and stepped into the ballroom where heads turned in our direction, I heard many appreciative comments. I felt a million dollars. We were handed a glass of Cristal, I'm not really a champagne girl, but when it's free I'll drink anything.

We mingled for a while, there were a few people I recognised from other events, there was the minor royal again, he kissed my cheek as if I was an old friend - where's the press when you need them - I didn't see the Hollyoaks actor, but I'm guessing this party was a step up from his level.

We were ushered into the dining room at 8pm, dinner was 6 courses, each by a different Michelin starred chef, it all tasted spectacular, but I could tell you what any of it was. each course had a different wine, and I was a little tipsy by the time pudding was served. I asked for a strong coffee, which hit the spot and made me a little more alert.

After dinner we were led back into the ballroom, where we danced obviously. I was glad of the dancing lessons I'd had at Girl Guides as Geoff was a good dancer, we changed partners regularly, I had one dance with the royal, still no press to take my picture, he remembered my name and I managed not to step on his toes, my million dollar feeling had multiplied to a billion dollars.

When the dancing wound down I looked for Geoff, he was nowhere to be found, so I started to wander the hotel. I found him in a small meeting room, I also found the Hollyoaks actor, he was leaning over the arm of a sofa, his pants around his ankles with Geoff's cock in his ass. I screamed and ran, Geoff quickly pulled his pants up and ran after me, he grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"Amy, please, listen too me."

"No, you listen to me, you bring me here, to this swanky party, just to leave me so you can bum some soap actor, why did you do that? Why lift me up to such heights, just to drop me down to the floor? Have you any idea how I feel?"

"I needed you, I couldn't show up here without a date, and I couldn't bring him on my arm could I. Mary said you would love the party and were a bit fed up of young men and mindless shagging, she thought you'd appreciate the gesture."

"But ... but ... but why not tell me I was just here as, what am I? Camouflage, yes, why not tell me I was coming as camouflage, why build my hopes up. You are the first person Mary has set me up with that I was willing to sleep with, and you bat for the other side."

"Actually, I'm bisexual, I was going to take you to bed later."

"Oh no you don't buster, not after you've had your dick up someone's bum you won't. I'm sleeping alone tonight. You take Mr Soap Star to our room, I'll sleep in the car."

"If you must sleep alone, use his room. And please, whatever you do, don't tell anyone about this."

"Don't worry about that, do you think I'm going to tell everyone how I went to a swanky party with a good looking bloke who dumped me for a bit part TV actor, no fear I'm keeping quiet."

Geoff took my hand and kissed it, really sweetly actually, "you are truly a wonderful girl, and it's a shame you had to find out about this. Please go and enjoy yourself, maybe you'll find someone to share the room with."

Geoff slipped a room key card in my handbag and I walked away, "see you for breakfast in the morning" he called as I turned the corner to head back to the bar.

At the bar I ordered a white wine spritzer, I need the room number to charge it against, and deciding Mr Hollyoaks would be paying for my drinks I opened my bag to find the key card for the room number. Wrapped around the key card was a number of £50 notes, 10 of them. What was this about? Buying my silence, but I'd already told him I was keeping quiet, was it money he would have given me to sleep with him? Oh shit, he was paying me as an escort. I took my drink and moved to a table, I needed to think.

My first thought was to storm in on him mid bonk again and throw the money in his face, but decided that would be cheap and trashy. I could put it in an envelope and post it under his door, but on reflection I decided that I needed the money more than he did, so I'd keep it.

The next morning I met Geoff at breakfast, he apologised for his behaviour last night, and said he deeply regretted me finding out like that.

"Oh, don't worry about it. Who's paying for the gigolo's room?"

"He is I presume, I know I'm not."

"Ahh, he may get a shock, because I put a few drinks on his tab last night."

"He can afford it, have you any idea how much these TV actors get paid these days, it's a scandal. By the way, the money I gave you is a gift, I realise you are not from money like Mary and her pals, I was a little worried you'd throw it back in my face when you found it."

I smiled, "well I did consider it."

"I would like to come to a business arrangement if you are willing to listen," I nodded, "As I'm sure you now realise, I'm gay, well I sleep with the odd lady every now and again, but I prefer men. Now in a reasonable world this would not be a problem, and I can tell that you are open minded about this, because you didn't kill me in my sleep."

I laughed at this, "I've no problem at all with you being gay, straight or bisexual, I just would have appreciated prior warning."

"Thank you, so I was wondering if we could do this again. I'm known around these parts for being a bit of a ladies man you see, so I have a few regular woman who I take to social events, most are old friends who have known about me for years, they go for the meal and the dance, and often sleep with one of the waiters. I would like you to be one of my regular ladies, and in your case I'd give you the same gift, if you won't find that offensive."

"Can I think about this, because I'm hoping that this doesn't make me some kind of whore."

"Why ever would you think that? The money is a gift for you, I'd give you some jewellery or a watch, but I have a feeling that the money would be more useful. By the way, Mary knows nothing about the money, in fact she knows nothing about anything, as far as she's concerned you were my date last night and we would have ended up in my bed rather than the gigolo as you so wisely called him."

So the arrangement was made, for the next 12 months, about once a fortnight Geoff phoned me and we went to a fancy event, I even appeared on his arm in Lancashire Life and Cheshire Life, my mum was especially proud of the Cheshire Life photo because Wayne & Colleen Rooney were in the background of that shot. Every penny Geoff paid me went into a bank account, I just used the money from my supermarket job for clothes and going out.

I actually had sex with Geoff once, he was a kind and tender lover, but he didn't make me come. I've no idea why, maybe it was the thought that he was just doing this out of duty. It happened at the Cheshire party, he had a suite in a very expensive hotel in Alderley Edge and the morning after the event, after his male lover had gone home I was feeling horny, I'd got off with some guy the night before and he'd shagged me twice but both times had been distinctly underwhelming.

So the next morning over breakfast in Geoff's suite I seduced him, I made sure he'd had a good shower and then got down on my knees under the table and took his cock out from his dressing gown, it was a nice cock, the biggest I'd seen so far, and much bigger than Mr League Two footballer from last night. I took it in my mouth and proceeded to blow Geoff's cock, I'd not done it often but I knew the basics and he seemed to enjoy it as his cock swelled to fill my mouth and tickle my throat. After a couple of minutes I withdrew it from my mouth and climbed from under the table, taking his hand I walked him through to the bedroom.

It was a four-poster bed, I lay Geoff down and undressed before him, I had the same dress as last night, it was very elegant and expensive (well it was from Oxfam, but he didn't need to know that), the dress hit the floor and I unfastened my bra, showing him my perky little boobs, I'd grown very fond of them, especially as the hoodlums Mary pairs with me generally prefer girls with big tits, so by default I'd decided small boobs were better. Geoff let out a sigh, "oh you are more beautiful than I ever imagined, come here."

I stepped out of my panties and climbed on the bed, Geoff motioned that I should straddle his face, so I did, my pussy just above his mouth, he licked his lips, "you shave it clean, I was hoping to see your real hair colour."

"Oh that's a secret between me & my mum," I laughed

Geoff lapped his tongue up and down my pussy lips, then he pushed it between my lips, penetrating me as far as it would go, he fucked me with his tongue for a little while, then withdrew and concentrated on my clit. I was almost there, but I just couldn't come, each time I was close to the peak my body just backed off a little, I was almost screaming.

I pulled away from his face and moved down his body, leaning over I flicked my tongue around his nipples, he jerked and his nipples got nearly as hard as mine do.

As I moved down a bit further his cock bumped against my bum cheeks, I lifted myself up and slotted it home in my waiting pussy, Geoff groaned, "Oh my dear, your pussy is as tight as any boys arse." He thrust upwards and sent all 7 inches of his fat cock deep inside me. I leant forwards and kissed him passionately whilst he fucked me hard from below.

For a man his age, I'm guessing he's in his fifties, he had some serious stamina. We fucked liked rabbits for about half an hour and still he hadn't come. My legs got tired half way through and we swapped places, he moved on top and pounded away like a teenager, then suddenly he withdrew and moved up the bed, with his cock in his hand he wanked himself to orgasm over my face, much of it landed in my mouth and I licked up the rest, it didn't taste as bad as some I'd been forced to drink.

Geoff lay down next to me and kissed me tenderly, "my dear, what brought that on?"

"I've been going out with you for a year now and you've not some much as kissed me, so I just decided I had to take the initiative."

I went for a shower and when I came back Geoff was fully dressed and ready to go. I dressed quickly and went to my room to get my case. As I took my key out of my handbag I found it was stuffed with money, I counted it in my room and it was £5,000. I grabbed my case and rushed down to the car park where Geoff was waiting.

"Why so much this time?"

"I was lucky on a bet last night, so I decided to share my good fortune, did you look all the way to the bottom of your bag?"

"No I didn't, I stopped at the £50 notes." I opened my bag on my lap, at the bottom was a set of car keys, "what are these for?"

"The car that should be parked outside your house when you get home, you're 17 now right?" I nodded, "well you can start learning to drive, speak to my PA tomorrow and she'll get all your details for lessons and insurance and such."

The journey home was a bit of a blur, I had enough money in my bag to buy a car, and that's what I was thinking of doing, but he'd beat me to it.

As he pulled in front of my house I saw a brand new blue Renault Clio parked in the driveway, my mum came out and ran up to me, Geoff hand mum an envelope, then kissed me before he drove off.

The envelope had all the papers for the car, I opened it up and sat in the driver's seat, at that point I don't think I've ever been happier, I'd very nearly come whilst having sex, and now I had a new car.

Geoff's PA asked me to come round to the stables so I could sign some forms, she turned out to be absolutely lovely and not the horsey snob I'd imagined. Jackie was mid 20's, beautiful, quite tall with a full figure and with long black hair in a pony tail that she could almost sit on. I wondered at first if she was one of his regular women.

Jackie gave me some papers to sign, the log book, insurance and a booking form for driving lessons with an instructor who works for the Polo club, he's apparently taught lots of the kids who go to the stables.

Jackie sat up and looked me in the eyes for the longest time, she eventually spoke, "You didn't really need to come down here Amy, I could have posted this stuff but I wanted to meet you."


"Because you are the only girl Geoff talks about. I know he's gay, although he thinks it's a secret, but I can tell a guy who prefers men a mile off. I'm the one who books all his hotels and I always have to book two rooms, a suite and a room. Who's the spare room for I wondered at first, but then it dawned on me, the spare room is for you, and his other women, the suite is for him and whichever boy he's sleeping with.

"Of all the women though, you are the one he's sweetest on, he's never bought anyone a car before for instance, do you like it by the way, I picked the colour?"

"It's lovely, a very nice blue."

"Anyway, I just wanted to see what type of girl would steal his heart, and I'm happy it's you."

Jackie stood up and hugged me, tighter than strictly necessary, I could feel her full breasts pressing against my little ones, she leant in and kissed me, I was a little shocked, but I responded without thinking. Jackie was running her hands up and down my back and through my hair, I was getting hot and bothered.

Jackie stopped kissing me and took my hand, she was very flushed, she led me through a door and down a corridor, then through another door and out into the stable yard, she looked around and said "this will do." She led me into a stable and pushed me gently into a pile of straw.

Hurriedly she unbuttoned her blouse and took off her bra, her big full breasts fell free, she sagged onto her knees and her breasts enveloped my face, wow what a sensation, like pressing my face into a warm fleshy pillow, I now know what the boys see in big boobs.

She knelt up after a minute and I took a nipple in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue it hardened instantly and Jackie let out a sign. She was reaching for my jeans, I helped her by unfastening them, she took hold of the waist band and pulled them down, I had no panties on today she instantly copped an eyeful of my naked pussy, "so beautiful, oh it's like a young girl's pussy, you are a young girl though, oh my..."

Without a moments further hesitation she buried her head between my legs and took a deep breath, she sighed again and started to kiss me all over, then she started on my clit, using her lips, tongue and front teeth she virtually beat it into submission, I was in ecstasy, clutching at handfuls of straw and kicking my feet against the hard floor I came hard, harder than ever before. I almost bit my tongue to stop myself from screaming out.

"Oh my god, I've never felt anything like that before. Wow, mindblowing."

A bell rang in the distance, Jackie jumped up and grabbed her bra and blouse, quickly dressing. "I've got to go now, but please come back soon, I'd like to finish what we just started."

My mind a blur I pulled up my jeans and walked out through the stable yard and the mile or so home.

What the fuck just happened? We were just sat there one minute, and the next I was on my back in a stable being gobbled by a very beautiful woman.

After I'd got home I gave it half an hour over a mug of tea for my mind to settle down then I rang Jackie.

"Erm Jackie, it's Amy here, did that just happen?"

"Oh hi Amy, yes of course it just happened, did you enjoy it?"

"Did I ever, it was fantastic. When do you want to finish off?"

"I'll tell you what, I know where you live, I finish up here in an hour, I'll come round and pick you up."

I rushed upstairs and had a shower, I put on my sexiest boy bait bra & panties, with a lovely dress Geoff bought me but I've never worn, a quick squirt of Calvin Klein Eternity and I was ready.

As I saw a Land Rover Discovery pull up outside I skipped out the front door and climbed in. Jackie looked over and said I looked gorgeous, she drove us out past Kendal and into a small village where she parked outside a little cottage.

"I share this with my sister, but she's away with work at the moment, we've got the place all to ourselves."

She led me inside, it was like stepping back in time, the sitting room had an old two-seater sofa and two arm chairs, no idea old they were because they were covered with blankets, the seats were arranged round a fireplace, there was no TV, just a radio on a table in the corner where you'd normally find the TV. One wall was taken up with a huge bookcase that covered the whole wall from floor to ceiling.

We stepped into the kitchen, this was mostly filled with a big pine table, against one wall stood a wood burning Aga, along the opposite wall was a work top with kettle, taster & microwave. I sat at the table, Jackie made mugs of tea.

"Thanks for coming with me Amy, it's not often I get carried away like that, so I'm sorry if I overwhelmed you."

"Oh, don't apologise, it was lovely, if a little unexpected. It took me the whole walk home to get my mind straight."

"Oh, where's my manners, do you want some cake with the tea, Julie, my sister, makes fantastic fruit cake, she's won prizes with it."

I accepted a slab of cake and indeed it was stunning.

After tea and cake Jackie took my hand and led me upstairs, the steps were narrow and uneven.

"How old is this house Jackie?"

"It was originally built in 1650, some parts have been rebuilt, but a lot of it is original."

Upstairs was a small bathroom, a room that looked to be used as a dressing room and a master bedroom, I was instantly curious.

"You said you share this with your sister, where does she sleep?"

"With me of course, when our parents died we inherited this house, we were about your age, 17 I think, yes, 17, we're twins by the way, and we still slept in bunk beds in that room," she pointed at what is now the dressing room, "we couldn't decide who got the master bedroom, I'm about half an hour older than Julie, so I thought I should have it, but we eventually decided to share it, we got single beds at first, but soon we'd pushed them together and shared the bed, now we have this wonderful king sized bed."

It was wonderful, a very dark black wood, "it's ebony, very expensive, Julie bought it at auction, probably cost more than your new car, but she's very rich. Have you guessed who she is yet?"

"No, oh wait, yes I know. I thought I recognised you, she does Countryfile and apears on The One Show sometimes."

"Yes, and she's an author, romantic fiction, but some is very erotic, one actually got pulled by the publisher because it's so rude, borderline pornography the publisher said, but now 50 Shades is all the rage they want to publish it but she's holding out for a bit more money to wind them up."

I pulled Jackie closer, "So do you just sleep in the bed?"

"Oh no, we've been, how shall I put it, very close since we were little. I don't know why it took us so long to decide to sleep together full time, probably lingering memories of our parents sleeping in this room. Mum and Dad were much older than we were, I think they were in their early 50's when they got married, and they died within a week of each other."

I pulled Jackie even closer and kissed her, "let's finish what we started then shall we."

We undressed each other, soon we stood naked, Jackie had a fine black bush and her pussy lips puffed out a little, her breasts were really amazing, full and firm, I put my hand under one to lift it to my lips and it was really heavy, I took the nipple in my mouth and set to work, swapping to her other breast after a minute, "you taste fantastic" I gasped.

Jackie pulled me to the bed, it was lovely and firm, she straddled me and took one of my perky nipples in her mouth, she did wonderful things with her tongue and teeth and in no time I was over the edge and coming hard.

She moved down and started on my pussy, she teased my clit for a little while, blowing on it and giving it little kisses, my juices started to flow, she licked them up, savouring the taste, then she inserted two fingers in my pussy and pumped them in and out, at the same time she concentrated harder on my clit, using her teeth and tongue, occasionally licking my pussy lips from bottom to top. This treatment was more than I could stand and she soon had me coming hard, wave after wave of orgasm hitting me, I could hardly breathe.

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