Perfect Love

by Petro Wolmarans

Copyright© 2013 by Petro Wolmarans

Fantasy Sex Story: picknick

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   .

She loves the great outdoors and particularly wildlife and as this first meeting is for a very special lady I needed to make sure that it was well organized.

I could not arrange the wild life as we only had a few hours available so I decided on a champagne picnic in the nearby hills.

The day was perfect, as it usually is in summer on the Highveld. I arrived punctually five minutes before time at our pre-arranged meeting point complete with picnic snacks, champagne, genuine crystal glasses, napkins, etc.! This was an event to impress!

I dressed in my best blue jeans, bright casual shirt and sandals and there she came, bouncing along with her shortly cropped blonde hair smiling happily. Wow, she looked awesome! I kept reminding myself, "careful hey, don't upset her in any way and control your feelings"!

We hugged with a knowing approval of each other and set off on a 30 minute drive to the foothills of our very private picnic spot on the edge of some beautiful woodlands. Small talk ensued and soon we'd arrived.

I selected a recommended and special spot with not a soul in site. The silence was golden, the birds were singing and the atmosphere perfect. We placed our picnic hamper on the concrete table and opened the rug and spread it out on the soft grass.

I asked her where she wished to sit? The concrete benches were most uninviting so she chose to sit cross legged on the rug in her blue jeans. I followed suit and placed the picnic basket close by. I proceeded to open it and quickly and removed the single red rose carefully packaged in a safe space and presented it to her. She was truly surprised and a little stunned! No words were spoken! I hurriedly removed the champagne, popped the cork and poured this ice cold celebration liquid into the two carefully wrapped champagne glasses, looked into her beautiful green eyes and said "to us"! She smiled and repeated "to us"!

Everything was perfect and we both started to relax. After the first few sips she started to marvel about nature, the colour of the trees, the variety of birds present, their beautiful songs, and how she so enjoyed the great outdoors. I confirmed that that was my first love as well and we were starting to bond. It was great! She then pushed her legs out in front of her and lay on her back looking deeply into the trees above and the pale blue sky peeping through the shadows. She marveled at the view and then suddenly suggested that I do the same. I did! I lay an arms length away next to her and then she said "Thank you so much for bringing me to this place for our first date! It is truly so special! Thank you." That's all I needed – a note of approval!

Now totally relaxed we reflected on how we started corresponding and the many similarities that existed between us and then she moved her hand out towards mine and we touched! I responded by lifting myself onto my left arm which she was now holding and said "Thank you, I am pleased you like this place and am glad we have met at last!".

She replied "so am I, I feel so good". Our eyes fixed and became locked, her hand moved to my chest, teasing it with gentle strokes up and down and then she just started to unbutton my shirt! I ran my hand through her short light brown hair and down her one cheek and remarked how beautiful she was. Not only was she very pretty she also had awesome boobies and a lovely waist line with a beautifully accentuated mound which I was craving to fondle, but it would have been totally inappropriate to comment let alone touch at this early stage! I was doing my best to behave.

She then slid her hand into my shirt to massage my nipples and of course they hardened immediately to the occasion. Her hand moved down in a circular motion towards my tummy and then back and forth across it. I was bewildered! What do I do next! "Remember control Bru!", I told myself, so I placed my hand around her waist and started massaging the small of her back.

Her hand left my tummy and started unbuckling my belt, next the button on top of my jeans was undone, the zip opened and my blue scants exposed! This was unbelievable on a first date. But I wasn't dreaming this was all happening. Clearly this special lady knew what she was doing and what she wanted! Her lovely soft hand slipped into my scants and playfully ran along my already expanding member almost feeling whether it was cut or uncut and then right down onto my balls fondling the hairless soft skin. Wow, how was I to "control" all this? I decided not to, but just to relax and enjoy it!!

I started unbuttoning her blouse without a murmur from her. She gently withdrew her hand and helped me slip the blouse off. I immediately started kissing the tops of her beautiful rounded breasts slipping my tongue underneath her delicately embroided white silky bra as though I was attempting to get to her nipples with my tongue. She approved and simply unclipped it. Its silky texture allowed it to slip off gently exposing her already perky deep red nipples which were crying out for attention almost saying "take me, love me, suck me!" Well I didn't disappoint, I did just that. I gently squeezed and massaged each breast and then attached my eager lips to her nipples and sucked their hardness into my mouth with such pressure that they became totally erect wanting even more!

Meanwhile her hand was back down on my inner thighs massaging feverishly. The heat was on and she wanted more – much more. So she started pushing down my jeans. I detached my lips from her awesome nipples like a disgruntled baby who was still very hungry and helped her. My jeans came off in a flash. Next I found her hand pushing down my scants! This lady was serious! She meant business on our first date!

I could not believe what was happening! This must be surreal?! Was she willing to go the whole way already? Now my imagination was running uncontrollably wild. "Control yourself boy!" I scolded, ' don't blow it"! My thoughts were indeed free-wheeling.

There I was totally naked, exposing my all-over tan and of course my throbbing cock which had now become rock-hard, with a fully blown head starting to turn purple from excitement! Would it last much longer?

To make matters worse her wet lips were starting to pout and her eyes focused on my clean shaven crotch as though she was examining it thoroughly. Satisfied, her hand moved back to my now naked inner thighs gently touching my balls which were also throbbing from excitement and were now firmly drawn in by a tightened sack.

Her pouting lips and heavy breathing indicated her next move. Her watery mouth engulfed my throbbing head like the most precious glass ornament wrapped in silk and moved up and down whilst the tip of her tongue massaged the underside of my purple head. It was awesome, explosive, and I did not want her to stop! She swallowed as deep as possible and the warmth of her sensuous mouth spread down into my balls and deep inside to my very soul! Wow! This was a truly amazing experience! She knew what she was doing!

Truly I could not take anymore so I gently pushed her half naked body down onto her back, nibbled her neck, up into her ear and whispered "its my turn now!".

She just lay there with her eyes closed, totally relaxed and in full surrender anticipating what was to come! Was all this surreal, I wondered? But soon realized that this beautiful creature was allowing me to make love to her – on our first date!!

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