Ella and Her House of the Way Forward
Chapter 1

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 1880; a Victorian world which is, on the surface, completely dominated by the masculine gender. Ella Hempleton is a woman who knows the real truth; with the aid of a charity for homeless men which she has acquired from a late husband, along with wealthy businesses, males are filtered, and those of a certain disposition are educated correctly and sold to other women of Ella's dominant nature. Gray is the submissive owner of a drapery outlet; a chance meeting with Ella ensures a divine union.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   BDSM   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

As the year 1880 wore on, Gray's urges toward women of a certain disposition grew stronger. As the owner of a modest drapery shop just off the Strand, he was fortunate in one sense to in contact with many women, though this did not help what he viewed to be a very unnatural desire; whilst the two younger male assistants at the shop discretely displayed their animal attraction for the younger, more flower-like lady customers in typically chauvinistic fashion, as was the norm in this Victorian male dominated society, Gray fantasised at the more mature and assertive women; he longed to be under the control of a strong willed woman, something he viewed as a perverted weakness.

Gray had remained a bachelor; he had courted several women but had never found one whom he thought he could share his life with. Relationships dwindled and he remained alone; his ever growing sexual desires left frustrated. On occasion, determined to sate his lust for that that special sort of woman, he had ventured to the east of the city on impulse and had visited the seedier areas in search of relief. The result had always been the same; he found the available women repugnant and could not find the courage to consult them with respect to his desires for the stern example of womanhood he sought. The street women he met were only interested in the basic relief that most men required; each time he returned west and consoled himself with gin.

He did his best to distract himself from his feelings, joining an amateur dramatic society; converting his passion to acting at least occupied his mind elsewhere, if only temporarily, and it was this passion which would lead to his realisation of his prime desire.

Ella Hempleton was a woman amongst women in this Victorian society ruled almost 100% by the male population; though the monarch was female, this was the only concession to the fairer sex. Politics, business, and the very administration of the nation was the domain of the male; a woman's place was in the home, under the supervision of husband or father. Ella Hempleton recognised no such order; she was very much her own mistress. Though still only middle-aged she had been widowed twice; both departed husbands, though seemingly the head of the household to the outside world, had been firmly under her control, and both had died early after a blissful life of submissive satisfaction. They had left her a rich woman, and in ownership of several businesses, including a benevolent society which took in many of the abundant homeless men who frequented the city. Whilst this society was completely legal and admired by the pompous population with whom she mingled, there was an ulterior motive for the stern woman's charity which she used to increase her not unsubstantial wealth. Ella was part of a circle of like-minded women, who to the public were seen as no more than an amateur dramatic society; 'The Women's Thespian Players', females taking part in acting still being seen as somewhat avant-garde, this was accepted by the general society as these were all upstanding women; the feminine name of the group deterred males from applying to join, leaving the women to select the males of their choice to be taken in for those necessarily masculine roles. Though they had an active interest in acting; the true fruits of the women's labours were realised through a hidden reason for their association.

Unseen to the public, Ella had enjoyed many short-term liaisons with males who suited her stringent demands as they were passed between the women of her society, but she yearned to take on a permanent pet who she could dominate at her leisure.

She found the opportunity of a more lasting relationship through a visit from Faith Davenport, a prominent member of her circle. Faith bustled up the steps of Ella's grand residence having arrived by hackney, her favourite lackey of the moment following behind in suitably servile fashion. With little regard to the care of pedestrians who passed in the street no more than five yards away, she pointed to the floor and the lackey knelt as his mistress pulled the bell ringer. A maid pulled the large front door open and smiled with satisfaction on seeing the male on his knees in humble recognition of his superiors. She welcomed the lady in and then with a sneer, pointed the male to a corner; he shuffled in and sank to his knees in the appointed corner, his head bowed. Having never witnessed a male in such circumstances until being employed by Ella, The maid never tired of using her new authority over all males who attended, and was in her element.

"I see he is almost ready for purchase Madam Davenport; has a home been found for him yet? He is a rather handsome example." Faith smiled at the maid and then sneered down in triumph at the cowering male.

"Brown has fully recognised his submission to womanhood, and has been allocated a mistress who will take command of him in a week's time; he wept like a child when I revealed this was to be his destiny, which gave me the utmost pleasure. He so thought he was my favourite and that I would retain him; I have explained that his time in my household was merely his education, and that he is worthless in my eyes, his only use being the price paid by his new owner. His broken-hearted distress at learning the truth did so arouse me." Brown had been broken in more ways than one; he sniffled and wept as he knelt in complete submission, as Faith and the maid laughed at his child-like distress with their cunts bulging in arousal as they rejoiced spitefully at his misery. Faith grinned with pleasure and glanced toward a well-used rattan lying across the hall table which the maid was accustomed to using.

"Yes Rosie, it is likely that neither of us will ever set eyes on Brown after next week; please take this opportunity to finish his education while I converse with Ella, ensure he does not forget your kindness in a hurry." Rosie gleefully opened the door to the room Ella resided in, before ordering Brown into another as she flexed the rattan; though snivelling pitifully, he went eagerly with his mistress of the moment, his cock rudely erect in matching the nipples and excited cunt of the young girl with the rattan. He knew his snivelling deserved a thrashing, and would wallow in submissive ecstasy as Rosie cruelly cut him with the cane.

Ella greeted Faith as the sound of Rosie's first vigorous delivery made the broken male cry out in a mixture of agony and ecstasy to such an extent that it permeated two closed doors. Ella's nipples swelled visibly above her corseted blouse as she smiled wickedly.

"Brown?" Faith nodded. Ella smiled with satisfaction and her cunt moistened in arousal, in keeping with her colleagues, as Brown's audibility quietened as he began to enjoy the pain.

"You really are spoiling my Rosie; you know how venomous she is with males, having been abused by many of them when she was younger." Faith grinned as she sipped a glass of wine handed her by her host.

"I know, but Rosie is more deserving of such pleasures than any of us, I shall be so glad when her training is complete and she is invited to join our little society; extra practice never hurt anyone - apart from the deserving male of course!" Ella nodded in agreement as Faith moved on to the purpose of her visit, handing Ella a copy of a script as she continued.

"It's a copy of our latest play for The Women's Thespian Players, it's a rather risqué adaptation on the Salome and John the Baptist theme; we already have two known submissive males to play minor parts, it would be lovely if we could find another to play the lead role as John, we can have the first rehearsal within a couple of days; the dress rehearsal in a week's time can then be used as cover for the disposal of Brown. The three new males will then witness their true fates; it will be exquisite. I have marked you down as playing the executioner; any submissive male will jump at the chance of living out a fantasy of being executed by a woman, we'll make out we could not find a suitable male to play the part; his acting will reveal his innermost desires, as we've seen before." Ella's cunt bulged under her flowing skirts as she skipped through the script.

"This is SO arousing; we'd never get away with it in public! I see from the costume sketches that we'll need some fine silks and veiled materials; I know just the drapery I can get them from."

Gray settled down to another frustrating day at his business. He consoled himself by reading his amateur dramatics group's monthly journal which he left on his serving counter. There had been no particularly arousing customers so far that morning, until a rather portly but matronly woman entered the shop; his cock made a valiant attempt to rise as he tried hard to imagine being at her feet, naked and at her beck and call. As the two dozy assistants continued with their stock assessment, oblivious to anything remotely female being on the premises, Gray took the opportunity to get close to her and oozed his most servile persona. His cock shrank as she revealed a most timid and homely personality, mentioning she needed some thicker curtains to ensure the younger of her seven children did not wake too early with the dawn light, disturbing her husband an hour earlier than was required for him to begin work. As he resumed his drapery persona, he smiled in selling her the required material, as the shop bell rang announcing another customer. As the portly woman left, Gray's heart faltered as a woman he had actually masturbated over, glided across his floor wearing a sincere and somehow assertive smile, shapely, attractive, tightly corseted; Ella Hempleton. He only knew her vaguely as she had frequented his drapers before; he was aware she was a wealthy widow who had inherited business and a charity institution, but he also knew he was out of his league as a common draper. Despite this, he also knew there was something very special about her; her assertive manner had excited him, enough for him to have enjoyed a rewarding orgasm or two on abusing himself later. His cock swelled instantly. For her part, Ella had also sensed the warmth of his servile attentions on prior visits; coming to his shop on the second occasion on a whim to order Chinese printed fabric for the redesign of one of her rooms, which she did not really require. Her cunt tingled as she saw the obvious pleasure of the not unattractive and moderately handsome Gray, as she adopted a stance of clear authority. The maid with her was immediately assailed by the now un-dozing assistants, meeting with a look of shear contempt from the younger lady as she browsed at fabrics independently. Ella gave Gray a broad smile to ease his nerves, making his cock bulge noticeably in the loose trousers he wore.

"My man, I am in need of some of your finest silks and other materials for my seamstress in manufacturing some special costumes; be so good as to show me what you have."

"Certainly madam, do you have a preference for the colour of the silk?" Gray's voice faltered just a little from its usual clear baritone, pleasing Ella as she recognised his awe of her; increasing the possibilities of him being naturally subservient to her, for reasons other than being a draper in the company of a wealthy woman. She would tease it from him.

"Oh, most certainly the deepest black; black as an executioner's hood." Gray almost let out an audible gasp as his cock went rigid, causing him some embarrassment as he moved to the silks, Ella's cunt moistened as she watched his excitement grow, intertwined with an awkwardness which affirmed all the right signals; he had not made any spurious retorts to her description, as chauvinistic males were apt to do, he simply complied with her request. The array of fabrics in the shop would be an ideal acquisition for the players, and Gray might be just the right candidate for her new pet; he was well-spoken and perfectly mannered already; if she could just be sure of that final factor. What would happen at the counter later would have her close to an elementary orgasm. She selected the shiniest deep black silk, and continued the tease with the excited Gray, running her sharp and beautifully manicured nails up and down the black silk.

"I do so love silk, so soft and attractive, cool against the naked skin; delicate in appearance yet strong and unyielding in nature; it so suits me." Gray's erect cock dribbled as he stood next to this magnificent woman, and he felt compelled to comment on this occasion.

"It does suit you madam." Gray could not believe he had uttered the simple line, and broke into a cold sweat; Ella was delighted and took the opportunity to look him straight in the eye with a stern and confident sneer which somehow conveyed she was aware of his desire. Gray panicked a little and broke to ask her about the other materials. Ella would now affirm the strength of woman she was.

"Oh, if you would be so kind as to kneel and lift the hem of my third skirt; I know it's un-lady like but it's the only way you'll see what I prefer." Gray hesitated slightly till she smiled, nodded her approval, and pointed down as though in command of him. As he willingly sank to his knees before the superior woman, both cock and cunt tingled with satisfaction. As he fumbled with her skirts, finally finding the third which was a fine Honiton black lace material, she played her ace card.

"You remain kneeling for as long as you wish, make sure you take in the pattern of the lace; here, I'll assist you." With a deft tug, she lifted her skirts, allowing Gray a full view of both the material and her divine ankle and booted foot, placed neatly at a right angle. Gray was also treated to a waft of feminine scent which he imbibed gratefully; this, and the ankle boots she wore, had his cock rigid. Ella smiled down in triumph as she noted he was now transfixed by the boot. Gray would masturbate immediately she left the shop; he only wished he could do so there and then; her tight toed black ankle boots had rudimentary but very wicked looking spurs, Gray now knew for sure that he was kneeling before a dominant woman. He found the courage to slowly look up at her when he had managed to draw himself from the boot. Ella looked down into his eyes with a blank yet somehow stern expression, his face told her he was eligible for her requirements; she could already picture him leashed and naked. Gray seemed to sense she knew he wanted to be dominated, but was this as far as the situation would go - just a more than thrilling encounter? He was now yearning to establish further contact with her. Her stern look softened slightly to a wicked smile.

"I do hope you now realise what I require from you; I do hope I shan't be disappointed." Her cunt now blossomed with arousal as Gray remained kneeling for has long as he dare, taking another good look at the ornate but cruel spur. Ella assisted him.

"You may now rise and serve me, as per my requirements." Gray swallowed hard and reluctantly arose to his feet, wobbling slightly with tension, his balls tingling at the possible double meaning of her last comment. Her mind was racing too, in thinking of a credible way to forge some meeting, other than simply returning for more materials; she watched him as he found the black Honiton lace all too quickly. Gray wanted to ask if there was anything else, as he would routinely any customer, but he was now mesmerised by her presence and returned to the counter with the necessary lengths of lace and silk. Ella's heart missed a beat as she saw the dramatics journal on the counter; her cunt fully aroused and in need of attention, she almost lost her stern composure as she fired out the question.

"Are you interested in acting?" Gray was dumbfounded by this sudden change in direction but was grateful of it, if only to engage her in further conversation.

"Why ... yes ... I have a passion for it ... I find it offers me release; I regularly have parts in plays with a local society." He blushed in the hope that she would not ask him from what he needed release, but Ella had only heard the first line of his response; she was ecstatic.

"Then I demand that you attend my home this week, for a little rehearsal in one of my society's productions; you shall play John the Baptist."

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