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Erotica Sex Story: Temptation and trust don't go well for a young man looking after his Gran... Or do they...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   Incest   Grand Parent   First   .

"This is so unfair!"

"Life is unfair Mikey, live with it and stop acting like Kevin the teenager from the Harry Enfield sketches, it's only one night." My Dad said firmly.

"But I was going out with Angie to Jenny's party tonight!" I said loudly, not quite daring to yell.

"Well you'll have to cancel, your Mum and I are going out for the first time in over a year and we need you to look after your Gran while she's here on respite from your Mum's sister." Dad said.

"But ... but she's mental, she doesn't know who I am most of the time and she wanders..."

"She has dementia." Mum said. "Mostly she keeps to her room after she's settled, all we need is for you to stay in and make sure she's ok."


"No arguments Mikey, not if you expect to avoid a grounding, it's only for one night as I said and I'm sure Angie will understand." Said Dad.

"Ok, ok." I muttered seeing no way out of this damned situation.

Yes I know I was acting like a spoiled brat, but babysitting a grandmother was hardly my idea of a good time as a fifteen year old lad. I'd also had high hopes that tonight might have been the night with Angie, our last meeting had ended up with me getting my fingers down her pants and I hoped tonight the six month old pack of condoms in my wallet might finally have gotten an outing, assuming we could have found some privacy.

I texted Angie and got an 'ok babes, alwys 2morra, thinking of U' in return as there was no way she'd come here with the madwoman upstairs going on a wander, particularly as there was a party involved.

I ate my dinner in silence with Gran prattling away deep in the past opposite me being helped occasionally by Mum. Gran has been slowly slipping into dementia for the last five years and whilst I did feel some empathy for her, living with her for the last couple of weeks had been trying to say the least. There were tears, tantrums and a lot of the time she didn't recognise us at all and once phoned the police telling them we'd kidnapped her. I could remember her from her better days and she was a nice old lady, just mostly confused and often frightened these days. Normally she stayed with my Mum's sister who was a nurse and coped well, but naturally even she needed a break every so often, which is where my Mum and her other sister came in.

When we'd finished dinner Mum led Gran upstairs to settle her down and get dressed to go out with Dad. They left a list of instructions as well as phone numbers to call if there were problems, yet were very specific that I was not to bother them unless it was an actual emergency, not if I wanted to get out and about any time soon.

I muttered a bye to them as they left and knew that I'd be glued to either the tv, the computer or my games console for the next five hours at least, assuming I didn't fall asleep first.

The first half hour was pretty quiet, I could hear Grans tv on upstairs but for once she didn't appear to be wandering. It was then that I saw my friends facebook page with a picture of the party at Jenny's and in the background was Angie snogging the face off Darren the guy who she said didn't interest her when I asked why he was always hanging around. Then I heard feet on the stairs followed by the sound of someone trying to open the front door. I leapt to my feet and hurried out to the hall to find a fully dressed Gran in one of her shapeless outfits that looked three sizes too big for her but with no shoes on about to go wandering outside in the cold November rain.

"Sorry Gran back to bed." I told her and took her by her slim arm.

I led her back upstairs and got her settled in her comfy chair and asked if she wanted a cuppa.

"Ooh yes please Dan." She beamed at me.

I wandered downstairs, it was pointless correcting her, Dan was my deceased granddad's name, but recently she'd taken to calling me that and there was nothing I could say to stop her as she'd get angry if I corrected her too many times.

I bustled away in the kitchen but heard feet on the stairs again and nipped out to find Gran at the door again struggling with the latch.

"Come on Gran upstairs I'll fetch your tea in a minute."

"I don't want tea, I want to go out and see Sarah."

"Sarah ... Sarah isn't in Gran." I replied knowing Sarah was her sister and lived in Australia.

"Who are you calling Gran?"

"You Gran." I replied.

"Who are you?"

"Your grandson."

"I don't have a grandson."

"Yes you do Gran, now get upstairs." I said exasperatedly and took her firmly by the arm.

"You're hurting me! You're hurting me." She wailed as I manhandled her up the stairs.

I dragged her to her chair and forced her onto it.

"Stay there and I'll fetch you your cuppa," I said firmly as I could feel myself starting to lose it as the day's events just seemed to keep on getting worse.

Gran just burst into tears and I left ashamed to get her tea only to find her following me.

"Sit down!" I ordered pointing to the chair.

"Speak to me like that again young man and I will call a constable!" She spoke primly.

I just exploded, I grabbed her by the arm as all the frustrations of the night just spilled over and I literally flung her onto her bed, her legs and arms flailing all over the place and to my shame I grabbed her by the throat.

"Listen to me you old bag, just lie here and do nothing or I swear I'll beat the shit out of you! I yelled right in her face.

"Alright, alright please don't hurt me!" She sobbed as I removed my hand and felt my face turn beetroot red with self-disgust, shock and deep embarrassment.

"I ... I'm so sorry." I said.

"I'm sorry I refused you Dan ... I know it's your right." She replied with tears in her eyes.


"A husband's entitled to his conjugal rights, I know this, I'm sorry Dan, I should have let you when you asked."

"Gran, I'm not Dan." I said, now seriously flabbergasted.

"Just please be gentle Dan, don't hurt me again." She said as she reached up and gently squeezed my cock over my tracksuit bottoms.

"No, no Gran please don't do this." I begged as I removed her hand.

"Oh you want my mouth you naughty man." She giggled like a schoolgirl and reached up to grasp my slowly hardening cock with her other hand. "You know we only do that on special occasions."

I gently took her other hand in mine and levered her away from my cock but was then helpless to stop her planting kisses on my crotch making my erection grow even more.

"Oh it must be years since I felt you so hard Dan." She said with a smile. "I thought you'd forgotten what else it was for."

'Oh God' I thought, 'what the hell do I do now?'

"It's ok ... er Grace." I replied finally remembering her name. "You just lie there love and I'll fetch us a cuppa."

Gran settled back on the bed looking all coy and shy and fluttering her eyelashes at me of all things.

"Don't you want me Dan? I remember when you couldn't get enough of me." She almost purred and lifted the hem of her dress up to partially expose herself.

"I didn't know what to expect except perhaps to be horrified. I kind of expected an old person's body to go like their faces all horrible and wrinkled, except it wasn't. Oh sure she was no teen, but she had nice legs leading up to some Bridget Jones 'big knickers' slightly stained at the crotch, but no worse than my own occasional dribbles I guess. Also to my real horror I felt my cock beginning to stiffen to almost painful proportions as some distinctly amoral thoughts began to run through my mind and I seriously wondered if I could get away with it. I mean what would happen if I did and Gran either came back from lala-land or she told Mum and Dad?

Gran reached out with her hand again and caressed my cock.

"Oh Dan, my Dan, so hard."

Almost of their own volition my hands grasped the hem of my tracksuit bottoms and drew them and my boxers down allowing my cock to spring free, slightly slapping my stomach as it did so.

Grans hand snaked around my length and began to move gently up and down and I realised that I was now going to see exactly where this was going and pray it worked out.

"Do you want me to take you in my mouth Dan?" Gran asked.

"Yes Grace please do." I said gruffly as I tried to remember how my granddad had sounded.

Gran sat up and used one hand to cup my balls, the other to softly stroke my shaft and her head descended down to take the tip of my cock in her lips. My only qualm being when she took her teeth out to do it. She then just ran her tongue around the tip and wanked me carefully with her hand whilst gently squeezing and fondling my balls. It felt just too good and it didn't take long before I exploded into her mouth...

"UHHHNHHHH!" I groaned in ecstasy, my legs trembling as several ropes of my cum blasted into the back of Grans throat and she swallowed it all.

Using her tongue she cleaned me down and sat primly on the bed as I regained my breath.

"Well?" I said into the silence.

"I was hoping we might..."

"Might what?"

"You know ... take pleasure."

"Do you want too Grace?" I asked trying to keep the eagerness out of my voice.

"Oh yes please Dan."

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