Masters, Professors and Firemen, Oh My!


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Sex Story: A conversation turned into a story. What happens when a girl goes to work and finds someone under her desk? It's it's my dolly, people are going to be having some fun.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   MaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Note: The short story below is not really my story; I just decided to share it with all of you. Let me give you a little background on what's been going on with me, and how this story came to be.

People often ask me why I don't write anymore (or, more accurately, when I'm going to write my next story). The reason is that when I was writing, I was taking all my unrealized fantasies and putting them down on paper (so to speak), imagining what it would be like if I were the protagonist in all these stories, and making them work out the way I wanted them to (mostly). However I decided I wanted to make them more than fantasies, and amazingly enough, I've done that. In the last five+ years, I've been doing things I never would have thought possible, some beyond the realm even of my fantasies. While I haven't done everything that I've written about in my stories (yet), I've done an amazing amount, and know people who have done most of the other things I've written about, and far more.

I'm no longer just fantasizing about having women serving me, being able to do evil things to them and having them love it. Now, I'm living that dream. In particular, there are these two very lovely ladies, let's call them dolly and kitten, that have agreed to submit to me. Sadly, dolly lives very far away, so I don't see her all that often, but modern technology allows me to keep in touch with her, with phone, text and Skype. My kitten and I will sometimes spend all day teasing her, keeping her wet and cumming.

Given time zone differences, I am almost always asleep before my dolly, but my kitten stays up later, and I often wake up to interesting conversations that have taken place between them. Below is a fantasy that my kitten created for my dolly. Now my kitten is a little bit sadistic, because at the time of her crafting this fantasy, my dolly was being punished; she was not allowed to cum. Now if you knew my dolly, you'd know this was a horrendous punishment, because she averages over 20 orgasms a day. She's always been able to cum pretty easily, but I've trained her to the point that she can almost cum on command (it does usually take a little more work than just saying "cum", but not always).

(As a side note, I don't really understand people whose version of orgasm control is to keep their girl from cumming. Why on earth would you want to train that behavior? There is nothing hotter in the world than watching a hot girl cum, and there are very few reasons that I'd want to do anything to keep myself from seeing and hearing that. OK, back to my story.)

Now in this particular instance, my dolly was being punished because she was teasing me about not cumming for me, and I had to show her that the decision to cum was not her choice, but mine. So while it wasn't as fun for me to miss hearing her cum for me all day, sometimes a Master has to look beyond his own pleasure and do what's best for his girl.

The sadistic side of me, however, was fed by teasing her all day with thoughts and ideas that would normally make her cum, but not allowing her to actually take herself to completion. In addition to teasing her, I instructed my kitten to tease her as well, not an onerous task given that she's a switch with a bit of a sadistic side.

All that being said, the story below is one that my kitten spun to my dolly while I was asleep, trying to get her to cum. My dolly really did not want to cum, because for each orgasm she had, she would have had to gone another day without orgasms, so she was trying hard not to, but she came close.

Since I personally have a hard time reading stories that are text or IM transcripts, I've taken the liberty of translating the text conversation into a story, perhaps taking a creative liberty or two with it. I've tried to stay as true as I could to the actual conversation, which is why the tone may not sound quite like my stories normally do. I've included the actual text conversation at the end, however, if anyone wants to see the inspiration for the story. Enjoy.

She walked into her office at the university and sat down. She jumped when she felt my hand on her leg, looking down at me in shock.

"Sir!" she exclaimed. "I'm at work! What are you doing under my desk?"

"I know you are, dolly," I replied. "Don't worry your pretty little head. You go right ahead and work."

"How do you expect me to work while you're down there?" dolly asked.

"Probably very distractedly," I told her, and then pulled her chair in closer.

I ran my hands up along the outside of her thighs, pushing her dress up higher. She pushed her chair as far as she could under the desk so that someone coming up to her desk wouldn't see her pussy on display.

I pushed her legs apart, and lightly ran my tongue up her pussy. She gasped, just as I heard someone walk into the office.

"How can I help you tonight, professor?" I heard her ask. I could hear the strain in her voice as she tried to keep him from realizing that I was running my fingers up and down her wet opening.

The professor asked her a question about some supplies he needed for his classroom, and then started chatting with her. This wasn't particularly strange, since she was a very friendly girl, and normally enjoyed chatting with the professors and students. I imagine she enjoyed it a little less when I was touching her clit with just the tip of my tongue while the professor expected a normal conversation out of her.

As the professor continued trying to carry on a normal conversation with my dolly, I started rubbing her pussy with my thumb, running it along the lips, then dipping it just inside. Dolly just sat there, trying to listen, taking deep breaths, doing her best to keep from exploding in her chair.

I moved my face between her legs, replacing my thumb with my tongue, starting on her clit, moving down across her lips, my nose rubbing her clit. Dolly's face got redder and redder, the blush spreading well down her chest, as she tried answering the professor's questions without a funny note in her voice giving her away.

Finally, the professor finished up his questions and told dolly that he'd talk to her later. He started leaving the office when I rammed my tongue inside her as deep as it could reach, causing an involuntary yelp to emanate from the poor girl's mouth.

The professor turned at the door and asked, "Are you OK?"

"I, I, I just stubbed my toe," she stammered.

"I'd probably better take a look at it to make sure that it's not bruised or broken," the professor said helpfully, starting to walk around her desk. I tried digging my tongue even more deeply into her pussy, and stuck my fingers between my face and her body, rubbing her hard clit.

"Please, it's OK!" dolly pleaded. "You should just go to class! You don't want to be late."

"You must be confused," the professor said. "I just finished my lecture. Let me see if you need ice. You may have sprained it by the sound of that yelp."

"No! No! I'm fine! There's no need!" my dolly insisted breathlessly.

As the professor rounded the desk, I pushed dolly's chair back, exposing her pussy to the fine professor, who grinned lasciviously.

Dolly's blush extended down to her knees, as the professor said, "Now I see why you yelped. It's not your toe that needs attention, but your poor, gaping pussy."

The professor got down on his knees and swung her knees to face him. He winked at me, and I could see my dolly realize that the professor and I had been in cahoots the entire time.

The professor reached for dolly's breast as I popped out from under the desk. I pushed her chair forward, slipping her low cut dress down just a bit, offering her perky nipple to the professor. He gladly slurped it gently into his mouth, causing the squirming girl to moan.

Dolly's head lolled back, enjoying the feeling on his tongue on her tit, which was soon joined by the feelings generated by his finger slipping deep into her pussy. Despite her pleasure, however, her eyes kept darting to the door, wondering if a student would stroll by. Classes were over for the day, but there were still stray students and teachers roaming around the halls.

Suddenly, the fire alarm went off, and she jumped out of her seat with a start. She began to move toward the door, but I gave her a look that she knew meant that she was not to move an inch. The professor stood up as well, and my dolly felt my hands on her skirt. I pulled it down, over her hips, letting it spill on the floor at her feet. She looked at me with shock in her eyes, then glanced at the door. She was totally exposed, and anyone walking by could see it.

Dolly heard feet moving down the hallway as the few remaining people in the building left. The professor stepped up to dolly again and slipped his hand between her legs, forcing her to spread them. He leaned down, moving his mouth from one nipple to the next, savoring the taste.

Dolly closed her eyes and started moaning, and I ran my hands over her bare ass, kneading and squeezing them, spreading her cheeks apart. Then she jumped again and moaned as she felt the head of my lubricated cock rubbing back and forth across the opening.

Dolly leaned into the professor's mouth and moaned louder as she felt my cock begin to penetrate her ass, then she pushed back onto me, forcing herself over my cock, until her ass hit my stomach.

She started pushing back and forth, then froze as she heard footsteps and clanking coming down the hall. She looked towards the door, frozen, as a fireman in full garb started to walk past the door.

The fireman stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth agape. I pushed forward into my dolly, and she moaned. The fireman smiled and said, "Now I can see where the fire is coming from."

Dolly blushed twelve shades deeper.

"Well, it's my job as a fireman to put out any fires I find," the fireman said. He walked around the desk, dropped his gear and unfastened his pants. He lay down on the ground and pulled out his big cock.

The professor stepped out of her way, and I smiled and pushed dolly forward, off my cock and towards the fireman. She looked at me and I nodded, so she stepped over the fireman, straddling him, then dropped down, grabbed his cock and positioned it at her wet opening.

The professor grabbed her hair, and forced his dick into her mouth, which had the delicious side effect of forcing her the rest of the way down the fireman's big cock. Dolly groaned around the professor's cock, causing him to shiver, as she started rocking her hips up and down.

The three were starting to build a rhythm when I came up behind dolly and growled in her ear, "Make room for me!" I pushed her a little forward and straddled the fireman's thighs, then I pushed my cock back into her ass.

"You really are a dirty little slut," I tell her. "Right on your office floor, three men filling your holes. Can you think of anyone sluttier than you?"

Dolly moaned, her orgasm building within her. The nice fireman pushed up into her, harder and harder, while I thrust over and over into her ass. At the same time, the professor shoved his dick repeatedly into her mouth, muffling my dolly's moans of pleasure.

Then dolly was there, pulling her head back and screaming, "Your slut is cumming for you, Sir!" The professor grabbed his cock, giving it a few final tugs before spraying his cum all over the panting girl's face and mouth. The clenching of dolly's pussy brought both the fireman and me over the edge, and within two minutes my slutty dolly was leaking cum out of all of her holes.

I pulled my deflating cock out and sat against the wall, while dolly rolled over onto the floor. For a minute, the only sound in the room was the panting of four winded people. Then the fireman chuckled and said, "Now this was an interesting call."

"Well, my dolly has always had lots of fantasies of firemen, so thank you for taking the first step towards fulfilling them," I told him.

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