You Made Me Do It!

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2013 by A Purvversion

Fiction Sex Story: In a weak moment, a father allows his 15-year-old daughter to share his marijuana. Soon, she begins to confess sexual indiscretions, which only arouses his lust. Of course, this has to end in A Father-Daughter Vignette.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Father   Daughter   .

This Vignette Is a Work of Fiction, Intended for Adults Only. It Depicts Sex Between an Adult Male and His 15-Year-Old Daughter. It Has No Plot, No Story, and No Redeeming Value. Names, Characters, Places and Incidents Are From a Warped Imagination.

"A Father Daughter Vignette"

"You made me do it, Dad," she said to me.

Incredulous, I asked, "I made you do it?"

If she wasn't high on pot, I suspect that she would have been panicking that she had let her secret out, but in her present condition, she seemed to not have a care. In fact, she looked excited that she was confessing this to me.

She giggled, "Uh huh, yeah."

This was a typical kid reaction. At another time I probably would be raging at the news and her attitude, but feeling mellow, I already seemed to be over the initial shock, and it was interesting to see how lightly my daughter seemed to be handling this.

"What does that mean? How did I make you do it?"

"I've heard you and Mom making love at night so many times ... and each time I used to wonder what it would be like, DOING IT WITH YOU."

Wow, did I just hear right? I mean, I understood her up until those last two words and as I tried to stay with her in the conversation, I told myself that she didn't mean that like it seemed.

"So you just went out and did it with some boy?"

"No, silly. I heard you guys from a long time ago, even when I was like really little," she said. "At first, I thought you were fighting, but when I told Mary Ann Meisner, you remember her, Dad ... when I told her what I was hearing, she kinda explained things to me."

"Oh Christ," I bemoaned. "How old were you then?"

"I guess I was twelve at the time - she was thirteen."

"How ... how did she know what... ?"

April giggled again. "Her brother used to let her watch dirty movies with him."

I nodded. Strangely, I felt a stirring in my crotch area as I thought of my daughter's former friend, who had moved away a year earlier.

"So you remained chaste for the next three years?" I sarcastically commented.


"Hmmm, yeah. Pure ... untouched," I explained.

There came that giggle again. Looking up at me, April said, "Well, I can't say I wasn't touched."

Ah, fuck, I thought. Was she fooling around with boys all that time? Letting them feel her up, maybe more?

"Honey, I thought you only did it one time?"

"Yeah, just that once ... and it wasn't any fun..." Then as if reading my mind, she added, "Mary Ann also told me about other stuff too ... you know like uh, masturbating."

At these words, my cock more than stirred, it began to harden. Over the years, I found that I became sexually aroused with little provocation when I was high. Now, with my 15-year-old daughter confessing her sex sins to me while I shared my weed with her, it was no wonder that I was hard.

"When did you start doing that?"

"Right after she told me about it."

"And you were only twelve?" I asked in surprise.

"Uh huh, yeah." April looked up at me with pouty lips and eyes.

"You were a little young for that."

"Yeah, well, if I wasn't hearing you and mom all the time..."

"You had to be just the sight..." I said, then caught myself, as I hadn't really meant anything amiss.

"I don't think anyone would have wanted to see me."

Without thinking, I blurted out, "I think you'd be surprised. I don't know of any guy that wouldn't want to see a pretty girl doing that."

"Yeah right ... like I'm that pretty."

"Honey, you're beautiful."

Suddenly, April got up on her knees on the couch, looked over at me and said, "You really think so, Dad?"

I don't know what made me say it, but I then said, "Honey, if I was in your class, you wouldn't be able to keep me away from you. I bet the boys in your school are just dying to get next to you."

There was suddenly a transition between us as April leaned forward on all fours and slowly crawled toward me in her nightgown. I froze in place, partly in confusion, partly because I was suddenly aware of her condition, and partly because she just looked good. As she neared me, my eyes dropped to the nightie, which hung loosely around the neck. Unable to stop myself, I allowed my eyes to gaze within, beneath the garment. I could actually see most of my daughter's tits, which looked great. In the position she was in, I couldn't see her nipples, but I could see most of the exciting flesh.

"No, Dad, they aren't."

"Dumb asses," I declared.

"Are they, Daddy?" April asked as she crept next to me.

"They certainly are, Sweetie," I said as I looked down the neckline of her nightgown. "You're not only pretty, but you're growing up into quite an, er, alluring woman."

"You mean I'm sexy? Like, grown-up sexy?" April was hanging over me now, looking seriously into my eyes.

"Yes, honey. You're a beautiful, grown-up, sexy woman." Holy shit, was I ever hard!!!

My daughter reached around my neck and hugged me tight, so I hugged her back. The pot was obviously affecting us both. Suddenly, all I could seem to think of was her soft breasts lightly pressing into my chest and the sweet smell of her silky blonde hair in my face.

"Oh, thank you Daddy," April said. It was as if what I told her was a revelation to her and what I said pleased her ... or was it just that she was high?

She held me tight and wouldn't let go, so I just let her hug me and hugged her back. As I did, though, I became increasingly aware of my daughter's body ... her youthful breasts, no longer those of a little girl, but still young enough to be standing proud, without sag ... her tiny waist ... her firm, round, perky bubble-butt, rising in the air as she leaned over me.

Looking into her glazed blue eyes, I was reminded what that look in a girl's eyes almost always led to when I was in high school. My daughter might not know it, but her young body was vulnerable, awakened by the cannabis, and with just a little encouragement, she would willingly seek sexual pleasure. Upon that realization, I should have immediately ended what we were doing and sent her to bed, but the weed was affecting me too. That April was my own flesh and blood didn't have the deterring affect that it always had up until then. I was high and I had a hard on - that was what was now driving me.

Holding my daughter's slim young body in my arms, I began to lose myself in the moment, running my hands slowly over the curves of her waist, moving them around and stroking her back. As I gently rubbed her back, I was suddenly very aware how April's breathing had increased. Unable to control myself, my hands deliberately drifted lower to momentarily run over her precious bubble-butt cheeks, then moved up her sides, deliberately trying to bring chilling sensations to her.

Soon, my hands were up over her nightgown, barely brushing the outside of her youthful, proudly standing boobs, which were braless underneath.

As my fingers brushed where it should have been taboo to me, April suddenly gasped out, "Oh Daddy," and thrust herself tighter to me, causing me to fall back so that I was now lying on my back, with my daughter atop, lifting one of her legs and putting it around me.

My mind was racing, my breath was heaving, and my heart was pounding. It was then that I realized that I was about to cross a line that no father should cross. Beneath my sweatpants, I had a full blown hard-on that was pressing into my daughter's young mound and I was sure she could feel it. I was frightened. This was my own flesh and blood; only fifteen.

Hell, the way April was acting, I was beginning to believe that she intended to cause what was happening. Then, as I lay there, trying to bring common sense back into my head, I felt her spread her knees above me, her legs on either side of my legs. That just about confirmed my suspicions.

My god! This wasn't right! My own daughter was pressing her pussy against my dick! Or was it just a hallucination in my drugged state?

I felt it again. April pressed slightly harder; it was perceptible. It was a subtle grind. She was grinding against me! My own daughter wanted to grind her pussy on my cock! This shouldn't be.

I stroked her back, and then patted her on the butt as a signal that the hug was over. But it wasn't.

"You know what I thought about when I masturbated?" she whispered, sounding excited now.

Oh god, this was going too far, too fast. "Honey, we better..."

"You Daddy ... I used to think of you ... I still do."

"Baby, this isn't right..."

"I used to listen to you doing it to mom, and then when I began to touch myself, my fingers became you."

My swollen cock was twitching.

April was leaning over and whispering into my face. "I imagined you pumping me with this," she said as her hand moved down between us and clutched me through my pants. "Your dick, Daddy ... the same one that made me. For three years now, I've dreamed about you putting it inside me."

"April, Hon ... If your mom ever finds out..." She had to know just by my words and how I said them that that was a statement of surrender. She eased my covered cock toward the mound of her warm, wet vagina.

"Oh Daddy," she whispered. Then, moving both of her hands up, they began to rub around my cheeks and ears. At the same time, she nuzzled my neck with her nose, as she deliberately pressed her mound harder against my throbbing dick.

My hand, which was on her nightie, resting on her perfect ass, suddenly began rubbing it, as if it had a mind of its own. Then I brought my other hand around to cup her other cheek. I then began eagerly fondling my own daughter's ass, soft, perfectly rounded, and hot!

"Oh Daddy," she whispered as I worked my fingers about the exciting ass flesh, squeezing and massaging. It was tremendously arousing to be fondling the soft mounds of my little girl's bubble-butt through the nightie, and wild beyond thought to feel the youngster's reaction as I kneaded them eagerly, April began to grind her mound against my cock more anxiously. As lust filled me, I cupped her hot little ass cheeks and pressed her downward onto my engorged cock.

Just then, I felt my daughter's pussy grind hard and slow against my pulsing cock as I pushed up with my hips and ground my throbbing dick against her young, warm mound. Wrong or not, it felt awesome!

"Oh God, Daddy," April whispered hotly in my ear. Oh Christ, my daughter not only was aware of what was happening, I was now positive that it was something she wanted to be happening.

Then she was shifting, spreading her legs wider around mine and raising her knees up, giving herself better leverage. Looking wildly into my eyes, she then lowered her pussy, grinding it against me.

"Nnnnnggggg," I groaned.

My mind was racing crazily as was my heart. My sweet little 15-year-old was actually dry humping her pussy along the length of my swollen shaft, through her nightgown and my sweatpants. I could feel the heat from her pussy and the tightness between her legs spreading over my cock right through our clothes. This was so wrong, yet I found myself willingly ... nay eagerly, participating.

As my daughter moved atop me, my eyes looked up at her face, flushed and excited, her deep blue eyes glazed from lust and drugs. While I continued to knead her luscious ass cheeks, April lowered her face to mine, her mouth instinctively opening before her lips met mine. As we kissed, the youngster urgently thrust her tongue in my mouth and moaned. God, she was hot!!! She swirled her tongue around inside my mouth, and then we switched. She then began purposely sucking on my tongue as I thrust it frantically into her mouth. April and I were kissing like no father and daughter should ever kiss. I was snogging my own little girl.

Eagerly, I reached up between us and once again began to fondle her budding breast, so soft and hot in my hand as I played with it from outside the nightie. As I cupped her boob, I teased her little nipple, which was like a little rock between my thumb and forefinger.

April moaned as I fondled her precious tit-flesh in my hand, massaging it eagerly through the nightie while our tongues entwined like animals in heat. I was never so aroused. She blatantly dry-humped me faster and harder as she worked her mouth feverishly with mine. Her dry humping on my cock had the desired effect; I was now returning the action, my hips pumping back at her hot grinding pussy.

"Eeeeeem," she mewled into my mouth. My daughter was on fire - adolescent heat.

Breaking the kiss, I pulled back from her, our eyes meeting and searching wildly into each other. Moving my hand down from her tit, I quickly moved it beneath the garment and eagerly pushed it upward over her naked flesh, lifting the nightie at the same time, exposing her naked chest to my aroused eyes and eager hand.

My cock was throbbing as I eyed the youngster's precious tits, so proud in their elegance.

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