At the Pool

by Zipper

Copyright© 2013 by Zipper

: A nubile schoolgirl takes a fancy to the poolman and gets an early Biology lesson.

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Lolita   .

Anna has begun her school holiday by coming again to the local outdoor pool; but this summer she's wearing her new polka-dot bikini.

Anna stands near the poolside with a fresh self-conscious pride; her body declaring its recent ripening.

Music filters from a little radio on the grass at her boyfriends side where he lays on his towel, sunbathing.

Anna despondently views his skinny physique and ponders on when he'll venture beyond his feeble fumbling.

But he was still a schoolboy. What she needed was a proper man with a real cock; a cock that shot spunk in wad loads; a man lustful for her.

Then Anna noticed she had caught the attention of a stocky male sunbather nearby.

Anna's eyes met and held his and the man gave out a knowing look and slyly rubbed his crotch with a leer.

She smirked inwardly; judging the bulge in his bathers, he'd only need half a chance.

Throwing him a grimace, she adjusts the cups of her bikini-top for effect before picking up her brush to pull it through her long shiny hair.

Now the new pool-man had appeared and Anna had immediately caught his eye.

Anna stood up, stretching her curvaceous body luxuriously in the sunshine and sized him up. Now that's a real man thought Anna and her cunt fizzed.

Her mother had even warned her of what men did to any cute girl given the chance!' Anna suddenly longed for that chance.

Anna decided to go for an ice-lolly.

Walking slowly pass the elderly swimmers she made her way to the kiosk at the other end, where the pool-man in gold rimmed sun-specks was working.

The ice-cream hut was closed.

"Hello young miss! Come to give Badgio a hand, 'ave you?" the pool-man hailed in a curious accent.

Anna was surprised at the broad suntanned man speaking to her. She wasn't use to grown men. Aunt Maud reckoned you were lucky to find a man after the war.

She gawped at his dark hairy torso while he continued with his stacking ... her lowering gaze lingered on the bulky pouch of his trunks ... but then averted as he'd looked again at her.

Anna lagged behind him as he'd worked to the rear of the kiosk, drawn somehow by his curious glances. He seemed to find her interesting somehow; in a way she couldn't understand.

In an attempt to mask her awkwardness she'd casually asked him why the kiosk wasn't open for ice creams and lollies.

"Ice creams!" he smiled quietly at her, "don't you want a good swim ... stretch them lovely legs of your'n out for me?"

Anna had felt his voice caress her in a strange way.

Then an awareness that he was flirting sent a thrill darting through her chest.

She had to act casual, as though she was use to it. What should she say?

Gazing at the pool she replied languidly. 'Actually, I'm not swimming at all today, I want to tan my body instead.' Then she returned her gaze to his eyes. ' Do you think I'm too pale to tan yet?' she asked the man with nonchalant confidence.

He'd stopped then to assess Anna; and the man saw something rare in such a young girl; a smouldering sexuality.

Smiling softly he said, ' What a young body like yorn needs, to get a proper tan all over like ... is a bikini! Let it breathe in the sun that would. Shows a girl off nicely does a bikini.' He continued to gaze at her.

Anna felt sure her green woollen costume figured somewhere in his statement.

It was spoiling her appearance; how she wished to be rid of it.

But she had to keep up the act.

Well I haven't got a bikini; yet ... so ... I may just have to sunbath naked I suppose!' said Anna amazed at her own bravado.

The pool man ceased his stacking to face her, his large hand adjusting the crotch of his trunks.

Anna felt her heart throbbing. She had never spoken to any adult in such a fashion.

Then she added meekly. 'What do you think?'

The man eyed Anna before quietly saying,

"I think you should let me rub some cream over your skin Miss, cause you'll burn for sure today."

Visualising his suggestion caused Anna's mind to whirl – then she was asking if he had anywhere she could get out of her costume.

The pool appeared tranquil in the cool reflected blue of the sky but as midday peaked a torrid heat was forming.

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