What if...?

by MattHHelm

Copyright© 2013 by MattHHelm

Erotica Sex Story: You ever wonder what if...? Or If only I'd. Or I wonder what would happen...? You know the drill. What if Klara Polzl had an abortion in 1888? What would happen if Goering and Mengele played one last trick on the world in 1947 just before WWII ended???

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   ft/ft   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Pregnancy   .

I don't know how many time I've heard the phrase, "What if..." or "I wonder what it would be like if..." or "If only I'd ... Sometime you can sit and wonder about these things. What if the South had won the Civil War? I wonder what it would be like if England had put down the rebellion. If only I'd bought those shares of Microsoft in '87, or Apple in the 90s when it hit $7.00 a share. What if Klara Pölzl had an abortion in 1888. I wonder what it would be like if none of the Panzer divisions had been on the beaches of Normandy in June of 1944.

June 6th of that year was a disaster. The Allied forces took tremendous losses. The only soldiers that got past the beaches were the Glider troops, the ones that were flown in towed behind the C-47. Operation Dead Stick was a success, but without the backing of those who were to land on the beaches, the troops had to pull back. The war continued on until the Heavy Water experiments and the Manhattan project finally came to fruition. Congress somehow found out about it and it took two years more to get the approval to use the weapon. The only thing that allowed it to go through was the threat that Hitler's scientists had finally solved the problem and were within weeks of using it on England.

The drop of Little Boy on Hiroshima and Fat Man on Nagasaki in June of 1947 was followed by Delano in July 31 on Frankfurt and the Hoover in August 2 of that same year on Berlin. The Allies received word that the Nazi high command wanted to discuss terms of surrender. There was only one problem. Goering. He assisted Adolf's suicide and took over. He ordered his Luftwaffe to begin their systematic delivery of the new chemical that Dr. Mengele had developed. Long range planes from all over the world took off just before the peace conference. It could be said it was the largest single launch in history. Small planes, large planes, if it flew and was under the control of the insane Goering, it flew that night.

Mengele's compound was released into the air. Something went wrong with his formula. Something he and Goering hadn't expected. More than half of the world's male population initially died, including the Aryans. The extent of the damage it did wouldn't be evident for fifteen to twenty years, long after Goering was gone. He'd been captured and sentenced in Nuremburg to death by hanging, but he cheated and took cyanide the night before his date with the gallows. The quantity of compound released in the atmosphere was such that clouds of the stuff encircled the globe. There wasn't a place on Earth that didn't get dusted with it by the middle of 1949. The effects didn't start showing until the end of that year. The world birth rate for males had dropped to less than 1% of the population by January of 1950.

The effects of the stuff were least concentrated in the Midwest region of the United States and the Southern tip of South America. Every country was affected the same. The worldwide birth rate stabilized at 2.5% male/97.5% female in all groups and subgroups. Changes were legislated once the politicos figured it out (through their experts and advisors).

I didn't notice any differences growing up. I noticed Baldwin Heights Elementary had almost no boys by sixth grade. We had about a dozen in my class, but there were none in fifth, one in fourth, none in second or third, a set of twins in first, and none in kindergarten. The encyclopedia in the school library was where I found out about 'the disease'. I knew I couldn't do anything about it, so I went about my normal routine.

A lot of the boys moved away during Jr. High. The government set up a program, similar to WITSEC, only for young males. They intended to spread the boys out around the country to allow for the maximum potential of spreading breeders out. It was completely voluntary, but the incentives were amazing. Each family was given a half million new dollars just for agreeing. Their possessions were moved for them. A new home of their choice was provided for the family, as well as a home for the male once he was ready to leave home and live on his own. With the changes in the law, he could do that at fourteen if he wanted.

Utilities were free. Food was ordered and delivered twice a week. There is no limit to the amount of food that could be requested. A living allowance is also provided for purchasing whatever else is needed. This all is granted you once you jack off in a cup and you are found to have viable sperm. We were given the option of moving when I started shooting the good stuff (I was not quite twelve at the time). We had a big family meeting and decided not to move because of all our relatives lived within fifty miles of home.

Well, that's not quite right. We got a bigger, better home. Mom, Dad, and I sort of designed it. An architect came by and we discussed what we wanted and we were shown drawings and plans two weeks later. We all agreed that was what we wanted. We were given a forty-five acre plot just north of the city limits so we could have animals. They built the house, barn, pool, and guesthouse in about four months. They even landscaped the property, put up fences and cross fences. It's a really nice place.

We were given an F250 and a Country Squire station wagon because Dad's a Ford man. I asked if I could have a car and they told me I could have any American made car available at the time. I could get a new one every year and wouldn't have to turn in the old one if I didn't want to. I liked that idea a lot! The only catch was I'd have to wait until it was legal for me to drive. Despite all the changes in the laws, driving was still regulated by the states and I wouldn't be able to drive until I turned sixteen. That wasn't too far off now.

The real effect of 'the disease' showed a glaring difference of the makeup of my class at school by the time I reached fifteen. There were only fourteen boys out of two thousand, two hundred twenty seven students. FOURTEEN, and it was like this everywhere. No one place was more fortunate than the next. The equal distribution program worked. Because of the lack of breeding stock, new laws were passed in Congress for the protection of the species. The United Nations took similar action and the US model was passed around the globe.

First of all, males were national treasures. While we were not sequestered in special locations, the Manzanar camps taught Congress and they wouldn't make that mistake again; we were protected. Males were given many freedoms and liberties unheard of before. Each male was registered with the government and given total support; food, housing, clothing, etc. for him and his family. We were also on the payroll of the US Government. Our job was to procreate. Every male was expected to mate with as many females as he could in hopes of producing offspring. Artificial insemination wouldn't work for some reason, so it had to be by direct insertion of the sperm into the womb of the female for an embryo to form.

With as few studs as were available, complete and accurate records had to be kept. Each pregnancy attributed to a male earned government credit for the donor. If he sired a female, he received one thousand new dollars. If he sired a male, he received twenty five thousand new dollars with a guarantee of one hundred thousand dollars if the male turned out to be a Y chromosome dominant carrier (capable of producing male offspring). Each male child he produced would be expected to reproduce and had to test negative for the effects of the great equalizer.

Females began to change along with the males. You can see the effects of the drug on them as well. Certainly the most startling change was the aggressiveness of the girl child, and young females began starting their periods earlier and earlier until the mean age was nine years old. Their bodies also began changing at that time. Laws and legal limits were reduced so that the age of consent became thirteen years old for girls, and for boys it was as soon as he could produce viable sperm. A three-year rule was also put in effect where a boy could copulate with a girl up to three years younger then him. So a boy of twelve, if he were fertile could be with a girl of nine, if she were willing and fertile. Girls couldn't get enough sex, so Sapphic lovemaking became a national pastime. That, along with public nudity and public sex, helped to stimulate the few males available.

My older sister is a bitch from the get go at seventeen. She was always perky and outgoing, and yes Ma'am or no, Sir all the time. Everyone loved Misty. She was the darling of the family. I came next, a little less than two years down the road. Yes, I was the second child. The only advantage I had was I was male. However I had to grow up in Misty's shadow. There were times I was temped to slap the next person who commented "Oh, you're Misty's brother" or "Why can you be like Misty?" There were two more sisters born after me. On reflection, Dad must have been infected just after I was conceived. The infection only occurred in males in puberty or older. I guess that was what saved me. By the time I got close to puberty, most of the compound was inert and there was an inoculation that would prevent, but not cure the disease. Denise and Carol, my younger sisters at fourteen and thirteen were so much easier to get along with.

I noticed as I got older, that if I went to Wally world, I had a large following by the time I was ready to check out. Dozens of women would be following me. Fashions changed because we males are so few in number. It was fair game if it was designed to excite a male. Micro mini and peek-a-boo clothing suddenly became the rage. The ban against nudity and topless females was thrown out. Fashions that accentuated the female form in its naked glory are now the rage. The quarter cup shelf bra, which only provides uplift and no cover, is the most demanded accessory. Many females who kept their tone would simply not wear one. Their blouses are sheer or opened for the 'look at me' experience. My favorite is the no-cup demi-bra, which helped mold the entire breast, but is completely open to the spectator. I walked around with a hardon all the time.

Little did I know that this is the very reason for changing the laws and the fashions; to keep the young males horny and hard. I can testify it works, but the law that turned me on the most was the open sex act law. In non-legal language it said that any female of childbearing age could submit herself to ovulation testing. She could then get a card that would allow her to fuck any eligible male at least twice in the twenty-four hour period the permit was valid. The act itself could even be in a public place, in view of anyone wishing to watch. If just one female has a card, than any number of people are allowed to assist with the copulation. I loved to be carded because of the great variety of experiences I gained by having so many partners. I was living on top of the world. One fortunate effect of all these changes was the disease also caused the elimination of sexually transmitted diseases.

It is Tuesday the 24th of April and I made my way to the mall. I wanted to hang out and have the women check me out. I went upstairs to the upper deck. I made it all of thirty yards from the escalator when a pretty redhead approached.

"Sir, I'm called Pipi and I have a procreation card. I felt my ovulation about an hour ago and just got the card from the center here in the mall. I truly wish you would fuck a baby into me."

I stepped back and looked her over. She stood about five foot eight. Her long red hair reached the bottom of her mini skirt. The skirt hardly covered the crease in her ass. I looked questioningly. Here, she pointed and we both peeked. Her pussy was trimmed and dripping with anticipation. Her red demi bra accented those mounds. Her nipples pressed firmly with the fabric of her translucent shirt. I could count every bump on her areola through the shirt. Her hands had extended up and were massaging her excited nipples.

"OK," I directed, "Let's find a place to take your virginity." As the gathering crowd of females began to press inward, they also moved to the right. Two doors down the mall was the Sears store and they had a bedding department. I asked her real name as we entered the store.

"Patty," she explained. "I was named after a Charlie Brown character, Peppermint Patty. Pipi is just my nickname, because I look like the character in the book. Can we hurry? I'm burning up down there. I just have to have you."

There were several other women and girls with us. I decided I'd see how many I could please at the same time. I began by stripping Patty. Her bust was a 34C and her nipples had a nice shade of nipple gloss on it. I just had to kiss one. A woman on her right, who is probably in her 40s, sucked the nipple into her mouth when I took my head away. On the other side a perfectly flat-chested girl with deep blue eyes took the other nipple. Both were taking turning jilling Patty. I reached my hands under the skirts of the pair and found uncovered cunts. The young one had small cunt lips and hard to find labial folds.

I snaked my hands back and forth between their legs, contacting their distended clits. They squirmed and changed positions trying to find that one perfect position where I could stroke and suck and finger fuck all I wanted. As I also pleasured Patty, I felt my pants and shirt being removed. A glance told me they were being respectful with them and I saw them end up folded neatly on a nearby display night table. More hands were caressing my body. I felt a small hand wrap around little David and start to slowly stroke. Whoever it was must have had a lot of experience. I was more than ready a short time later.

I turned my sole attention to Patty. She was beside herself with horniness. I easily slid between her thighs, her legs split wide. I found out after that she was a JV cheerleader at school. "Oh, David, slip that hot cock into my pussy and make me a woman. I want you to FUCK ME!."

I had shoved my cock to the hilt into the wildly thrusting pussy. I'm only six inches long and an inch and a half in diameter, so I wouldn't hurt her too much. She began moving her hips in response to my cock. I stroked faster and her orgasm built until she exploded. A flood of cunt fluid poured out of her pussy. And a twenty something blonde was right there to lap it up. Once I pulled out, the woman dove in to really give a cleaning.

The woman's top was pulled down and she was pinching her turgid nipples. Her B-cup tits were stretched tight. Two brunette teens, who looked like twins, were headed for her nips with their tongues. They latched on and the blonde slid her hand down to her crotch. I moved around behind her and slid her hot pants down her long, slender legs. Her pussy was flowing and I easily slid in, having recovered from the first fuck. Ah, the joys of youth.

"Oh yeeessss," she hissed. "I'm Sandy and I just love what you are doing down there. I ovulated last night! I didn't get a permit because I didn't think I'd have a chance to do this, but God it feels good. Make me come and give me a baby. Yes, Girls, suck those titties. It's just getting me hotter."

The twins, Jennie and Jackie, enthusiastically worked over the pink distensions on Sandy's chest. They were multitasking on each other at the same time. Each had their hands on the other's cheerleader top, mashing the flesh beneath. I was stroking in and out of Sandy's super tight pussy all the while. Her head was flopping side to side as I drilled her deep.

A voluptuous older woman came around the corner of the display as we enjoyed each other's body. She was dressed in a classic black dress and she wore a nametag that identified her as Susan, the store's manager. I'm pretty good at guessing and I'd say her breasts were in the 44 to 48 double D range. Her thick waist and wide hips were proportional and she was enticing for a big woman. I continued putting it to Sandy. Susan's eyes sort of glazed over as her eyes were riveted on our junction. Her hands automatically began stroking her chest and her nipples almost immediately popped out, distorting the smooth line of the dress.

I motioned her close and she moved in with a catlike grace. She reached up with her hands and held my head as her ruby lips attached themselves to mine. Almost immediately her tongue was knocking, entreating entrance. I let her in and she proceeded to swab my tonsils with her long appendage. While she was doing this, my arms encircled her torso. Mind you, my cock continued to jackhammer into Sandy's virginally tight pussy. My staying power was doing fine, after the pounding I'd given Patty.

I reached her zipper and slid it down. I lifted her dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out and kicked it to the side. This left her in an extremely large blue lace bra with nipple holes in the cups and French cut panty set, garter belt, thigh high stockings, and heels. The outfit had to come from a mail order catalog for Big and Tall women. She could have been a model for the catalog because just looking at her caused my cock to harden as never before.

"Oh Goooddddd!" Sandy exclaimed, as she felt the effect of visual stimulation Susan provided. She was stimulating her nipples while we kissed. I slid my hands back and released the five clasps on the back. It snapped apart and I slid it down off her breasts. Our kiss broke and I took the bra. 46G was printed on the label. I guess I was just a little off on my estimate. My hands slid over her skin. I felt Sandy's cunt contract in her orgasm as I did that. It was enough to set me off and I spurted my baby-makers into her waiting receptacle. She shuddered continuously for several minutes as her multiple orgasms coursed through her body. She rolled over onto her back and the twins forced pillows under her ass to elevate her womb to give the sperm the best opportunity for fertilization. They then attached themselves to her breasts again. Their sucking on her tits caused the pool of sperm to dip into her cervix as they elicited continued contractions.

Susan's eyes lowered to my cock. She knelt down and her lips opened and her mouth engulfed it, taking in Sandy's and my combined fluids. She hummed with enjoyment and the effect on my Johnson was instantaneous. It stiffened again as she laved her tongue around the head of my cock. She continued her ministrations for I don't know how long. I was enjoying the best blowjob of my life. They always tell you that there's no such thing as a bad blowjob. Don't believe them. I've had some bad ones. This one, however, topped the scale the other way.

She definitely had my motor running when I pulled her to her feet. We moved to a new bed display since the one I had been using had Patty and Sandy both lying on it with pillows under their butts. The twins were lying beside them and had split apart so Jenny was working on Patty and Jackie was working on Sandy. Susan's pussy clamped down on me as soon as I entered her. She was incredibly tight for a large woman. Her blowjob told me she was expertly experienced and yet I could feel the walls of her vagina ripple as I stroked her.

She was also extremely horny from the action she witnessed, not to mention my ministrations on her body and the mouth action she gave me. We were in missionary position and her huge jugs were pulled to the sides by gravity. She slid her arms underneath them and pulled them to the center. She doubled the size of her chest when she did. Her areolas were twice the size of the silver dollar, stretching almost four inches in diameter. They were crinkled up with her desire. But the most incredible thing that stimulated my senses was her nipples. They were as big around as a #2 pencil and at least an inch long. They were hard and erect on the top of those mountains of tight flesh.

She almost smothered me when she pulled my head into the canyon between those amazing nipples. When I came up for air, they were staring me in the face. I tasted one and then the other. Suddenly, a liquid spurted out of the nipple I was on. I sucked the sweet tasting emulsion from her left breast, without skipping a beat. Her pussy must have been connected to the tit because each time I pulled the nectar from her nipple, her cunt contracted. When I emptied her left tit, I started on her right. I continued to pump as her vagina began spasming.

I emptied her other tit. I was jackhammering into her by that time as she vocalized her orgasm. "YEESSSSSSS! FUCK ME! OH, GOD, SO GOOD." The twins momentarily looked over and went back to work on their charges. A couple of the clerks in the nearly deserted store came over to watch. They began making out and pleasuring each other as I fucked their manager silly.

Susan came, and came again, and yet again. She kept coming and coming and coming just like the Energizer Bunny. I came for the third time in the middle of all this. I still gave her a good size load. She reached over and pulled one of the pillows to her as I slipped off to the side. She slipped it under her ass and she held her knees to her chest.

"I ovulated at breakfast this morning. Just my luck a virile male like you came along" Her smile was amazing. Her emerald green eyes offset her long auburn hair. I hadn't noticed but she has a light dusting of freckles that enhanced her skin. Her nipples were still extended but they weren't as tight as they had been. Little pearly droplets rested on each marvelous nipple.

She noticed me looking at them and she volunteered. "I was a spontaneous milker. I started producing milk when I was fifteen. My girlfriends loved to empty them for me. We had great parties. I've ridden a lot of dildos in my life, but your cock is the first live dick I've had. So I guess you get the credit for taking my virginity, and it was WONDERFUL, Darling!"

She reamed out my mouth with her tongue for a couple of minutes. I was hard again when we came up for air. She reached down to gently stroke it.

"Thank you!" she said, "That is the ultimate compliment, right there. But we don't need to do it again. I know I'm pregnant. I felt it when it occurred. My son will be strong and I'll raise him to be like you. He will know how to treat a woman and to please her. I will train him myself."

I filled out and signed Patty's license a short time later, entering my Federal Sperm Donor ID. I took a couple of instant issue licenses from my wallet and gave one each to Susan and Sandy. This ID would be placed in the databank and I would receive my fertilization payment when the pregnancy was confirmed. I'd receive the bonus nine months from now, and my three sons would be registered as Davidsons. I'd sired thirty seventeen sons and only three daughters so far. I swapped spit with the three women and the twins for a little bit and then left the store. I made my way down to the Apple store. I wanted to talk to Meredith.

Meredith Swanson is my best friend. We fuck whenever we can. She has collapsed fallopian tubes. Her eggs can't progress down to get fertilized, but we still get together whenever we can. She's very multi-orgasmic. She is assistant manager of the Apple store and is also six years older than me. She was my babysitter. We started having sex when I hit puberty. Mom didn't know, but Dad suspected. He was still providing sperm to the bank on a weekly basis, but his issue record wasn't nearly as good as mine. He still produced 5% males. This was considered extremely good. My production was considered phenomenal. The normal had been reduced to one male in fifty-five thousand births thanks to Dr. Mengele.

"Hi, Merry" I said, as I entered her store.

"David!" she exclaimed as she saw me. "I've missed you. What have you been doing?"

Meredith hugged me close. She started sniffing. "You smell like sex. Who have you been fucking? Did she come? Is she pregnant?"

Meredith smiled at me as she quizzed me. She was pragmatic about her inability to conceive. I kissed her right there in front of her employees and customers. I heard sighs and words of envy whispered in the background. I ignored them as our tongues dueled in her mouth. My left hand fondled her right breast as we kissed and her cunt started juicing. There was a stream of pussy juice running down her leg to her knee by the time we quit. One of her assistants came over with a towel, but Meredith suggested she lick it instead.

"Really, may I" Ashley bubbled, "Oh, I've so wanted to taste you for the longest time." She got down on her knees and began cleaning up the leakage with her tongue.

"I know you have, Dear. Do a good job and I may just let you do it more often."

I stood behind her and held on to her breasts as she leaned back against me as Ashley lapped the nectar. Meredith's bare cunt came into view as she pushed her skirt up. I could watch the action in the mirror wall behind the display tables. Ashley separated Meredith's labia and flicked her tongue against Merry's inflamed clitoris. It only took my lover two minutes to orgasm.

"Oh yes" Meredith said, "You WILL be seeing me again. That was beautiful."

The women in the store, customers and employees alike, applauded the effort. The laws had changed, as I said. Public nudity and sex was no longer illegal. Female couples and marriages were no longer legislated against. Full rights for benefits were allowed to any married couple. Pregnancy was covered 100% from conception on. The Government also subsidized any male babies born.

Meredith told Ashley to watch the store, putting the pretty teen in charge, as she was going to go to lunch. We went to the food court to eat. We had a great time talking about stuff. We were halfway through our meal when a very petite raven-haired teenager came over. She was very shy and I could tell she was nervous. She didn't interrupt us; she just stood there.

"Yes," I started the conversation, "Is there something you need?"

"I ... I ... I..." She stammered.

Meredith reached over and pulled the little one over to her. She protectively placed her arms around the girl and whispered in her ear. Meredith nodded after a few minutes of quiet whispering back and forth. I waited patiently until they were done with their conversation. She turned to me and said; "David, this is Lorie. Lorie is fourteen and is a virgin. She's four feet six inches tall in her stocking feet and weighs eighty five pounds. She started menstruating when she was nine and started masturbating at age six. She grew a pair of 32F breasts when her hormones kicked in. Her waist measures 15 inches, and her hips are 28 inches. She has watched you for almost a year. She thinks she's in love with you."

I warmly smiled at Lorie. She shyly smiled back. Meredith continued. "More important than anything else, she felt the egg burst forth from her ovary just as she noticed you enter the food court. I told her I know you have procreation cards in your wallet and I told her I'd convince you to be her first. So what do you say, Sport?"

"Well," I began while actually addressing Meredith. "This young lady is gorgeous. I think she is a real prize and I'd be honored, honored to give her a baby. I'll give her as many as she wants."

Lorie broke into a huge smile. She jumped onto my lap and began kissing my face. I grabbed her ass by reflex. Her school uniform rode up and my hands were on skin. She must have removed her panties before coming over. She slid my zipper down, undid the button, and started to wiggle my shorts down as we kissed,. Meredith helped her get my pants down. Lorie was sliding her hot nether lips up and down on my cock. The head of my rod was stroking her clit and she was getting hotter and hotter.

Meredith got into the act by unbuttoning Lorie's white dress shirt, pulling the red school tie to the side. Her white lace bra came into view. It surprisingly was a full coverage bra. It didn't even have the nipple cutouts like I've seen around.

"Oh, how pretty," Meredith commented, as her hands caressed the white lace encased creamy breasts. She ran her fingers under the material and caught the puffy nipples, which began crinkling at her touch. Lorie began to moan with her excitement. By now her cunt was flooded with her juices. My rod was stiff as a board and she rose up and slowly began to sink down. Her hymen, initially still intact, began stretching to the limit. Pain seared through her as it began to tear. Suddenly she took the weight off her legs and her body slammed down against my pubis. The electric shock of her clit hitting my pubic bone went racing through her body, overriding the pain of her torn hymen. Tears were streaking down her cheeks. She froze in that position. Here shrill scream brought an immediate hush to the noisy mall.

"Rest there a minute sweetheart" I heard Meredith advise. "If you can be patient and wait it will feel better in a minute and much, much better soon.

Meredith passionately kissed Lorie, and the girl responded in kind. I brought my face in and they shared me. My left hand had come up to Lorie's chest and I began playing with her nipples. I then discovered she had a front clasp bra on, so I released her heavy jugs to my delight. I couldn't just have one, so I played with both of her puffy torpedoes. This was enough to get her engine running. She slowly tested the waters and found the pain was in the very background that the pleasure center had awoken.

She rocked her hips causing my rod to stroke her velvety channel. She was the tightest I'd ever experienced and I was pretty sure I wouldn't last long. She was bouncing on my dick and increasing her speed. Meredith whispered something to her and she slowed down. A steady blush appeared and spread downwards, fully encompassing her entire chest.

"I told her to slow down and she'd enjoy it more and that it would last longer." Meredith told me. She also knew it would help me last longer too.

We continued at a slow easy pace when she tensed up all of a sudden. She was so tight I couldn't move inside her. Her rigid little body shook for a few seconds and then she relaxed. She'd just had her first vaginal orgasm. Our juncture was extremely wet. She was producing a lot of lubrication. Meredith took a napkin and mopped some of it up. She knew that a little more friction would be good for the girl and for me.

My hands were on her breasts and I continued stimulating them. Merry insinuated her head in such a way so she could suck on Lorie's paps as I pulled her nipples out. Lorie moaned again as her stimulation mounted. I felt her sheath close down on my sword once more. I could feel my balls tighten as she came closer to the apex of her excitement. She reached her climax as I reached mine. I shot multiple loads of my seed into her needy cunt. She continued to squeeze my baby juice out as we maintained our erotic dance.

There was a long bench behind us. Holding on to the waif, I stood with Meredith's help, my cock buried deep within the younger girl's cunt. I felt her continued spasms as I moved over to the bench. I somehow managed to get her down on the bench with me on top without my cock sliding out. I knew if I could get moving again, I would be able to leave another load in her. Meredith gave Lorie her lap for a pillow. She had pulled her skirt up around her waist and Lorie could smell Meredith's arousal. Lorie turned her head to the side every so often, and slid her tongue up Meredith's moist slit, topping off at the clit.

Lorie had pulled her knees up and my cock was ramming against her cervix every time I stroked in. Lorie was in a continual orgasmic state as my orgasm neared. I started to come and rammed deep one last time. The head of my cock actually pushed into her cervix and I was injecting my sperm directly into her womb. Lorie would be pregnant with our first baby within ten minutes. We placed Lorie's backpack under her to elevate her pelvis, but it wasn't necessary. Meredith cleaned both of us with her tongue after a while. Merry would become David Jr.'s godmother, nurse, sitter, and lover.

I took Lorie home to meet my family. I told them Lorie was moving in with me. My folks were so happy, we celebrated that night.

Mom and Dad immediately took to Lorie. They warmly hugged and kissed her as she came into the house. Mom pulled her close again when I broke the news of our liaison, and proceeded to give her an extremely erotic tongue kiss. Their breasts mashed together and Lorie's hand began roaming on Mom's matronly buttocks. Not to be outdone, Dad took his turn, his hands providing a tender massage to Lorie's chest that caused her nipples to become engorged once again.

Lorie is a great contrast to Mom. Where Lorie is very short, Mom is extremely tall at 5'10". Where Lorie is busty, Mom is only a 34B. Mom keeps her blond hair short and had gone through electrolysis a few years back so her mons is completely clear of hair. It would be soon visible to all when we started up the party around the pool. No one wears swimming suits anymore.

I for one am glad Misty isn't here. She had called before we got there and told Mom she was studying at Charlotte's house. But, Denise, who is Lorie's age and in her classes, is home along with Carol. Denise is only about four inches shorter than me, standing five nine and a half. She has a healthy look to her. Her tits are held high on her chest. Her bras were 36C the last time I looked, and they were a little tight. I expected them to get bigger over time since she is a growing girl. She has a full dark bush between her legs that she keeps neatly trimmed. Denise is also just a little heavy. This gives her a plush look and she carries her weight well. Carol is the contrast. She is short, about 5'2", and thin as a rail. Her breast development hasn't taken off like Denise's. Her nipples can be covered by two dimes as she is just barely an A cup. Her pussy looks like Mom's except that she hasn't had any work done there. Her face, however, is cute as a button and this is what attracts me to her. She kissed Lorie with as much passion as Mom had done, and then she turned to me, rubbed her body against me as her small hand slipped into my pants.

My hand automatically rose to her chest level and began playing with her juvenile nipples. She moaned at the extra external stimulant. I heard a voice call out a moment later. "Come on, Brother, let me have a taste."

It was Denise entreating me to share Carol with her. I gladly obliged her as I spun Denise around, and lifted her up and slid her down in one motion as my cock made contact and forced itself into her slippery canal. Denise moaned with pleasure as she latched on to Carol's clit as I slid in and out. Her juices flooded us when Carol's first orgasm hit. Denise sucked the tasty juices in. She licked her lips as she drank the nectar down. Carol was in a state of continuous orgasm now. Denise wasn't far behind. I came in her all too soon, my seed shooting into her maturing receptacle. My spend followed as I pulled out. Denise caught it all and greedily gulped it down, licking her fingers, which were covered with goo. Carol sat up and licked her lips once she had Denise clean.

"Well, that was quite a show." Mom had been watching. Her fingers were wet with her own juices. She had jilled off as she watched up make love. "I sure hope you have more of that stored up. I want my share as well."

"Don't worry, Mom, I always have time and come for you," I cheerfully responded. "So what's for dinner?"

That brought a laugh from Lorie and Dad. She had been bouncing on his hard cock and he had just deposited his sperm in her gravid belly. She was leaning back on his chest and his hands were playing with her breasts and clit.

Denise moved over next to me as we talked as a group. She whispered in my ear "I need you tonight. I'm ovulating."

I incredulously looked at her. "Really?" I asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I've wanted this since I was, oh, I think is was when I was six and first started masturbating, David. I'd dream of the day you'd fuck a baby into my womb. I want that to happen tonight. Will you please take me again? I ovulated while you were out today and the greater amount of sperm I can get in there, the better the chance of getting knocked up."

"Don't you think we should consult Mom and Dad?" I asked.

"I already asked Mom about it and she thought it was a wonderful idea. That's why she didn't say anything when she caught us just now."

I looked over to where Mom was cooking on the outdoor kitchen. She saw me looking at her and she recognized the look. She smiled and nodded her head. Mom's radar really spooks me sometimes. I looked back at Denise. She leaned in to me and softly kissed me on the lips. My right hand caressed her left nipple and breast, and I told her it would be my pleasure to give her a son. I took her hand and we jumped into the pool together.

Denise gave me that look later in the evening. I had talked with Lorie and she wholeheartedly agreed it was an excellent idea to impregnate my sister. I nodded to Denise and started to get up from the chair. Lorie was two steps ahead, already reaching down to take Denise's hand. She helped my sister to her feet from the towel she'd been laying on, and the three of us begged the other's indulgence as we went to the bedroom.

Dad had replaced my twin bed with a full size when I reached five ten. It was still a bit small for three, which made it all that much cozier. Lorie wasted no time getting Denise into position. Lorie's head swooped down on to my sister's pussy, her tongue stabbing at Denise's slick opening. We had been teasing her all afternoon and evening, and she was more than ready. She was really hot to trot.

"I love you, Sis," I said to her, as I looked into her eyes. I then bent close and kissed her like never before. She shuddered with the combined stimulation of my lips on hers, and Lorie's lips on her other lips. Denise unexpectedly froze as a spontaneous orgasm wracked her body with spasms. A moan emanated from her throat as she came down from her high.

My long legs stretched down the bed and the juxtaposition of Lorie's cunt and my toes made an interesting coincidence. I was able to stimulate her clit with my foot, and was instantly rewarded when she squirted her joy juice all over my toes. A little squeal accompanied Lorie's orgasm. Lorie is still multi-orgasmic despite being pregnant. Funny thing is that she's at her horniest when she's eating someone's pussy.

Denise was more than ready about this time, so Lorie and I switched places. I wanted a taste too, so I ran my tongue along her slit. Delicious! She jumped when my tongue rasped against her clit, driving her excitement even higher.

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