Beach Balls

by Leigh Malheur

Copyright© 2013 by Leigh Malheur

Mind Control Sex Story: Zoe might have been on Spring Break, but she still had to do homework. She set her towel up far away from her friends and the beach's lapping waves, hoping for some privacy. What she got instead was an eyeful of a muscular goddess, a bottleful of "sunscreen," a mouthful of Miss Kalia's balls... and eventually, a new body, new mind, and new purpose in life.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Hermaphrodite   DomSub   FemaleDom   Rough   Oral Sex   Size   Big Breasts   Public Sex   mc sex story,mc story.

I don't really like beaches. Sucks for me, 'cause I ought to like them in theory. Warm weather, nice breezes, and hot ladies wearing almost nothing? Those all sound like my idea of fun. But when I actually get there, the sand gets in my eyes, the sun burns all the spots I missed with my sunscreen, and I'm too paralyzed by nerves to ogle too much.

I mean, what if someone notices, and laughs at me, or says I'm disgusting? The shame would burn long after the redness on my ears faded. And my friends, they know I'm gay but they aren't always tactful about it. I didn't want to face the ribbing I'd get over that sort of humiliation.

That's one of the reasons why I put down my towel safely out of their earshot. The other reason is that I still had homework to do. Missing the point of Spring Break, Jenna had said, and maybe she was right. But my professors hadn't gotten the memo, either, and if I wanted to get into med school, I needed to turn my stuff in on time.

Maybe my friends thought I was just that into Spearman's rho and correspondence analysis. Well, no. But it wasn't quite as boring as you'd think. And with my slight build, geek glasses, dull brown close-cropped hair, stack of books, and unfavorable location far from the lapping waves, I was all but assured of enough splendid isolation to get my work done. Hey, if I was lucky, I might even have time to sneak out to the Sick of Teagan concert a few beaches over, and have some actual fun listening to my favorite band.

For the first two hours or so, the plan was working. I was just about done with the last problem set, when shadow suddenly obscured my notebook. I looked up, wondering if it was going to rain, my stomach doing flip-flops as I desperately hoped I'd brought my umbrella.

It was not going to rain.

The woman in front of me was not looking at me, nor in any way acknowledging me. But it can't have been a coincidence that she was spreading out her towel and opening her beach umbrella directly in front of me. Like, her feet were literally less than a foot away from mine. She was blocking my vision totally. She had to want me to see her massive body, to stare at it, to take it in. To be impressed and intimidated and aroused by it. If so, she was getting her wish.

Her skin was dark. Not dark like chocolate, but dark like fertile Amazonian soil. Dark like the earth. Covered with glossy lotion, it glistened in the sun. My eyes followed every movement of her bulging bodybuilder's arms, high in the air as she raised the umbrella. I saw every jiggle of her lewdly huge ass, utterly revealed to me in a white thong bikini, and every flex of her uber-powerful hamstrings and calves. I forgot to breathe for a long, long moment, forgot what I was doing, where or who I was – the entirety of my brainpower was devoted to giving me the highest-resolution image of this goddess that I could possibly see; to etching it in my memory so I could always slip into this moment, whenever my kitty felt the need.

Need. I pulsed with need right now. I fell on my back, saw my calculator and notebook fall on the sand, and gave a long, lewd, guttural moan, with absolutely no concern for who could hear it.

That's when she turned. Her long, flowing hair, almost painfully bright white, rippled in the breeze, and at first I could only see that. Then her lips moved, painted glossy black, and I followed their swell, and her perfect teeth and lush tongue as she warmly rumbled words whose meaning only registered after I had felt the power and lust behind them hit me in the heart and in the cunt.

"My name is Kalia. What is yours?"

I suddenly noticed her scent. It assaulted me, warm and rich and deep like the earth, and I was panting now, and writhing, utterly overwhelmed; and there was a vague awareness in the back of my mind that as beautiful as Kalia was, this wasn't a normal, appropriate way to react to her, but those thoughts fought a losing battle against the tide of my sheer need.

"Zoe," I half-squealed, between gasps for breath.

"Oh, that is a cute name." She smiled, and laughed a little, to herself. "A cute, sweet name, for a cute, sweet girl."

Suddenly, that feeling of discomfort was back with a vengeance. I was not sweet. Or cute. People only said those things to me when they were patronizing me, mocking me. That's why Kalia had laughed, I figured. She probably thought it was funny that I was sweating and writing with need for her, without her even having to try. She probably thought it was just adorable.

I started to raise an objection, but it was derailed as my eye finally caught on Kalia's huge, lush, fertile, heaving, dark breasts, surmounted by thin white triangles of bikini fabric that only emphasized her lewd, puffy nipples, just begging to be suckled. This is roughly how it came out: "Hey, I am not, uh, uh, cuuuuu, uh... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... "

The amazonian goddess laughed again, long and slow, but my eyes never reached her face, as I once again could do nothing but absorb every detail of her jiggling, heavy, inviting flesh-mounds, which I so desperately wanted to cover me, smother me until my breath was totally at her mercy.

Her voice gently butter-knifed through my reverie: "You're drooling, dear."

"Oh." I was.

"Shawwy-- uh, sorry. Kalia." What was that, baby talk? My blush was massive.

"So, you object to me calling you cute." She slowly lowered herself to the ground, to sit cross-legged across from me. I looked up at her face, and saw it in full, for the first time. Given everything I had seen so far – her giant frame, her fertility-goddess body – her face was surprisingly youthful, open, with a slightly upturned nose and wide brown eyes. She could have been younger than me, in theory. I couldn't really entertain that thought for more than a second, though. Not with the intense, amused stare she was giving me.

I didn't want to answer, but put on the spot, I had to explain. "Well, girls are cute. But I'm a woman. Not some little girl you can, um, look down at..." Then I was blushing again. Not that I meant it in that way, but, well, Kalia was probably, like, seven feet tall, or something close. I was still lying on my back, too lust-stunned to move. Of course she was looking down at me.

"Of course, of course. I hardly meant to suggest that, Zoe." There was still a twinkle in Kalia's eye; she wasn't all that apologetic. "Well, when I see a woman who captures my interest, I like to be hospitable. Would you like a drink, dear?"

"Um, sure..." My throat was parched, all of a sudden. "Some water or juice, if you have it."

"Oh, I've got just the thing." The woman smiled, and retrieved some cans of sparkling orange juice from a cooler bag. Kalia poured out two glasses, and took a slow sip of hers. Suddenly my heart skipped a beat as I saw and felt those jet-black lips savoring my clit! I was moaning again, feeling a bit embarrassed but a lot in need of Kalia's touch.

Then I saw her pouring vodka into my juice glass. My moan cut off with a whimper.

Kalia kept pouring until the drink nearly overtopped the tall glass, gently stirred it with a straw, and only then, very deliberately, turned to me. "Is something the matter?" she cooed.

"I, um ... I don't drink alcohol?" I hadn't meant that to be a question, but that's how it came out.

Kalia snickered. "I guess you really are a little girl, after all. A cute, sweet, innocent little good girl who will not even drink on her Spring Break."

"Am not!" I sputtered, in my indignation finally managing to sit up straight. "Have it your way, I'll totally, uh, drink that!"

Kalia smiled, nodded, and handed the glass over, spilling a tiny amount on my inner thigh. I cooed softly at the wetness. Momentarily, I had an echo of a shadow of a thought wherein I wondered why the dark goddess hadn't put any vodka in her cup. That thought seemed inappropriate – even somehow disrespectful – and I quickly unthought it, as I proceeded to drink.

When the sharp, stinging, disgusting liquid first hit my mouth, I thought I was going to choke, or throw up, or at least spit it out. But I swallowed, and in fact kept drinking, in one long, unending sip. Heat burned in my cheeks, on my tongue, in my throat, and I tried to put the glass down but I couldn't stop. For the first time I wondered if I was being drugged. If I had been, somehow, all along.

Those thoughts only bothered me for a moment, before I realized how delicious the drink was, and how it was producing all kinds of warm, tasty, pulsating feelings in my cunny. I was so happy, and so grateful to Kalia for giving me such a wonderful drink. I poured the last few sips straight onto my bikini bottom, and watched the juice soak through the purple fabric and outline my engorged labia wonderfully, and then the heat hit and I was moaning and writhing and screaming my lungs out as I exploded powerfully in climax, adding my own girl-juice to the mix, my eyes fixed on Kalia's swaying breasts and ripped forearms and beautiful smiling face.

My finger dipped under my suit and into my citrus-soaked honeypot. I brought it up to my lips, desperate to taste more. I suckled it thoroughly, not minding that my own fluids were mixed in with the dark goddess's ambrosia.

"Cute. Do it again, with your thumb, please."

I told you, I'm not cute! But it seemed clear to me now that obeying Kalia took priority, so I did as she said, stuffing my thumb to the hilt, crying out in pleasure as I worked the digit around to get as much sticky fluid as possible. I brought my thumb up to my lips and sucked, content, smiling hugely.

"Hm. So you like that, Zoe?"

I slid my thumb out of my mouth, trailing orange drool, and slurred, "Yush!"

Kalia smiled gently. "So, you like sucking your thumb? What kind of person does that make you, Zoe? A woman ... or, a cute little good girl?"

Fuck! She had me there. I couldn't get out of this one.

I was blushing really hard, but I said it. "I'm a cute little g-good girl."

Kalia nodded, still smiling. Then her expression suddenly hardened, and she slapped my cheek. I yowled in pain. The blow was utterly casual for the amazon, a trifle, but it almost knocked me over.

"If you're a cute little good girl," she said with an edge in her voice, "you will address me as Miss Kalia."

I looked down, not daring to meet her gaze. "Yes, Miss Kalia."

"And, you will do everything I tell you to, and think everything I tell you to, little Zoe."

"Yes, Miss Kalia."

"You will be my pet, and love me with utter devotion, and feel a burning need to bring others into my service."

An intense shudder went through me, as my mind began fixing itself. "Of course, Miss Kalia."

"Good. You will meet my gaze now, little Zoe."

I hastened to obey. The new intensity in her deep brown eyes shocked me. I whimpered, on the verge of tears.

Then I saw Miss Kalia's lips curl around in a smile. Though her gaze was still intense, still hungry, she wasn't angry anymore. I was going to be all right.

I was going to be a good girl, and do everything Miss Kalia said, and love her with utter devotion, and be her pet. I felt utterly suited for all of those jobs, because I wanted to do them so intensely. I was so glad I would get the chance to do my best for my new owner, Miss Kalia.

The dark goddess took an unmarked bottle of lotion out of her bag. "I don't think you put your sunscreen in thoroughly enough, so I'm going to apply some more. Now get under my umbrella and strip for Miss Kalia, little Zoe, so I can do a good job."

I hastened to obey. My modest purple bathing suit was uncomfortable in the heat, anyway. I had been too distracted to notice that before, but I sighed in obvious relief as the cool breeze hit my cunt. My nipples were so stiff under the top, and when I removed the fabric too fast, the friction was gaspingly painful, but after a moment, very pleasurable, too. The little nubs looked just nummy, and I knew they would please Miss Kalia.

My owner knelt in front of me, accidentally crushing my calculator in the sand. I didn't really mind – if Miss Kalia didn't care, it must not be that important, after all. She began massaging the first dollop of lotion between my toes and onto the sole of my right foot. The sunscreen felt cool and cleansing, at first. But whenever it had been left on for a few seconds, it suddenly burned with a shocking heat, and a strange feeling like static electricity, but more subdued. Then the area would feel cool and refreshing again, more intensely than before. The pattern repeated each time Miss Kalia's strong, smooth hands massaged my skin, and at times she had to hold her little girl down 'cause I was squirming so much.

I was aware that the sunscreen might not actually be real sunscreen at all, but I wasn't about to question Miss Kalia.

When she stood up briefly, to change positions, I couldn't help but notice a growing bulge in Miss Kalia's bikini bottom! It was strange that I hadn't noticed it before, and I wondered what it was. Surely, though, Miss Kalia would tell her pet in due time.

Suddenly, she was leaning over my body, her face shockingly close to mine, her warm, incredible, breath against my cheek. She grinned, and shoved one long-nailed, lotion-covered finger into my cute little pussy. I squealed like a pig, and giggled and moaned as she worked it in and out, and when the lotion-heat hit me down there I came hard, squirting juice all over Miss Kalia's hand. She made me lick it off, and told me what a good little slut I was. I happily agreed, and Miss Kalia resumed massaging more sunscreen into my calves and thighs and ass and arms and boobies.

When she just about finished with my face and scalp, I gasped as I noticed something. Now, Miss Kalia had taken my glasses off to get at my temples better. I thought she might have crushed those too, from the noise I heard. Anyway, my vision was pretty blurry, but even taking that into account, my boobies were usually modest little things, barely filling a B-cup. Right now, they were a lot bigger than that, and they felt heavier, too.

So, I asked. "Miss Kalia, why did my boobs get bigger?"

"Well, they are the same delicious size as always, pet. Let me do your eyes, so you can see better, little Zoe."

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