Time of Eden and Elves
Chapter 12

Copyright© 2013 by Mike Cropo

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 12 - Book One of A Spartan's War by Mike Cropos. A group of genetically engineered soldiers must fight to survive on a future Earth where everything they know is gone.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Science Fiction   Military   Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, sci-fi military story


" ... decided that the time was right to come to Cedar City and knock off this scum bag before he was able to consolidate his base more so than he already had." Martin was explaining to Dysea and Normya as they sat in the small office he had taken over as his temporary Command Post. He leaned against the small desk in the room, the mug of coffee in his hand. Dysea and Normya could see the members of Martin's command staff moving about checking maps and continuing to get reports from the field.

"You didn't tell me you were going to attack Cedar City Nauta Melme." Dysea scolded him moving up close to him, pressing her body against his and snuggling her face into his neck.

Martin nodded slowly and meeting her emerald green eyes. His arm snaked around her small waist and pulled her closer to him. "I know Melda Min, but I didn't make the final decision until the attack on Flagstaff went so well. Everyone was pumped up and confident, and the plan we developed last month worked to perfection."

Normya looked surprised. "And you were able to mobilize your forces and attack in less than three days?" She asked the look of shock very evident on her face.

Martin nodded. "Most of them were ready to deploy anyways in case the operation in Flagstaff bogged down. Once we swept through Flagstaff so quickly, we were on a roll and I had them move to Cedar City."

"The fall of Cedar City will not go unnoticed Martin Hunter." Normya spoke wisely. "The other strongholds of mercenary and trader scum will be ready for you now. And word will go out among the human cities as well. You and my daughter have brought humans and elves together for the first time in our history, and once word of your victories reaches elf ears, hundreds if not thousands will flock to you. And more still will want to destroy what you have built. Are you prepared for that?"

Martin looked at Normya, his arm still holding Dysea close to him, her hand resting on his chest as she looked at her mother. "We are ready now." He answered. "Eden is nearly complete, and our security measures to protect the city are impregnable. As we grow in size we will expand the security boundaries. The schools are opening within the week; our medical facility is the finest outside of Alliance controlled territory; and for the first time in four hundred years elves can become what they were intended to be, the partners and friends of humans."

"And what of those that do not want this?" Normya asked.

Martin's dark eyes changed to steely orbs. "I don't particularly care what they want or don't want." He told her. "I'm only concerned with Eden. Those that want to live free will join us, those that don't can go right straight to hell."

"And if they attempt to destroy what you have built so far?"

The look in Martin's dark eyes caused Normya to shudder as a cold shiver ran down her spine. "Then it will take them three very long and painful days to die." Martin answered coldly.

Normya couldn't help the smile that creased her face and she burst out laughing. "Oh my daughter, don't let this one get away. I might steal him myself if you do."

Dysea laughed with her mother and wrapped her arms around Martin's waist. "I have no intention of letting him get away." She spoke.

Normya got to her feet. "I look forward to talking with you more Martin Hunter. However, one of your promising young officers asked that I coordinate the transfer of wounded back to Eden, and after so long of not doing anything; I believe I will enjoy this task. I..."

Normya's words stopped when the hulking figure of Danny came into the room, Vengal and Radama with him. They walked right up to where Martin was.

"My Queen," Vengal spoke seeing Dysea for the first time and he quickly went to one knee in front of Dysea. "You don't know how it makes my heart sing to see you well."

Dysea smiled and took Vengal by the shoulders, urging him to stand up. "It is very good to see you as well General." Dysea spoke. "But I am no longer Queen, and you need not bow to me."

Vengal looked at her. "You will always be Queen to me My Lady, and to thousands of Wood Elves who recognize what is happening among our people. Never doubt that."

Dysea's face took on a tint of embarrassment and she nodded. "Thank you General." She spoke. "Martin tells me that you took part in the attack here on Cedar City?"

Vengal nodded with a smile. "We did My Lady, and I can proudly say I have not had this much fun in nearly a hundred years."

Dysea laughed and squeezed his hands as he stood back up. "Yes ... Nauta Melme appears to get into some sort trouble on a regular basis." Dysea glanced at Martin with a lusty twinkle in her eye before looking back to Vengal. "How many travel with you my friend?"

"A hundred of my Rangers accompanied me My Lady." Vengal replied. "Nauro Ohtar has used us well here in Cedar City." (Wolf Warrior)

Dysea looked at him puzzled. "Nauro Ohtar? Why do you call him that?"

Vengal glanced at Martin quickly and then back to Dysea. "He has the senses of a wolf My Lady, he hunts at night, and he is unforgiving of his prey."

Dysea smiled. "Yes he is." She said turning to look at Martin oddly as if something suddenly became clear to her. "Yes he is."

"Skipper," Danny spoke now. "Some of the other elves we freed have told us about a convoy of Hoppers that left here two days ago. Apparently it was full of elves that were being taken to Las Vegas to be sold as slaves; roughly three hundred of them."

Vengal looked at Dysea, his eyes showing a spark Dysea had not seen in them in some time. "My Queen, Anuk was among them."

Dysea's eyes went wider, "Anuk? Are you sure Vengal? The reports we received told us she had been killed."

"I questioned the woman myself." Vengal told her. "She described Anuk in detail. It has to be her."

Martin pushed off from the desk he was leaning on. "Who is this Anuk?"

Dysea looked at Martin. "She is Vengal's youngest and only surviving daughter." She answered. "She was on a routine patrol eleven months ago and was attacked by slavers. The initial reports we received told us she and her Ranger unit were wiped out."

Martin perked up at this news. "General, are you sure she was speaking of your daughter?" He asked.

"I am positive Narmo Ohtar." He replied. "She described my daughter right down to the tattoos I gave to her at her coming of age ceremony. It could be no one else. I ask that you allow me to pursue this convoy to Las Vegas and retrieve her."

Martin turned to look at the map on the desk. "Two days ago would have given them quite a head start." He said. "By the time you got moving they will have reached Vegas already. How big an operation is in Vegas?"

"It is a human settlement, easily three times as large as Cedar City." Dysea answered, moving to stand next to him by the table. She adjusted the controls on the map chart and brought up a close up image of Las Vegas, Nevada taken from a Raptor in a high altitude pass over the southwest. "A slaver hub if you will. It is controlled by humans, but it is not considered a mercenary outpost. Everyone is free to come and go as they please and there are literally thousands that come to Vegas to buy and sell their slaves."

"Elves you mean?" Martin said.

Dysea nodded. "They sell elves and humans Nauta Melme; humans who are not capable of defending themselves."

"You must allow me to retrieve her Narmo Ohtar." Vengal spoke, his voice excited now. "She is the only daughter I have left."

Martin shook his head. "I'm sorry General, but I can't send you into a settlement of humans that large. You would be captured along with her. And you now know far too much and have become far too valuable to me to risk you on such an operation."

"She is my daughter!" Vengal snapped. "I ... I can not simply let her slip through my grasp! I believed her to be dead! It nearly killed my wife when she found out Anuk had been lost! My other two daughters were killed by Alliance troops, and if there is even the slightest chance that Anuk still lives I will go after her."

"I can't allow that." Martin spoke looking at him.

"You do not command me!" Vengal snapped.

"You are too emotional General." Martin spoke remaining calm, "Too attached. You would be captured within hours of entering this city."

"I do not care! I..."

"I do care!" Martin barked loudly, causing Dysea, Normya and Vengal to jump at the tone of his voice.

"Nauta Melme ... we have to do something." Dysea spoke softly turning to face him. "This ... this could be a child of ours one day. We..."

Martin held up his hand stopping her words. "I didn't say we would do nothing Melda Min." He spoke taking a deep breath. "Danny ... how soon can you put together a G-Team? Get in ... snatch her and get out."

"Shit Skipper I can do that in my sleep." Danny replied. "Give me an hour."

"Make it a four person team Dan; you, the Master Chief, Radama and one other elf." Martin said.

"I will accompany them!" Vengal spoke quickly.

Martin shook his head. "No."

"I must! If she is under the control of the Alliance mind drugs, only I will be able to convince her that what is happening is real. You must allow me to go with the team. I..."

Martin stepped up to Vengal and looked at him squarely in the eye. Vengal met his gaze without backing down, standing up to his full height of five foot ten and still shorter than Martin's six foot two. "Listen to yourself General Vengal." Martin spoke softly. "The desperation in your voice is such that you would attempt anything to get your daughter back, and that includes being captured yourself."

"Would you not do the same thing?" Vengal asked.

Martin nodded. "Perhaps I would ... but I would also listen to those who cautioned against such a move. I will allow you to travel with the insertion team Vengal, but you have to give me your word that you will return with the Raptor. Would you take the chance of making your wife a widow?"

Vengal's eyes softened just a little bit and his shoulders slumped. "You are correct." He said softly. "I would ... I would do anything."

Martin put his hand on Vengal's shoulder. "I would as well ... and not going is why you and I are the leaders we are. We know our limits and what we can and can't do. Do you have someone among your Rangers who knows Anuk well enough to recognize her?"

Vengal nodded quickly. "Her cousin Leena is among the hundred I have brought with me." He replied. "She is the finest hand to hand fighter I have, and she is also very beautiful. She and Anuk were very close."

"A combination that is no doubt quite deadly." Martin said with a smile. "Radio for her to get to the airfield, and I'll get some more maps so that we can put together a plan."

Vengal nodded and moved out of the room quickly. Martin turned to Danny. "No heroics Dan. Get in, get her out and return."

"Me be a hero Skipper?" Dan spoke with mock surprise. "The thought never crossed my mind."

"I'm sending Julie and Anja back to Eden with the Third Battalion and all but one of our artillery batteries to reestablish and expand the defensive zone around Eden." Martin spoke.

Danny nodded. "Good move Skipper."

Martin stepped up to him slowly; looking at the man he considered a friend and brother. Dysea watched them carefully, no words passing between them, but once more they appeared to be speaking with one another, and the gentle echo in her mind returned once more.

Danny nodded and headed out of the office with Radama. Dysea stepped up to him and took his hand looking at him curiously. "You handled that very well Nauta Melme." She said softly.

"Let's just hope it's not a wild goose chase." Martin said turning to her.

Normya saw the way they looked at each other and she stepped closer. "I am going back to the airfield and leave the two of you alone for a few moments until Vengal returns." She spoke.

"Thank you Amille." Dysea said with a smile.

Martin watched as she left the office and turned back to Dysea, and found her in his arms and her delicious lips covering his. His arms went around her waist and he lifted her into the air as they shared the deep passionate kiss. Dysea's legs curled up alongside his hips and she could feel him thickening between her thighs. She took his face in her hands and pulled away reluctantly, looking into his eyes and seeing the adoration and love in them for her, as well as the burning need.

"We ... we don't have the time Nauta Melme." She spoke in a soft voice, sending her tongue across his lips quickly.

Martin lowered his face and nuzzled the hollow of her throat, Dysea gasping in delight when she felt his tongue flick out and he traced the sensitive part of her neck just under her ear with the moist tip. "Tell me Melda Min. Why is it that I smell Tarifa all over you, and it is mixed with another scent? A scent like..." Martin tilted his head slightly.

"Scents like Cherry Blossoms perhaps?" Dysea asked her eyes bright.

Martin met her eyes. "Yes." He answered.

"Do we have a few minutes before General Vengal returns so that I can tell you of Tarifa and what transpired?" Dysea asked.

Martin smiled. "I'll make a few minutes." He told her.

"You must keep control of yourself Nauta Melme. I can't have you taking me here on top of this desk. It would not be acceptable," Dysea said, caressing his face. "No matter how pleasurable that prospects sounds."

Martin smiled and kissed her softly. "I will keep control of myself. At least until I get you back to our home." He said. "Then I intend to ravage you for two full days."

Dysea squirmed in his arms, grinding her hips against his and pressing her firm breasts tighter against his hard chest. "I look forward to that." She said with a seductive smile.

"So tell me ... how is Tarifa?" Martin asked. "And who is this delightful new elf I smell all over you?"


Telan glared at Aihola as she stood in the living room of Tarifa's home. He and Tareif had returned only a few short hours ago to discover that there had been an attempt on Tarifa's life while she was shopping in the market district with her mother, and this Drow assassin had rescued her. The same Drow assassin that had been hired by his father to deliver the mind control drugs to Tarifa's aides. It was the talk of the city now, and Tarifa's actions after the attack, naming the Drow as her Attendant and personal Guard were justified and entirely within her realm as Queen, and there was nothing he could do about it.

He tossed the duffel he was carrying to the floor and stepped up the Drow quickly, his face a mask of anger. "Explain yourself quickly Drow whore!" Telan hissed at her, moving menacingly close to Aihola. "This was not part of the plan!"

Telan's eyes grew wide when he felt the pinprick under his chin and he froze. Aihola smiled at him, but her amber eyes told the true story, glaring at him with undisguised hatred. "Take care Telan." Aihola spoke in a low voice, her hand nudging the blade of the wicked looking knife just a tad higher. "I am not one of your whores. Take a step back before you lose your ability to speak."

Telan lost much of his bluster and did as Aihola instructed him, his face still frozen with anger. He looked at the Drow, now dressed in a form fitting black jumpsuit and a long cape with a cowl that was resting along her shoulders. Her shimmering white hair was draped seductively over her left shoulder to curl around her firm breasts. Her soft pink lips were moist and Telan felt the surge in his groin as he looked at her. He had to admit she was a beautiful creature, even for a Drow.

"What happen?" He asked in a much more civil tone, finally turning away from her.

"Your wench of a Queen came to pick up the drugs herself in a fit. I followed procedure and brought them too her" Aihola spoke as she casually dropped the blade of the knife back under her cape. "There were several slobbering fools who followed her not knowing who she was and thinking she was an easy target. There was a female with them, with platinum colored hair. I stopped them from raping and killing your whore, and they instead raped and beat me me. The Queen ran them off with her mother and brought me here to attend to my wounds. How was I supposed to know she would make me her personal Attendant?"

"Platinum hair you say?" Telan asked. "Did you get a look at her face?"

Aihola shook her head. "She kept her face hidden, and while her men raped my ass she forced me to eat her disgusting cunt. I did not sign on to this to become a whore for you or your father! You will speak with this wench and get her to release me!"

Telan looked at her. "Does she suspect that what you gave her is not what she thinks it is?"

"Do you mean does she know the drugs are not a contraceptive as she stupidly thinks?" Aihola asked with a grin. "She still believes they are keeping her from becoming pregnant, though I don't believe that will matter much longer."

"What do you mean?"

"She spent time with her grandmother while you were gone." Aihola said. "Her mother was visiting friends in Salina. Her grandmother convinced her to accept her position. And she did something to increase her desire for you, though I can't think of anything that would do that." She finished the comment with a smile.

"What do you mean did something?" Telan asked.

"I have no idea, nor do I care!" Aihola snapped. "All I know is she returned from her grandmother with a renewed sense of making your farce of a marriage work. Personally I think her grandmother brainwashed her. Anyone who would bed you willingly would have to be insane."

Telan took a step toward Aihola and he saw the blade extend from under the cape once more stopping him. "You try my patience Drow."

"I don't particularly care Telan." Aihola spoke. "I could kill you before you took two steps and be well within my rights as the Queen's new Attendant. I could say you attempted to assault her yourself, who do you think she would believe? She is a fool, and thanks to your drugs, easily manipulated."

"She does not know your true purpose?" Telan asked again.

"Would I be standing here if she did you fool!" Aihola snapped. "I did not agree to this arrangement and you will tell her to release me from this duty!"

Telan shook his head. "I must talk to my father first." He spoke.

"I want double the money!" Aihola demanded. "All of it in advance, or I will tell her everything!"

Telan's eyes flew open. "You think to blackmail me! To blackmail my father! You presume much!" He almost screamed.

"You have no choice!" Aihola barked. "This is not what we agreed upon, and if I have to remain as her babysitter, I want more money!"

Telan glared at Aihola with hate in his eyes but said nothing. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves and turned to look out the open window. "She suspects nothing?" He asked again.

"As I said, she is a fool in a woman's body. My suggestion would be to have her produce you a son as your heir and then get rid of her." Aihola spoke. "And enjoy her disgusting body while you have the opportunity, she is so dimwitted she would not know a real man if one bit her."

Telan turned his head and glared at Aihola. "I know your weakness Drow!" He growled. "Do not force me to use it as I did before."

Aihola's face softened just a bit. "Double my price and no less!" She snapped.

"Where is Tarifa?" Telan asked. "I must talk with my father before I see her."

"She is with her mother at her residence. She asked me to remain here until she returned." Aihola answered.

Telan picked up the duffel and moved for the door. "I will inform you of what my father says Drow witch. Until that time you will act as Tarifa as requested of you. Is that clear?"

Aihola smiled, "Until the money stops." She spoke.

Telan whirled and stormed from the home and out the front door. As it slid shut behind him, Aihola let out a long breath. She turned as Tarifa came from the bedroom to stand next to her.

"You play a dangerous game Tarifa." Aihola spoke softly.

Tarifa looked at her oddly. "You were very convincing Aihola." She said, "Almost too convincing."

Aihola smiled at her, her own five foot six inch height forcing her to gaze up into Tarifa's sapphire eyes. "Perhaps ... but I will need to be if we are to pull this off."

"We? I was under the impression you did not believe anything I told you, and you only remained because you lack anywhere else to go." Tarifa said to her. Aihola did not detect any sort of hostility or dishonesty in Tarifa's voice and did not take offense at her words.

"The potion you gave me." Aihola spoke turning her amber eyes on Tarifa. "It did what you said it would."

Tarifa smiled. "I'm glad." She replied.

"I must ask this." Aihola said the memories of the events with Tarifa and Dysea still very fresh in her mind. They were confusing thoughts to be sure. She was a Drow warrior, an assassin with unmatched skills, yet her tryst with the two elf Queens had made her shudder in pleasure she had never known. She had willingly, eagerly pleasured them, savoring the taste of Tarifa's sweet juices even more and then wanting more. She found herself yearning, desiring more of what she had experienced with Tarifa, and only with Tarifa, yet the thought of breaking that taboo of her people willingly made her question everything she knew. Tarifa ... the High Elf Queen affected her in a way she had never experienced with a man, and certainly never with a female. "I need to know if..."

Tarifa reached up and gently put her finger to Aihola's lips. "Anja will discover a permanent cure for you Aihola. I gave you my word. I will not hold you to anything, nor will I force you to do what you do not wish to do. This has only just begun and you may still back out if you wish. I can simply tell everyone I released you from your obligation."

Aihola stared at Tarifa for a long moment, taking in the curve of her lips and the bright beauty of her eyes. Aihola had to admit, the High Elf Queen was stunningly beautiful, and unlike what she had told Telan, she knew Tarifa was extremely intelligent. No one before Tarifa had ever treated her as an equal, and while her mind screamed for her to escape this place before it changed her, her heart was telling her to remain. Aihola shook her head slowly.

"I am involved now." She finally spoke. "It will only raise more questions if I simply fade away."

Tarifa smiled and leaned forward to softly kiss her on her pink lips. Aihola was surprised to find she did not draw away from the kiss, but actually found she was relishing the taste of Tarifa's lips on her own. Tarifa squeezed her hand and drew back. Tarifa had to admit to herself that this Drow warrior excited her more than Martin and Dysea ever had. She and Dysea had enjoyed their time with Aihola, but while it was only a passing interest for Dysea, Tarifa found herself desiring this Drow warrior more and more each day. She found herself caring for Aihola in a way not familiar to her. She wanted to have this Drow dominant her, take her however she wanted, but she could also sense the conflict within Aihola, and knew to push her into something she was not completely comfortable with was unwise. She decided at that moment to simply enjoy Aihola's company and friendship for as long as it lasted.

"Thank you Aihola." She said softly. "I ... I believe I will need a friend through all of this, and I can think of no one that will fit that better than you at the moment."

Aihola smiled in a way that made her usually stern face soften. "I will need some more clothes and other items since I will be remaining with you Tarifa."

Tarifa nodded. "Purchase what you need and place them on my account." She answered. "I need to prepare for when Telan returns. He will undoubtedly want to bed me and it is not something I look forward too."

"Your commitment and desire to this ideal you say the Wood Elf Queen and this Martin Hunter are building is unlike anything I have ever seen." Aihola said quietly. "To expose yourself to such dangers and abuses simply to one day go to this city they are building is not something I'm sure I could tolerate."

Tarifa smiled as her thoughts turned to Martin and Dysea. "It is hard to explain and I would imagine even harder understanding. Perhaps one day, you would allow me to show you."

Aihola met her eyes. "Perhaps one day." She said softly. "Perhaps one day."


"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Alliance Minister Selene Torcrum screamed out her pleasure as the elf under her buried his rock hard eight inch cock deeply into her sopping pussy once more. His hands were holding her tight ass cheeks and slamming her down on his cock with great force. Selene's strawberry blond hair whipped from side to side as her body went rigid and she came all over the elf's pile driving cock.

"You want more?" The elf grunted beneath her.

"More! Give me more you wonderful man!" Selene screamed out as she ground her spasming pussy down on the thick cock buried inside her. "More!"

The second male elf stepped up behind her, his hands taking her silky hair in his fists as he yanked her gasping head back. He licked the side of her face like a dog, leaving a trail of salvia on her cheek. "I have more for you human bitch!" He snapped. "Spread her!"

The elf below her gripped her tight ass cheeks and pulled them far apart, exposing Selene's tight pink anus to his partner behind him. Selene knew what was about to happen, and her eyes went wide as she felt the head of the elf's hard cock press against her most private opening.

"No not there please! I've never had ... Ahhhhhhh!" Selene collapsed onto the elf beneath her as the second elf drove his stiff cock deeply into her ass.

He clenched his teeth as he watched his cock slid all the way into her tight ass until his balls came to rest against her dripping pussy. His hands dropped to her hips and he held her tightly as he pulled his cock back out slowly watching her sphincter dilate to allow him easy passage.

"Fuck! Your ass is tighter than anything I have ever had bitch!" The elf gasped, pulling her up against his chest and reaching around to paw her large firm tits. Her pink nipples were painfully hard and he took them between his fingers pinching them as he drove his cock back into Selene's ass.

Selene's eyes were shut tightly as pleasure unlike anything she had ever imagined ripped through her body. Her mouth was open as she gasped in delight, feeling the elf pull out of her ass slowly and then drive back in. Her entire body was alive in agonizing pleasure that she could not control.

"You want more Minister Torcrum?" The elf snarled into her ear as he pulled her hair hard, her neck muscles straining as he licked her face again. "You want more elf cock?"

"Yes ... yes! Give me more you wonderful men! Oh god, fuck me harder! Make me cum!" Selene screamed.

"Give her something to shut her up!" The elf beneath her body barked.

The elf fucking Selene's ass with deep powerful strokes yanked her head to the side and Selene's eyes found the third elf cock only inches from her face. This elf was darker than the other two, his skin a deep bronze color, and his cock was larger still at nearly nine inches long and deliciously thick. Her eyes were wide as she reached up to grip the thick pulsing cock of the elf. "Suck him you Alliance whore! Suck his elf cock!"

Selene's mind told her it was the wrong thing to do, but she couldn't deny the desire that was pulsing through her body as the two elves sandwiched her between their powerful bodies and fucked both her openings. She was in almost a daze as she watched the third elf step closer and he gripped her strawberry blond hair in his rough hand.

"Suck it you Alliance bitch! Suck my elf cock!" He growled the words at her.

Selene did as he told her and lowered her head to engulf the large head between her red lips. Her eyes went wider still as he forced her head lower, driving his cock deeper into her mouth. She gagged noisily and tears came to her eyes as his thick cock rammed deeper into her virgin throat. She had never sucked a man off before, considering herself above such an act, yet now as this long thick dark colored elf cock pushed deeper into her throat she came like she had never cum before. She tried to scream out her pleasure around the thick cock invading her throat, but it came out only as more gagging sounds, the elf grabbing both sides of her head and burying his cock completely in her warm clenching throat. He threw his head back, and grunted loudly as her delicate nose pressed against his hard abdomen.

"Suck me! Yes! I'm going to cum bitch!" The elf yelled. "We're going to fill you with our elf cum! Yeah!"

Selene's body was on automatic now as she drove her ass back against the thick cocks invading her pussy and asshole. She could feel her elves nearing their release as they had all stopped talking now and their breathing quickened.

"Tell ... tell us how much you love our cocks," The elf beneath her yelled.

Selene pulled her mouth from the thick cock in her throat, her hand immediately reaching up to continue stroking the huge elf cock. "Yes! Yes! I love your cocks! Fuck me! Fill me with your cum!" She screamed.

"You'll do anything for us won't you?"

"God yes anything! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy and ass! Fuck me please!"

"You'll help us escape won't you bitch, to get off this station!" The elf fucking her ass drove his cock into her deeply with that question, causing Selene's eyes to roll back in her head as another orgasm erupted from her.

"Yes! Yes! Anything! More! Give me more!" She screamed. Selene replaced her pumping hand with her mouth once more and without a second thought plunged her lips down around the elf cock until they anchored at the base of the pulsing monster.

"Yeah! I'm cumming Alliance whore! Drink it all down, every fucking drop!" The elf yelled gripping her head even tighter as his neck muscles stretched with the strain of holding back the intense orgasm her warm throat and lips were about to give him. Selene reached up to grip his cum filled balls and she groaned loudly as she felt his cum rise through the hard shaft and he erupted deep in her throat, and set fire to her belly as she swallowed it down.

Selene's pussy and ass clamped down on the cocks inside her as she yanked her mouth from the exploding cock and squealed like a stuck pig as she felt both the elves fucking her ram into her deeply one last time and explode within her body. The spasming cock in her hand was blasting the thick cum all over her face, some of it shooting into her open mouth and her sexually charged mind found herself relishing the taste as she drank it down eagerly, while more of his cum splattered on her face and dripped down to her large tits.

The two elves fucking her were rigid now, their muscular bodies pressed tightly against her own as they filled her with their hot cum. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced, as a supremely warm sensation spread through her as their boiling hot cum blasted inside her like two uncontrollable hoses reaching places she never knew existed. And like the whore they called her, she lapped away at the erupting cock in her hand as it sent stream after stream of the delicious tasting cum into her mouth and all over her beautiful face.

It took nearly a minute before their cocks were drained, and Selene felt bloated from their thick juices filling her every female hole, yet she was wonderfully satisfied as never before. Her body felt hot and her nipples were harder than she had ever remembered them being. Her mind kept telling her what she was doing was wrong somehow, yet another part was telling her to beg for more. She turned her now cum drenched face to watch as the elf behind her withdrew his softening cock from her stretched asshole, leaving her feeling empty. She held tightly to the largest of the elves, turning back to bath the wonderful cock in her face with her tongue. The elf beneath her lifted her and withdrew his cock from her pussy, the copious amount of his juices pouring out of her mixed with her own sweet liquids. She was unaware of him extracting himself from her body as she devoted all her attention on the large cock in front of her, unwilling to release it from her grasp. She looked up into the elf's face, seeing his handsome features for the first time.

"I want ... I want more." She gasped. "I'll do ... I'll do anything you ask. Just give me more of this." She said hefting the now hardening cock in her hand.

The elf standing in front of her while she lapped away at his cock smiled. "Anything you want Minister." He said.

William shut off the monitor and turned to where Minister's Deval and Wiseman and Colonel Marcus sat in the chairs across from his desk, half a dozen weapons trained on them from every angle in his office. He turned in the chair and looked at the men. Senator Graham sat on the couch along the side of the room, his face dark in anger.

"Is this the way the Alliance rewards our friendship Minister Deval?" Wallace asked him,

"You reward us by Minister Torcrum consorting like a common whore and offering to help our slaves escape this station while they are gang banging her pretty ass?"

"Where is Selene?" Deval demanded.

"I have her in the brig!" Wallace answered. "And the elves that took part in this little tryst were executed an hour ago!"

"I demand to speak with her!" Deval spoke.

"We undertook this relationship with the Alliance under the pretense of friendship!" Graham spoke now getting to his feet. "This is how you repay our friendship, by conspiring to help our slaves escape?"

"I assure you Senator Graham I had no knowledge of this prior to this meeting." Deval defended himself.

"One of your Ministers is caught sneaking into the slave quarters for a little four way fun with elves and you don't know about it?" William spoke. "Why do I find that hard to believe?"

Marcus looked around the office slowly, his mind calculating options and ways to get out of this.

"Senator I had no idea that Selene ... that Selene was sympathetic to elves! I assure you this is as new to me as it is to you." Deval said. "She ... she does not represent the Alliance stance on our relationship with EDEN."

William looked at Marcus from behind his desk. "Go ahead Colonel." He spoke, his words filled with a cold finality to them. "One twitch from you and my men will fill you with so many holes; you'll look like a piece of old Swiss cheese. So many holes in fact, it will be far more than your genetically enhanced elf healing system will be able to handle."

Marcus glared at William from his chair. "This is not something we were aware of!" He growled. "How can you hold us accountable?"

"So you are saying that you knew nothing of Minister Torcrum's obvious carnal tendencies towards elves?" William spoke.

Deval nodded. "That is what we are telling you Admiral." He echoed Marcus. "She ... she has succeeded in fooling us all it appears." His voice was laced with anger. He looked at Graham. "Richard ... I assure you this incident is not ... this is not something ... do with her as you wish ... but I urge you not to take this as a sign of how we view EDEN and our mutual arrangements."

"We will put her on trial." Graham spoke.

Deval nodded. "Do whatever you feel is necessary, but please do not let this come between us. I implore you."

Graham looked at him for a long moment. "Perhaps we should discuss this somewhere more comfortable." He said.

"I wish to see Selene." Marcus growled.

"I'm afraid that is out of the question." Graham spoke.

William got to his feet. "I think in the spirit of our mutual arrangements we can allow that Senator." He said. "You can view her through a partition, but I don't think allowing you access to her cell is wise."

"Why is that?" Marcus asked as he stood.

William's smile was cruel. "It's simple really, because I want to kill her myself. I abhor traitors." He told them. "And I would prefer you did not take that pleasure from me."

"What makes you think that is my intent?" Marcus spoke.

"Colonel Marcus, you are just like me. You've been betrayed before and you have an intense hatred for people who fuck you over." Wallace answered. "I'll send you a video copy of her execution as soon as she is convicted and sentenced."



Dan, Radama, the Master Chief and the very attractive dark haired elf were clustered around the plot table with Leland and Vengal. The four of them wore black high pressure suits under their desert fatigues, their faces blacked out with paint. All of them wore HK74's that dangled from quick release straps and an assortment of side arms and other nasty killing tools. There were roughly nine others in the back of the Raptor, all of them relaxing comfortably and several even sleeping.

Dan pointed to the map of the old Nellis Air Force Base northeast of Las Vegas. "This is our impact point." Dan spoke. "This is the easternmost point of the old base and infra reds show it to be abandoned. From here we'll move west until we reach the edge of the city."

Leland leaned forward. "You should enter here at the northern gate. There is much more foot traffic and security is not as heavy."

"How do we find Anuk once we are within the city?" Leena asked. "There are at least twenty slave centers within the city proper. We don't know which one she was taken too."

"The elves we talked too said one of the Hoppers they used had a bad motivator." Radama answered. "We used a recon Raptor to do a passive sonic frequency scan on the three roads they would have used. We isolated the signal and tracked the Hopper to this facility." He touched the map and the aerial view of the city came up and the large building turned red in the lower corner."

"That's the old Palazzo Casino Dan." The Master Chief spoke up.

Danny nodded. "Yeah ... and from what the scans could tell us, it's loaded with people."

"The Palazzo Center Casino is operated by one of the largest gangs in Las Vegas." Leland spoke. "They call themselves The Skulls. They are exceptionally bright and skilled with their security measures."

"They aren't too good at giving themselves a name." Dan said with a smile. "That's got to be one of the dumbest gang names I've ever heard."

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