Time of Eden and Elves
Chapter 10

Copyright© 2013 by Mike Cropo

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 10 - Book One of A Spartan's War by Mike Cropos. A group of genetically engineered soldiers must fight to survive on a future Earth where everything they know is gone.

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Tari, the Drow Elf commander, moved easily through the pitch black forest where he and his Company of Drow troops were camped. They had established this position two weeks ago and were doing their best to remain hidden and out of sight. His scouts had come to him a short time ago to inform him of the devastating attack on the mercenary scum in Flagstaff just yesterday by Martin Hunter and those under his command. According to his scouts, Flagstaff was now nothing but a ghost town. Anything that could be used had been stripped in only twenty four hours, and now all that remained were the shells of the city buildings and not much else.

Tari could not help but be impressed by how efficient Martin Hunter was. The man was an utterly ruthless enemy, showing no mercy or quarter, yet he was also by all reports from his scouts extremely compassionate towards the infirmed and the very young and very old. He would wipe you from existence if he detected any threat from you towards anyone under his command or towards his new city, and this above all else is what drove Tari to believe this was the man he had learned of in the schools he had been sent to. The rumors of Eden were spreading like wildfire among the mountains and plains, and he and Lynwe could sometimes hear their own troops talking quietly about seeing this city where men, Elves and whoever desired to be free lived together.

Tari had commanded these two hundred Drow warriors since their inception. They were all products of genetic experiments by the Alliance on captured Drow warriors from long ago and the children they had been forced to bear. When their species had been wiped out nearly a hundred years ago, the Alliance had kept several dozen prisoners to conduct experiments on, forcing many of them to breed. They wanted to develop a different breed of elf that would be a superior warrior, but many of the experiments ended up being sexually deviant in nature. Many of the experiments had been cruel and inhuman, physically changing many of his warriors in different ways over the years. All of his warriors however had one distinct connection and common thread among them. All of them despised the Alliance to their very cores and had been working towards a singular goal very discretely. When word had come down the chain of command that they would be the lead unit on the search for the two Queens of the largest elf factions, Tari had decided it was time for them to take all the Alliance had taught them and desert to Martin Hunter's command, betraying the ones who thought they were the Masters. All of them had sworn they would never be taken prisoner by the Alliance again.

They had been tracking Martin Hunter's actions since they had been expelled from High Elf territory. Tari had not felt comfortable just yet in approaching Hunter and his group. The survival of his unit and their continued existence was all that mattered to him anymore. He had nothing left to work for except to see that his men and women finally found their freedom and could live free of persecution from the Alliance. He knew Martin Hunter was the man who could see this dream come true, but the inbred fear he had of who this man might be held him back.

Tari's keen ears picked up the whimpering noises from the large tent he was heading for, and he slowed his gait. Lynwe was his second in command and had been since the inception of his unit. She was an exceptional Drow warrior, specializing in unarmed combat and stealth. She was very powerfully built and possessed unmatched speed and strength that equaled her unparallel beauty. Her muscular body was almost equal in height to his six foot one frame and rippled with exceptionally defined muscles. Her shimmering white hair hung down to nearly the top of her tight powerful ass cheeks outlining a flawless face with soft full lips and bright amber eyes. She was extremely intelligent and kept a very tight reign on her emotions, never allowing what she felt to show through except in her actions. Tari sighed heavily as he slowed and watched what was happening in the tent before him, surprisingly feeling sorrow at the sight before him.

The opening flap on the tent was folded back, the soft lantern providing enough light for his keen eyes to recognize where the whimpering noises were coming from. They were emanating from the second female Drow officer in the tent with Lynwe. She was also quite naked and at the moment was face down in the pile of blankets beneath her, as her fists clutched at the deer skin coverings, her lips pulled back in almost a snarl like expression, a second blanket clutched tightly in her teeth. Tari recognized the second Drow officer as Anari, his senior medical officer, and another incredible specimen of female beauty and power. Tari knew that Lynwe and Anari were lovers and had been for several years now. Lynwe was obviously the more dominant of the two females, as was customary in any Drow relationship. The female Drow was always the one in charge of a relationship; even those with a male Drow she deemed fit enough to be her mate. It was the Alliance's genetic experiments on his troops that brought about the relationship before his eyes.

Tari shook his head slowly with sadness in his eyes as he watched why Lynwe and Anari would never be able to have a relationship outside of each other. Lynwe's muscular ass flexed in the dim light of the lantern, her back and shoulders slick with sweat as she drove her hips forward with dominating powerful strokes. The thirteen inch steel hard ebony cock between her legs was driving deeply into Anari's willing and extremely beautiful and tight ass. Lynwe's head tossed back, lost as she was in the pleasure of the moment. Anari had an incredible ass, so very tight and warm and perfectly shaped, and Lynwe relished the moments when she could plunge her male cock into that ass. Her hands gripped Anari's hips as she sped up her plunges into her ass, Lynwe's large come filled balls slapping loudly against the backs of Anari's thighs. Lynwe clenched her teeth and groaned loudly as she finally erupted into the bowels of her submissive lover, grinding her huge ebony pole down fully anchored in Anari's tight ass. As Lynwe groaned in release he heard Anari moan loudly as well, her small hand stroking the thick ten inch cock that jutted from between her thighs. He watched as Anari stroked her male organ with near blinding speed until she too exploded and her thick cum drenched the blanket beneath them.

This was what the sexually deviant Alliance experiments had done to Lynwe and Anari. Two stunningly beautiful women and they had cocks that were larger than most males. Tari had not been able to escape the experiments himself, and he had never attempted to have a relationship with a female due to what was done to him, and had given up ever trying. Lynwe and Anari, as well as many others of his unit still hoped to pursue what they could and had not given up. Tari looked up into Lynwe's face and saw her eyes focused on him while she emptied her cum into Anari's tight ass.

"Ah ... kiss me Lynwe!" Anari gasped, turning her equally beautiful face back towards her Drow lover, the blanket falling form between her teeth. "I beg you!"

Lynwe turned back to Anari and drove her thick cock forward again eliciting a groan of delight from Anari beneath her as the last of her cum spilled into Anari's bowels. She reached forward and grasped Anari's silky white hair in her hand. Though it was much shorter she was able to grab enough of her hair to pull her head up almost painfully. "Kissing is for those in love!" Lynwe growled.

Lynwe proceeded to pull her softening cock from Anari's ass, her cum spilling from the stretched opening as Anari slumped completely onto the blankets. This was the way of their relationship. Anari knew Lynwe cared for her in her own bizarre way, but she had never once showed her any affection, and while she would never admit it to anyone for fear of appearing weak, it was beginning to take its toll on her emotionally.

Lynwe reached for her clothes and dressed quickly as Tari approached slowly from the darkness. She turned to him as she fastened the last snap of her top, encasing her large firm breasts within the uniform. She stepped out to meet her commanding officer several paces from the tent, possessively blocking Tari's view of Anari's naked form within their tent, and not even realizing it. Tari made note of this but said nothing.

"You don't come to my tent at this hour unless something has happened Captain." Lynwe spoke softly.

Tari looked at her as she straightened her uniform. He made no attempt to look behind her into the tent. "We are no longer members of the Alliance Lynwe." He spoke softly. "And while we may be Drow, we do not have to adhere to ancient laws and tradition."

Lynwe looked at him, her bright amber eyes understanding what he was saying. "It is very hard Tari." She replied in almost a whisper. "I ... I have so much hate within me."

Tari nodded slowly. "Of that I have little doubt." He answered. "Just know that she cares deeply for you, and she does not deserve the hate."

"She is free to find a lover of her own." Lynwe spoke almost defensively. "I have made that clear to her."

Tari nodded. "Have you thought perhaps that she may not want too?" He said.

That statement caused Lynwe to pause and she glanced back into the tent quickly, watching as Anari was pulling her top on over her delicious looking breasts with hard jutting nipples, and her firm rippled abdomen. She felt a rush of sexual desire course through her at the sight, but she fought it down quickly. She turned back to Tari. "I ... I will reflect on what you are saying my friend."

Tari smiled. "I have come to advise you we will be departing tomorrow morning for Cedar City. Our scouts have reported that Hunter is going to move against the slaver there within the next three days."

"Are they sure? It is so soon after his taking Flagstaff?" Lynwe asked.

Tari nodded. "It appears so. They have detected the remainder of his tank forces leaving Eden and heading southwest. With them were at least two additional battalions of heavy artillery and rocket launchers, as well as another two battalions of troops."

"He has left Eden unprotected?" Lynwe asked in surprise.

Tari shook his head and smiled. "Hunter has done well in hiding the size of his forces. Our scouts were nearly captured when they got too close to Eden's southern border. They estimate he has at least two Battalions still guarding the city, and you can be assured they have artillery and air support."

"He's moving to eliminate the last large contingent of slavers and mercenaries here in the south." Lynwe spoke intelligently, her mind racing. "Once he destroys that idiot in Cedar City, he will effectively control all of Arizona, Nevada and most of southern Utah."

Tari nodded. "And if he is stripping cities as he did Flagstaff it is for only one reason." He told her.

Lynwe's eyes went a little wider. "He's going to establish his own territory!" She exclaimed.

"And Eden will be the center." Tari spoke. "He is wasting no time either. None of the human and elf villages within the territory have refused his aide and have openly joined his movement. His ranks are swelling with men and women, as well as elves. The remaining Indians here on the reservation have been discussing joining him as well."

"The High Elves are not going to be happy with him establishing his own territory on their southern border." Lynwe spoke.

"There are rumors that many of the High Elf villages along that border are already actively working with him in regards to trade and mutual defense treaties." Tari explained. "We know already that the governor of Salina has done this."

"And you think others will follow his example?" Lynwe asked.

Tari nodded. "I believe they will. Already those he and Dysea have drawn to Eden are experiencing the benefits of their society. They no longer want for the small things. Medical attention, schools for their young children, a society free of prejudice and hate and persecution."

Lynwe's eyes narrowed. "How is that possible Tari?"

Tari shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea ... but however he has done it, it appears to be working."

"Do ... do you think he will allow us to join him?" Lynwe asked. "Our history with the High Elves and Wood Elves is not pleasant. Our Drow history is wrought with conquering and killing High Elf and Wood Elf villages and towns. That does not even include the history we have now, thanks to the Alliance bastards. And as you know, they have long memories."

"Perhaps." Tari answered. "Our scouts detected Dysea leaving with the High Elf Queen Mother only two days ago. We assume they departed to return to Mountain City. That suggests that the rumors they are lovers is at least possible, at the very least they are friends enough to not abandon Tarifa to the whim of the Alliance. That Dysea herself went gives even more credence to this notion."

"The ... the two Queens are friends ... if not more." Lynwe asked in obvious surprise. "That is why she would return to Mountain City even after they expelled them and effectively ended her reign as Queen of the Wood Elves. They must have been monitoring everything going on within Mountain City, and now that her mother has come to Eden City, they have decided it is time to act."

Tari nodded. "That could very well be the case. There is so much information we do not yet have access too." Tari told her. "Hunter is quite good at keeping secrets, and we have known for some time that Dysea has a security detachment after the assassination attempt. They did not accompany Dysea when she left with the High Elf Queen Mother, so we have to assume that everything is not as it is made to seem."

"I am tired of running." Lynwe spoke finally. "Our safest proposition is to join Hunter. We can not keep running from Alliance forces while protecting those we have sworn to protect."

Tari nodded. "I agree. That is why we will depart tomorrow morning to join him at Cedar City. With luck he will welcome us."

"And if he doesn't?" Lynwe asked.

Tari met her eyes. "We have no place else to go." Tari said. "He has too."




Anisa whimpered in passionate delight, her face buried into the soft pillows on the bed, her back arched upwards as she felt William stroke his incredibly thick cock into her from behind with power and confidence. Anisa had grown to crave the sensations his hugely thick cock gave her whenever he made love to her, and this time was no different as she met his powerful plunges into her dripping pussy with hard thrusts backwards. She groaned every time his burning hot balls slapped against the back of her thighs and sent tiny ripples of pleasure racing through her. Her pussy was soaked with her cum as he had already given her two very powerful orgasms, yet somehow he had held back his own orgasm and continued to fuck her with the same intensity.

Anisa had not intended to fall in love with this man, yet as she looked back on their last few months together she realized it was inevitable. He was the most compassionate man, human or elf, that she had ever met, yet he had a dark side to him that she had seen come out only twice before. Both times in was in response to something that Senator Graham had done, and she feared for whoever was on the receiving end of that anger. William however had never shown anything but love and warmth to her and those he deemed his friends and allies. Anisa had to practically force him to take her after that first time because he did not want her to feel servicing him sexually was necessary. Anisa didn't tell him that his cock pounding into her made her feel things she had never felt before, and she now craved their moments alone together. Anisa quickly found that she loved being dominated by him in their bed as he drove her to new heights of pleasure each and every time they were together. It turned her on so much because she knew that outside of their bed he was the perfect gentlemen, and treated her as an equal in everything. It was not something she was accustomed too, but she was rapidly learning to accept it and take it for how it was meant as a sign of love.

Anisa could also sense there was something beneath the façade that William projected; something sinister and wild, always waiting to come out. She had seen glimpses of it in his eyes before he brought his emotions back under control. Yet whenever he was with her, she felt like a blanket of soothing warmth was draped around her body and she never questioned him about it.

Anisa felt William's hands tighten on her slim hips and she knew he was close to filling her with his cum. She turned her head to the side and reached back to grip his pile driving hips, digging her nails into his skin as she knew he liked.

"Sardar William!" She cried, "Sardar!" (Harder!)

Bill Wallace clenched his teeth and did as his lover asked. He had been fucking this beautiful elf for nearly an hour now, and he was about to erupt inside her incredibly tight and spasming pussy. He slammed his hips forward with more force, driving his rock hard cock into Anisa with incredible strength, and when he bottomed out inside her velvety warm he felt her powerful pussy muscles clamp down on his raging cock and her lost it.

"Ah fuck!" Bill yelled as his cum exploded deeply into Anisa's belly, filling her. He felt her own sweet juices splashing wetly across his spewing cock as her body went rigid in her own orgasm and she screamed out her joy.

Bill collapsed forward onto her back, pushing them both down onto the bed as his cock continued to erupt inside her, and his arms went under her body to cup her firm breasts and he pulled her to him. Her small frame fit snuggly into his embrace, her supple ass pressed against his groin. As his cock began to soften within her depths, Anisa made no move to extract herself from his powerful embrace. She released his hips and wrapped her arms over his hands as they clutched her breasts. He shifted slightly, coming to rest beside her in the bed, heedless of the wetness her previous orgasms had caused on the sheets. Anisa could only smile in contentment as his buried his face in the hair at the back of her neck, her raven colored mane wild and unchecked. Though he was growing soft, he still was firmly buried inside her, and this is what Anisa relished so much. William never was in a rush to leave her in bed as if she was some passing whore. He held her tightly after all of their encounters, his cock still within her much of the time and stroked her soft skin until both of them were breathing regularly again.

This time was no different, and Anisa spooned back against him as his lips caressed the back of her elfin ear, sending shivers of delight through her. He leaned forward against her face.

"You are incredible." He spoke softly.

Anisa smiled. "And you are my Cundu." She answered. (Prince.)

Bill pulled her tighter and sighed against her ear. "The representatives from the Alliance will be arriving in a few hours." He said.

Anisa nodded. "We will be ready." She told him. "Do you think our plan will work?"

"The only one I see as a question mark is this Colonel Marcus fellow." William said. "I understand he is part elf and part genetically enhanced soldier."

"He is what we call a Drow elf and he is a monster." Anisa said quickly. "He is responsible for the deaths of many elves and humans. He is totally heartless, and a savage brute. I have seen the aftermath of his twisted nature on a young female elf. She barely survived and her mind broke at the things he did to her. She was in the hospital for nearly two months recovering from the physical wounds alone. Her mind never recovered."

Bill nuzzled her neck. "I intent to make sure that will not happen here Anisa. I promise you."

"Be careful in your dealings with him William." She spoke, turning her head slightly towards him. "He is an evil man."

"I've dealt with evil men before." William told her confidently.

Anisa turned slowly, groaning as his still large cock slipped from the warmth of her soaked pussy. She turned in his arms and reached up to take his face in her hands. "You are no match for him physically William. Promise me you will not endanger yourself. I ... I could not bear to lose you now. You have ... you have become my tyar ... my reason for going on."

Wallace reached up and stroked her soft cheek with his weathered hand. "Do you trust me?" He asked.

Anisa nodded. "Without question William, you know this."

"Then no matter what you see ... or what you hear ... know that I do..." Wallace looked into her dark eyes and surrendered to what he was feeling. "Know that I do love you Anisa."

Anisa felt the tears trickle from her questioning eyes at his words but she kissed him deeply. "No one has ever told me that William." She said.

"Just don't forget it." He said.

"You are unlike any man I have ever known William." She said. "Were there many of you in the time you came from?"

Bill chuckled at the question and shook his head, "No, most of us came from one city, and we didn't venture outside our city very often." He told her.

"You are going to put the seed of doubt into the Minister's heads about Graham aren't you?" She said.

"I intend to let them know who actually runs this station." William told her, "In a discrete way of course."

"It is a dangerous game we play William Wallace." Anisa told him.

Wallace nodded. "Yes it is. But in order for our ultimate plan to succeed, we have to play it."

"I have heard rumors among the new elves that have come to Eden." Anisa said.

Wallace looked at her, "Rumors?"

Anisa nodded. "They are rumors of a city in the southern mountains where men and elves live and work together in harmony. They are destroying slavers and mercenaries alike and building great things. This is ... this is your Martin Hunter isn't it?"

Wallace smiled and nodded. "If I had to guess I would say yes. Marty said he had settled in the southwest near Utah and Arizona. We communicate several times a month, short untraceable links."

"They are building what the Holy One first envisioned for men and elves." Anisa spoke with barely concealed excitement. "I would like to see this city one day if it is true."

William nodded. "So would I." He replied. "So would I."

Anisa snuggled even closer and rubbed her moist pussy against William's soft cock. She looked at him with a seductive twinkle in her eyes. "Do we have time?" She asked.

Wallace grinned like a child in a candy shop. He rolled over on top of her sliding between her silky thighs easily. "We can make time." He told her before covering her lips with his own.


"This is what Martin has taught me Tarifa." Dysea spoke softly. "And it is what I will now teach you. It will give us an advantage in battle that you and I have never had. He wanted me to show you in case you felt it was needed for yourself to make a quick and silent exit."

Tarifa and Dysea were sitting on the roof of Tarifa's home, the thick blanket spread out on the metal surface, the moon light bright and allowing them to see easily. They were both naked; their bodies nearly mirror images of perfection in the muscular curves and lean limbs. Tarifa was almost fully recovered from the months of malnourishment and addiction to the drug she thought was a contraceptive, and she had regained her lush muscular form quickly with Dysea feeding her almost endlessly for the last two days. Her natural elfin metabolism, enhanced even further by Martin's DNA, allowed her to recover much more quickly. They had shared many hours of pleasure together, endlessly exploring each others curves and most private places, until they were exploding in passion. They had grown much closer these last two days, physically and emotionally, and among the things they discovered was an almost sister like bond that had developed between them. Dysea had told her of everything that had occurred while building Eden City, holding nothing back, including her growing desire for the woman who had hurt Martin so much in the past. Tarifa had looked at her intently, listening and then telling her with great feeling to allow things to grow and work themselves out.

They sat facing each other now, Tarifa's long legs draped across Dysea's. Their breasts were pressed together, their nipples hard in the cool night air, but both of them were suppressing the feelings of passion they felt. Their eyes had changed, the black outlining the sapphire and emerald colors, their fangs extended to their full length of nearly three quarters of an inch.

"I can fight Dysea." Tarifa spoke with a small smile. "I thought you brought me up here to have your way with me under the eyes of the moon and stars."

Dysea's emerald eyes glittered in the moonlight and she smiled, leaning forward to kiss Tarifa softly. "That thought did cross my mind." She said softly with a smile. "But I must show this to you before I leave tomorrow evening."

"Show me what Dysea?"

Dysea leaned back from her and took a deep breath. "Watch Tarifa, this is another gift that Menya Melda has given to us. You must picture it in your mind first, and then allow it to come over you."

"Picture what?" Tarifa asked.

Dysea took a deep breath and closed her eyes, "The Ahya." (Change.) She said softly. "Feel it around you. Allow it to pass through you, embrace you."

Tarifa closed her eyes and relaxed, taking deep breaths as the wind blew across the top of her home slightly. Her elfin ears twitched when she picked up the noise and she listened harder, trying to make out the myriad of sounds. Her nostrils flared as a kaleidoscope of smells swept over her. Dysea's wildflower scent was most prominent due to her proximity, but Tarifa could detect dozens of other scents, ranging from food to flowers and plants and even people.

"Dysea I..."

"Shhh ... embrace it Tarifa..." Dysea's soft musical voice spoke. "Separate the smells, catalog them in your mind. Memorize them. Feel the breeze on our skin, how it touches us, caresses our flesh. It can tell us so much. Direction, distance ... even what it is. Hear the sounds, the voices, the footsteps, allow it to embrace you and teach you."

Tarifa did as Dysea instructed her, allowing it all to surround her and fill her. It was incredible and almost more than she thought she could bear, but she felt Dysea's hands take hers and she relaxed even more, and began to file what she could hear and smell away just as Dysea had told her. She had never opened herself fully to the changes her relationship and love of Martin had brought about in her until now. She had not known the extent to which it had affected her, and now with Dysea's help she was learning.

"Once we allow the Ahya to come over us completely, all of our senses and physical attributes increase nearly ten fold Tarifa." Dysea's voice spoke softly. "We ... we are no longer just elves ... we are something more. In time you will be able to file away a new smell or taste into your mind without thinking, and you will never forget it."

Dysea opened her eyes and looked at the beautiful face of her lover. Tarifa opened her eyes as well, and she saw the look of wonderment in them. Dysea smiled. "You see."

"It's amazing Dysea!" Tarifa spoke looking at her with wide sapphire eyes. "What else has he shown you Dysea? Tell me."

Dysea smiled. "There is so much about Nauta Melme that he holds back, even from me." She spoke. "There is something ... just beneath the surface. I can almost feel it when he makes love to me. It wants to come out, take me, possess me, but he holds it in so tightly. There ... there are times when I watch him Tarifa, staring at the moon or the sky, and it's almost as if he is talking with someone else. I can hear voices ... faint echoes within my mind. It is very intoxicating at times ... yet it is also frightening. It is almost as if he is holding more inside him than he allows others to see, even me."

"Do you believe he ... he means to hurt you in any way?" Tarifa asked.

Dysea shook her head quickly. "No ... it is never that. I have known nothing but love and warmth in his embrace. Never have I seen him angry with me, though I have tested the limits of his patience at times." She answered with a small smile. "I believe it is because he wants to show me more ... tell me more ... but something inside him stops him."

Tarifa took her hands and squeezed them tightly. "We have known each other for so short a period of time, but I am closer to you than to my own sisters Dysea. Even without the physical pleasure we have given each other, I feel a special bond with you."

Dysea nodded with a smile, "And I with you Tarifa. I have never had the pleasure of siblings, my father died before my mother could bear him more children and she never took another husband. You fill that part of me that a sister would, and I will always cherish that."

"Dysea, should we tell the Holy One what we have discovered?" Tarifa asked, her hand absently reaching up to stroke Dysea's face.

Dysea shook her head again. "Your mother and my mother are the only ones who truly know what has been happening. We should keep it that way for now, at least until we have devised a plan to free your father and brothers. I know Nauta Melme has already begun working on one in his head, in between getting into trouble no doubt while I am away." Dysea spoke with a grin.

"The two of you were truly meant for one another Dysea ... and it makes me happy to see you with him." Tarifa spoke.

Dysea reached up to stroke her cheek. "You will find the one for you Tarifa, do not fear that. If anything, my love and my time with Nauta Melme have shown me that these things most often blindside you from the least expected area, such as my growing feelings for Anja."

Tarifa chuckled. "Well she is delightfully wonderful to look at." Tarifa spoke. "Something I would not have noticed six months ago."

Dysea chuckled, "Nor I."

Tarifa met her eyes. "We have a night and day remaining before you have to depart. What do we do?"

"Nauta Melme asked me to discover as much about this messenger who pass on the pills to you as I could." She spoke. "This person may lead us to whoever is actually supplying the pills. I believe it may be time for you to run out of your medication and inquire that you need more urgently."

Tarifa saw the look in Dysea's eyes and her jaw line hardened. "Yes I think that would be an excellent idea."

The tavern was in the lowest portion of Mountain City, and it was also considered the most dangerous, as it was where most of the petty criminals resided. It was also home to many of the seedier establishments that operated brothels out of their buildings. No matter what the elves tried, they found they could not rid themselves of these parts of their cities, and many of the elves considered these portions of their cities to be unconscious leftovers from their years as slaves. The position on the ground level and proximity to the several entrances nearby gave the criminal element easy access in and out of Mountain City. This was where many of the citizens of Mountain City dare not venture. It was an extremely rough and dangerous part of the city, and for the most part it was left without security forces patrolling it unless something major occurred. Tarifa had tried to expunge this part of Mountain City from their lives, but no matter what she did, it never seemed to die.

Dysea and Tarifa now sat in the rear of the tavern, the small table providing them with an excellent view of the entrance into the establishment. Both of them wore thick capes with the cowls and hoods drawn over their heads, effectively hiding their identities from the dozens of dubious looking individuals within the tavern. Most of the tavern was occupied by elves, but there were the few humans that were brave enough to enter. This was initially a surprise to Tarifa, who had never ventured this deep into the bowels of her own city, but she quickly understood it for what it was. None of the humans were slavers, as that would not be tolerated by even those elves prone to criminal activities, so that made many of them traders of black market goods who were looking to spend an evening with some of the more loose female elves in the cities. It was smoky inside, with the sounds of voices and music filling the air. They were watching the entrance to the tavern, as they had been for the last hour, carefully watching those who entered but remaining very subtle about it.

"Do you believe they will come?" Dysea asked in barely a whisper, almost no sound coming from her lips, almost as if she was mouthing the words. Dysea knew that Tarifa's keen ears would detect her words now that she had opened herself fully to the Ahya. Their cowls hid the fact that their eyes were no longer normal, outlined in black as they were.

"There is no reason for suspicion." Tarifa answered in the same manner, no sound coming from her moving lips. "I followed the procedure exactly."

Their heads turned casually as the door to the tavern slid open and the figure of medium height stepped into the darkened room. The figure wore a long cloak and cowl as well, hiding their features from view. They watched as the head swept the room, finally coming to rest on where they sat. They gazed at the figure as it made its way towards them, moving among the mass of bodies with grace and obvious skill. That the figure was female was obvious as even the long cloak conformed to the full figure and breasts that pushed against the cloak. Tarifa sensed Dysea stiffen next to her, but resisted the urge to turn to look at her.

"Dysea ... what is wrong?"

"It ... it is a Drow!" Dysea answered in the same silent words.

"A Drow, here; that ... that isn't possible!" Tarifa replied, watching as the figure grew closer. "I ... I thought they were nearly extinct."

"You said yourself you saw dark skinned elves moving freely in the Alliance city where they held you prisoner." Dysea spoke.

"I did yes, but that they could be Drow never entered my mind." Tarifa said. "Nor the fact they could be in my city."

"Perhaps Tarifa, but whoever this is, it is a Drow elf." Dysea answered. "No one moves like a Drow Elf. And this person is moving like a Drow."

"Do we change the plan?"

"No. I will just up the dosage somewhat." Dysea spoke, her hands deftly bringing the small tranquilizer gun from under her cloak. It was something that Martin had given her to keep from having to kill anyone if she needed to make a fast exit from Mountain City.

They watched the figure settle into the third chair at their table but make no move to draw back the cowl. Now that Tarifa had Dysea's warning, her changed eyes could just barely detect the fringes of silky white hair under the cowl.

"Tell your Queen she takes a great risk coming here for this medicine." The female voice spoke softly.

"She is almost out of what was given to her earlier. She needed more." Tarifa replied calmly.

"Who is your companion?"

"A friend and protector," Tarifa answered leaning forward. "Do you have what I need?"

The female Drow Elf took a small container from under her cloak and set it on the table. Her hand betrayed what she was, confirming Dysea's suspicions. Her skin was the color of dark caramel, though barely discernable in the dim light of the tavern. "I was able to obtain double the requested dosage so that you do not have to take such risks coming down here. It is not safe for you to walk these paths."

"You worry for the Queen's safety?" Tarifa asked slightly surprised.

"The High Elf Queen is not my enemy." The female spoke. "And I have no desire to make one of her. The rumors that spread in these streets say she is in danger, and I do not wish to have her come down here and risk herself while in my presence."

"That is very interesting reasoning for a Drow." Tarifa spoke. "I understand the Queen is responsible for the deaths of many of your people. Why would you help her?"

"You are ... you are different." She spoke. "Not like the normal hand maidens that come into these parts."

"Should I take that as a compliment?" Tarifa asked.

The head of the Drow female turned ever so slightly to look at Tarifa's hidden face. "The High Elf Queen has killed many of my people yes, but it is she who also urged the end of the war between our two peoples." The Drow answered. "And this action saved many more lives. Do you have my payment?"

Tarifa took her hand from under her cloak and reached out with the small brown bag of credits and placed them in the outstretched hand of the Drow Elf. "I thank you." She spoke, covering the exchange discretely with her other hand, casually taking the Drow's hand between her own as if meaning to shake the hand. Tarifa's hands clamped down on the Drow's hand with a vise like grip and the Drow's head came up quickly, exposing those near glowing amber eyes for Tarifa to see. The strength of the grip on her hand should not be coming from an elf.

"What are you doing?" She hissed.

"Getting some answers!" Tarifa hissed back.

Dysea extended the tranquilizer gun under the table and fired two quick shots. The soft sound was lost in the background noise of the tavern, as was the grunt of surprise and pain as the darts slammed into the Drow's exposed side. The tranquilizer acted instantly, and the Drow's now exposed amber eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed forward onto the table.

Tarifa acted just as quickly, scooping the Drow female into her arms, absently admiring the firmness of her body. Dysea quickly joined her on the opposite side of the unconscious Drow, as they situated the Drow warrior between their bodies.

"I know a place." Tarifa said quickly. "We can take her there."

"Quickly," Dysea said. "Before we draw more attention to us then we desire."

They needn't have worried, as it was apparent that many of the taverns' visitors passed out from too much wine and ale, and the few heads that had turned in their direction went back to what they were doing and dismissed the drunken elf and the comrades that assisted him in leaving the tavern.


"I present Colonel Marcus of The Alliance Military Eastern Command Headquarters." Minister Oleg Deval spoke, motioning to the tall dark skinned elf with cruel amber eyes.

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